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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 79 Who is the Person?

Chapter 79 Who is the Person?

Xiaofeng hung up the phone and hesitated for a while, but finally, he left the mountain. Instead of using a Returning Scroll and flying back immediately, he rode his horse Jujube towards the places nearby the mountain.

This mountain range was definitely a suitable place for Xiaofeng’s upgrading practice. Xiaofeng would not easily give up the place, but it was a little far away from the main city. Xiaofeng absolutely did not want to come here again next time.

He remembered that he had just passed by the place nearby a small town on his way here. He rushed to the town immediately. Usually, the town outside the main city could supply some potions as well as the Teleport Scroll because there were many tasks around here suitable for the player’s upgrading.

This kind of Teleport Scroll was not the type that could send people to the appointed main city. The function would be comparatively limited. For example, he once went to the Snow Village with War Spirit Ziyi. The Teleport Scroll sold there was only able to send people to the Snow Village, and it was only valid when used within Shengshui City.

Soon, in about ten minutes, Xiaofeng found the small town according to his impression, and the small town was called the Wild Town. He left directly after buying the Teleport Scroll. He crumbled the Returning Scroll and returned to Tianlong City.

Although Xiaofeng had been to Shengshui City, he did not purchase the scroll of Shengshui City, but with only the one to the Tianlong City. He could only return to the Tianlong City and then pass through the transmission array there.

The teleport between the main cities could be achieved if the players know the name of their destination. But the cost was calculated by distance and the transmission fee between two nearby main cities could be one gold coin.

Even though Xiaofeng did not know the distance between the Shengshui City and the Tianlong City, the cost of ten gold coins did make his heart ached. If he had not cleared a wave of skeleton soldiers, his money would definitely be insufficient for the teleport.

The gurgling sound.

After coming out of the transmission array from the Shengshui City, Xiaofeng was shocked by the bustling scene. He thought for quite a long time that he had returned to the Novice Village, exactly the same scene as the crowd.

“You are finally here, Master Healer! We are in the weapon shop! Hurry up and come over!”

Xiaofeng sent a message to War Spirit Knife and War Spirit Knife immediately said eagerly. Xiaofeng looked at the map, confirmed the location of the weapon shop. He then also passed through the crowd towards the weapon shop.

Xiaofeng had come to the Shengshui City just last night, and the scene was not such horrible then. Certainly, they were all attracted by the news of the instance zone.

“Why haven’t the people from War Spirit Hall come? How long do we still have to wait? How can you be responsible for the waste time that should be spent on the gaming strategy?”

In the Shengshui City, there was a giant room in the weapon house, which was a temporary room for rent. At the moment there gathered a bunch of players with about twenty or thirty people. They were all well equipped that you might never imagine. They were definitely all advanced players.

One of the male players with “I am a therapeutical paladin” on the head was looking at War Spirit Sky with dissatisfaction.

There were three people on the scene of the War Spirit Hall, which were War Spirit Sky, War Spirit Knife, and War Spirit Ziyi. It was already many people compared to other guilds with only one person.

“How should we waste time? If it were not the War Spirit Hall that had found the instance zone, North America District would never know the entrance of the door when you would open up.”

War Spirit Ziyi, with arms around the chest, and the choppy waves in front of the chest, attracted much attention. Almost all male players present intentionally or unintentionally glanced at her.

“Oh, do not be in conflict, my dear friends. You are the masters here for pioneering new land. It is definitely a bad thing for others to tease our behaviors. If the internals are not harmonious, and allow the North America District to grab the first opening, then we can’t really afford the responsibility.”

Among the group of players in the game, the only middle-aged player was extremely special. He was wearing simple clothes like a novice player and had no equipment. It seemed that he had no fighting capacity. However, when he opened his mouth, everyone did not refute it. It was exactly Lao Xu.

“He must be an advanced master that could even make us, the 19 players, wait for such a long time and replaced the president of the War Spirit Hall. I don’t know who the president of War Spirit Hall has invited, because even I have not received any messages.” Lao Xu smiled politely.

In fact, the original War Spirit Hall had three seats. It was exactly the president War Spirit Sky, War Spirit Knife who was the best shield warrior, and War Spirit Ziyi, the best healer.

When the War Spirit Sky initiatively proposed to replace the position and asked someone else to make up for himself, some people expressed surprise as this person was not a member of War Spirit Hall.

The three seats really meant a lot. If the Huaxia District could get the first pass of land reclamation, then there would be 3 players with the prefix of the War Spirit Hall on the list of the team. This was absolutely a great propaganda for the reputation of the War Spirit Hall.

War Spirit Knife should really offer to give his place to others. How could other people not feel surprised when the decision was made by him, the president of the guild?

“I did this in order to make Huaxia District grab the honor of the first pass. I would have done this even I was required to wait for another half hour, let alone giving up just a seat.” War Spirit Sky said so.

