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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 83 The Plan

Chapter 83 The Plan

They saw a huge salamander. It was as big as a locomotive. It was still sleeping and giving out hot waves while breathing. The air in this room also twisted.

Salamander Elder

Level: 15

Grade: elite BOSS

Health Points: 10000/10000

ATN: 94-102

INT: 99-105

DNF: 88-90

MGD: 90-92


Trample It Hard, Fire Bump, Mad Sweeping, Anger Flame, and Kindling

Introduction: They’re elders of the salamander family. They are violent and destructive. They are responsible for guarding the nest against being invaded.

Features: They’re elite BOSS. They have high attack power and defense and can launch physical and magical attacks. It can better defend the magical attacks.

“It has 10,000 health points and its defense is over 100 points! It must be difficult to deal with! We’d better wait for the second team and work with them to kill this BOSS. What do you think?”

War Spirit Knife looked at the attributes of the salamander elder and wasn’t sure that they could deal with it. It had a great attacking force, besides, it could also launch magical attacks. His MGD was low and his HP would decline sharply after he used a skill.

“They haven’t killed the third group of monsters yet and it’s a waste of time to wait for them. Let’s get started. We can better understand its skills even if all of us are killed,” Lao Xu shook his head and said.

“It makes sense. I’ll attack it.”

War Spirit Knife nodded and then sneaked up on the salamander elder. He smashed the shield on the head of the salamander elder.


The salamander elder that was sleeping suddenly woke up. It breathed out hot waves and crawled forward. Its huge body put great pressure on War Spirit Knife.

“Add the BUFF! Let’s get started!”

War Spirit Knife confronted salamander elder face to face. He was holding a shield with one hand and lifting the sword with another. He cut the lower jaw of the salamander elder and used the taunt skill.

The other players were in no hurry to attack it and they gradually added the BUFF. They wouldn’t attack it until War Spirit Knife attracted all the hatred of the salamander elder.

“It’s hatred is fixed on me! You can attack it now!”

War Spirit Knife used the taunt skill once again and escaped the huge claw of the salamander elder. He looked at the hatred figure and then asked the teammates who were standing behind him to get started.

In an instant, 17-Year-Old Archer, Glory Arrow, and Immortal Fire started to give the remote DPS at the same time. Night Cooer and Sword of Dynasty also sneaked up on the salamander elder. They were melee players and could only find the opportunity of DPS because they had to escape the attacks of the BOSS at any time.




“-110! Crit!”



Numerous figures of damages appeared on the head of the salamander elder. But its defense was too high, so the damage figures were not big enough. Night Cooer might trigger crit and cause over 100 damages sometimes, but all the other players could only cause dozens of damages on the BOSS. Immortal Fire’s attacking capacity had been greatly improved by Xiaofeng, but the salamander elder’s MGD was greater than his DNF and it could better defend the attacks of the fire attributes. As a result, Immortal Fire was restricted and his damages were even lower than that of Glory Arrow.

“Master Night Cooer, please lower your DPS frequency! You’re likely to attract the hatred of the BOSS!”

War Spirit Knife shouted at her. With three priests backing him up, he was confident and was fighting face to face with the salamander elder. But Night Cooer’s defense was too high and she nearly attracted the hatred of the BOSS, which made War Spirit Knife speechless.

Night Cooer immediately slowed down and lowered her attacking frequency after hearing what he said. This was the weakness of the assassins who got used to fighting alone. They were good at attacking the BOSS by themselves but they would feel restricted when cooperating with their teammates.

War Spirit Knife used a taunt skill once again and finally became relieved after the hatred of the salamander elder was fixed on him.


Salamander elder’s HP dropped a little but it suddenly raised its head and breathed out. Then its huge body suddenly moved and it was rushing at the back-row players. Its limbs were strong and it was treading on the ground like a derailed locomotive. They could very plainly hear its heavy tread.

“Be careful! Get out of the way!”

Lao Xu immediately shouted at them. But all of them were not ordinary players and they were quick and agile. Xiaofeng was the first to get out of the way while others also hurried up to stay away from the BOSS.


The salamander elder rushed directly through the cave and went to the other side of the room. Its big head slammed directly against the rock wall with a big bang. Then the dizzy state appeared on the head of the BOSS.

War Spirit Knife immediately seized this opportunity and caught up with the BOSS. He attracted its hatred and stopped it from running around. The other players also hurried up to give the DPS. They seized this excellent opportunity and used various major skills on it. The Health Points of the salamander elder declined rapidly.

“Please stay away from each other. Be careful about its skills.”

The several back-row players stood apart from each other before Lao Xu reminded them.

Xiaofeng was hiding in the corner and had nothing to do. He only wanted to be a healer and stand still quietly. Other players were fighting with the BOSS and he was at leisure.

Xiaofeng didn’t intend to help them. He was not very expressive and he’d love to hide in the corner and take actions in secret. If not necessary, he wouldn’t show his actual strength to others.

Therefore, Xiaofeng still had the time to chat with Qian Duoduo. He was staring at the Health Point of War Spirit Knife while talking to Qian Duoduo.

Qian Duoduo told him that her Treasure Pavilion had many employees who were in different Novice Villages. They would use the trial certificate to return to the Novice Village and sell the intermediate potions to the players in the Novice Village. She had made a big fat profit.

The Nicholas Brothers also played an important role. They persuaded their roommates and classmates to join the Treasure Pavilion at first.

