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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 87 What Happened?

Chapter 87 What Happened?

“Please don’t just focus on the back-row players. Priests hurry up and heal the front-row players. Master Healer, please focus on the roots. Master Night Cooer, please come back to protect the back-row players.”

Lao Xu who was lying on the ground immediately said. Thanks to the angle at which he lay, he could see the entire situation. Besides, he knew that Xiaofeng could know the targets of the BOSS in advance.

The priests immediately increased the HP of the front-row players and Xiaofeng also used a Holy Light skill on War Spirit Knife to fill his HP up. At the same time, Night Cooer also came back.


Night Cooer sent a question mark and didn’t know why Lao Xu asked her to come back. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

“Master Night Cooer, the BOSS will use the roots to attack the back-row players. But the roots can be attacked and have no defensive ability. Please protect the back-row players and get rid of the roots. At the same time, you can also cause enormous damages to the BOSS.” Lao Xu immediately explained.

Night Cooer nodded. Her face was covered by the mask and they couldn’t see her expressions. But she suddenly frowned and took a step back. Then the ground under her feet cracked and another root broke through the soil.

Night Cooer cut it with her daggers without hesitation.

“-344! Crit!”

An amazing red figure of damages appeared and the root collapsed. At the same time, the huge Fire Tree Magical Tentacles seemed to convulse in a series of twitches.

“It works!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Under the protection of Night Cooer, the back-row players were relieved.

“Be careful! The BOSS is going to use the fire poison skill!”

But the front-row players also exclaimed at this moment. After a period of DPS, the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles was reduced by 10%. There were 20 players, after all. And they could provide higher DPS than the second team of 10.

At the moment when the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles was reduced to 90%, a black flame logo suddenly appeared on the head of War Spirit Knife who was resisting the damages of the BOSS. At the same time, War Spirit Knife was shrouded in a red haze.

“Step back! After receiving the fire poison skill, you will suffer from extra damages if you’re attacked by the BOSS once again! You’ll be seckilled when the damages accumulate to a certain level!”

In fact, War Spirit Knife had already realized that something was wrong before other players reminded him. His HP was constantly declining and the speed was high.

“Oh, shit!”

War Spirit Knife hurried to step back and immediately joined the back-row players. Xiaofeng noticed him. He waved his therapeutic scepter and the purification appeared on the head of War Spirit Knife. The fire logo on his head and the red light around him immediately disappeared.


“What? Purification?”

“Master Healer has the skill of purification!”

A group of people, including Lao Xu, exclaimed in wonder at the same time. They didn’t expect that Xiaofeng had this skill.

“Master Healer, you’re definitely a senior player! Thanks!”

War Spirit Knife patted his body and found that he had restored to health. Besides, War Spirit Ziyi, who regained consciousness, also added a healing skill to him. His HP gradually increased and he rushed to attack the BOSS with high spirits.

“Since Master Healer has the skill of purification, this BOSS is easier to deal with. Let’s continue to attack it!”

Lao Xu was lying on the ground and said. Other players were obviously motivated by the high DPS of Night Cooer and the powerful support of Xiaofeng. Their DPS was extremely high and they took various potions madly.

The most dangerous fire poison skill posed no threat to them. Moreover, Fire Tree Magical Tentacles couldn’t move and the players had the chance to escape from its following skills. Xiaofeng and Night Cooer were protecting the back-row players while other players were attacking the BOSS madly. The HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles was directly reduced by over 50%.

Night Cooer was standing with other back-row players. She could cause enormous damages to the roots. With high attack frequency and high crit rate, she reduced the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles by over 15% by chopping the roots.

“Be careful and step back.”

Lao Xu reminded them. When its HP was reduced by half, the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles underwent huge changes once again. Its huge body was shrouded in a red haze as if it was burning. It started to squirm as if it had come back to life.

Clods were also falling down from the top of the cave and this was definitely a major skill.

Everyone suddenly stopped attacking and stared at the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles carefully.

Then the pointed end of the huge body of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles suddenly dived into the ground as if it entered the water. Its head directly disappeared in the ground.

Then the ground under their feet suddenly cracked and enormous roots broke through the soil like vines.

“Stay away from them!”

Everyone was shocked, especially those in the back row. They didn’t expect that this was an undifferentiated group skill and everyone was attacked by the roots at the same time.

It was time to express the players’ personal strength. Xiaofeng was the first to step back and a root missed him. But he frowned and immediately took another step back. At the same time, the second root appeared and brushed past him. But that was not all. The third root immediately appeared and Xiaofeng escaped from it once again. He looked up and found that the casualties were high.

The roots would attack the players three times. The female priest players at the back row were killed by the first wave of roots. They got entangled by the roots under their feet. Under the control of the root, they couldn’t move and three-digit figures of damages also appeared on their heads.

War Spirit Ziyi and Midsummer Rose were well equipped and survived the attacks with a few health points left. But all the other female priest players were seckilled by the first wave of roots.

