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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 84 Kill the First BOSS

Chapter 84 Kill the First BOSS

“It’s dangerous!”

This idea appeared in everyone’s mind. Night Cooer’s HP was falling rapidly while there was nowhere to run because half of the cave was on fire now.

War Spirit Ziyi had used all her Holy Light and Healing Skills on War Spirit Knife because he was the major warrior and she had to put his HP first. This was not because they belonged to the same guild.

Midsummer Rose noticed that Night Cooer was in danger. She immediately added two Healing Skills on her, but the regeneration was low and Night Cooer was nearly killed by the fire.

There was no priest healing Sword of Dynasty, but luckily, he had enough Health Points and also took a bottle of health potion. Therefore, he still had half the HP and was not in danger.

Among all the priests present, only Xiaofeng did not use the Healing Skills. So everyone looked at him nervously after finding that Night Cooer’s HP was nearly emptied.

“Master Healer, have you learned the Holy Light skill?”

After all, Xiaofeng didn’t learn the Life Blessing, therefore, it was possible that he also gave up the Healing Skills.

“Bitch! Hurry up and heal me!”

Night Cooer, who was rushing and trying to escape from the fire, stared at Xiaofeng in panic and kept sending him private messages.

Xiaofeng was dissatisfied with her attitude but she was at the crucial moment of life and death. So he reluctantly used a Holy Light skill on her. He waved the therapeutic scepter and a huge green figure of healing appeared on her head.


Night Cooer, whose HP was nearly emptied, got full health points once again and escaped from the fire safe and sound. The other players, who were anxious and worried, immediately became stunned.

“His healing ability is amazing!”

“He’s definitely the Master Healer!”

Everyone looked at Xiaofeng in awe while War Spirit Ziyi was frustrated. She curled her lips and stared at Xiaofeng in disapproval. As the best healer of the War Spirit Hall, she could only increase the HP of War Spirit Knife by 60 points after using the Holy Light skill. She was definitely a senior priest player but her regeneration was less than half that of Xiaofeng.

“BOSS has stopped using its skills. Let’s continue to attack it.”

The fire didn’t last long and the salamander elder soon stopped breathing fire. But half of the cave was blackened by fire.

War Spirit Knife immediately rushed to take over the hatred of the BOSS and everyone started to give DPS once again. Obviously, Night Cooer was more careful this time and she was determined to run away when the condition was life-threatening.

“It seems that Master Healer’s hidden profession is powerful.”

DPS was carried out in an orderly manner. As the by-passer, Lao Xu came towards Xiaofeng who was at leisure and said to him with a smile.

“Of course, the hidden profession is powerful, otherwise, players will not transfer their professions,” Xiaofeng said casually. Of course, his Sacred Ritualist profession must be stronger than ordinary hidden professions.

“Master Healer, by the way, can I disclose your game information in my live streaming? You know, my hobby is to tell other players attractive game information. You’re the best player in the Huaxia District and takes first place on all ranking lists. Other players must be very enthusiastic about you. Of course, I’ll not disclose your information without your permission. I notice that you concealed your character name on all the ranking lists, so I guess that there might be the inconvenience,” Lao Xu suddenly said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m also going to disclose my information when I provide live streaming. At that time, I’ll stop concealing my character name,” Xiaofeng said.

“Master Healer, are you going to provide live streaming? When do you get started?” Lao Xu immediately asked after hearing this news.

“Yes. I have to make some money to keep going. Maybe I’ll get started in the morning after completing the mission of the instance zone.”

Xiaofeng said after thinking for a while. It was already early in the morning. He must hurry to complete the mission, otherwise, there was no time to prepare breakfast for Xiao Ling.

“Then I’ll definitely watch your live streaming to support you. Master Healer, I’ll not disclose your information since you’ll do it yourself. Haha,” Lao Xu said with a smile.

Xiaofeng gave him a smile and said, “It’s very kind of you to say that.” He would achieve enormous popularity if Lao Xu could watch his live streaming and support him.

While they were talking, the HP of the salamander elder was reduced by 10% to 70%. At the same time, it used another major skill.

The salamander elder rushed over like a derailed locomotive. Its huge body went up and fell clumsily on the ground. Suddenly, the ground rocked and everyone present, including the back-row players, was blown off.

Xiaofeng and players of ranged professions who were standing at the back didn’t suffer direct damages. They fell on the ground and immediately got up. But Night Cooer and the other two front-row players were miserable. They were blown off and hung in midair.

At the same time, a figure of damages appeared on everyone’s head. The front-row players received relatively high damages while the back-row players only lost a few health points.

“Be careful!”

The damages of being blown off were not as high as the constant damages of the flames. But the HP of the front-row players was also reduced by half and Night Cooer lost half of her HP.

Besides, it was impossible for players to take actions in midair and they had to get started after falling on the ground. But unfortunately, down below them was the huge body of the salamander elder. They would definitely be killed if they fell on its body.

