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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 102: Commander Harry

Chapter 102: Commander Harry

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I never expected New Washington to have something like that; Judge Academy really is powerful to be able to create such a large-scale hybrid magic array.”

After the crisis was averted, Xiao Lin and Song Junlang breathed sighs of relief before greeting Bella and the others who were approaching. Song Junlang sang praises about how powerful their magic array was.

However, it was obvious that the praises did nothing to assuage the other party. Even though the dragon was eliminated, and the city did not take any damage other than a massive downpour, at least half of the city still felt the draconic power from earlier.

Xiao Lin had personally felt the terrifying presence of draconic power during his opening ceremony. As a superior species, draconic power naturally exerted a great pressure on most other species. Since it was a natural reaction, no one could really stop it from happening. It was not a pleasant experience either, it was as if a battle was being waged in the depths of one’s soul. It was even able to make weak-willed people faint from the feeling.

That was why Xiao Lin could understand the furious expressions on the faces of Bella and the others, but the city was still unharmed in the end. As for any compensation for the mental damages that anyone might have suffered, Song Junlang would be able to solve the issue.

With that, though Xiao Lin nodded to himself, he suddenly felt something was amiss. Where was Song Junlang?

He could not find any trace of him, and when he turned around, he was rendered speechless as Department Head Song was standing a few meters away, pretending to admire the scenery. When he felt Xiao Lin’s gaze on him, Song Junlang waved his hand at Xiao Lin, with an expression that said, ‘It’s in your hands now’.

Quit joking around!

Xiao Lin almost exploded; he was just a freshman, and Song Junlang was a department head with a powerful backer; how could he let the new kid deal with it.

However, it was too late. Bella was furiously approaching and finally stopped in front of Xiao Lin. Bella cut to the chase and said in heavily accented Chinese, “You! Need to! Your actions! Responsibility!”

Bella realized halfway that her speech was slow due to her unfamiliarity with the language, and could not properly convey how angry she was. She immediately switched to English, and went into a very fluent rant.

Xiao Lin was dumbfounded; even though his English was not that good, he could still make out the basics. However, the woman was way too interested in venting her frustrations, so she spoke extremely fast. To Xiao Lin’s ears, it felt no different from listening to Normese. 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

After finishing her tirade, Bella looked much calmer. When she looked at Xiao Lin’s puzzled expression, she suddenly realized her strict scolding fell on deaf ears. This guy in front of her obviously did not understand English, and the fire she had finally suppressed threatened to boil over again. She was visibly shaking, and looked to be on the verge of collapse.

“Let me handle it!” Hank hurriedly shouted. He really did not want the woman to go crazy again. If Xiao Lin released that giant golden dragon again, then the New Washington that had known peace for over a hundred years might actually be destroyed that day.

However, someone was even faster than Hank. The man who jumped off the eagle-dragon just now was already standing in front of Hank. He wore an entire body of jet-black armor and was holding his helmet under his arm. He looked like a man that had been through a lot; his face was riddled with scars of various sizes and his blue eyes measured Xiao Lin.

The man was just about to speak, but he recalled something and motioned to the young girl next to him and uttered a few words. The girl nodded, then waved around a small wand. A white chain began to form, linking Xiao Lin and the man’s chest. The chain was not a physical object, and when Xiao Lin tried to touch it with his hand, it disappeared.

The man slowly said, “Spirit chains; it’s a spell that can allow two parties to share energy, but it has a more practical use as well. When two people are linked, they’ll be able to understand each other, regardless of language.”

Xiao Lin exclaimed, “What a mystical spell!”

The man nodded, and introduced himself politely, “I’m the commander of the dragon-eagle knight regiment. You can call me Harry.”

Xiao Lin responded, “Xiao Lin; a freshman from Dawn Academy. I was invited to New Washington to participate in the translation of Ancient Normese.”

Harry was quite surprised to hear that Xiao Lin was a first year, but he recovered quickly before his expression turned serious. “Then you summoned the giant golden dragon?”

The man had a very intense aura, which Xiao Lin was much more sensitive to thanks to the spirit chains. This man was extremely powerful, and the pressure he exuded felt like a wave powerful enough to topple mountains.

Xiao Lin did not like the feeling, so his tone shifted to a more obstinate one, “That’s right! I supposed I did, but your people provoked us! I’m here as a representative of the Dawn Academy, and Bella doubting my capabilities is equal to insulting Dawn Academy! As a student of that academy, I’m fine with damaging my own reputation, but I absolutely cannot have the academy be looked down upon because of me! How could I possibly tolerate it!”

Xiao Lin shouted all that with his head held high; even Song Junlang could not help but cringe hearing his words. ‘He’s so pretentious!’

Harry did not answer immediately, but instead looked at Xiao Lin’s chest with great interest. He was so fixated that Xiao Lin could not help but grip his collar in shock, retreating a few steps before warning, “Don’t even think about asking for my body in compensation!”

“Haha!” Harry laughed and averted his gaze, “I’m sorry for being rude earlier, but are you really wearing a Lightstream Jade?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“It is said that Lightstream Jades can store anything! It’s a pity that the stuff is so rare, and basically only found in the colonized areas of the Eastern academies.

Harry’s eyes suddenly widened as he said with a smile, “Why don’t you name a price? I’ll buy this jade off you. You can ask for money or for some other goods to exchange, no problem!”

“Huh?” Xiao Lin paused. He felt a bit dumb at the moment, every single development had been completely different from what he expected. He had thought that the commander stepped up first in order to hold them responsible, but Harry did not seem to care about it at all.

“Give me your price! I’ll pay as long as I can afford it!”

Harry pushed once again with an earnest expression on his face. Bella was starting to get anxious, and whispered, “Commander Harry! Are you just going to ignore the fact that this guy almost destroyed New Washington!”

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 102: Commander Harry