“Hey, I have to see which god has such a fanfare. So many of us are waiting for only him. Is it possible that Blademaster comes out personally.”

Therapeutical paladin was a young man with his proud face, which seemed to be very flamboyant. But he did have the strength.

As one of the top ten players in the former Hall of Fame, and one of the top ten players of the Huaxia District, it was strange that there was no arrogance for a person with such great achievement.

“It seems that this person does have some strength to even let the president of the War Spirit Hall take the initiative to replace his position. If he performed badly later, that would be really interesting.”

Therapeutical Paladin was obviously dissatisfied. He looked at the deep gully on the chest of War Spirit Ziyi. It was estimated that only Blademaster was qualified to make him wait in Huaxia District that could match his identity.

There were more than 20 people on the scene, but some of them were as cover position as War Spirit Sky. For example, War Spirit Sky would come out if Xiaofeng did not appear. There were several other people who were also substitute players to prevent such accidents.

There were only 19 players who really made up the team, while 15 of them were from the major guilds. These players were with the prefix of the major guilds. It was such a good opportunity to show their prestige that no major guild wanted to lose it.

However, those who could participate in the land reclamation team were indeed the elites or representative figures of the major guilds. Many of them were the presidents or vice presidents of the guild. Personally, each person must have certain strength, and the land reclamation team could not put passer-by players in. Unless it was like Night Cooer or therapeutical paladin, you could then bring a passer-by player, because they had the strength.

This team also reflected the relationship between the major guilds. At least it was impossible to enter the team for those who had conflicts with War Spirit Hall.

However, this type of group that consisted major guilds also had many advantages, because everyone was the core figure of the guild, naturally participated in many team battles, all kinds of cooperation were more tacit. Instead, the scattered masters like Night Cooer and Therapeutical Paladin had their own personalities, which made them difficult to control.

Except for the core members of the 15 major guilds, there were only 4 players who had no guild prefix. They were Therapeutical Paladin, Lao Xu, Night Cooer, and a teenager who hid in the corner and peeked at War Spirit Ziyi. It was a young archer.

The young archer did not show his name, but if Xiaofeng was on the scene, he might recognize him. This young man was exactly the archer who was “very happy” with him when he was doing a pet mission.

“The seventeen masters, you are all men afterwards. If you want to see it, you can just look at it above board and see what it is. How can you peek here?”

A man who was full of wretchedness with the the name of Sword of Dynasty on his head walked to the archer player and patted his shoulder and said.

“I didn’t peek! Bullshit!”

The young archer player said when he was suddenly shocked and pushed away the wretched uncle’s hand.

War Spirit Ziyi seemed to hear the sound behind. She turned back, smiled at the young archer, and the seductive grace naturally revealed. But then she turned away.

The face of the young archer suddenly became red, and he hurriedly looked away from her.

“Oh, I didn’t expect the seventeen-year-old god to take a name from the seventeen-year-old archer who wanted to sleep like a pastor. He should be such a pure boy, oh.”

The wretched uncle’s Sword of Dynasty was greatly amazed, and there was a slurp in his mouth.

This young archer player should also be a master in the Hall of Fame! The seventeen-year-old archer wanted to sleep with the priest! But others all call him with the seventeenth god.

Seventeen was obviously afraid of Sword of the Dynasty, the wretched man. He moved directly to a place and ignored him in the corner.

Night Cooer was also hiding in the corner. She had always been a silent Chinese first assassin in the eyes of ordinary players. She did not move, or it must be the most deadly attack.

In fact, Night Cooer was indeed like this when she in front of the strangers. She hid silently, but she was now looking around and watching, only to see that everyone was coming except Xiaofeng. She was slightly disappointed.

Although she wanted to send a message to Xiaofeng, she did not send it out because she definitely knew the strength of him. This team was not free to join as she knew, but it did not mean that others knew.

Although she had a place for a passer-by, it had already been given to Midsummer Rose the one beside her. So she could not bring another person.

Midsummer Rose was still covered with snow yarn, standing on the side, not even saying a word, as if she was already transcendental, and naturally exuded a dusty and refined atmosphere.

As one of the few female players in the team, Midsummer Rose also attracted a lot of attention, but she cared little about it. The cold attitude also blocked the thoughts of other players who wanted to say hello. At most, just a greeting to her. Even like this, Night Cooer, who was with high popularity would be accompanied by her. Night Cooer now ranked second place in the Huaxia District, and surpassed even Blademaster. People were all amazed by her strength.

In fact, the reason why Midsummer Rose did not follow the crowd, in addition to her own cold personality, was another one. She was a passer-by brought in by Night Cooer, not because of her own strength, but she naturally felt that this identity was inferior. So she was pure and lofty to be part of the team. Even if these people were the core of the major guilds, and they were very beneficial for Midsummer Guild to develop in the future.

“He’s coming.”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 79 Who is the Person?