But Night Cooer was definitely a master player. She adjusted her position in midair and stepped on the head of the salamander elder when she fell off. The salamander elder screamed and roared while she took the opportunity to fly backward, and did two consecutive backflips before falling to the ground elegantly and lightly.

“Well done!”

Someone praised her and Midsummer Rose also smiled and her eyes glittered with satisfaction.

Night Cooer only had half the HP now. Xiaofeng raised his hands and used a Holy Light skill to fill up her HP. War Spirit Ziyi and Midsummer Rose also increased the HP of War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty respectively and three front-row players started to give DPS once again. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

The salamander elder was huge and its claws were as big as the car. It had great attacking force but the front-row players were elite players and the BOSS could rarely hit its target directly, therefore, its huge body was a weakness.

Moreover, their cooperation became increasingly skilled and the Health Points of the salamander elder were falling more rapidly.

Night Cooer always showed off her operation and risked her neck after realizing that Xiaofeng was standing behind and increasing her HP. But other players didn’t make any mistakes and reduced the HP of the BOSS constantly. After a while, even Midsummer Rose was curious. She looked at Xiaofeng and Night Cooer and frowned.

“Have you killed the third group of little monster? We’re in the room of the first BOSS. Hurry up and come over...”

“What? You’re at the gate of the room of the first BOSS? Can you see us? No... I’m afraid you’ve taken the wrong way and come to the room of the second BOSS.”

Lao Xu suddenly picked up the receiver and it seemed that he was talking to the second team.

“The first BOSS only has half the health points and we might be able to kill it. You can get started and attack the second BOSS to learn something of its skills. All right, we’ll join you later.”

Lao Xu hung up the phone and said to Xiaofeng and other players, “The second team will attack the second BOSS. We should kill this BOSS as soon as possible and finish the mission earlier.”

What Lao Xu said was reasonable. The three front-row players quickened their DPS and the salamander elder only had less than 50% of its HP now.

Under the influence of Xiaofeng’s BUFF, Night Cooer had an extremely high DPS and half of the DPS of the entire team belonged to her. Moreover, Xiaofeng was standing behind her, therefore, she attacked the BOSS without fear. Her crazy DPS frequency made the HP of the salamander elder drop quickly.

“Be careful! It seems to be a violent skill!”

Finally, the salamander elder used another new skill when its HP was reduced to 30%.


The salamander elder raised its head and screamed. Then a stone cone in the cave suddenly turned red and dripped down as if it melted.

“Stay away from it!”

The range of this skill was large and it nearly covered the entire cave. The basketball-sized fireballs fell down and even covered the back-row players.

Everyone hurried to escape. Luckily, the fireballs were falling down slowly. Midsummer Rose and Lao Xu were nearly hit by them but other players were not newcomers and they escaped without a scratch.

“Wait! There’s something wrong with these fireballs!”

Lao Xu suddenly screamed. The fireballs didn’t disappear after falling to the ground, instead, they were planted on the ground like red eggs.

“Players of ranged professions! Hurry up and get rid of these eggs!”

Lao Xu immediately noticed that these eggs were dangerous. According to past experience, players of ranged professions immediately turned to attack these fire eggs.

One of them fell on the ground at Night Cooer’s feet. She immediately hit the egg with her daggers. The HP of the fire eggs was low and it was seckilled. But suddenly, they heard a loud explosion.



A small mushroom cloud appeared and Night Cooer was blown off before realizing what had happened. Her HP bar was nearly emptied and she was almost seckilled.

Xiaofeng used a Holy Light skill to increase her HP. But it was obvious that Night Cooer was very shaken. She was standing still and looked terrified.

Other players were also scared and dared not come near these fire eggs. Players of ranged profession slowly got rid of them one by one and loud explosions reverberated in the cave.

The salamander elder, who had already used all its skills, posed no threat to them. Its remaining 30% of HP was quickly emptied. With a great crash, the huge salamander elder fell clumsily on the ground and dropped enormous items.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the drops. This was the first killing of the BOSS of the instance zone and it must be rewarding. They immediately rushed to have a look.

“Let’s look at the items dropped by the BOSS!”

No one wanted gold coins. Everyone present was rich, except for Xiaofeng. Therefore, Xiaofeng didn’t hesitate to take the gold coins. There were more than two gold coins and this mission was really rewarding.

“One piece of golden equipment and one piece of silver equipment! And there are two pieces of rare equipment! This is a great drop!”

With gasps and exclamations, four pieces of luxury equipment appeared in front of them.

“Wow! Golden equipment! It can definitely get on the equipment list!”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the equipment that glowed with golden light.

“Let’s allocate them based on your professions.”

Lao Xu was also at a loss. He didn’t expect that the BOSS could drop a piece of golden equipment. It was obvious that every piece of golden equipment was hot and valuable at the current stage. Therefore, the allocation of items became a thorny issue. It seemed that they could only allocate them based on the attributes of the players. If more than one player could use the equipment, they would decide the winner by lot.


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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 84 Kill the First BOSS