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Elite Mages' Academy
Chapter 100: Illusory Dragon

Chapter 100: Illusory Dragon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The gravitational wave burst a few meters away from Xiao Lin and a jet-black light cluster formed in mid-air. In that short moment, it rapidly absorbed the surrounding air before exploding once again. Invisible waves that caused intense dizziness began spreading around in all directions.

Bella’s mouth curled up slightly and she seemed extremely confident in her spell. After casting it, she did not even look back to see the effects. She believed that the two people on receiving end would not even be able to stop her, as they were not even Silver rank yet. She turned around to comfort the embarrassed Hank, “Don’t worry, I’m just teaching them a little lesson and having them lie in bed for a couple of days. It won’t be a big problem. They’re just two minor figures, and the most that Dawn Academy will do is just protest verba—HUH?”

Bella had only completed half her sentence when she realized that everyone behind her, including Hank, was not listening to her at all. Their jaws dropped open in surprise and their pupils were riddled with fright. However, they were actually looking behind her.

What was behind her?

Bella frowned, but her confusion lasted for less than a second. A strong feeling of dread rose quickly behind her back, and when she turned her head suddenly, her expression became that of shock as well.

Behind Bella, a huge golden dragon had roared into the blue sky in front of Xiao Lin’s chest. The dragon’s loud roar resounded across all of Washington City, and the majestic draconic power quickly descended. Although it could not cover the entire city, Bella, Hank, and the others could not even stand properly under its draconic power.

“A g-g-golden dragon? How is that possible?” Hank’s face was covered in sweat.

“No, it’s not real. It’s an illusory dragon! Damn it! How could this thing appear in New Washington!” Bella gritted her teeth and roared, but under the dragon’s power, her mute roar lacked a sound.

“This, this, this...” Xiao Lin was also shocked despite being the instigator. As soon as the Seismic Gravity Wave arrived, he saw the giant golden figure pour out from the jade pendant on his chest. The speck quickly spread across the air and turned into a golden dragon. The strong gravitational wave struck the dragon’s body and the remainder of the ripples vanished into thin air.

It was not the first time Xiao Lin had seen the golden dragon. During the opening ceremony, he remembered when the dean rode the dragon when he made his appearance. He gulped hard and asked, “Department Head Song, did the dean give his dragon to me?”

Song Junlang’s expression was a mixture of wonder, surprise, doubt, as well as various other weird looks. After a long while, he noticed Xiao Lin’s inquiring gaze and finally shifted his eyes away from the dragon in the sky. He shook his head and smiled bitterly, “We’ve gone a little too far this time, Xiao Lin! My God, if I knew in advance that the Golden Draconic power was stored in the Lightstream Jade that the dean gave you, I wouldn’t’ve provoked that mad woman, even if I had a stroke!”

“Huh?” The plot developed in such a way that was completely at odds with Xiao Lin’s imaginations. Xiao Lin thought the dragon was Department Head Song’s plan. He believed that Song Junlang knew about the draconic power within the pendant and therefore used it to refute Bella’s ridicule. Therefore, they would not have encountered any trouble whatsoever if she attacked them.

Song Junlang looked up at the dragon as its howls became progressively louder and louder. His expression was very solemn and he slowly said, “This isn’t the real golden dragon. The golden dragon has surpassed Gold-rank and almost reached Dark Gold. There aren’t any vessels that can contain a dragon of such levels, and even if there was, it’s impossible to have brought it back to Earth. As I’ve said before, Earth’s laws would suffer much destruction.”

“What’s this then?”

“It’s the golden dragon.”


Department Head Song rubbed his eyebrows. “I don’t have the time to explain everything to you. To put it simply, the jade pendant given to you by the dean is called the Lightstream Jade. It’s a very rare piece of defensive jewelry, and the dean extracted his golden dragon’s draconic power just to store it in this Lightstream Jade. In other words, this isn’t the real golden dragon, but an illusory dragon transformed by the golden dragon’s draconic power.”

“An illusory dragon formed by draconic power?” Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes and gazed upon the huge golden dragon against the dazzling sunlight. He looked over to Bella and the others struggling under the draconic power and felt his mood improve considerably. He finally had the mood to look around.

The place where he stood was a very high platform, and under the platform was an extremely prosperous city. Various medieval European-style castles and houses extended to as far as the eye could see. That was New Washington, and Judge Academy’s colony was right in the center.

“Idiot! Why aren’t you running!” Song Junlang could not help but lash out when he saw Xiao Lin still admiring the city.

“Run? Why should we run?”

Song Junlang had a grim look as he pointed to the dragon. “This might just be an illusory dragon derived from draconic power, but its power is on par with that of a real golden dragon. It’s a Dark Gold-rank creature for goodness sake! More importantly, you can’t control it at all. Just imagine the level of damage an illusory dragon can cause. This is New Washington, the equivalent of a capital in the New World. Do you think the Americans will let us go that easily?”

That explanation made Xiao Lin aware of the situation’s seriousness. Although the jade pendant had released the illusory dragon, the process could not be reversed unless the dean was personally present to control the dragon freely.

The two were going to slip away when someone responded faster than them. Bella’s strength was higher than Hank’s, and she tried her best to resist the draconic power’s effects. She brandished her staff and struggled to shoot out two black halos. The ground immediately sank into a big pit.

“Don’t even think about leaving! Take this thing back!” Bella growled despite being out of breath.

Song Junlang turned a blind eye to her. “Ignore that woman. The draconic power has an effect on her spells. Those Gravity Bullets can’t hit us!”

“Grab them!” Bella was still shouting with all her strength, but on that occasion, she roared toward the sky.

There were a few sonorous cries in the sky and Xiao Lin subconsciously raised his head. In addition to the illusory golden dragon looming above the blue sky, there were dozens of orange-red figures that looked like dragons and eagles.

“The Dragon-eagle Knight Regiment!” Song Junlang did not even have the strength to force a bitter smile at that moment. He sighed, “Well, we can’t run away now. This is the most elite unit the Judge Academy stationed near New Washington.”

“Can they beat an illusory golden dragon?” Xiao Lin could not help but feel worried. He looked down at the city under the platform, and the streets were full of fleeing crowds. If the golden dragon really attacked the city, not even his and Song Junlang’s body could make up for the losses caused.

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Elite Mages' Academy Chapter 100: Illusory Dragon