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Black Fog

The atmosphere in the mall instantly changed when the electronic voice rang out.

Most people’s faces were filled with horror. Some of them screamed and wanted to escape, but the speed of the black fog was so fast that they basically weren’t able to escape. Moreover, there was nowhere to escape to either.

Chu Li got up and looked out of the window.

In the far distance, the fog was surging over like a great flood from the horizons, blotting the sky and sun.

The entire sky had darkened as a result.

The dense fog was moving extremely fast, and it looked like there was no avoiding it.

The places it swept by were all engulfed by the darkness.

“It has really come!” Chu Li took a deep breath.

At this moment, the city hall in the city center also instantly transmitted an audio transmission, “The black fog has descended. Everyone, please be prepared!”

“The black fog has descended. Everyone, please be prepared!”

It was chaotic in the mall. As the voice kept on reminding the people about the black fog’s arrival time, many people fell limply to the ground, sitting there and giving up.

The black fog was one of the natural disasters that appeared after the return of spirit qi.

A colossal fog would sweep through a massive area that was at least the size of a city.

There was no escaping the black fog, and one would have to face all sorts of strange occurrences.

Based on what the human race already knew, the material manifestations that could appear in the black fog included apparitions, ghosts, skeletons, and monsters. The immaterial manifestations would include illusions, heart demons, forces of emotions, and mental attacks.

It almost encompassed everything material and immaterial.

No one knew the principle behind the black fog’s appearance nor could they predict when it’d come.

In most cases, the black fog would probably continue on for a few hours and then dissipate. The longest record was a total of 52 days.

In that particular case, after the black fog dissipated, only a handful of people survived in the entire city.

This was a terrifying natural disaster, but thankfully, most of the black fog only lasted for several hours and wouldn’t cause too many casualties.

Despite this, the black fog was still a nightmare for ordinary people.

Most people wouldn’t be able to survive in the black fog even if it was just for a couple of hours.

One very important reason why someone would choose to become a cultivator’s vassal was to seek protection when a black fog descended.

Based on Huaxia’s laws, when the beast tide came, all cultivators must head up to the front lines. It was because if they couldn’t protect the front line, it’d meant that at least one city would perish.

However, it wasn’t the case for the black fog. Cultivators didn’t have any responsibilities when they appeared.

The black fog wouldn’t take too many lives most of the time, and cultivators didn’t have the responsibility to help others.

Right now, the ordinary people in the mall were in a state of chaos.

As for the cultivator’s vassals, although they were anxious, most of them remained relatively composed.

Lin Chang`an looked to their neighboring seat and saw the woman with a buxom figure hugging the cultivator with a scary scar on top of his head tightly.

He then looked to the side. This was the case for many people.

Lin Chang`an and the two ladies stood up and looked out of the window. The black fog had gushed in instantaneously.

There were thick glass barricades, but they seemed to be non-existent to the black fog, and it seeped in just like that. The entire mall instantly sank into darkness.

“It’s here!”

At this instant, Lin Chang`an seemed to hear the sound of chattering teeth next to him.

Then, he heard a piercing metallic sound ringing out. As he looked to their neighboring seat, he saw Scar-Face wielding a long blade and slashing a minor skeleton into two.

The white bones fell onto the ground, causing rumbling sounds to ring out.

“Thank goodness it’s just ordinary black fog.” At the sight of this, Chu Li heaved a sigh of relief.

Skeletons were considered the most commonly seen manifestations in the black fog. The fact that they were commonly seen meant that this episode of the black fog would likely not continue for too long.

Upon hearing this, Lin Chang`an’s countenance remained solemn and didn’t change much.

In the dark space, the sounds of clanking metals kept on ringing out.

Many people were killing the minor skeletons.

“Bloodslaughter Blade Arts!”

“Rainbow Sun! Die!”

All the cultivators performed their spirit techniques and appeared very valiant amidst the illuminating light.

At the same time, cries of agony also rang out.


“Uh... Sss... Save... Save me...!”

Countless people fell in pools of blood.

“Save me! Please! Uh... Ah!”

Ordinary people had no means of resistance against the minor skeletons.

If one couldn’t open up their spirit sea, they’d be unable to condense spirit qi. As the power of their qi and blood was too weak, they could only reinforce their body. Thus, they could only use their body to battle against existences like the skeletons, so it was clear what the result would be like.

Blood kept flowing and the mall was covered in the color red.

Many people started to search for concealed places to hide.

After all, the black fog would probably dissipate in a few hours. If they could hide this time, they’d be able to survive.

It was the easiest way for ordinary people to survive.

At the same time, more people chose to look for cultivators, wanting to become their vassals.

“I’m willing to sign a subservience contract! Please, help me!”

A woman with a muscular physique in the distance quickly ran toward Scar-Face, shouting loudly. However, the man shook his head slightly after taking a look at her.

Not everyone was willing to accept more vassals in such situations.

Moreover, there was a limit to the number of people each cultivator could have. They mustn’t waste their quota.

When the woman saw this cultivator shaking his head, a stunned look flashed in her eyes.

At the next moment, a minor skeleton went running shakily toward her, knocking her body and crushing it.

At the final moment, her gaze was filled with despair. She tried hard and wanted to survive, but she didn’t even have a chance to.

The woman with a buxom figure then patted her chest, still feeling unsettled. She then smiled alluringly and looked toward the cultivator she was subservient to. “Daddy, thank goodness you’re here! I was so scared~”

Lin Chang`an was speechless. “These two are really into the play...”

At this moment, he and the two ladies were quietly hiding, not planning to stand out.

After running countless simulations, Lin Chang`an naturally knew that people who stood out wouldn’t have a good ending.

The two ladies approved of his perspective too.

“Although there’s a high chance that this is an ordinary black fog, just in case, it’s better to endure, Little Chang`an.”

Lin Chang`an agreed.

Their surroundings were filled with cries. Horror surged in these people’s hearts as they watched ordinary people dying one after another next to them.

The small number of cultivators in the mall became the glow of light amidst their despair.

This was especially for those cultivators who displayed terrifying strength. They were instantly surrounded by several tens of people who hoped to become their vassals.

“I am willing to be contracted to you! Please!”

“I’m 177cm, 35D!” Someone was very straightforward, her voice trembling with a hint of s*duction.

Under such a situation, material exchange was too normal. No one looked down on this and some even felt jealous.

“I’m willing to do anything! Please save me!”

“I have alchemy talent! Please take me in!”

The people who had mediocre appearances and conditions also went to plead with a few other cultivators who looked strong.

“Save me!”

“My father is Wan Xiangzhen! I’ll give whoever saves me $500,000! No contract! I won’t become a vassal! I’ll give whoever protects me $500,000! Hurry!” a youth shouted.

At this moment, Lin Chang`an had to admit that he was tempted.


If he missed out on this chance, he had no idea how long it’d take for him to earn $500,000!

He was just about to speak up when Scar-Face looked over.

“Beauties, come be my vassals. I’ll ensure your safety and you’ll definitely not need to remain in hiding!”

Earlier, in the barbecue shop, he had noticed Chu Li and Su Xi`er’s great beauty at first glance. With the black fog descending, he felt that this was an excellent opportunity.

He licked his lips, feeling extremely excited.

To think that there came a day where he could get ladies of such unparalleled beauty to become his vassals!

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