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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 92: Before Departure

Chapter 92: Before Departure

Gu Xiaoyue did not notice Xiao Lin’s expression and continued. “It’s a letter. If you don’t have enough time, you can just send it to the post office.”

Xiao Lin’s mind was in a bit of a mess and he asked without thinking, “A love letter?”

Gu Xiaoyue glanced at him and pushed her glasses up before answering, “It’s a letter to my little sister.”

“Ah! Your little sister! Thank goodness then!” A sense of relief came over Xiao Lin all of a sudden.

“Thank goodness?” Gu Xiaoyue looked at him strangely.

Xiao Lin quickly concealed the expression on his face. “Ahem, nothing. Okay, I’ll do my best to personally deliver that letter, and if I can’t, I’ll help you to post it. Where does your sister live?”

Gu Xiaoyue mentioned an address and Xiao Lin jotted it down immediately with pen and paper. He then remarked out of the blue, “At the Xiling Academy of Fine Arts. I heard that it’s really hard to get in that fine arts academy. Your sister’s quite amazing. She’ll definitely be a great painter in the future.”

Gu Xiaoyue turned her head slightly to reveal her delicate side profile, as if she did not want Xiao Lin to see her expression at the moment. Xiao Lin nevertheless spotted a tear from the corner of the girl’s eyes. Gu Xiaoyue never usually showed any sad expressions, let alone cry.

Xiao Lin froze. With no idea as to what he mistakenly said, all he could do was apologize. “Umm, I must’ve said something wrong. I’m sorry.”

Gu Xiaoyue took a moment to regain her composure. The trademark indifference that characterized her reappeared once she turned to look at him. After a moment’s hesitation, she shook her head and said, “No, just remembered my sister.”

“What’s wrong with your sister?” Xiao Lin asked.

“Her legs have been paralyzed since she was a child. Painting is the only way for her to kill time and she’s always wanted to be a painter.” Gu Xiaoyue’s voice was low and there was a hint of lingering sadness.

Xiao Lin was startled by it and apologized again. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. Didn’t your parents take your sister to see a doctor. Are you sure it can’t be cured?”

Gu Xiaoyue’s voice grew colder. “We don’t have parents.”

Xiao Lin’s mouth was agape and he immediately pictured a scenario. The two sisters were orphans because their parents died since they were young and they depended on each other ever since. The elder one then rushed around doing work and making money in order to treat her little sister. His eyes became a little sympathetic as he thought about it and he felt like he should offer some help. He therefore said, “Why don’t I bring some money to your sister? I’m going back for some matters and I think the academy will help with this.”

Gu Xiaoyue looked at him strangely. “My family isn’t short of money. My sister was able to go to this fine arts academy because I donated a lot of money.”

His imaginary scene was instantly shattered and Xiao Lin cleared his throat, embarrassed. Even so, his curiosity about the girl’s family had increased even more, but Gu Xiaoyue had stopped talking and no longer wished to expound further. In the end, she handed him the beautiful envelope.

Xiao Lin felt that the atmosphere was a bit solemn, and after receiving the envelope, he joked, “You trust me a lot, don’t you? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll peek at your letter during its journey?”

Gu Xiaoyue glanced at him. “Do as you please. I wrote it in code. You wouldn’t understand it.”

Xiao Lin’s jaw dropped and he was speechless. He thought to himself, ‘Are you some kind of secret gang that still writes letters in code?’ Eventually, he could only ask sheepishly, “Are you sure your sister can understand it?”

“We used to play these games when we were young.”

“Well then, there’s nothing else I can say...”

After sending Gu Xiaoyue off, no one else came to bother him. It was understandable that he would be both physically and mentally tired after the monthly exam. Xiao Lin could finally relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Xiao Lin got up early as soon as the sun shone the next day. He was unsure whether the procedures for returning to Earth could be completed that day, and if it was postponed until the day after, he felt that he should not miss that day’s classes. Barely 10 minutes into his Basic Swordsmanship lesson, the ear-piercing tone of his cell phone began ringing.

The student union president appeared on screen as soon as the call was connected. He did not say much but asked Xiao Lin to rush to the student union office immediately. If all went well, Xiao Lin could set off that very morning.

Everything happened faster than expected, which surprised Xiao Lin somewhat. Under the ugly expression of the T-rex teacher, as well as the envy and hatred of other students, Xiao Lin trotted out of the training hall. His first stop was to the dormitory, where he took Gu Xiaoyue’s letter and had a change of clothes again. Wearing the school uniform on Earth was definitely not recommended, so he changed back to the short-sleeve tee and jeans he had on when he first entered the academy.

When he reached the student union office again, Song Junlang was already waiting there, talking to the president. The two of them probably knew each other for a long time already, but did not seem too close. After seeing Xiao Lin coming in, their conversation stopped immediately.

“The dean gave his approval very quickly this time. I received a reply from the old man in the wee hours today,” the president explained briefly in a few words and smiled. “It’s really urgent on Judge Academy’s end, so I thought that you might as well leave this morning itself.”

“Where is Mr. Hank?” Xiao Lin did not see American anywhere.

“He returned to Earth yesterday evening because he has to settle some things for you in advance. He also needs to report to Judge Academy.”

The president carefully took out a light gold jade pendant from a purple box on the table. He handed it over to Xiao Lin and said, “The dean sent someone to deliver this to the academy overnight. He told me to make sure that you wear it.”

Xiao Lin took the jade pendant and placed it in his hand to observe carefully. The jade pendant had an oval shape with carvings of various unrecognizable and complex patterns interlaced with each other. It felt warm and moist, as if something was flowing inside. Xiao Lin asked curiously, “Is this a protective amulet?”

The president answered helplessly, “The dean didn’t say anything else, but he wants you to wear this jade pendant at all times. Never take it off. The dean won’t harm you, so all you have to do is follow his instructions.”

“Is this thing rare? What’s it used for?” Xiao Lin muttered. He held the jade pendant and fiddled with it, but could not determine what its purpose was.

Xiao Lin was about to bite down on it when Song Junlang’s eyes twitched and he said lazily, “Where is all your nonsense coming from? You’re told to wear it, so just wear it! Tsk, tsk. The fact that the dean actually gave this to you makes me wonder if you’re the old man’s illegitimate child!”

“Do not speak nonsense, Department Head Song!” The president respected the dean a lot and warned Song Junlang with a smile. His gaze landed on the delicate jade pendant again and there were traces of confusion in his expression. He soon realized something and was overcome with horror. He glanced at the Song Junlang, who looked rather nonchalant, and finally chose to maintain his silence.

In any case, Xiao Lin determined that the jade pendant was not something ordinary and proceeded to wear it around his neck. The student union president was still somewhat worried and so briefed Xiao Lin on a couple of things. For example, they had to be strictly mindful of disclosing Dawn Academy’s existence on Earth. The academy had a strict monitoring system that oversaw such matters, and the consequences would be disastrous once discovered.

Xiao Lin was also told to think twice about his actions after going to Judge Academy. As a representative of Dawn Academy, a slight mistake might cause diplomatic disputes between the two schools, and worse still, conflicts that ended in war.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 92: Before Departure