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Origin of the Ghost Shadow

“Alright, let me cook some noodles for you.”

Lin Chang`an stood up and went to the kitchen. Only then did he realize that the ingredients were all spirit items.

“Wait, is this a spirit bird egg? Even the vegetables were nurtured by spirit qi in their later-growth stage. Although these vegetables are still far from becoming medicine, their value isn’t low.”

He silently sensed the fluctuations and had a face of shock.

Lin Chang`an had never eaten a meal made from spirit ingredients before in his entire life.

After adding tomatoes to the two bowls of braised noodles, he began to add eggs as though they didn’t cost money.

An aroma began to permeate the atmosphere, and Chu Li’s eyes brightened. “How fragrant!”

“Just eat.” Lin Chang`an pushed a bowl in front of her.

Chu Li tasted it and felt like she had never eaten something so delicious and fresh before. Just when she was preparing to open her mouth in praise, she suddenly started. “Wait, aren’t these eggs from spirit chickens? These tomatoes are also spirit items, right?”

As he took a bite, he felt his qi and blood surging.

He took another bite and felt the qi and blood in his body being nourished!

He glanced at his system interface only to find that his qi and blood value had actually increased by one point!

While he was feeling shocked, he looked at Chu Li. “Isn’t the reason why eggs exist for eating? Isn’t it the same for tomatoes?”

“You…!” Chu Li pouted, “Boohoohoo!”

As he spoke, he began devouring his meal ravenously, deciding not to waste the slightest bit.

Lin Chang`an quickly finished his meal and then looked at his system interface.

A single bowl of noodles actually gave him a six-points increment, allowing him to achieve 1,581.

“Where are the books?”

“My bedroom.” Chu Li gritted her teeth, feeling like her heart was dripping blood.

Lin Chang`an then headed up and pushed open Chu Li’s bedroom. His face turned red the moment he looked inside.

Her recently removed black-laced bra was tossed casually on the bed. Moreover, a few pieces of undergarments were hanging on the bookshelves.

There were red-colored and white-colored, and all of them belonged to the lace variety.

Lin Chang`an scratched his head. This boss of his was a little too casual.

He then shifted his gaze with difficulty to the bookshelf and soon discovered the books he wanted.

On one of the books, he saw a red-collared bra as thin as the wings of a cicada hanging on it.

Using his fingers to pinch it, he could sense that it was incomparably smooth. He then tossed the bra onto Chu Li’s bed and quickly grabbed the books he needed before rushing back downstairs.

He blushed. After all, this was his first time touching the undergarments of a female.

“You can sleep in that room.” Chu Li pointed to a room on the first floor, and Lin Chang`an quickly entered it.

He then closed the door and began to read.

Lin Chang`an speedread through the content. He wanted to look at these books because he had an impression that he had seen the female ghost on his shoulder in one of them.

Right now, she was still floating above his shoulder.

Her eyes flickered incessantly. Up until now, she hadn’t answered any of Lin Chang`an’s questions.

He didn’t discover anything after reading through [Common Knowledge on Cultivation].

Next was [History of Spirit Qi], but he still couldn’t find what he was looking for.

Lastly, he finally had some discoveries after flipping through the first two pages of [Strange Tales of Spirit Qi]!

“T...this is the legendary dream maiden?”

Lin Chang`an had a look of astonishment on his face as he looked at the picture depicted in the [Strange Tales of Spirit Qi].

An aura of nobility and exquisite features, a demeanor like that of an icy mountain. Moreover, there was also an outstanding temperament like an immortal maiden descending to the mortal world.

He then glanced at the shadow floating on his shoulder.

They were too alike!

Huge shock couldn’t help but fill his heart.

Although he had thought that the ghost would have an extraordinary origin, he didn’t expect it to actually be like this.

[Strange Tales of Spirit Qi] recorded the various unsolved mysteries after spirit qi recovered.

