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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 113: Wanna Duel?

Chapter 113: Wanna Duel?

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The rest of them had basically the same flabbergasted reaction as Lolander, accompanied with a hint of fear. Yes, fear. With the spirit chains, they could very easily recognize each other’s mental states. The fear was especially present in Chloe and Lolander.

Xiao Lin was very curious. He did not understand why that name caused such a big reaction in them. He very quickly heard Lolander attempting to flatter the woman by saying, “I want to apologize for my joke earlier. Please rest assured, Xiao Lin might be our temporary colleague, but if he had done anything to offend you, I wouldn’t let him off easily.”

Lilith narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re from the Sainte Académie?”

Lolander hurriedly nodded, adding, “That’s right. I was fortunate enough to be able to witness that simulated battle at the start of the year. You savagely beat up all the participants from our academy. Ah no, I should say you beat all your opponents in the tournament.

Xiao Lin raised his eyebrows. He did not know Lilith, but he had some impression of the Demon Queen moniker. Before he left, the student union president did mention that a student managed to achieve an S-rank evaluation in the Sunset Canyon exam before, and that person was from Judge Academy and known to outsiders as the Demon Queen.

He was planning on looking for the Demon Queen to find out how she managed to get an S-ranked evaluation in the exams, but both the Bella incident and the stone plates had left Xiao Lin without much time to himself in New Washington, so he forgot about it. Never would he have expected the other party to look for him herself.

Xiao Lin rubbed his temples, not believing his eyes. In his mind, the Demon Queen was an immensely powerful, vicious and savage person, massive and muscular. It was hard to consolidate that image with the beautiful woman in front of him. He smiled bitterly as he shook his head, thinking to himself that he should be strengthening his mental fortitude.

Even though he was still confused, Xiao Lin stood up and offered his hand to the other party, saying, “That’s right, I’m Xiao Lin from the Dawn Academy. I’ve long heard of the Demon Queen, so I’m very happy to meet you.” 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

Lilith gave him a very warm and tender smile, but her next words shocked everyone present. She did not shake Xiao Lin’s hand, but instead pointed at him with her finger as she spiritedly declared, “I heard you’re very strong! Wanna duel?!”

Xiao Lin’s hand hung in the air. His face wore a strange expression as he began to suspect he was hard of hearing, or maybe that the woman was not that proficient in Mandarin, and so misspoke.

However, Lilith’s next words shattered his hopes; the woman’s gaze was intense as she said, “I heard you were a summoner capable of summoning a giant golden dragon. I’ve never fought with a summoner of your caliber before. I think it would be very interesting!”

“Hold on! Hold on for just a minute!” He saw that Lilith somehow already unsheathed two daggers, and Xiao Lin frantically waved his hands, “There’s a misunderstanding here! Summoner? Please, I don’t even know any summoning spells. How could I be a summoner!”

Lilith tilted her head with a confused expression, “Are you telling me that the giant golden dragon that appeared above New Washington a few days ago wasn’t summoned by you?”

“Well, I guess it was...” Xiao Lin thought for a moment, and even though it was not by his own volition, the dragon really was summoned from the Lightstream Jade that he had with him.

After saying that, Lolander and the others looked at him differently. Everyone at least knew a little about the chaos that happened in New Washington that day, but none of them could possibly have linked the dragon with a new student who had just enrolled.

Lilith impatiently said, “Then that’s that, quit dilly dallying. You must be very strong if you could defeat the commander of the dragon-eagle knights. Don’t worry, I won’t go easy on you!”

The woman’s bloodthirst made Xiao Lin break out in cold sweat. He immediately retreated a few steps, distancing himself from the woman. “Let me finish! I used some other method to summon the dragon, but what do you mean defeat Commander Harry? That’s just a false rumor!”

Lilith tilted her head again. “But everyone says so.”

Even Xiao Lin himself did not know of the rumors that had been spreading within the city the past few days. The initial version was that a young man from the Dawn Academy had summoned a giant golden dragon, then after two days, he turned into an immensely powerful summoner from the Dawn Academy, and then it morphed into that summoner from Dawn Academy had summoned the dragon to fight the dragon-eagle knight regiment, defeating Commander Harry.”

Xiao Lin was not familiar with Lilith, but Lolander’s expressions and the words from the student union president assured him that the woman who was called the Demon Queen was definitely not someone he could match at his current level.

After that, Xiao Lin spent all his energy and spit in explaining the situation. With that, on top of Chloe and the others vouching for his status as a new student, they finally managed to persuade Lilith. However, the woman did not give up, pointing her dagger at Xiao Lin, “However, it’s true that you can summon a giant golden dragon. I’ve always wanted the chance to fight with an actual dragon. Summon it! I won’t fight you, but surely I can fight your illusory dragon!”

Xiao Lin felt that he had wasted all his time explaining. He did not know if Lilith was clueless or fearless for daring to fight a giant golden dragon alone.

The Lightstream Jade had limited uses, and he did not know how much draconic power was left inside. Every time he used it would mean one less use out, so he did not dare waste it. Furthermore, if he really did summon it again in New Washington, who knew what sort of reaction would come from the Americans. Moreover, if he really let Lilith duel the dragon, his head would be on the chopping block if anything were to happen to her.

No matter how he thought about it, Xiao Lin could only stubbornly refuse the suggestion.

Lilith’s white face was full of rage, but Xiao Lin was relieved that the woman did not seem to know of the Lightstream Jade’s defense mechanism.

The incident quickly attracted Professor Brown to run over, but Xiao Lin strangely noted that Professor Brown did not seem to have much influence over Lilith. It was only until the girl who used the spirit chains got there when Lilith finally agreed to let it drop.

However, before she left, Lilith calmly told Xiao Lin she would not give up.

The incident was finally over, and Xiao Lin did not pay it much mind until he noticed Lolander looking at him with a pitiful expression. When he asked, Lolander shook his head and sighed. “Didn’t you hear her say she wouldn’t give up? It’s all over for you...”

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 113: Wanna Duel?