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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 713 - Phoenix Robe

Chapter 713: Phoenix Robe

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

So why was that tomb so special?

If it had not been for the drawings on the walls depicting the life of the departed, it would have been hard to be sure that this was a tomb. Of course, there was another explanation for it, which was that there might be something deeper within the tomb that was enough to protect the place, causing any tomb raiders to retreat.

With that suspicion in mind, Song Junlang and Xiao Lin advanced even more carefully. The whole way, they met no obstacles until they stumbled upon a corpse.

It was a dried-up corpse that had been there for an unknown amount of years. It wore a red robe that had long sleeves. No other details could be made out. The old corpse still had skin on its skull, and there were bunches of remnants of a long grey beard. Its weak body was wrapped in the dark red robe, and the cuffs and collar of the robe were engraved with mysterious golden letters. The letters were arranged in a straight line, and was some form of special magical array

To the left of the corpse, in its jointed, dried-up skeletal hands was a staff that had mysterious characters engraved on it. The staff was about as tall as a grown man, and on the top of the staff was a crystal orb, but the orb had already lost all its luster.

“This guy was a mage.” Xiao Lin concluded before he retreated a few steps hastily. Thinking about it, he still did not feel that safe since the distance was not enough when it came to mages, so he hurried to a corner of that room.

Song Junlang came to the same conclusion as he did, and the guy was more afraid of dying than Xiao Lin was. Rubbing his chin, Song Junlang said, “How long do you think this guy has been dead for?”

“He’s definitely not one of ours,” Xiao Lin said. Since it was not a colonist, then it was a tomb raider from the New World. Unless they brought the corpse back to the academy to be experimented on, it was very hard to determine what year it died.

“Interesting,” Song Junlang narrowed his eyes and observed it, mumbling to himself as he did.

Xiao Lin looked at him asking, “How do you think he died? It’s definitely not a natural death, so was it a trap? Poison? However, it’s strange. I can’t feel the fluctuation of any elements around here. In this tomb, other than death energy, it’s really hard to feel the other energies. I’m even wondering if it’s possible to use magic here.”

Song Junlang nodded. “You’re right about that.”

“What? What am I right about?”

“The last sentence.”

Song Junlang pointed to the front. At the end of that room, the wall was completely sealed. It was different from the other rooms they had been in before. It meant that they were already at the end of the passage.

Xiao Lin took out that glass bead. “So this thing was actually found on his body. This guy somehow got this thing when he entered the tomb back then, but he ended up dying here.”

“Other than that, what do you think is strange about this unlucky fellow? Take a closer look.” Song Junlang had figured out even more, but he seemed to want to test Xiao Lin, so he did not reveal it immediately.

Xiao Lin frowned and looked at everything again. Like any dead person, the corpse did not seem that odd, but the robe on the corpse was quite different. After so many years, the robe might be full of dust, but it was still in a relatively pristine state.

It was evident that the robe was nothing ordinary, and could even be something above Gold rank. That was because, even if it was a Gold-ranked tool, any magic stored within would have been eroded after a few hundred years. Only something that was even higher-leveled would be able to have its magic last even longer than that.

Not only that, Xiao Lin’s gaze fell on the collar of the robe again. Those golden letters were quite dazzling. Even though it was hard to understand, Xiao Lin was somewhat proficient in the ancient language. He gave it a good look, ascertaining the complicated patterns on that robe. Of course, the patterns were not just decorations. As a magical item, each pattern could possibly be part of an incredibly strong magical array.

After a moment, Xiao Lin looked back, saying with a strange and uncertain look, “A Phoenix Robe? I’ve read about it in the library before.” Of course, that information had come from the restricted area of the library.

Song Junlang let out a rare earnest look of praise, nodding as he said, “It looks like your foundations are pretty solid. Yes, you’re right, this robe is called a Phoenix Robe, and it’s a Legend-ranked magical item. A lot of academies really want something like this, but it’s a pity that the method of producing Phoenix Robes has already been lost. We’ve only found records about it in the New World’s history records, so it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the real deal.”

Something that could be classified as Legend rank definitely held enormous power. The Phoenix Robe was so sought after by everyone because the robe had a very special effect, which was that it could give the wearer one chance at resurrection! When the wearer’s life was threatened, the Phoenix Robe would unleash a special form of power that would have it take damage that the wearer’s soul would have taken instead.

Just that one effect alone was enough to put the Phoenix Robe as a Legend-ranked object! After all, even though the colonists had resurrection towers now, it needed the consumption of lifespan to be used. No one would mind an additional chance at resurrection.

That corpse was definitely no ordinary mage, and was probably incredibly strong and had deep pockets. Wearing the Phoenix Robe over meant that he had probably expected the level of difficulty of the tomb, or he would not have easily used such a rare and valuable object. Even though the Phoenix Robe could allow a person to resurrect, there was only one chance to use it, and the Phoenix Robe would completely disappear after resurrection.

However, that guy still died, and the robe on his body was perfectly fine, meaning the Phoenix Robe’s resurrection had not been able to activate in time.

“No wonder the tomb raiders only dared to venture so far last time. If we advance even further, the risk will be hard to imagine.” Song Junlang sighed.

“Why did they not take the Phoenix Robe away?” Xiao Lin asked.

“Because he already took the glass bead. It’s something far more valuable than the Phoenix Robe. From my understanding, they usually won’t be too merciless, and will always leave something behind for the dead as a form of atonement.” Song Junlang shrugged.

“So are we going to continue advancing?” Xiao Lin asked.

Song Junlang looked at him, asking, “What do you think?”

Xiao Lin looked on, nodding his head in determination. “We have to keep advancing!”


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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 713 - Phoenix Robe