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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 89 Rubbish

Chapter 89 Rubbish


“Fuck! Shame on them!”

“Hurry up and kill the little monster! Stop the BOSS from sucking its health points!”

Therapeutical Paladin shouted and other players turned around to attack the little tree men.

But it was a difficult task to kill the 15th-level elite monsters that had more than 1,000 health points in a short period of time, so the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles kept increasing while they could do nothing to stop it.


“We don’t have enough players of DPS to stop it! Its HP has increased to 20% now!”

War Spirit Knife shouted. He was a shield warrior and could only cause a few damages on the little tree men.

“We’re coming to help you! Please hold on!”

But at this moment, they heard many footsteps outside the cave and then Lao Xu and the other 14 players rushed into the room.

“You’re right on time! Hurry up and attack the little tree men!”

War Spirit Knife shouted with joy.

They started to attack the monsters without hesitation and Xiaofeng could see the bright lights of various BUFFs and skills.

More hands produced a stronger flame. The DPS immediately increased a lot. The little tree men didn’t have the same defense ability as the BOSS. They couldn’t resist the damages of the elite players and were quickly killed by them.

“The BOSS only have 2% of health points! Let’s kill it!”

However, during this period of time, the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles also increased by 15%. Luckily, it didn’t have any other skills and became a fixed target. Its HP was quickly emptied under the intensive DPS of all the players.

“Come on! It’s about to be killed by us!”

Finally, the HP of the BOSS was emptied and the huge body of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles collapsed on the ground like a flat tire. At the same time, it dropped countless items.

Lao Xu was responsible for picking up the equipment. He didn’t need any equipment and didn’t share the drops, so the other players trusted him and assigned the task to him.

“Five gold coins, one piece of golden equipment, two pieces of silver equipment, and three pieces of rare equipment.”

Not surprisingly, the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles also dropped a piece of golden equipment. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the golden staff in the hands of Lao Xu.

Root of fire tree

Quality: Golden

Equipment type: Two-handed staff.

Equipment level: 15

Equipment Requirement: the intelligence is not less than 75


INT+ 20

Magical crit rate +5%

Strength +17

Agility +17

Constitution +17

Spirit +23



Tinder: It can release the fire mark for a single target for 10 seconds. During the duration, the target loses 1% of Health Point per second. After the duration, the fire mark will explode, causing additional damages equal to all damages caused to the target during the duration.

“Gee! This is a powerful weapon!”

Many players stared at the golden staff in admiration. It only had one skill but it was powerful and could live up to the reputation as the “golden equipment”.

It could cause at most 10% of damages on the target and its extra damages were cumulative. It was definitely an excellent weapon against the BOSS!

Immortal Fire stared at it with eager attention because he had fire attributes and this staff was well suited for him.

“Let’s divide the golden coins. The golden equipment is a staff and mage and priest need to throw the dice for its ownership. Do you agree with me?” Lao Xu asked.

“We’re the main force to kill the BOSS and the other 15 players didn’t make many contributions. I don’t think they can share the drops.”

Therapeutical Paladin was irritated and said coldly. Suddenly, the other players looked away from the golden staff and their faces darkened.

Everyone present was the elite player of different guilds and they were not Passers-by. Therefore, they were irritated by what Therapeutical Paladin had said.

“If you can kill the BOSS by yourself, all the drops will belong to you and we’ll not take a copper coin.” Sword of Dynasty was the first to contradict him.

“You’re right! Everyone present has helped to kill the BOSS. Perhaps you’ve made the greatest contribution, but the equipment shouldn’t belong to you. We’re not your slaves and we don’t work for you for free.”

Another mage player also said. He was the vice president of a major guild and he wasn’t afraid of Therapeutical Paladin.

Therapeutical Paladin’s face darkened after hearing his words. But Lao Xu came forward in time to mediate a dispute.

“Master Therapeutical Paladin, throwing the dice is the rule and the fairest way to allocate the drops in an instance zone. Which player gets the golden equipment dropped by the BOSS is always a lottery. For example, the BOSS dropped the staff this time, so Night Cooer and 17-Year-Old Archer can’t even participate in the lottery. They also make great contributions to this progress and this is not fair to them.”

Perhaps because what Lao Xu said was right, or he didn’t want to embarrass Lao Xu in public, Therapeutical Paladin snorted and accepted the arranged without saying anything.

“Alright, everyone consents to the proposal. So the players of mage and priest professions can get started and throw the dice. Who’s first?” Lao Xu looked around and asked.

“I want to be the first!”

Xiaofeng came forward and said. He held the dice and whispered to it. Then he suddenly threw it.


The dice rolled madly and then suddenly stopped. Xiaofeng looked at it and saw a huge figure. He became ecstatic.

Other players also saw this big number and those who belonged to the same team as Xiaofeng became angry and their faces darkened.

“It’s my turn!”

