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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 118: Training

Chapter 118: Training

After preparing himself mentally, Xiao Lin took off the anti-gravity pin. His promise with Song Junlang was obviously a lie... If Lilith was actually also an SS-rank talent, then there was no reason Xiao Lin would not be able to do anything she could do.

The virtual character would not be affected by the gravity in the New World either. Strictly speaking, it was just an energy body formed with the energy stone. Even if it was not at the Black Iron-rank, it would not be affected by the gravity anyway.

[Virtual battle, start!]

The virtual character was set to never initiate the first attack, so Xiao Lin rushed forward first with his blade. However, in just a few steps, Xiao Lin let out a shout before falling to the ground. His body could not adapt to the gravity after he took off the pin. He could not run and had to stick his dagger into the ground to stop himself from falling down.

After verifying that Xiao Lin had already made an attack, the virtual character started to attack as well. It only had one point in agility, so its speed was quite slow. Its swordsmanship was also quite shoddy and full of flaws, but against Xiao Lin who could barely move, the blue blade of light slashed through Xiao Lin’s neck without any difficulty.

Xiao Lin felt a warm feeling go through his neck as his hit points on display immediately went to zero. That was because the blade had struck a critical point without any attempt at defense from Xiao Lin, so the hit was judged to be fatal.

After the attack, the virtual character once again stood in the center of the room unmoving. When either of their hit points reached zero, it meant the end of a round of sparring. The virtual character would revert to its initial position and wait for an attack from the trainee.

Xiao Lin struggled to get back to his feet. This time, he did not start his attack from far away; instead he slowly walked in front of the virtual character and slashed his blade at it.

The virtual character’s reactions were slow, but Xiao Lin’s movement was even slower. The dagger in the training room was similar to the beginner dagger at Dawn Academy, but he felt like what he was holding was not a dagger, it was like an extremely heavy weight. He used all his might just to raise his blade and slash it. His body shook the entire time, and it also gave the virtual character enough time to counterattack.


Even though the virtual character was set to have lower strength than Xiao Lin, Xiao Lin could not even exert half his actual power on the blade. It was unsurprisingly blocked, and the rebound caused Xiao Lin to take a step back. It was hard for him to even keep his balance.

The blue blade of light once again aimed for Xiao Lin’s neck, but he was prepared for it this time. He swung down his blade that was just deflected, but the pressure of gravity caused his body to be like a rusted machine. Even though he knew what to do, his body could not react in time.

His hit points slid down to zero once again. The second battle did not even last for more than a minute, but Xiao Lin was noticeably breathing much harder and the muscles on his arms were extremely numb. Xiao Lin did not choose to rest, since he had gotten this one hour using his treasured New Dollars. However, the results of the one hour of training were too horrible to look at.

The virtual character’s attributes were actually not too different from Xiao Lin’s when he first entered the academy. From his perspective, the virtual character’s skills were really very low. He did not realize it when he took the admissions test, but the movements of the zombies were all very clumsy, and their power had even been reduced by the academy. Now that he had an outside view, Xiao Lin finally understood how weak he was when he first entered the academy.

However, training in double gravity was a lot more challenging than he thought. Just letting his body adapt alone took up quite a lot of time. In the first hour, based on the system’s evaluation, Xiao Lin could not even inflict any real harm to his opponent. On the other hand, even though the virtual human was slow, and its swings were not that powerful, it could hit him very easily. Even later on, when Xiao Lin decided to only defend and not attack, he was still unable to prevent his hit points from rapidly evaporating. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

In one of the battles, the virtual fighter actually used the Slashing skill right in front of Xiao Lin. That skill could deal a lot of damage after fully charging, but it took too long to charge, which meant it was not very practical in actual battles. However, Xiao Lin’s stiff body was still not able to avoid it...

Of course, it was not all doom and gloom for Xiao Lin. In the last battle, Xiao Lin could finally hold the virtual character back for more than one minute. He could actually do it for longer, but the virtual human disappeared when the hour was up.


Xiao Lin threw the training dagger away as he lay down on the floor straightaway. He was desperately grasping for breath. Up until the last exchange, he had practically been biting on his lips, forcing himself to move. It was only when he finally got to rest when he started to feel pain all over his body. He wanted to raise his hand but found that he did not have the strength, so he could only use his tongue to lick his bloodied lips.

After a few minutes of recovering, he could finally force himself up to reactivate the anti-gravity pin. After the pressure dissipated, he felt much more relaxed. However, he had still used up quite a lot of his stamina, and would need quite some time to recover.

The door to the training room once again opened as Dickens walked inside. When he saw Xiao Lin’s exhausted body on the floor, he found it was strange. How could he have fought to that degree when it was not even of the Black Iron-rank? Nonetheless, he never pried into their clients private matters, so he politely asked, “Would you like to continue?”

Xiao Lin nodded as he held up one finger to show he would like another hour. After thinking, he gestured as tried to speak in English, “Please let me rest for a bit before starting the next hour. Is that okay?”

Dickens puzzled over it before finally getting it. He smiled as he nodded, indicating that he could start at any time. After receiving 90 New Dollars, he left and shut the door.

“He’s a decent man!” Xiao Lin mumbled to himself.

The man was the manager of this training hall and would naturally be quite busy, especially since there were so many people queuing outside. Despite that, Dickens still personally went there to meet him. Even if it was to give face to Hank, Xiao Lin still felt he was a decent man.

However, Xiao Lin did not see Dickens quickly stopping at a corner right after he left the room. He had a bitter smile on his face, “My apologies, that boy from Dawn Academy is not intending on leaving at the moment. If you really need to meet him, I’m afraid you’ll need to wait for one more hour.”

The beautiful girl in front of him impatiently said, “What? One more hour?! How troublesome. Whatever, get me an hour as well!”

“Please don’t!” Dicken exclaimed, “You’ve already broken three of my systems. If you continue, I’ll lose so much money, I’ll have to sell my body!”

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 118: Training