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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 107: Lightstream Jade

Chapter 107: Lightstream Jade

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Xiao Lin was shocked by Department Head Song’s words. Xiao Lin was fairly angry at what happened during the day, but like a lot of things, other people might not think you are in the right, even if reason was on your side.

At the end of the day, Xiao Lin was a new student. Even if he was invited by the Judge Academy because he understood a bit of Ancient Normese, it did not mean he was the only person to understand it in the world. It also did not mean Professor Brown could not continue his work without him.

Both Xiao Lin and Song Junlang were just very ordinary existences. Their standing at the school was quite insignificant. Even though it was quite frustrating to admit, it was still the truth.

Song Junlang once again faced the hamburger, bite by bite. He only continued when he was half full. “Honestly this is quite interesting. I was initially quite worried Judge Academy would push the responsibility onto us. Yes, I know you did not release that golden dragon, and the Americans aren’t stupid either; they obviously know the Lightstream Jade has a self-defense mechanism. However, if they really wanted to push it, the matter would not be resolved for a quite long time, which would be a huge bother.”

“I find it quite weird too. Commander Harry from the dragon-eagle knights did not seem to care about the matter at all.”

“How could he possibly dare not care about the matter! This is New Washington; even if there was no structural damage, the academy’s higher ups would still ask questions after all that commotion.”

Song Junlang shook his head, and looked deep in thought. “Commander Harry is a smart man, or should I say, he’s someone who has a good eye.”

“A good eye? Why?” 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

“The Lightstream Jade you have hanging on your neck! The materials to make it has certain special characteristics that make it only available in extremely few areas. It is extremely difficult to mine, and usually has very little yield. Do you know how much ore you would need to go through to get a piece as big as the one you have?”

Xiao Lin shook his head in confusion.

Song Junlang said, “The amount of ore you would need to mine would probably be able to fill up all of New Washington. Think about it; so much ore is needed for just that tiny pendant.”

Xiao Lin widened his eyes, “That much? Is this jade pendant really that valuable?”

Department Head Song said, “It’s a lot more valuable than you think. The special characteristics of the Lightstream Jade makes this thing priceless. The amount of people who have the power and the right to own such a complete jade pendant is very limited, and our dean is one of them. I think Harry correctly guessed that the jade pendant is the dean’s.”

“So because he had that suspicion, he didn’t dare push the matter?”

“More or less. Judge Academy can look down on the two of us, but they definitely would not dare to ignore our dean. He is one of the most famous figures among the academies! As long as Harry doesn’t clearly know the relationship between you and the dean, he will be careful when dealing with you.”

Xiao Lin gaped. He had thought that Harry was an easygoing, magnanimous man, but things were not as simple as it seemed. The only reason he did not make a huge fuss was because of his Lightstream Jade. No wonder Song Junlang made him deal with things himself. He must have guessed something like that would happen. The Lightstream Jade definitely mattered a lot more than a Bronze-ranked department head.

Song Junlang said, “Remember how he asked to buy your pendant? He was actually testing you. He asked you to name your price, but even if he was the commander of the dragon-eagle knights, he could still never afford something like that. Thank God I reminded you.”

“What a cunning man!” Xiao Lin changed his evaluation of Harry.

“Anyone who got to a position like his did not only rely on hard work. This time around, the results were quite good, but you need to be careful with your pendant in the future. Don’t treat people too lightly. I still don’t understand why the dean gave you this,” Song Junlang said.

The environment within the inn was quite good. They each had neat and clean single-person rooms, and the carpets had purple and red flower patterns. The walls were white and clean and there was a mild fragrance to the beddings. Obviously the facilities could not compare to that of Earth, such as the fact that the bathroom did not have a heater, and one needed to manually fill the bath with hot water before bathing.

Of course, Xiao Lin did not need to personally do it. It would all be done by the service staff at the inn. The staff were all mostly second or third generation naturalized Normans, and had more familiarity with the colonists, which was why they were allowed to work in this district. In this regard, the Americans were quite particular with their safety measures.

Hank had probably asked the innkeeper to give them special attention since the innkeeper seemed to be especially hospitable to them. He constantly ran up to ask if they needed any help, but Xiao Lin and Song Junlang did not particularly like this pudgy Norman who spoke such accented English, so they were very lukewarm whenever he approached.

Feeling their lukewarm attitudes, the innkeeper silently hinted that the cute female staff in the inn could provide special services to them when they were bathing. Xiao Lin finally lost it and bluntly told the innkeeper to stop disturbing him.

Night time in New Washington was quiet. Even though there were not special curfews set by the government, the natives did not have the habit of working at night, and all of them returned home to rest. There were not many colonists who stayed long-term in cities, even though a capital like New Washington was a bit better. After graduating from the academy, the students had three choices: stay at school, head back to Earth, or come work in the New World.

Most of them chose the New World, but not all of them would be assigned to a place as nice as the capital. Alongside the constant expansion of the colonized territories, new cities would need to be established by colonists, especially important buildings like resurrection towers, which could not just be handed over to the natives.

For Xiao Lin, night was going to be a big hurdle. The special accessory that they said was specially made for him to reduce the weight of gravity did not arrive. He did not know if the Americans had forgotten, or if Bella was taking some revenge on him.

When the anti-gravity shield disappeared, Xiao Lin once again felt the full force of the New World’s gravity. It was double Earth’s gravity, and caused him to not be able to even walk normally. He was forced to lie down in bed, and it felt like a gigantic rock was pushing down on him. He forced himself to shut his eyes, but it was hard to fall asleep.

The next morning, Song Junlang jumped in fright when he saw Xiao Lin. He was perfectly healthy yesterday, but that morning he was as pale as a ghost, and had two large eye bags which surrounded his bloodshot eyes.

Song Junlang quickly guessed the cause and was furious. Thankfully, the innkeeper decided to come up to offer his services at that moment, so the two of them vented their frustrations on the unlucky fatty.

After twenty minutes, the innkeeper finally brought Hank over. Hank also brought along some super-potions and the accessory that Xiao Lin needed.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 107: Lightstream Jade