Immortal Fire came forward defiantly and threw the dice nervously. But he was seckilled in an instant.


“Rubbish!” Xiaofeng crossed his arms over his chest and looked at them leisurely. The same thing happened once again.

“It’s my turn!”

War Spirit Ziyi also came forward defiantly. She threw the dice and then her beautiful face immediately darkened.


“Ha, rubbish.” Xiaofeng didn’t even look at the dice.

Therapeutical Paladin came forward silently and threw the dice. He was a paladin and could only use the one-handed blunt and one-handed staff. He could wear the two-handed staff but it was not suitable for him. But other people just watched him and didn’t say anything.

But he was not lucky enough. The dice stopped and the number on it was 27.


Xiaofeng said without looking up. Therapeutical Paladin paused for a moment. He glanced darkly at Xiaofeng and then turned around and left.

“It’s my turn!”





There were only a few mage players and priest players and everyone had thrown the dice except for Midsummer Rose. Xiaofeng also teased them without exception.

“It seems that this golden staff also belongs to Master Healer.”

Lao Xu said with resignation. Xiaofeng got 99 points for the first time and then got 98 points this time. He was too lucky and other players had no chance to challenge him. So he could only give the golden equipment to Xiaofeng.

“Hold on! I haven’t thrown the dice yet.”

Lao Xu thought that Midsummer Rose would also give up this time, but she suddenly opened her mouth and stopped them. The white veil couldn’t conceal her graceful posture and refined temperament.

Lao Xu had already given the golden equipment to Xiaofeng, so he was embarrassed after hearing her words. But he still motioned her to throw the dice.

Xiaofeng didn’t pay any attention to Midsummer Rose. He looked calm and didn’t even look at her.


Xiaofeng opened his mouth but suddenly stopped speaking. His eyes widened and he stared at the figure of Midsummer Rose in amazement.


Everyone present was silent but Midsummer Rose was still calm. With the faint fragrance, she went up to Xiaofeng elegantly. She stretched out her white hands and her mouth under the white veil opened and then she said a word to Xiaofeng.


Her voice was cold but lovely. Xiaofeng seemed to have seen the secluded orchid in a deserted valley after hearing her beautiful voice. But he could also notice the derision in her tone.


Someone failed to fight the urge to giggle and make a weird noise. But he immediately covered up his mouth and dared not make any sounds.

He was not alone. All the other players were holding their breath. They were shaking slightly as if they were holding back something.

Xiaofeng’s face darkened and he looked grave. He looked coldly at Midsummer Rose who was calm and then gave the golden equipment to her reluctantly.

After taking the golden equipment, Midsummer Rose stepped back elegantly. She was calm while most of the players present were looking at her strangely.

Most of these players were members of different major guilds and they clearly knew that the Midsummer Guild and Doomsday League has issued the Must Kill order. They had known that Midsummer Rose had personal animosity towards Xiaofeng when Xiaofeng joined the team. So they were trying desperately to repress a smile at this moment.

“Master Healer, I’m sorry. We didn’t invite the Midsummer Guild to join us at first. But Master Night Cooer insisted on bringing their president and we could only accept her request.”

War Spirit Knife secretly sent a private message to Xiaofeng and said carefully. He was from the same Novice Village as Xiaofeng and clearly knew the rivalry between Xiaofeng and the Midsummer Guild.

“It’s all right. I will teach her a lesson sooner or later,” Xiaofeng gnashed his teeth and said coldly. War Spirit Knife shivered with fear.

Other players shared the remaining silver and rare equipment by lot. Xiaofeng didn’t participate in the activity because he didn’t want the equipment under the golden level. 𝚒𝓷𝚗𝚛𝚎𝙖𝐝. 𝒄૦𝓂

“Let’s go. We need to kill the final BOSS.”

They continued to go deeper into the instance zone. There were 20 players and they killed the little monsters on the road quickly and finally arrived at the door of the room of the final BOSS.

The cave in this place had already turned bright red. The stone walls and the stones on the ground were all red and the temperature was high. Xiaofeng and other players felt very hot.

“It’s hot here. We might be over one hundred meters underground.”

“Luckily, we won’t sweat in this game world, otherwise, I might have already got soaked to the skin.”

“Shut up! Stop talking about the sweat! It sucks!”

“Let’s go. We should hurry up and be the first to complete the mission of the instance zone.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we are faster than the North America District. They will find it difficult to deal with the second BOSS.”


They were chatting with each other and finally entered the room of the final BOSS.

“Be careful. It’s magma. This is not an environmental effect. You’ll be killed if you fall down.”

At first, they saw a red stone bridge and there was bright red magma flowing under it. The players understood why this red place was so hot after seeing it.

The magma river formed a circle and encircled a round stone platform that was huge and flat. It was bright red and had a regular pattern on the surface. Besides, the BOSS was also crouching on it. The stone bridge at their feet was the only way to the stone platform.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 89 Rubbish