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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 82 The Horrible Attacking Force

Chapter 82 The Horrible Attacking Force

“Can we attract the hatred of these ten monsters separately?”

Sword of Dynasty frowned and said. The 15th-level elite monsters in the instance zone had stronger attributes than the ordinary elite monsters. Besides, it also had a burning damage effect while there were only two front-row players in their team. These monsters would definitely be difficult to deal with.

“Let’s have a try. We don’t know their hatred range but these monsters are dispersed. We might be able to attract them separately. 17-Year-Old Archer, please attack the monsters. War Spirit Knife will attract their hatred when they come to us. If he fails to resist the damages, Sword of Dynasty will take two monsters away. Master Night Cooer, please pick one of them and kill it as fast as you can. The DPS players in the back row will help you.” Lao Xu quickly gave tasks to them.


“No problem.”

“Then, let’s add a BUFF to them. Master Healer, please use the Life Blessing on War Spirit Knife. War Spirit Ziyi needs to add the blessing to Sword of Dynasty,” Lao Xu nodded and said.

“He can’t use the Life Blessing. I’ll add this skill to Knife. President of the Midsummer Guild, please add the Life Blessing to Sword of Dynasty,” War Spirit Ziyi immediately said after hearing Lao Xu’s instructions.

“What? Master Healer can’t use the Life Blessing?” All players present except for War Spirit Ziyi and War Spirit Knife were shocked by this news.

“I haven’t learned this skill,” Xiaofeng said simply and flatly.

“He’s definitely the mysterious player who easily takes first place of all the ranking lists. The skills he learned are different from that of the ordinary players...”

“What a pity! Master Healer is the priest who takes first place on the level list. He has also transferred to the hidden profession. The front-row players could better resist the damages if he learns the Life Blessing.”

“.... Midsummer President, please add Life Blessing to Sword of Dynasty.” Lao Xu said with resignation. Fortunately, Midsummer Rose can serve as a substitute. She accepted this arrangement without any opposition. 𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

Two Life Blessings quickly fell on War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty. War Spirit Knife’s HP directly reached 240 while Sword of Dynasty’s HP also exceeded 200. After all, Midsummer Rose was the president of the Midsummer Guild and she was well equipped.

“Master Healer, have you learned the Weapon Blessing and Courage Blessing?” Lao Xu asked Xiaofeng cautiously just in case.

“Yes. Don’t worry, I’m a full-time priest.” Xiaofeng smiled and Lao Xu was suddenly relieved.

“Master Healer will add Weapon Blessing to Night Cooer and add Courage Blessing to Immortal Fire. War Spirit Ziyi will add skills to 17-Year-Old Archer and Midsummer President needs to add skills to Glory Arrow. Please follow this order to add BUFF later. The priests need to pay attention to the duration time of the BUFF of your target. Please make up for it quickly if the BUFF disappears.”

Lao Xu immediately assigned tasks. This was the best and most reasonable arrangement for Xiaofeng’s team. Everyone accepted it without opposition.

War Spirit Ziyi and Midsummer Rose nodded and waved their staff to use the Weapon Blessing to the other players.

Xiaofeng also waved his therapeutic scepter and added a Weapon Blessing to Night Cooer. Night Cooer was about to move on and follow the front-row players but she suddenly staggered and nearly fell on the ground. She turned back and stared at Xiaofeng in amazement as if looking at a monster.

Xiaofeng’s second Weapon Blessing fell on Immortal Fire immediately. He was the only mage in their team. He had transferred into an Elemental Master with fire attributes.


Immortal Fire suddenly exclaimed with astonishment. His shout reverberated in the cave and several salamander elites were attracted and looked up at them.

“Why did you shout? You scared me silly!” Sword of Dynasty sneaked up on the salamander elites and was about to attack them. But he was suddenly scared by the shout. He looked back at Immortal Fire and said with discontent.

“What happened?” Lao Xu asked.

“I... I...” Immortal Fire was almost incoherent with astonishment. He stammered and looked at his attribute panel. Then he looked at Xiaofeng and swallowed his saliva. He said, “Master Healer... adds 110 points of INT to me!”

“What are you saying? 110 points? Are you sure?”

After hearing his words, many other players also exclaimed with surprise. Everyone stared at Xiaofeng in amazement.

“I’m sure. You can have a look.”

Immortal Fire also couldn’t believe this. But the attribute panel would not make a mistake. So he directly showed other players the panel.

“Gee! More than 170 points of INT! This is amazing! The attacking force is great and you can seckill the monsters!”

“His INT really increases by more than 100 points! Master Healer, did you add all your points to your intelligence?”

They goggled at Xiaofeng and then looked at the attribute panel of Immortal Fire in amazement.

“Yeah, kind of.”

Xiaofeng said casually. In fact, he didn’t add his points to certain attributes. At first, he added the points to his strength in order to improve his attacking force. Then he added the points to his spirit to speed up the regeneration of his Magic Point and Holy Light skill.

