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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 96: Homecoming

Chapter 96: Homecoming

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Department Head Song’s voice gradually became more solemn. “After that, everyone’s strength gradually increased and the impact on Earth became greater and greater. However, the number of colonists in that year was still very small, and everyone could control themselves until the Tunguska explosion. The absolutely awful consequence of the battle finally woke everyone up.”

Xiao Lin nodded in agreement. “An explosion of that scale probably had a certain impact on the world back then.”

“Colonists would never take such effects to heart!” Song Junlang sighed with a wry smile. “It’s the stability of space. Earth simply cannot withstand such a high-level energy impact. Everyone realized it after they got more knowledge of space and law, but unfortunately the damage was already done. During the past two decades, volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes all over the world have been more frequent than before, but you probably already know that.”

Xiao Lin was even more surprised. “Are you going to tell me that these were also caused by colonists?”

“Not at all. These are all the bad effects caused by space-time disequilibrium. We have done data deductions, and if this situation continues to intensify, the only result will be that Earth disintegrates completely and turns into cosmic dust. Such a deduction frightened everyone. Although we want to colonize other worlds, Earth will always be our home, and no one wants to see it destroyed. From that time onward, all colonial academies began to impose the harshest restrictions on the return of colonists to earth. Those who violate the regulations will also be severely punished.”

Xiao Lin asked again. “If someone with great power violates the regulations, wouldn’t they be able to destroy the Earth directly? At the very least, they can reenact the Tunguska Explosion again, right?”

Song Junlang smiled softly. “Not anymore. Earth laws have an upper limit. When a person’s strength reaches a certain extent, they would be rejected by the laws of this world. Initially, this upper limit is around Gold rank, but since everyone wants to destroy the stability of this world, it has now been reduced to Silver rank.”

Xiao Lin cocked a brow. “In other words, people whose strength ranks above Silver can’t return to Earth?”

“Yes. It was a fight between two Gold-ranked people in Tunguska last time... and even if Silver-ranked people can come back, they’re not allowed to use any power beyond the norm on Earth. Violators will be punished heavily, and for those Silver-ranked people concerned, the punishment was absolutely unbearable. Coupled with the fact that no one wanted to destroy their homes, Earth has gradually become peaceful in recent years.”

Xiao Lin could not help but glance at the calm-looking Song Junlang. If the news about the Logistics Department Head in Dawn Academy Evening News was correct, then Department Head Song was also a Gold-ranked genius long ago, but fell to Bronze after being seriously injured. So far, his strength had not shown any signs of recovering. He sighed and said, “No wonder you said that the number of times we can return would be even lesser. What would happen if someone insists on returning to Earth and deliberately stops training?”

“The two options are either to have your memory and imprint erased before being expelled from the academy forever, or to be dispatched to the Earth Division, as you just saw.”

Xiao Lin felt a myriad of emotions. He did not know how he would choose in the future and slowly became silent along the way. When they reached the airport, Song Junlang bought him a ticket and patted him on the back before comforting him with a smile, “Don’t overthink. Silver rank is still a long way ahead of you, and since your basic attributes are so low, you might never reach Silver at all.”

Xiao Lin lips twitched. “Are you sure you’re trying to comfort me?”

The two of them parted ways at the airport. Xiao Lin did not ask where Song Junglang would go, while Song Junlang only mentioned that they should meet at the airport in two days. The both of them went their separate ways after exchanging temporary phone numbers.

In any case, the future was still far away, and after boarding the plane, Xiao Lin slowly let go of those mindless questions. After an hour’s journey, he landed at Dongchuan Airport and took another three-hour car ride. By evening, Xiao Lin had arrived home.

He came to a dilapidated alley where water accumulated on the bumpy ground. After passing through it, Xiao Lin finally stopped in front of a small three-story building. The house was built decades ago, and the walls looked extremely worn-out after having long lost their original color.

When he went up to the third floor, he knocked on the door lightly and it was Mother who opened the door. She was shocked for about ten seconds the instant she saw Xiao Lin, but complained in a tone that suppressed her excitement, “Why are you back so suddenly? You didn’t even call. What about your new job? This isn’t a weekend or a long holiday. Are you sure it’s okay when you’ve only started working for such a short time?”

Xiao Lin was a little dazed and asked cluelessly, “What job?”

His mother glared at him and said, “Didn’t you send a letter two months ago, saying that you might not be back for a long time if you found a new job? You said that you’ll write a letter at the start of this year, and if it wasn’t your handwriting, I would’ve thought that the delivery person must have sent it wrongly.”

“Can you show me?”

Mother found the letter and handed it to Xiao Lin. Xiao Lin looked at it carefully and was given quite a surprise. The general contents of the letter were that he had found a good job in a faraway city and would not come back for a long time. He clearly did not mail the letter himself, so the only logical conclusion was that Dawn Academy did it for him in the aftermath of everything. After all, the sudden disappearance of an ordinary person would no doubt cause problems.

In any case, it was a good explanation, much better than if it were an inexplicable one. Xiao Lin pretended to pat his forehead suddenly and smiled, “I almost forgot. I did write this letter. I’m doing good right now, and I’ve made a lot of money this month, I mean, in these two months.”

Xiao Lin took out the bank card. On the way back home, he had applied for another card and deposited a few thousand yuan inside before setting up a regular remittance. Otherwise, he felt his parents would be frightened if he gave them the hundred thousand at once. He would find it even harder to explain, and he did not know when he would next return to Earth.

His father soon came back, and although Xiao Lin was either evasive or vague about his work, the two of them were happy that he could find such a good job. They had a simple dinner that could never be compared to the academy’s rich meals, but Xiao Lin felt that it was the most delicious meal he had in months.

Xiao Lin stayed at home for only a short time. The two days allowed by the Judge Academy’s kindness included that day as well, so he had to bid a hasty farewell to his parents early the next morning. Even so, going home for a short time allowed himself and his parents to feel more at ease.

He then took the letter Gu Xiaoyue entrusted him and boarded another flight. His destination was the Xiling Academy of Fine Arts.

It was already two in the afternoon when he arrived at Xiling Airport. Xiao Lin was very tired from running here and there in the past day, but there was no time to sidestep it. He had received a call from Department Head Song that morning, saying that Judge Academy had urged them again, and it was Hank’s superior no less. Unable to avoid the inevitable, the latest time he was allowed to return was set to that night.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 96: Homecoming