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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 99: Seismic Gravity Wave

Chapter 99: Seismic Gravity Wave

Xiao Lin had yearned for the New World for a long time and fantasized greatly about it before coming. He hardly expected to face such an embarrassing problem on the first day of entering the New World. His strength turned out to be so weak that he could not even adapt to the gravity there.

The Caucasian woman seemed prepared for that scenario and waved a staff in her hand. A faint white halo burst out from the energy stone on the staff and attached to the surface of Xiao Lin’s skin, forming a layer of fine-white protective netting. After attempting to stand up again, Xiao Lin clearly felt that the tremendous pressure on his body had disappeared.

“This spell is a countermeasure against gravity. It can only last for half an hour at most,” Song Junlang expressed concern about this.

“Don’t worry. My anti-gravity shield is specially strengthened and can last for two hours. Of course, it also comes at a cost: the effects of offsetting gravity will be weakened, but it’s more than enough to counteract the gravity of this planet.”

The Caucasian first explained to Song Junlang in fluent English. She then glanced at the leaping and frisking Xiao Lin before changing to half-baked Chinese and saying, “We’ve given this issue some consideration after receiving Hank’s notice. Other than buying super potions from Britain, we’ve also made an accessory for you that can counteract gravity.”

“When will it be delivered?” Xiao Lin asked.

“I’m not too sure. It might arrive a bit later, but during this time, I’ll be responsible for following you and replenishing your anti-gravity shield when necessary. You can call me Bella.”

The American woman’s voice was a little cold. “Frankly speaking, I personally think that Hank is getting old and confused. To think that he let a freshman join the team.”

Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes. The slight affection he had for that woman because of her anti-gravity shield suddenly disappeared. “Do you mean I don’t deserve to be here?”

Bella was noncommittal and warned with a haughty look, “I hope you’ll show a value that’s worth all our efforts; otherwise, getting expelled from New Washington is the least of your problems. We’ll also inform the Supreme Council of this matter and have Dawn Academy send you back to Earth for good! You don’t have to be nervous. I’m just saying this to tell you that Judge Academy doesn’t welcome liars!”

Bella obviously did not believe that Xiao Lin really mastered Ancient Normese, but instead conned Hank in some way to reap free remunerations from Judge Academy.

Xiao Lin felt particularly irked and wanted to refute her, but someone else seemed to be more displeased than he was.

Song Junlang muttered the name several times and suddenly exclaimed, “Bella? You wouldn’t happen to be the top graduate from eight years ago, would you?”

Bella nodded proudly. The title of best graduate was tantamount to acknowledging her as the one of the strongest in her entire year. Bella treated it as an undoubtedly high honor.

Bella’s face was a little dark. “Do you know me?”

The smile on Song Junlang’s face was even brighter. “I don’t just know you. Have you forgotten that we fought each other in the inter-academy battle between Judge Academy and Dawn Academy? But I chased you down and defeated you. Tsk, tsk. Such a pity!”

Bella’s expression instantly looked concentrated. Surprise and embarrassment flashed across her face, and after a while, she uttered his name word by word, “Song Junlang?”

“Haha, do you finally recognize me?”

“How dare you come here!”

“Long time no see! How are you?”

“You humiliated me back then! How dare you come here again!”

“Hey, hey, hey! The inter-academy battle back then was just an accident. Why are you still so resentful?”

“You! You! You!”

Bella was flushed with anger. She gritted her teeth and her staff trembled slightly. The little movement was a precursor to condensing the elements and executing a spell. Xiao Lin was surprised; he did not bring his novice dagger and novice wand before coming over. Neither of those things were allowed to be brought to Earth either, so all he had with him was the jade pendant given by the dean and a scroll of Gu Chengyun’s painting.

“Haha, is this how Judge Academy’s treats their guests?” Song Junlang’s smile remained unchanged, but his vision sharpened considerably.

Xiao Lin was taken aback by everything. The fact that Song Junlang was able to return to Earth meant that the rumors in the newspapers about his drop in strength were true. Regardless of how the genius in him managed to defeat Bella so resoundingly eight years ago, it was clear that their strengths were very different from back then.

That being the case, Xiao Lin wondered why Song Junlang was brave enough to provoke the American woman willy-nilly, and on American soil no less. On second thought, Song Junlang was the head of a department, so there had to be some hidden tricks and or something that bolstered his calm despite his strength having been dropped to Bronze.

With those thoughts in mind, Xiao Lin became rather excited, but he soon discovered that Song Junlang had hidden behind him for some time already. The man leaned forward and whispered, “I didn’t think this woman would have such a temper. I can’t handle it, so you’ll have to help me block it!”

“Huh? Hey, wait! Ah f*ck!”

Xiao Lin’s face drained of color. There was a big difference between what actually happened and what his imagination thought would happen. It did not matter what kind of spell the woman used; if Song Junlang could not even stop it, then there was a fat chance that Xiao Lin-–who had not even reached Black Iron rank—could stop it.

Bella did not give them any time to avoid it. The purple-gold sandalwood staff she held was nearly two meters tall, and a huge crystal as big as a football was inlaid in it. Blinding rays of light began blooming at that moment, and while fluctuations in the surrounding air were clearly visible on Bella’s entire body. The fluctuations became stronger and stronger, forming ripples similar to a boulder being tossed into a calm lake.

There were several other Americans around Bella, including Hank, who tried their best to stop her. Once they saw that the elements had already reached a convergence, they all decisively chose to retreat far away. The spell was already on the verge of completion and no one could interrupt it.

Song Junlang hid behind Xiao Lin, but kept an eye on Bella’s actions. The scene before him finally elicited an intensely shocked response. “It’s the Seismic Gravity Wave! F*CK! Stop it, you madwoman! If we’re struck by this spell, we won’t be able to wake up for three days, at least!”

Xiao Lin did not know what kind of magic the Seismic Gravity Wave was, but he deduced that it was extremely unpleasant from Department Head Song’s ashen face. He subconsciously wanted to stray away, but Song Junlang dragged him back and spoke quickly, “Why are you running for? We can’t escape the range of thi spell!”

“She wants to kill us!” Xiao Lin was also furious.

“Kill you, my foot! This spell is a control spell. The damage isn’t that great, but if it strikes someone of our level, it will definitely leave a temporary concussion. Feeling dizzy for three or four days is the norm! Damn it, these Americans don’t even show us any respect! Hurry up and go! You’re the only one who can deal with it!” i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

“Are you kidding...”

Xiao Lin was only halfway through his words when Song Junlang pushed him to the front. A gray-black light surged from Bella’s staff at almost the same time, but it only struck the floor tiles some distance away from Xiao Lin.

Song Junlang’s prediction proved correct. Although that woman was mad, she had not completely lost all sense of reason. It was impossible for her to kill the two people that were invited there, because the diplomatic disputes resulting from her actions would come back to bite her too. Therefore, after refining the Seismic Gravity Wave, its lethality was almost reduced to zero, but the spell’s biggest threat was still the violent shock that was soon to follow.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 99: Seismic Gravity Wave