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Sleeves Fluttering

[You discovered footprints. Indeed, there was someone in front of you.]

[You heard the excited roar of the giant. After that, you saw half a body that was mutilated into mush being thrown onto the ground.]

[The giant turned his head and discovered you.]

[You sped away. Your movement arts that were at the perfection level allowed your body to be as light as a swallow. The giant stretched his palm out to the maximum distance, and you could feel a forceful gust of wind tearing the clothes on your back.]

[But the giant didn’t chase you.]

[You survived due to luck. Because your state of mind was alarmed, you mistakenly entered a forest. You then discovered superior underworld bamboo.]

[You continued to venture deeper and discovered treasures everywhere.]

[Underworld Bamboo, Yin-Yang Wood, Myriad Deep Fruit, Darkness Wish Energy…This place didn’t seem to be a dungeon but an underground treasury instead.]

[You continued to head deeper. The number of treasures here seemed endless.]

[Your entire being was stunned, and you felt that there was no need to worry about the latter half of your life anymore.]

[You picked up a nether grain. You had never seen a football-size nether grain before. When you held it in your hands, it felt as though it weighed 6,000 kg.]

[The grain started to spurt blood.]

[You started, hence, you looked at it in detail.]

[You were then shocked awake. The illusion instantly broke, and you saw the item in your hand was none other than a human head.]

[Although you had the talents and didn’t fear death, you were still badly frightened by this.]

[You quickly tossed it out and saw the true supreme treasure in the distance – Desire Fragrance.]

[You realized that earlier, you were in an illusion due to the Desire Fragrance.]

[“Ordinary cultivators have to guard their minds when facing it. This is especially so even given the situation whereby no one is actively controlling it.” You sighed.]

[“Yup.” A voice rang out behind you. Your head then got torn off and thrown into the air.]

[You died.]

Lin Chang`an regained his senses.

He couldn’t help but sigh ruefully again at the fearsome difficulty of a C-Grade dungeon.

“It appears that a monster guards every single piece of supreme treasure. This monster possessed an extremely formidable mental energy and also had a certain degree of combat strength.”

Lin Chang`an checked his balance.

He only had three more chances left, and the time remaining was no longer much.

Very soon, the dungeon would be fully formed. At that time, things would already be too late.

At this moment, Chu Li’s eyes were filled with anticipation as she stared at him.

“Little Chang`an~, forget it if you really cannot do so.” Although her tone sounded warm, Lin Chang`an found it very fake when the words reached his ears.

His lady boss was a miser, how could she give up so easily

As expected, before he could think further, his lady boss continued, “Go and sell your body to recoup my investment in buying the pass. Oh right~ There’s also $60,000 more from the three fish~.”

“Mn, let me do a quick calculation. Given Little Chang`an’s looks, you should be able to earn $400 every time you sell your body. You just need to sell your body over 300 times!”

Lin Chang`an rolled his eyes.

Speaking of which, he himself had spent a huge sum of $30,000 on this matter.

He then gritted his teeth and chose the talent Mental Defense before he continued to activate a simulation.

Right now, with the reinforcement effect, his Mental Defense was 1.77x more compared to ordinary people.

[Simulation starts.]

This time around, he decided to grab all ordinary opportunities first.

[You found a spirit-passage grass.]

[You found a ‘darkcover airmass’ but because you didn’t have a storage bottle, you could only give it up.]

[You found a broken sword that was pitch-black in color. It looked extraordinary.]

[You found a strange-looking little black stone.]

[You found a charred blackiron diamond.]

[You searched the entire outer perimeter.]

[You started moving inward, avoiding the room and the Desire Fragrance.]

[You then arrived outside a maze that stretched endlessly in your vision. You pressed your right hand against the right-sided wall and started to follow the path.]

[Three days later, you had touched all the right-sided walls in the entire maze and once again returned to the starting point. You then realized that this maze had no exit.]

[You started to search for the way to pass through the maze.]

[You attempted this for two more days and when you finally had a clue, a powerful third-realm cultivator arrived at the maze. He saw you but chose to ignore you.]

[Very soon, more people came. They were astonished by your guts, wondering why you would dare to enter this place with such a low cultivation base.]

[More and more people entered and there was finally someone who discovered an anomaly about you.]

[“You definitely have a huge secret on you. Just hand it over obediently.” The person who spoke was none other than the second young master from the Rong Clan. His eyes gleamed with an evil light as he stared at you while licking his lips.]

[His body emitted a smell similar to Desire Fragrance. It was a type of mind-confounding incense.]

[You immediately grew vigilant and focused your mind and will.]

[“Babe~It won’t be painful.” Just when he wanted to control you, you chose to suicide.]

[You died.]

Lin Chang`an regained his senses from the simulation. “I’m indeed decisive enough.”]

In this simulation, he wasted too much time within.

It took so long that the dungeon had been completely formed and powerful cultivators entered.

“That’s the second young master of the Rong Clan. He isn’t a good person.”

The Rong Clan of Qindao City was a famous major clan that controlled the economic and financial aspects of Qindao City.

In the entire Qindao City, they could cover the sky with their hands, and their words were equal to absolute orders.

Lin Chang`an had long since heard about the fact that the second young master of the Rong Clan had a s*xual preference for males.

It was said that years ago when a popular male celebrity came to Qindao City to promote his new work, he was ‘played’ to death that very night.

He died due to suffocation, and the conclusion was that he committed suicide.

However, rumors were spreading hotly in the outside world. He died from suffocation due to erotic asphyxiation.

In the past, Lin Chang`an didn’t really believe it. But now after he had heard the words of the second young master of the Rong Clan in the simulation, he began to believe 30%.

“I have to avoid this man.”

There was another problem.

Lin Chang`an frowned. Where was the supreme treasure he heard rumors about? The one that was said to be capable of modifying one’s talent

He simulated so many times, but he didn’t even see a shadow of it.

He glanced at his balance. He didn’t have enough money for him to waste.

He only had two more simulation chances remaining. If he couldn’t find the supreme treasure, he could only obediently work hard and earn money first.

According to the simulation this time, he had found the locations of many treasures. Their value should be enough for him to preserve his capital.

[The simulation this time around has ended. Please choose one of the rewards.]

[One: Sleeves Fluttering Talent (C-Grade talent. Your demeanor will be enhanced as your life level improves.)]

[Two: Cultivation Realm at the time of your death (Qi and blood value: 862)]

[Three: Combat experience at the time of your death (Fist art at minor completion, movement art at perfection, defensive skills at perfection.)]

[Four: Cultivation insights at the time of your death (No cultivation insights.)]

[Five: A partial memory fragment.]

Other than options one and two, the other three options were useless. Lin Chang`an thought about it before choosing the first option.

C-Grade talents were rare to come by. In addition, he could enhance his qi and blood any time he wanted.

Anyway, he still had some chances to simulate.

The instant he selected the talent, Lin Chang`an felt that his temperament and demeanor suddenly improved. He began to instinctively radiate a faint sense of cold nobility, and this caused him to be astonished.

A hard-to-describe ethereal feeling akin to the elegance of immortals overcame him.

Chu Li then started and looked at Lin Chang`an. Somehow, she felt that he had become much more pleasing to her eye.

“Little Chang`an, why do you seem to have become slightly more handsome?”

“I was always this handsome. Boss, you must have seen wrongly,” Lin Chang`an calmly answered.

He then activated the simulation again.

“I can simulate two more times at most. I have to keep the last chance to simulate as a reserve, so this particular simulation can be considered the final one. If I still can’t find it, I can only pray that I make enough to preserve my capital when I exit.”

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