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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 81 The Detachment

Chapter 81 The Detachment

War Spirit Knife gave everyone a transmission scroll and they would be transmitted outside the snow-covered canyon near Shengshui City. The name of this place was Forward Camp.

The name indicated that this place was related to the empire’s NPC army. They appeared with white lights and found that there were NPC soldiers everywhere.

“The entrance to the instance zone is behind this camp and we need to find the NPC supply officer to take on the task.”

Following the instructions of War Spirit Knife, everyone found the supply officer quickly and took on the task without delay.

Instance zones of each level would provide players with an exclusive mission. Players could only enter the instance zone and complete its mission once a day. It was irrelevant to the level of the instance zone.

“Adventurer’s squad, you are here. Here is how things stand. Our soldiers found a nest of the salamander by accident when they were digging trenches. The salamander is a violent creature that can cause a lot of damage to our camp. But we don’t have enough soldiers to get rid of this nest. Therefore, if you can help us clean up the salamander’s nest, you will be paid accordingly.”

Everyone took on the task, including the substitute player. As the daily mission of the instance zone, it was rewarding. The players could get 50 silver coins and 10 fame points.

Myth was the second world for human beings and the rewards of this instance zone was a perfect illustration of this point. After the currency exchange system was opened, 50 silver coins could be exchanged for 50 real currency. An ordinary player could live by receiving the rewards for the instance zone mission because they could do the task once a day. After the ordinary players got better equipment and reached higher levels, these low-level instance zones would be easy for them and they could survive in this second world with no difficulty.

But at this moment, it was difficult for them to complete the mission of this 15th-level instance zone for the first time. They may fail this mission even though this team was made up of the best players in the Huaxia District.

“There are two entrances to the instance zone but we haven’t entered it yet. In order to save time, we can divide into two teams and enter the instance zone through the front and back entrances at the same time. But we’d better work together to get started from one of them if we wanted to play for safety.”

War Spirit Sky said when they were rushing to the back of the camp. He was a substitute player but he knew more information because this instance zone was first discovered by the War Spirit Hall.

“Of course, we should divide into two teams to save time. The 15th-level instance zone is not difficult. I believe that no one except the priest would find it difficult to kill a 15th-level monster. What do you think?”

Therapeutical Paladin snorted and looked consciously or unconsciously at Xiaofeng with disdain.

To some extent, this was the truth. All of them haven’t reached level 15 yet, but they were the top and elite players and it was normal for them to kill monsters that were several levels higher than them. Therefore, the 15th-level monsters were easy to kill.

But no one answered his question. He was telling the truth but the players present were not newbies. They clearly understood the significance of completing the mission of the instance zone for the first time. They should work together instead of flaunting their superiority.

“I think we should follow the arrangement of Lao Xu. He’s good at this. I believe that he’s already divided us into different teams based on our professions.”

Sword of Dynasty said and the other players consented to his proposal without any complaints. Lao Xu didn’t have the attacking ability and he joined the pioneering team to make tactics.

“I agree with Therapeutical Paladin. We need to divide into two teams. This can be risky but we can save time and this is the most efficient plan.”

Lao Xu didn’t beat about the bush. He started to divide them into two teams without any delay.

“The first team enters the instance zone through the front entrance. I... well...”

Lao Xu was about to call the name of Xiaofeng. But looking at the eye-catching character name in the team, Lao Xu stuttered and his mouth moved in embarrassment.

“Master Healer...” War Spirit Knife immediately reminded him in a low voice.

“.... I, Master Healer, War Spirit Knife, War Spirit Ziyi, 17-Year-Old Archer, Sword of Dynasty, Night Cooer, President of the Midsummer Guild, Immortal Fire, and Glory Arrow belong to the first team. The other players please form the second team and enter the instance zone through the second entrance. Both entrances will lead to the nest of the monsters.”

Sword of Dynasty was right. Lao Xu had already divided them into two teams. No one objected and they immediately formed two teams.

The profession distribution of the first team was very reasonable and there were players of all positions. Besides, the first team had more master players because they needed to work with the Passer-by.

“Let’s go!”

Therapeutical Paladin was obviously unhappy and took the lead and left with the players of the second team. Perhaps because everyone was silent when he proposed to divide into two teams while they all approved of the same proposal of Lao Xu.

“Let’s go.”

Lao Xu shook his head and led them to the front entrance without any delay.

The entrance to the salamander’s nest was not far away from the camp. It was behind the camp and in a collapsed hole at the slope of a hill. The NPC soldiers have already built a temporary and protective board to cover it. Two soldiers were standing at the entrance. They immediately let the players enter the cave after learning that they accepted the task of the supply officer to get rid of the salamander’s nest.

“Hey! You’ve found the instance zone – the salamander’s nest.”