After transferring his profession and becoming a Sacred Ritualist, his healing effects and BUFF effects also improved a lot. With the talent of the Divine Power, he could better help the Terran or Elf players.

Moreover, he had better equipment and was at a higher level than any other player in the Huaxia District.

Night Cooer who was standing aside also wanted to say something. But looking at Sword of Dynasty and other players who were shouting and exclaiming, she restrained herself from speaking and then looked at her status bar silently.

“Hey! Under the effect of Weapon Blessing of your teammate Dad, your ATN has increased by 150 points and this will last for 60 seconds.”

She nearly exclaimed with astonishment when she first heard the system prompts. But it was Xiaofeng who added this BUFF to her and they were enemies. Therefore, she fought back her desire and raised Xiaofeng’s composite index in her mind once again.

“All right, let’s get started. Master Healer’s healing effects are amazing and I believe that we can be the first to complete the mission of the instance zone.”

They immediately got started without any delay. 17-Year-Old Archer attacked the monster and shot an arrow. The arrow accurately fell on the head of a salamander elite and all the monsters moved in an instant.


The hissing sound.

“I only attract 6 monsters! Good job! I should be able to resist the damages of four of them! The left monsters are yours!”

War Spirit Knife’s eyes glittered with excitement and he immediately attacked the six salamander elites that were rushing at him.

“I’ll take one of them away and Master Night Cooer will deal with the last one.”

Sword of Dynasty also used skills and immediately attracted one of the salamander elites.

Night Cooer came forward to deal with the last one. She clenched her daggers and confronted the salamander elite face to face. She suddenly jumped up when the salamander was about to touch her. Her two daggers crisscrossed with two silver lights and then fell on the back of the salamander elite.



At the same time, two huge figures of damages appeared on the head of the salamander elite.

“Gee! It’s awesome! Night Cooer directly its HP by one-third at one stroke!”

“Night Cooer is definitely a master... He’s awesome!”

Immortal Fire and Glory Arrow, who were about to help Night Cooer to kill this salamander elite, were shocked and looked blankly at the salamander whose HP bar has been reduced by one-third.

“His damage is too high! It’s over 200 points!”

17-Year-Old Archer was also shocked. Archer and assassin players would add their points to strength or agility. Therefore, their attacking force should be similar. Night Cooer had similar equipment, strength, and level to him and their damages should also be close.

He only caused dozens of damages to the monster while Night Cooer reduced its HP by one-third at one stroke!

Night Cooer used the skills but the damage gap shouldn’t be so big!

But they didn’t know that even Night Cooer herself was shocked. She looked at the huge figure of damages on the head of the salamander elite and couldn’t believe that it was caused by her. She looked at Xiaofeng with complicated emotions while escaping the counterattacks of the salamander elite.

“Night Cooer is definitely a skilled master. It seems that this new game world is more suited to you. You’re not eliminated in the new era of virtual games, instead, you will become more famous and achieve greater progress.”

Lao Xu was also shocked. He secretly looked away from Xiaofeng and said to Midsummer Rose with a smile.

“I heard that Master Night Cooer will join the Midsummer Guild. You come here together today and it seems that you’re determined to work together.”

He was very interested in the big news in the game world.

Midsummer Rose directly nodded and admitted that Night Cooer had joined them. In fact, Night Cooer was her last card.

“Haha, congratulations! Master Night Cooer has joined the Midsummer Guild and she will be your gold-lettered signboard after your guild is set up. I wish you great progress in this game world.”

Lao Xu’s eyes glittered with intelligence and he made a bow to Midsummer Rose with hands folded in front. This was an ancient custom.

“Mr. Lao Xu, you’re being too polite. We may ask for your help in the event of difficulties.”

Midsummer Rose also said to him politely. Her cold and unapproachable temperament disappeared at this moment and she talked with Lao Xu kindly.

While they were talking, the first salamander elite was killed. Night Cooer could cause horrible damages to the monster and she reduced its HP by half.

Night Cooer immediately took the second one from War Spirit Knife. 17-Year-Old Archer was deeply impressed by her horrible attacking force. He left Night Cooer alone and turned around to help Sword of Dynasty.

Night Cooer took War Spirit Knife’s monster away before he started to attack it. He didn’t even take a health potion and he was staring at her blankly.

The six salamander elites were killed by them quickly and the remaining four monsters posed no threat to them. They were killed one by one and Xiaofeng and other players walked through this cave and went down.

In addition to the first wave of salamander elites, they also came across another two groups of little monsters. But with the horrible DPS ability of this team, they killed these monsters quickly. Night Cooer and Immortal Fire accounted for more than half of the entire DPS of the team.

After killing three groups of little monsters, they saw the room of the first BOSS. They asked the second team about their progress before entering the room. But the second team just killed the second group of monsters, therefore, they decided to attack the first BOSS without waiting for the other team.

“We don’t need to wait for them. Let’s enter the room.”

They were at the bottom of the karst cave. It was a huge cavern, which was even bigger than the cave of the salamander elites. They could see the figure of the BOSS from the distance.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 82 The Horrible Attacking Force