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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 119: Virtual Character Changed

Chapter 119: Virtual Character Changed

The woman standing in front of Dickens was Lilith. She had followed Xiao Lin all the way to the training hall and was waiting outside for quite a while before she got frustrated. She had planned to barge inside, but the sharp-eyed Dickens noticed and stopped her.

Lilith was once a regular there and Dickens was quite familiar with her as well. Dickens was usually a friendly boss, but Lilith was absolutely not a customer they wanted around. Lilith had broken three of their expensive virtual battle systems and had caused Dickens a lot of grief,

After debating for a while, Lilith finally gave up on training there. However, when Dickens let out a sigh of relief and left, Lilith looked around before sneaking over to Xiao Lin’s room. When she noticed the door was locked from the inside, she pouted and mumbled to herself, “Troublesome.” She then used some force and broke the door handle.

She managed to get into the room, but the training room was still shut tight. The specially enhanced metal walls did not have any windows, so Xiao Lin, who had just started a new bout, did not realize there was someone outside either.

Xiao Lin did not rest for too long. Some sweet and refreshing water was provided in the rest area, and the water seemed to be able to magically reduce exhaustion. According to Dickens, the water came from the elves and had some sort of life-giving plant mixed in. It could restore energy and was very good at getting rid of fatigue.

However, only a bit was mixed into the water. More effective mixes needed to be paid for, which Xiao Lin rejected. Wearing the anti-gravity pin, coupled with the water, Xiao Lin’s strength recovered a lot quicker than he anticipated.

Lilith was planning on entering the training room, but she thought for a while and instead operated the tablet by her side. The tablet shone brightly. The system could actually be used to observe the conditions inside the room.

In the image, Xiao Lin was currently sparring with the virtual character. After the first hour, Xiao Lin had actually somewhat gotten used to fighting in double gravity.

Of course, that did not mean the effect Planet Norma’s gravity had on him had disappeared. Whether it was running or jumping, Xiao Lin still looked very clumsy. Until he reached Black Iron-rank, that effect would never disappear, but Xiao Lin was working hard to learn how to fight in those conditions.

Xiao Lin adapted in many ways. Even just waving his blade while standing was quite a burden to Xiao Lin, but he tried his best to stand in a stance that would make him more comfortable, and used his blade in the least taxing manner. To an outsider, his exaggerated movements and stances were quite funny. Anyone would mistake him for a circus actor instead of a swordsman.

Lilith could not stop herself from laughing at the hilarity of it, but she lost her interest after a moment. She could tell that Xiao Lin was not used to the gravity, which led her to understand that he was definitely not at the Black Iron-rank. It was no issue though, Lilith’s target was the giant golden dragon that Xiao Lin could summon; his actual capabilities were of no concern to her.

Xiao Lin’s comical moves seemed to be working out, he could finally somewhat compete with the virtual character, even if he was still stuck on the defensive. Every slash he made was methodical, but after a few minutes, his hit points still went to zero. There was nothing he could do about it. The virtual character was not influenced by the gravity; there was little he could do to such a natural advantage.

Lilith was quietly observing outside the training room, but her white face looked impatient as she mumbled, “How dull! How could this kind of training have any results! Is he stupid? Even if training in higher gravity can improve your training, if it’s only to this degree, then his body will quickly not be able to handle it!”

Rolling her eyes, Lilith suddenly had a sinister smile on her face, “Let me teach you how to train in double gravity!”

Lilith quickly typed some things into the tablet. If Xiao Lin could see what was happening, he would realize that Lilith was picking out data of some other people to add as participants. After some adjustments, Lilith then specially added the condition of gravitational influence.

The characters in the virtual battle system were indeed unaffected by gravity, and almost all of the people who trained there were Black Iron or above, but it was not impossible to simulate the effect of gravity as well.

In the training room, Xiao Lin was once again on the ground as he stared at his empty hit point bar once again. He spat in anger as he struggled to get up. Even though he had more or less recovered his strength after resting, the second battle depleted his strength much quicker than earlier. If that continued, he would run out of strength again very quickly.

No matter how much effort Xiao Lin put into adapting to the gravity, the pressure was still immense. Basically every action he made needed twice the amount of power. The exertion was beginning to affect his body, and he was not sure he could even last the whole hour at that point.

Xiao Lin once again adopted a defensive stance, but Xiao Lin was confused. The virtual character would always go back to the middle of the training room after every bout.

However, the virtual character suddenly disappeared after Xiao Lin fell to the ground last time. He felt it was quite strange, since the second hour had just started not long ago, so there was no way he was out of time. Just when he was going to head out to check, a ray of light once again shone in the middle of the room–this time much brighter than the last one.

The light quickly solidified into a human form, but this time it was a red virtual character. The face was still very blurry, but it looked a little clearer than last time. Xiao Lin could actually vaguely make out that it was a girl, and she seemed to be holding a dagger.

He did not understand the reason for the change, but who he was facing did not matter. Xiao Lin initiated another round, but he quickly realized the virtual character was very different this time.

It was not that this red virtual character was stronger than the last one, but the character’s actions were much clumsier before. Xiao Lin felt some familiarity before quickly realizing that his movements earlier when he was not used to the gravity at all looked like that too.

That virtual character was set to be affected by the gravity! It was different from the settings Xiao Lin had input!

Mumbling to himself, Xiao Lin thought he had put in the wrong settings. He planned on fixing it after that bout, but now that his opponent was just as clumsy as he was, he felt that he could actually win this time. He had been tortured by the virtual character for more than an hour, so he definitely had some pent-up frustrations he needed to vent.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 119: Virtual Character Changed