But Qian Duoduo also told him that this business would soon come to an end. Most of the players in the Novice Village have transferred their professions and there were fewer people. Besides, the way to return to the Novice Village would be announced one day and they couldn’t monopolize the market at that time.

Xiaofeng was not worried at all. After all, she had made a big fat profit. Moreover, Xiaofeng told her that he had already found the way to rent the commercial district in advance.

“What? Bro Xiao, you’ve got the land in the main city! I love you!” Sure enough, Qian Duoduo became excited at the news.

“No, I haven’t got the land yet. I have to first finish a task.”

“Wow! I believe that Bro Xiao is the best player in the world! You can finish all tasks no matter how difficult they are! The land must belong to us!” Qian Duoduo said with excitement. She spoke in a loud voice and Xiaofeng had to hold the receiver away from his ears.

“We can’t get the land for free. We just rent it in advance,” Xiaofeng said with resignation.

“The pre-renting land is good enough! I can leave others far behind as long as we can take a big step ahead of them! Hahaha! We can get enough gold coins and buy the land after the currency exchange system is opened! Bro Xiao, you’re awesome!” Qian Duoduo had the same idea with Xiaofeng. In fact, all the guilds and consortia were eager to buy the commercial district but they didn’t have enough gold coins at this moment. They just needed a pre-renting opportunity.

“I will give you a screenshot of the saleable area of Tianlong City’s commercial district. You can pick it yourself and I’ll rent that land when I complete the task.” He had captured a screenshot yesterday when he read the map of the business district of Tianlong City. Xiaofeng didn’t have a head for business, so he sent the screenshot to Qian Duoduo and asked her to pick up a land.

“Of course, the central land is the best! Do you only have the map of Tianlong City? Can you get the land of other main cities?” Qian Duoduo immediately chose the land and asked Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng was speechless and said with resignation, “I’m not the developer of the game! But I’ll have a try. Can you open the shop after we get the land?”

“Of course not. We have to first set up a chamber of commerce. We can spend gold coins hiring the NPC workers to help us. Besides, we’d better finish it before the currency exchange system is opened. In this way, we can truly have a head start over other players. We need a lot of gold coins. I’ve earned a lot of money in the past few days, but I’m afraid that it’s not enough,” Qian Duoduo said anxiously.

“What should we do? How can we make more gold coins? What can I do for you?” Xiaofeng asked.

“In fact, there is a way to earn a lot of gold coins and this is also suitable for you. But I’m afraid that you’re unwilling to do it.” Qian Duoduo hemmed and hawed, which was rare for her.

“What’s the method? Do I have to be a street performer or sell my body?” Xiaofeng felt strange and joked with her.

“Yes! Both are needed!” Qian Duoduo said decisively and seriously and Xiaofeng didn’t think that she was kidding.

“What are you saying?” Xiaofeng nearly snapped at her.

“Bro Xiao, have you heard of the live video streaming? With your ability and identity, you will definitely have numerous fans if you become a network anchor. At that time, you can earn a lot of gold coins.” Qian Duoduo said with excitement. It seemed that she had made this plan a long time ago.

“Are you sure? Can I earn a lot of money?”

Xiaofeng had heard of the live video streaming and he would watch the game streaming sometimes. Xiao Ling loved to watch them and there were game videos of the major game anchors on their television from morning till night. He had to watch with Xiao Ling when having the meal. Besides, it seemed that Lao Xu who was standing beside him was the most popular anchor at the current stage.

“Yes! You can earn a lot of money! Bro Xiao, you’re the best player in the Huaxia District! You take first place on all the ranking lists of the Huaxia District, including the level list, equipment list, and pet list. Numerous players will be attracted to you as long as you show your identity! Besides, it’s also an excellent advertisement for the Treasure Pavilion!” Qian Duoduo nodded repeatedly. She had had this plan a long time ago.

“All right, I’ll have a try after completing the mission of the instance zone.”

This plan was acceptable to Xiaofeng. He could show his identity and become a game anchor. After thinking for a while, he promised Qian Duoduo.

Qian Duoduo became excited once again. Xiaofeng ignored her, hang up, and then looked at the salamander elder.

At this moment, they have already reduced the HP of the salamander elder by nearly 20 percent. The BOSS used the Mad Sweeping skill before when its HP was reduced by 10 percent. Its huge tail looked like the derailed train and madly whipped War Spirit Knife and other front-row players. Luckily, they survived because they escaped its attacks in time and received effective healing from the priest. At this moment, its HP was nearly reduced by 20 percent and the BOSS was about to use the next skill.


Sure enough, the salamander elder suddenly took a deep breath and then opened its mouth. A hot fire wave suddenly appeared. It turned its head and the place around it was directly went up in flames!

“Be careful! Hurry up and retreat! This is the magical damage!”

War Spirit Knife and the other two front-row players hurried to retreat. The huge waves of flames spread fast and they were instantly engulfed in flames.

Huge figures of damages also appeared on their heads. The priest hurried to heal them and they also took health potions, but they were still in danger. They were engulfed in flames and would suffer constant damages. Besides, the INT of the salamander elder was even higher than its ATN, therefore, the damages it caused were horrible.

Night Cooer was in the greatest danger. War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty were warriors while Night Cooer was the assassin. Compared with them, Night Cooer had smaller HP and was more delicate. Besides, no priest had added the Life Blessing to her. As a result, her HP was nearly emptied within two seconds and it was possible for her to escape because half of the cave was on fire now.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 83 The Plan