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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 104: Tower of Revival

Chapter 104: Tower of Revival

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On the way to the inn, Hank passionately introduced the city to Xiao Lin, including the use of each district, the areas the districts were in, and the population. i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

“New Washington is a globalized city. Every colonial academy has an embassy established here. It enjoys a very good reputation even among the inhabitants of Planet Norma. You can find elves, dwarves, beastkin, and even Norman humans here,” Hank said with pride.

“How do you handle so many races? Wouldn’t it cause unrest?” Xiao Lin said, surprised. He had not seen many other species on the way, but they could obviously have just been scared away by the dragon.

“The arrogance of Americans!” Song Junlang could not help but interrupt, correcting him. “To be more precise, they’re naturalized citizens from other races.”

“Naturalized citizens?”

Song Junlang explained, “We’re the invaders of this world, but in our centuries of history, it’s not like we were at war every single day. War is just a way to establish a government. Once we get what we want, the next step would obviously be peace.”

Hank smiled and said, “Naturalized citizens are what everyone calls them. It’s usually the Normans of all races that surrendered to us. They usually plant crops, trade, and live within our jurisdiction. They pay taxes, so they would gain the protection of Judge Academy as well.”

“I get it now. They’re Norman traitors... Aren’t you worried they’ll rebel? After all, you did destroy their whole country!” Xiao Lin asked.

Hank did not understand the phrase Norman traitor, so he tilted his head, and did not really understand, even after some thought, so he continued. “We have obviously taken some basic precautions. All these Normans are usually assigned to the outermost district in New Washington: the commoner district. Furthermore, the dragon-eagle knight regiment is around, so no one would dare to stupidly revolt. Right, I need to remind you: it’s best you don’t go near the commoner district. It’s not very safe there.”

Xiao Lin looked at Song Junlang, “Does Dawn City also have Norman traitors? Ah, I mean naturalized citizens.”

Department Head Song smiled bitterly, “We do, but not much. We’re far from the scale of New Washington.”

Hank had some understanding of the matter as well, smiling as he explained, “Dawn City isn’t positioned as well as we are. The city has its back to the sea, and the only two races nearby are merfolk and beastkin. Beastkin are not very intelligent, and the whole race loves war. Even discussing peace with them is hard, let alone being naturalized.”

“What about merfolk?”

Song Junlang said with a sour expression, “Merfolk? That race has absolutely no intelligence!”

Recalling that Song Junlang seemed to hold some grudge against merfolk, Xiao Lin wisely avoided the topic as he pointed at the tall and pointed tower in the middle of the city. “What’s that?”

The silver-white tower was not that big, and was shaped like a needle. It did not look hollow at all, so it was obviously not meant for anyone to climb up into. Furthermore, the tower had nothing on the outside and the surface was extraordinarily smooth. It shone brightly under the sunlight. It was the tallest building in the city, even taller than the teleportation platform. It stood alone in the center of the castle, and was a strange sight to behold.

“That’s the resurrection tower, how could you not know that?” Hank was not mocking Xiao Lin, but rather he was genuinely surprised. Then he remembered Xiao Lin was only a first year, and motioned to Song Junlang, saying earnestly, “I feel like you should properly explain this to your students. The resurrection tower is incredibly important to us.”

Under Xiao Lin’s curious gaze, Song Junlang pushed aside the matter of the merfolks and explained, “I told you before that the current Law of Immortality for us colonists is thanks to the actions of our predecessors. However, the actual act of resurrection requires some sort of medium to realize it. Otherwise, even if you had plenty of lifespan left, you would only be a wandering spirit lost in a different world. After a period of time, you would still disappear into nothingness. The resurrection tower is precisely the medium that allows this. In the coverage area of the resurrection tower, death will only deduct your lifespan.

That was the first time Xiao Lin had heard of that, “So it even has a coverage area. What if you’re not in it?”

“Then you won’t be able to return to life immediately, unless someone who is good at spiritual magic brings your spirit back. Otherwise, in most cases, the end result would be turning into nothingness, which is basically death!”

Pausing for a while, Song Junlang added, “Remember this, colonized land is indicated by the presence of resurrection towers. As long as any land is in the range of a resurrection tower, then it is considered an area that we rule. In those places, it’s very hard for natives to defeat us! In all these years, including now, everything the academies have been doing is expanding, trying to place more and more resurrection towers to cover even more area in Planet Norma. This is the true purpose of the colonists.”

Hank followed up, “Even though New Washington only has one resurrection tower, it’s considered a gigantic one. Other than encompassing this city, it also includes almost ten kilometers outside of the city. Therefore, in terms of safety, you have nothing to worry about.”

Xiao Lin listened with great interest. It seemed that he still had a lot he did not know about the New World. All that information could only be learned when they actually stepped into the world.

No wonder Judge Academy was so comfortable with all the alien races within New Washington. Within the range of the resurrection tower, no one would even dare think about a rebellion. After all, the Laws of Immortality only applied to those with the mark of an academy.

The residential district was near the castle, and was the earliest area to be developed. There had already been a lot of mass expansions in the history of New Washington, so the other districts were all built later. The residential district and the castle were the oldest areas, and there were even remnants of Thunder Kingdom architecture still inside.

“A lot of people suggested leaving these old buildings, claiming they could become historical relics in the future. However, a lot of the local natives don’t understand our ways, and feel like we’re crazy for not building anything new and instead living in old and beaten up buildings.” Hank explained with a smile yet again.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 104: Tower of Revival