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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 106: The Inn

Chapter 106: The Inn

Song Junlang smiled and said, “Furthermore, a lot of the things on Earth don’t exist on Planet Norma, like gunpowder. A lot of the things we take for granted on Earth don’t exist here on Planet Norma, so replacements need to be found. America, Germany, England, Russia and Dawn Academy have always been researching for substitutes, and the experiments have gone on for the past few decades without much success. It was only in recent years that we finally managed to find a way to make gunpowder thanks to the help of the dwarves.

“How powerful is it?”

Song Junlang shook his head. “Not as powerful as we’d like. To be honest, after researching for so long, even the ones that started the research had lost interest. Even after discovering new gunpowder, an even more awkward problem appeared: no one wanted to use it.”

“Did they feel it wasn’t powerful enough?” Xiao Ling guessed.

“More or less. The new gunpowder is stronger than the bullets you’d find on Earth, but it still falls far behind the power levels of this world. Our own people feel it’s beneath us, that it’s not as convenient as weapons or magic, and the natives find it unsafe.”

Then Song Junlang suddenly smiled, “The real ones with interest in the new gunpowder are actually the dwarves. That race is really good at tinkering and inventing; they even created their own firearm squad, and would purchase large amounts of new gunpowder from the academies every year. Everyone was initially frustrated that the new gunpowder was useless, but after that happened, a lot of academies are actually profiting quite a bit from it.”

“So after researching gunpowder for so many years, the final purpose was to scam the dwarves?” Xiao Lin could not help but let out a small laugh.

“As the colonized territories expand, everyone has been thinking of ways to set up businesses and increase their income. The colonists aren’t at war every day after all, and business is a very good alternative path.”

Song Junlang pointed at the odd peaked cap on the innkeeper’s head and said, “We also realized very quickly that the aliens are actually very fascinated with a lot of modern things. For instance, the humans here love our towels and hats, whereas the elves love our soaps and perfumes.”

Xiao Lin asked curiously, “Then wouldn’t these things disrupt the space-time continuum as well?”

“Of course they do!” Song Junlang let out a sigh, then thought for a while before explaining, “Logically, anything that does not belong to this planet would trigger ripples in time and space when brought over. However, the impact varies from object to object. If you imagine the space-time continuum as a lake, then something like a hat or shampoo would be like a paper falling into the lake, causing very minimal effects. If you brought in something like a submachine gun, then it would be like throwing a huge rock inside, and there would naturally be more ripples.”

Xiao Lin smiled and asked, “Then what if we just went ahead and brought in nuclear weapons?”

Song Junlang waved his hands descriptively. “Then it would be like dropping a small mountain into the lake, and the lake would immediately disappear.

Xiao Lin licked his lips. The lake disappearing...that would be the end of the world.

“Haha! Let’s stop there! Rest soon; the sky gets darker much faster here.” Song Junlang looked outside, and the sun was indeed already setting.

The innkeeper had a very respectful attitude toward the two of them, to the degree where it was overtly humble. He bowed down in respect every time he spoke with a flattering smile on his face. It was obvious that his plump body had a hard time bowing, but everytime Xiao Lin tried to stop him, he let out a horrified expression, as if he had done something wrong.

Even though the innkeeper was a Norman human, his English was quite good and even Xiao Lin could understand it. Operating an inn within this district where colonists gathered would be quite hard if he could not speak English. However, his accent was quite odd, and Xiao Lin could not help but liken it to an Indian accent. It felt very weird to listen to; even Department Head Song had to use some guesswork to talk to him, let alone Xiao Lin with his shoddy English. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

Partially, the innkeeper’s attitude also rendered him speechless. Xiao Lin lost any interest in interacting with him. He simply made a few requests before heading straight to bed. Song Junlang and him had two different rooms, but they still had dinner together.

They had hamburgers for dinner. Appearance-wise it was no different from the hamburgers from Earth, but the meat they used were from local animals. The meat was fresh and juicy, and it was extremely delicious. Xiao Lin was full of praise as he ate it. Song Junlang was quite knowledgeable on the area, and was teaching him the origins of the meat, as well as other information such as how it was reared.

Xiao Lin was a bit speechless and quickly changed the topic, “Department Head Song, do you feel like what happened today will be dropped just like that? Will they be troubling us again?”

“What happened today?” Song Junlang slowly chewed on a piece of meat.

Xiao Lin stared at him silently. Department Head Song swallowed the meat and wiped his mouth before saying nonchalantly, “Obviously. What else could they do to us?”

“This was never my fault in the first place!” Xiao Lin could not help but say indignantly. “I didn’t willingly summon that illusory dragon, it was released by the Lightstream Jade! What’s more, that American girl is really rude! What happened between the two of you during the academy exchange eight years ago.”

Song Junlang said bluntly, “She lost.”

Xiao Lin refused to believe it. “She hated you for eight years just for that?”

Song Junlang rubbed his chin and said, “Thinking about it, I think I might have accidentally used my flame sword to burn away all her clothes. It was just an accident. After all, swords don’t have eyes. She probably hates me because of that.”

Xiao Lin’s eyes twitched, “No wonder she hates you so much. I think she was actually quite merciful. That strong energy pulse was completely aimed at you! However, it’s quite hard to believe she actually dared to make a move against you. After all, we’re still representing Dawn Academy, so we’re basically emissaries. Even in ancient times, they would not harm diplomats, even at war, and that’s forgetting the fact that we’re allies.”

Song Junlang put down his hamburger and said, “Don’t be naive! What are the two of us? You’re only a new student who isn’t even at Black Iron-rank yet, and I’m just a crippled department head. Do you think we can really represent Dawn Academy? We’re only allies because there are benefits to be gained from both sides.”

He paused before continuing, “Bella is actually really smart. She actually held back today, and her attack would not be able to kill us. At the most, we’d be injured, but do you really think Dawn Academy would risk offending Judge Academy for the injuries of two insignificant people?”

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 106: The Inn