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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 115: Gravity Training

Chapter 115: Gravity Training

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The fact that Lilith could learn the skills of others in the middle of the tournament meant that she had quite possibly mastered a great number of weapons. That type of learning ability was monstrous.

As someone who was cultivating both magic and physical abilities, Xiao Lin had a lot he could not figure out. His efficiency in copying even started to suffer from it. He was even unmoved when he heard Professor Brown say the next day would be a rest day before they left for the evening.

It was only until Xiao Lin reached the inn when he realized that he actually did not need to go to work the next day. Other than remarking about how strongly Americans valued their holidays, he also realized that his replication skill would be off cooldown tomorrow. He was prepared to use it on Professor Brown’s Ancient Normese, but since it was a break, who knew if he could actually find the man.

Song Junlang got home much later than usual that night, and the heavy scent of alcohol could be smelled off him. However, the moment Xiao Lin finished recalling the day’s events, Department Head Song immediately sobered up.

“Lilith? Demon Queen? Do not provoke her! You absolutely must not offend her!” Song Junlang used his sternest tone to warn Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ve heard of Lilith’s famous battle, but I really can’t put her face to the Demon Queen moniker...”

“I’ve never met Lilith, nor do I know how she earned that name, but do you know of the other rumor surrounding Lilith?”

“What rumor?”

Song Junlang looked around, making sure the windows and doors were all shut before saying in a low voice, “In truth, there was a rumor about Lilith, even when she just entered the academy. It’s just that a lot of people do not know she is the one the rumors are talking about. When she entered the academy last year, there was a rumor that Judge Academy discovered an SS-talented student.”

“SS-rank! Lilith?”

“Correct, the news shocked everyone at the time.” Song Junlang did not realize Xiao Lin’s shocked expression also contained a hint of curiosity. He continued saying, “This is the first bit of news about an SS-rank talent since the predecessor who enacted the Law of Immortality. It was denied very quickly by the dean of the Judge Academy, and never talked about since.”

Xiao Lin raised his eyebrow. “So, is that rumor true or not?”

Song Junlang shook his head. “That, I have no clue. However, a lot more people were more willing to believe the rumor ever since the battle at the start of the year. That woman is rumored to be extremely strong!”

Seeing Xiao Lin’s unsettled expression, Song Junlang consoled him and added, “Don’t you worry about it. If Lilith really does have a SS-rank talent, then there’s no shame in the difference of your abilities. Furthermore, I got an interesting piece of news when I visited some old friends a few days ago. Do you know how Lilith trained during her first year?”

Xiao Lin really did have quite complicated feelings, because he also had an SS-rank talent. According to Department Head Song, there had only been one confirmed SS-ranked person in the history of the colonists. The rarity of such a talent was obvious, but his skill was not even close to Liliths, which made him feel quite vexed. He asked, “First year?? Shouldn’t she have been attending classes and participating in monthly tests?”

“No. From what I heard, Lilith entered the New World one month after she enrolled, beginning to train here. Do you understand what that means?”

Xiao Lion was flabbergasted. “One month after enrolling? She couldn’t possibly have been Black-Iron ranked then. However, it’s probably not a problem with the Royal British Academy’s super-potion, and the gravity issue can be mitigated by special accessories. However, what use would it be? Would training in the New World yield better results?”

Song Junlang also had a complicated look on his face. “No, the first time Lilith trained in the New World. She only consumed the medicine. She did not use any anti-gravity accessories.”

“No accessories? Oh, Bella probably cast the anti-gravity spell on her then.”

“No! What I meant was, she used absolutely no means to reduce the gravity, but exposed herself to an environment with double the gravity to train in.”

Xiao Lin was dumbfounded. He had felt the impact of double gravity before, and it was definitely pure torture. He could not help but ask, “Would there really be no problems with that?”

“There are very big problems!” Song Junlang shook his head and said, “Doing that is absolutely challenging your body to the very limit. Anyone else trying to do intense training in such an environment would quickly see their body destroyed, and even after that, the injuries would be extremely difficult to cure. It’s not like no one had ever thought about doing so before Lilith, but it did not end well for any of them.”

“So Lilith managed to exceed her limit?”

“That I’m not too sure about. According to my friend, Lilith only managed to enter the Black-Iron rank four months after she entered the academy. If the rumors are true, then her speed of progress is among the top three people in the history of the colonists. Do you get it now? Lilith is absolutely not someone you can currently mess with. No matter what happens, you should run very far away from her.”

Xiao Lin was deep in thought, and suddenly raised his head after a long time with a fire in his gaze, “Department Head Song, I wish to continue my training here. I’ll be in New Washington for a month. Even though I’ll be getting quite a lot of money, if I let myself waste away for a whole month, I might not even be able to hold onto my class monitor position when I get back. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days.”

“Training? That’s not an issue. New Washington has its own training grounds, but don’t tell me you want to take off your anti-gravity pin?”

Not waiting for an answer, Song Junlang said sternly, “No way! Absolutely no way! Not everyone can be like Lilith. You’ve felt for yourself what the gravity is like; that’s courting death! Since I agreed to accompany you, then I’m basically your guardian. I’m responsible for your safety!”

Xiao Lin smiled. “How could I? I don’t plan on experiencing that sort of pressure again. I just want to find a place to train when I’m free tomorrow to not waste my time.”

Song Junlang was suspicious. “Is that true?”

Xiao Lin blinked. “Look at my eyes! It’s definitely true! Relax! How could I toy with my own life!”

Song Junlang still could not eliminate all his suspicion, but he relaxed a bit before saying, “Just don’t do anything stupid. Training in a high-gravity environment is very dangerous. Lilith only managed to survive thanks to her extreme learning ability, which allowed her physique to level up when it reached its limits. Anyone else would definitely die.”

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 115: Gravity Training