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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 114: Rumors

Chapter 114: Rumors

“Xiao! Do you really understand Lilith?” Lolander said with a look of pity, “Trust me, she’s definitely not someone who you can reason with normally. Don’t be tricked by her beauty; no matter how crazy it is, she’s always been able to do what she said she would.”

Chloe also looked at him with sympathy, “I heard of the simulated battle at the start of the year as well. You poor child. I think you’d better give Professor Brown a proper explanation, then hurry back to Dawn Academy.”

The rest of them nodded as well. Xiao Lin had thought Lilith’s last words were a joke, but everyone acting like this caused him to reassess that. He suddenly felt a sense of foreboding as he softly asked, “What was the simulated battle at the start of the year? I didn’t really understand what Lolander said earlier. Could someone explain it to me?”

“I’ll do it! I’m from the Sainte Académie, so I personally witnessed that bloodbath!” Lolander had a sick look on his face. “All the academies occasionally hold mock battles. Both parties would pick out a certain number of students, and have a competition on a special map. The rankings of the academies are usually determined like that. At the start of the year, the American academy had a mock battle against an alliance of European academies, minus England...”

“Why is it an allied European team? And why exclude England?” Xiao Lin was confused.

Chloe, who was from the Royal British Academy, explained, “The European colonized territories are all relatively close together, but the Royal Academy is located further away. Not to mention we are much stronger than them, so there is no need for us to enter their alliance.”

Even though Lolander shot her a glare when she mentioned strength, it was not the topic of conversation, so he collected himself and continued.

“So this simulated battle is a 10-versus-10 tournament. Of the 20 participants, 19 of them were Silver-ranked, the only Bronze-rank was Lilith. Lilith was also the only sophomore student among everyone there; the rest of them were in their third and fourth years. At the time, our academy was even discussing on the forums if we should give her some boost, especially with her being a girl...” Lolander had a painful look on his face as he rubbed his forehead, looking like he was regretting his naivete.

“The time limit for the battle was set at three hours, but in actual fact, the tournament lost all meaning forty minutes in. Everyone could immediately tell that Lilith’s strength alone was enough to defeat all ten of the representatives from our academy without breaking a sweat. However, she refused to directly beat all her opponents and end the tournament. All the spectators including myself thought she was showing us some face, but we realized that was only the beginning of a nightmare.”

Xiao Lin asked, “What did she do?”

Lolander said bitterly, “She said the tournament was too boring, and way too easy. She wanted to change the rules... She then proceeded to toss aside the sickle which she was most proficient at, saying she wanted to duel each of them individually. She would only use the same weapons and skills as her opponents, and she would forfeit the moment she used something different... At the time, we thought it was the perfect time to mount a comeback, so we immediately agreed. The Demon Queen then proceeded to stomp the reputation of the whole of Europe into the ground!”

“What kind of joke is this?” Someone could not help but exclaim. “Does she think she’s God? Using the same weapons and skills? What right does she have to say something so audacious?!”

Lolander let out a long sigh. “Which is why I said that was the beginning of the nightmare... Those students representing our academies were all among the elites of their year! However, they were all easily defeated by a sophomore girl, not even having any chance at victory. These battles between academies happen almost every year, so obviously everyone had been prepared for the possibility of losing. However, to lose to a novice in their own field, with the skills they were the best at... Everyone of them had their confidence shattered by Lilith. Some of them even gave up on their specialities when they got back, changing right into different courses...”

Chloe knew quite a bit about the tournament as well. She added, “Europe had about five or six different weapons on their side, and all the skills they used were of extreme difficulty. Anyone who looked at the tournament could confirm that Lilith had definitely never mastered those skills before she made that insane bet. Do you all realize what that meant?”

Xiao Lin was stupefied. “What you’re saying is she completely mastered those skills in the middle of the tournament? How could that be possible!”

Chloe smiled bitterly. “I can’t understand it either, but that is the truth. Losing in your best field to a complete novice... No one would be able to accept something like that. The participants all started calling her the Demon Queen, and after a while, that moniker began to spread.”

After saying that, Lolander patted Xiao Lin’s shoulder. “Mate! I’m honestly advising you to quickly head back to the Dawn Academy. She is definitely not someone you want to get involved with! Frankly, even though I don’t know how you came to possess a giant golden dragon, but if she has you in her sights, I feel like even a dragon would not be able to save you!”

“Hey! Xiao! What’s wrong with you. You actually don’t have to worry that much, since she gave up dueling with you personally. At least you can be assured that you yourself will be fine.”

“Actually, what’s the deal with you and the dragon? That’s not something a new student can have!”

“I’m even more curious as to how he brought it into New Washington!”

The pressure brought by the Demon Queen slowly dissipated, and other than Xiao Lin, everyone else felt that, no matter how horrifying Lilith’s powers were, it had nothing to do with them. However, since they had been together for about a week, they still tried to help Xiao Lin figure a way out of things.

Xiao Lin’s feelings were very complicated at the moment, and his face was even frozen in place for quite a while, but not because he was afraid of Lilith; it was purely due to shock and confusion.

Lilith, that Demon Queen was also multi-classed! However, not in training in magic and martial skills like Xiao Lin. Rather, she was proficient in all sorts of weapons.

Correct, it was proficiency, not just shallow understanding. He knew that because most high-level skills needed a lot of experience as a foundation; that was a condition that could not be escaped.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 114: Rumors