But then the second wave of roots appeared. War Spirit Ziyi and Midsummer Rose who were entangled by the roots and couldn’t move were the first to be seckilled. Then the players of ranged DPS who were not good at blocking were also killed. They were entangled by the roots and 100 points of damages appeared on their heads at the same time. All those who got entangled would suffer from great damages and only had a few health points left.

Then the third wave of roots appeared. Not surprisingly, the players of ranged DPS who got entangled by the second wave of roots were directly seckilled.

Xiaofeng looked around and found that there were fewer than 10 players who survived the three waves of attacks.

Xiaofeng and 17-Year-Old Archer were the only two players of ranged professions who survived the attacks. There were more melee players. In addition to Night Cooer and Therapeutical Paladin, War Spirit Knife and the other two shield warriors also survived.

The BOSS launched an undifferentiated group attack. And each wave of roots could cause 100 points of damages to the players. What’s more, you would definitely suffer from the subsequent attacks once you got entangled by the roots. No one could resist the three waves of attacks at the same time and only shield warrior could resist two waves of attacks.

“There are only seven players.”

The BOSS stopped using its skills. I’m Therapeutical Paladin looked at the corpses on the ground and frowned.

War Spirit Knife asked, “Should we give up? Most of our teammates are killed and all the priests are dead.”

War Spirit Knife stared at the BOSS and stepped back.

“We’re still alive, aren’t we? We shouldn’t step back! Let’s continue to attack the BOSS!” Therapeutical Paladin said with discontent.

“You’re wrong! There’s still a priest!” 17-Year-Old Archer found that Xiaofeng was alive and then said.

“There’s still a priest and you can continue to attack the BOSS. Don’t give up! Please stall the BOSS and we’ll revive and come back here after a while.”

Lao Xu, who was lying on the ground, also agreed with Therapeutical Paladin. His corpse disappeared with white light and then all the other corpses on the ground also disappeared.

“Let’s first attack and stall the BOSS! They’ll come back after a while!”

I’m Therapeutical Paladin took the lead and rushed at the BOSS. Looking at the BOSS which only had half the HP, the other players were unwilling to give up. So they also rushed at the BOSS.

“We can only first attack the BOSS and wait for other players to help us. After all, there’s a priest and we’ll not be killed.”

17-Year-Old Archer also shook his head and continued to attack the BOSS. According to the resurrection mechanism of this game, the dead players would be resurrected at the entrance of the instance zone. If they were still alive when Lao Xu and other players arrived at this place, they could work together and continue to attack the BOSS which only had half the HP.

But it was not a simple task to stall the BOSS and they might be killed before Lao Xu and other players came back. First of all, the BOSS had a great attacking force and could cause enormous damages. There were only seven players and it must be more difficult to deal with. Secondly, the map of the instance zone was large and the entrance was far away from the room of the second BOSS. Besides, there were many resurrected little monsters on the road and they had to kill all of them. Therefore, Xiaofeng and the other 6 players had to wait for a long time and their task was to stall the BOSS.

If they failed to stall the BOSS and were killed or left the room, the HP of the BOSS would become full, which meant that they had to start from scratch and attack it once again.

They couldn’t accept this result, therefore, they could only try their best to stall the BOSS.

But they still had a chance to succeed as long as there was a priest helping them. After all, all the seven players who survived the attacks were the true masters of this game.

The seven players started to attack the BOSS once again. They couldn’t attack the BOSS as quickly as before when there were twenty players, but they had to persist. Besides, they only had one priest now, therefore, the warriors had to concentrate and try their best to dodge the attacks of the BOSS. There was only one priest and he couldn’t add Life Blessing to every player and increased their upper limit of the HP. Besides, he couldn’t increase their HP in time if they were attacked by the BOSS. What’s more, the cooldown time of the Holy Light skill was 30 seconds and it was not enough for him to increase the HP of all the players.

Xiaofeng was standing at the end and noticed that War Spirit Knife and the other players didn’t have enough health points. After hesitating for a while, Xiaofeng didn’t use the Holy Light skill to increase the HP of all the players, instead, he looked down at the ground and took out his therapeutic scepter silently. He used the Golden Bull Totem and added a Weapon Blessing to himself.

Xiaofeng was at level 13 at this moment. After using the Golden Bull Totem, he had 98 points of strength and 112-120 points of ATN. He added a Weapon Blessing to himself and his ATN increased by 110 points. Under the talents of the Sacred Body, the increase doubled, which meant that his ATN was increased by 220 points!

At this moment, Xiaofeng’s ATN reached 330 points! This was a horrible figure!


A root suddenly appeared under his feet. Xiaofeng took a step back and at the same time, he slammed the Golden Bull Totem which looked like the mace on it.

“-660! Crit!”

A horrible figure of damages appeared and the HP of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles declined sharply. Other players were busy attacking the BOSS and didn’t notice this change.

After hitting the BOSS successfully, Xiaofeng immediately took out his therapeutic scepter and increased the HP of a shield warrior who lost half of his HP after making a mistake in blocking. Then he used the Golden Bull Totem once again and looked at the ground vigilantly to look for the roots.

“What happened? The HP of the BOSS is reduced by 60%! We can’t be so fast!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 87 What Happened?