Xiaofeng and the other players of the first team entered the cave after hearing the system prompts.

“It’s hot here. 17-Year-Old Archer, how do you feel?”

The structure of the salamander’s nest was similar to that of the underground karst cave. The rock formation was light red. They looked around this place and then Sword of Dynasty said to the 17-Year-Old Archer.

“Rubbish. This is the salamander and it can’t leave in the iceberg.”

Obviously, 17-Year-Old Archer didn’t want to talk with this wretched man. He said to him in a cold voice.

“Haha, of course, I know. But the climate of Shengshui City is cold, isn’t it? I did not expect that there would be such a hot environment in the underground.”

Sword of Dynasty touched his head and grinned. Other players were stunned after hearing his words.

He was right. The environment in online games was not generated casually and it must be related to the mission. They knew that Shengshui City was a cold place when they arrived.

This Forward Camp was obviously not far from Shengshui City, but there was very little snow in the nearby valley. Besides, the environment of the salamander’s nest was hot, but this place was not deep beneath the ground.

Everyone realized that there was something wrong with this place. Its name indicated that the salamander was a monster of fire attributes. Why did it live in the cold Shengshui City? Besides, a team of NPC soldiers was building the camp in this place.

“Our top priority is to save time and complete the mission. Why do you focus on these insignificant problems?”

17-Year-Old Archer was stumped by the question of Sword of Dynasty. He said to this wretched man with discontent.

“Yes, you’re right. I couldn’t agree more. Completing the mission is our top priority and we shouldn’t care about these trivial details.”

Sword of Dynasty immediately echoed his views and 17-Year-Old Archer directly turned around and ignored him.

“Well, we have no time to lose. War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty need to clear a path and other players must follow them. Master Night Cooer, please cooperate with them and keep an eye on the players walking behind. President Midsummer, you’re also a priest. Please use your healing skills in case of urgency.”

“No problem.”

Lao Xu sighed with resignation and interrupted them. He gave tasks to different players. Sword of Dynasty immediately stopped talking and became serious. He and War Spirit Knife went to the front of the line to clear a path.

Night Cooer and Midsummer Rose also nodded without saying anything.

In the team of Xiaofeng, only War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty were front-row players. War Spirit Knife was the shield warrior and was responsible for resisting the damages. Sword of Dynasty was the Wild Warrior who served as a substitute and gave DPS.

This also showed the profession demands of a pioneering team. One player was responsible for resisting the damages of the BOSS while all the other players needed to serve as the priest to heal their teammates or give DPS to attack the BOSS. In this way, they could save time and kill the BOSS as fast as they could.

“Hey! You’re the mysterious player who easily takes first place of all the ranking lists! You’re awesome!”

As a priest, Xiaofeng was at the end of the line and was walking with War Spirit Ziyi and Midsummer Rose. Night Cooer who needed to cooperate with the front-row players was walking behind them.

War Spirit Ziyi ran to Xiaofeng, looked at him with her limpid eyes, and asked with interests.

“What do you want? Stop walking around. Your bosom is moving up and down and I feel dizzy.”

Xiaofeng glanced at her. War Spirit Ziyi’s ample bosom obviously moved up and down perhaps because she was running too fast.


War Spirit Ziyi was immediately annoyed and crossed her arms over her chest. But her attempt to cover her bosom was in vain and she attracted more attention.

Midsummer Rose also turned around and glanced at Xiaofeng. Her beautiful eyes were full of a strong aversion to his obscene language.

Night Cooer, who was walking behind them, also clenched her fists and made sharp cracks. She stared at the back of Xiaofeng’s head fiercely.

But the first wave of monsters also appeared at this moment.

The hissing sound.

The karst cave was wide and long and its rock was light red. There was light and they could clearly see the environment. Besides, there was only one road and they were going down the path. After walking for a while, Xiaofeng and other players suddenly heard the sounds of the reptiles.

“Be careful.”

They were walking vigilantly and soon a huge cave appeared in front of them.

The hissing sound.

This was a group of huge red-skinned salamanders and each of them was about two meters long. They were very fat and their skin was as red as the flames. They were wandering in the cave and constantly sticking out their scarlet tongue and making the hissing sound.

Salamander Elite

Level: 15

Grade: elite

Health Points: 1000/1000

ATN: 65-70

INT: 60-65

DNF: 55-60

MGD: 60-65

Skills: resistant skin, burning, hot saliva

Introduction: Adult salamanders living in the salamander’s nest can better defend the magical attacks. Besides, its attacks had a burning effect.

“They are 15th-level elite monsters and there are many of them. We can’t bypass these monsters.”

Sword of Dynasty frowned and said. The karst cave led to this cavern and they could only find the exit on the opposite side. They couldn’t go around and could only kill the monsters. But there were ten salamander elites in this place.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 81 The Detachment