There was a famous legend inside, talking about the dream maiden.

Her origin was strange and she was publicly proclaimed to be the strangest entity in [Strange Tales of Spirit Qi].

This was a phenomenon that appeared in the dreams of many people around the globe.

In the start, it was because someone had a strange dream. That person dreamt that the female ghost was floating in front of him and looking at him silently. The next day, he began to treat this as a fantastic tale and told this to his colleagues.

After he told it to his colleagues, one of them actually dreamt of the same female ghost as well.

The two of them conversed and discovered that they dreamt of the exact same thing.

This triggered alarm from the entire company and the story soon circulated.

After that, more and more people announced that they had met the female ghost in their dreams.

This soon circulated to various countries, and there were people claiming to have seen her before.

And this female ghost didn’t do anything when she was in their dreams. She simply watched them quietly.

Naturally, some people also said that the female ghost did something, but in the end, their words were all proven false. Their descriptions couldn’t escape the effects of mind reading.

Many people started to research this strange matter, but even today, it remained an unsolvable mystery.

As to why she could appear in the dreams of others, it was deduced that she had some powerful spirit techniques that enabled her to enter dreams.

But as to why she would do so, it was unclear. There were many conjectures.

Lin Chang`an carefully read the details in the book and glanced at the shadow on his shoulder once more.

The picture in the book was drawn from the descriptions of countless people. There shouldn’t be any mistakes.

He then glanced at her veil that obscured her features. Her ethereal demeanor wasn’t something ordinary people would have.

They were too similar. In fact, they were exactly the same.

Clad in a red dress, having a long jade-like neck, as well as a small slender waist.

“Are you really the dream maiden?” Lin Chang`an asked with disbelief.

The ghost on his shoulder still didn’t say anything, but the light in her eyes kept flickering.

Lin Chang`an fell into contemplation.

If she was the dream maiden, many things could be explained.

Back then when he was in the maze, he kept feeling as though he was inside a dreamscape.

After contemplating for some time, he began to search for information about the dream maiden online.

These conjectures were all baseless.

People were guessing the reason why she appeared in the dreams of others.

Some felt that only humans with certain genes could see her due to certain reasons, based on their individual conceptualizations.

Others feel that this must be a joke played by a powerful expert.

Some people even felt that she was the creator of this world, and her image was engraved in the depths of humanity’s gene pool.

At this moment, a guess appeared in Lin Chang`an’s mind. She was looking for someone!

The reason why she appeared in their dreams was that she was searching for someone.

It was unknown how long she had been searching, but she had yet to find the person she wanted to look for.

This was why she didn’t do anything. Because she hadn’t found the one she wanted.

“So, I’m the person she’s looking for?”

Lin Chang`an recalled his simulations. During the first time, she didn’t appear but she appeared the second time.

(In the past, I thought it was because the talent Sleeves Fluttering had raised my demeanor. But from the looks of things now, there seems to be another reason.)

“Why did you look for me?” Lin Chang`an asked, but the ghost shadow still didn’t reply.

Just like this, Lin Chang`an kept trying.

He agreed to help her and asked her for her background, also mentioning her obsession, etc.

Very soon, a night passed. He continued probing and asking, but she still didn’t answer him.

He couldn’t confirm her identity.

Although he was 90% sure, until he heard her personally admitting it, he didn’t dare to confirm.

After a long night, he finally passed out into sleep.

He seemed to see something in his dreams, but he had forgotten everything the moment he woke up. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

Right now, it was already noon, and Lin Chang`an pushed open his bedroom door. Chu Li wasn’t home. She had left behind a note saying that she was going to walk around to seek inspiration to start her 93rd business.

Lin Chang`an then glanced at his shoulder. The shadow was still floating there.

He was helpless, so he could only take out his [Pure Yang Basic Cultivation Art].

“I will first cultivate and see what sort of spirit qi this cultivation art will endow me with.”

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