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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 712 - Inside The Tomb

Chapter 712: Inside The Tomb

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The truth was not much different from what Xiao Lin expected. They used about an hour to reach the excavation spot that Song Junlang talked about. Xiao Lin had to admit that the guy really had a lot of information networks. Even though he said that the excavation had been a secret that had practically eluded all of the academies. Otherwise, such a shocking thing would never have fallen into private hands.

However, Song Junlang somehow got that information, and the guy was even pleased to say that practically everyone else who knew about it was dead. It caused Xiao Lin to suspect that Song Junlang had killed off anyone who had the information after obtaining it.

No matter what, no matter how big the risk was, since they were already there, Xiao Lin no longer had any path to retreat. The weather on the day was not bad, the moon was dark and it was very windy, which suited their purposes.

“Basically, what I can be sure of is that it’s a tomb. No one knows who it belongs to, but it’s certain that it has not been discovered yet, or at least, it’s a tomb that rarely gets visited. We’re quite lucky, logically speaking, a tomb of this scale would have been very difficult to escape the notice of the academies. However, thanks to the fact that it had not been that long, and with the matter of Dawn Academy’s declaration of war, everyone has been too busy to care about something like this.”

Taking advantage of the night, Song Junlang quickly busied himself as they talked. They were situated next to a dumpsite near Frontier Town, and it had a large amount of the town’s wastes, but the people who had discovered the tomb first had made a mark there, which Song Junlang easily found. It was next to a hole that had obviously new digging marks next to it, but the entrance had been covered up.

Xiao Lin placed a few magical scrolls at the entrance. The scrolls were the ones they took from Alexei’s museum, and they looked quite high-level. It was not his anyway, so he did not feel any pity using it. In order to make sure it worked, Xiao Lin planned on placing two more, but was hurriedly stopped by Song Junlang.

After that, they pulled away and waited for the explosion. The sudden explosion lit up practically half of the night sky, and even though Xiao Lin seemed to guess something from Song Junlang’s face, and went as far as possible as they could, the explosion still swept past the two of them, causing their faces to be covered in ash.

“Do you understand now? If you had used those two extra scrolls earlier, we’d already be next to a resurrection tower!” Song Junlang said loudly.

Xiao Lin looked at the scroll in his hand, and carefully put it away. Fine, those things were definitely restricted for a reason. During times of peace, they were practically killing devices. Placing it in any city would cause a lot of trouble for any academy.

“We have to hurry up. Even though there aren’t any troops garrisoned nearby, there are still sentries. Such a large commotion will definitely be reported, but they’ll only arrive at noon tomorrow at the earliest,” Song Junlang said.

“So we only have one night and one morning?” Xiao Lin asked.

“That’s right. It’s enough!”

Song Junlang seemed very confident. Xiao Lin kept on feeling that the information the guy had was more than Xiao Lin knew. However, that was a good thing. If they dragged it for too long, there was a very big possibility that it would be discovered by Dawn Academy.

The entire dumpsite had practically been blown up, and there was a large crater in the center, revealing a dark cave. After Song Junlang casted a floating spell on the two of them, he threw two glowing orbs into the cave before jumping in. Those were basic spells that Song Junlang had at his level.

After going down, using the light from the orbs, Xiao Lin looked around. They were in a narrow stone room, and the walls had many lively drawings on them. It looked very much like ancient New World designs. After looking around for a moment, Xiao Lin nodded. “It really is a tomb.”

Song Junlang turned around and looked at him, smiling with praise. “It looks like you remember your history lessons!”

Xiao Lin rolled his eyes. Of course, all of that was basic knowledge from their history classes. Normally, the New World’s ancient tombs would always have those drawings on the wall to illustrate the life of the owner. It was meant to show the owner’s glory, so Xiao Lin easily recognized the patterns.

Anyone who was able to be recorded in this manner would definitely have been an impressive figure when they were alive. It was a pity that Xiao Lin knew very little of the history of the ancient Weier Kingdom.

The first stone room did not have anything of value inside. Of course, it was possible that those things had already been stolen by someone. After all, the tomb had been visited at least once before.

This section of the tomb seemed to be made entirely of stone rooms. The next rooms they went into were all already open, seemingly telling Xiao Lin and Song Junlang that they were not the first people to be here.

Of course, the benefit of that was that Xiao Lin could relax a little, not needing to worry about any potential traps of monsters. In truth, the tomb was filled with dense and fresh death energy, and normally, undead beings were easily produced in such an environment.

Song Junlang did not seem to be worried about that matter, and he seemed to have expected that there would not be much in the first two rooms, or at least nothing that they wanted. So, he constantly threw out the orbs of light the whole way, and Xiao Lin followed behind. The two of them advanced very quickly.

After about over twenty minutes, the two of them had passed by a countless number of rooms. Thankfully, the paths did not branch, so they did not need to worry about getting lost. They would occasionally see some funerary objects, but they were not worth a second glance. Xiao Lin was more interested in the drawings on the walls, but Song Junlang’s goal was not there, so he did not have a chance to look at them in detail. In his rush, he did not make out much.

Song Junlang patiently explained to him, “A lot of the information about the ancient Weier Kingdom isn’t complete, and it’s hard to tell who the person depicted in the drawings are. However, that’s not important, but this area of the tomb is a little different. Do you feel it?”

Xiao Lin paused for a moment before answering in realization, “It’s too empty?”

That was right! Other than the drawings on the walls, the rooms were practically empty. Xiao Lin had thought that it had been stolen away by tomb raiders, but all of the rooms were like that. It was definitely suspicious since it would be incredibly difficult to move all of that with just the power of one person.

Song Junlang nodded. “There are far too few funerary objects, and there doesn’t seem to be any defenses at all. Even the local natives know that anyone notable should naturally install some traps or obstacles in their tombs, so that the living would not disturb their rest. Those traps are far greater than what we would see on Earth, especially of those who were powerful when they were alive.. The various magical traps would even threaten someone above Gold rank if they entered alone.”


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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 712 - Inside The Tomb