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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 78 The Pioneering Team

Chapter 78 The Pioneering Team

𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

In fact, players had talked about Xiaofeng in the forum shortly after he had transferred his profession and become a Sacred Ritualist.

After all, he took the first place in the level list and all the other players were following his progress closely. His level changes would lead to heated discussions, let alone the sudden transfer to hidden professions.

In Myth, the hidden profession was definitely a synonym for power and strength. It was rare and a lot stronger than ordinary professions. Therefore, numerous players were crazy about it and kept taking tasks from the NPCs.

However, it was difficult for the players to find because they were hidden. Countless players tried their best but only a few of the hundreds of millions of players in the Huaxia District could successfully transfer their professions.

However, as a mysterious player who took first place in the level list of the Huaxia District, he had attracted the attention of all the other players after transferring to the hidden profession. But most of them were guessing the identity of this mysterious player. After all, he was the mysterious master who took the first place in the level list and it was normal for him to transfer into the hidden profession.

Of course, there were very few players who kept asking about this mysterious master. They were envious of his success, wanted to draw him in, or wanted to know how to transfer to a hidden profession.

Of course, Xiaofeng couldn’t tell Night Cooer about his professional characteristics. Therefore, Night Cooer teased him and left him alone without asking any other questions. She could only blame his silence on his strong and powerful hidden profession.

The whole mountain range was pale and the skeleton monsters might be refreshed and crawl out of the ground at any time. Xiaofeng and Night Cooer tried to bypass the refreshing point, but they inevitably came across these skeleton monsters several times. But there was only a small number of them and Xiaofeng and Night Cooer killed them easily.

“I remember you said that you are playing online games for the first time. But it seems that you have more game experience than me.”

Night Cooer wondered why Xiaofeng was capable of adapting to the environment of the monsters.

“Perhaps it’s because I’m a genius.”

Xiaofeng seriously thought about this question for a while and then answered it seriously.

Night Cooer looked at Xiaofeng with admiration and asked, “How can I be as shameless as you are?”


“Wow! Experience! Hurry up! Countless experience points and pieces of equipment are waiting for us!”

Night Cooer mounted the highland and suddenly gave a cry of excitement. She immediately became excited and was about to rush over with Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng, who walked behind her, looked up and became speechless. There were indeed countless skeleton soldiers in front of them. There were as many of them in this place as they were in the valley. They also formed the sea of bones and the huge experience points were enough for Xiaofeng to level up once again if they could kill all of them.

But Xiaofeng’s face immediately darkened after he could clearly see this sea of bones.

It was not because the level of these monsters exceeded the upper limit of his scouting and he couldn’t see their levels. Anyway, the Holy Light could cause the percentage damage and he could kill the monsters that were several levels higher than him.

Xiaofeng’s face darkened because the professions of this large group of skeleton soldiers were threatening. Most of them were ranged attack monsters, including the skeleton archers and skeleton mages.

Xiaofeng was confident about his blocking. But the premise was that he could have enough space. But now he was facing thousands of players of ranged professions. Their attacks would not be limited to a point or to a line, instead, they could form a block or a piece. Facing this large-scale skill sea, Xiaofeng couldn’t use the blocking at all. There was no gap between these dense attacks and they would fell on him like a wall. There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.

Besides, Xiaofeng had to run with them during the cooldown time of his skills. He would definitely be shot by these monsters. These numerous monsters of ranged professions would definitely seckill Xiaofeng no matter how weak their attacking force was. Xiaofeng couldn’t survive their attacks unless his head was made of iron.

“Stop standing around! Hurry up and kill them! There are more monsters in this place than in the valley! We may move up a level once again!”

Night Cooer was excited and urged Xiaofeng to get started. She felt happier and was sure that it was a wise decision to follow Xiaofeng and do the tasks. She didn’t need to attack these monsters, anyway. She only needed to take the experience points and pick up the equipment after Xiaofeng killed all the monsters!

Besides, there were countless monsters in this place and Xiaofeng was efficient in killing monsters. They got huge experience points within a short period of time and could level up quickly as if they were on a rocket ship!

She couldn’t believe that a player can move up two levels within one hour until today!

“Warrior, please attract the hatred of the monsters. You’re an assassin and I believe that you are good at this. Don’t worry, I can give out enough DPS as long as you can attract all the monsters.” Xiaofeng looked at Night Cooer in her eyes.

“There are too many ranged monsters and I can’t attract all of them. Their attacks are dense and there’s nowhere to hide. I’ll definitely be seckilled.” Night Cooer looked at the sea of skeleton soldiers and said without confidence.

“I thought that you didn’t understand this point. You’ll be seckilled and I can’t also survive their attacks.” Xiaofeng said with anger.

“You’re a master, aren’t you?” Night Cooer said in a lower voice.

“Master will also be killed! My head is not made of iron!”

“I didn’t force you to attack them. Why are you snapping at me?” Night Cooer complained in a low voice. She snorted and continued to say with dissatisfaction, “You’re not strong enough. I’m sure that my idol will not be afraid of these monsters.”

“Who’s your idol? The Iron Man?” Xiaofeng asked with surprise.

“Hey! My idol is the only myth in the game world and his name is Alleria! Do you know him? He’s the textbook in the game world and every video is teaching materials. He creates the Alleria Step and every player dreams of mastering this skill. I watched one of his games by accident and was attracted by his operation. That’s the reason why I start to play online games.” Night Cooer said and she was lost in memories, which was rare for her.

“Then you might be disappointed. Your idol will also be killed if he attacks these monsters.” Xiaofeng turned and continued to move forward.

“You’re not allowed to insult him! Alleria doesn’t belong to me! He’s the idol of all the players of the Huaxia District! He has won countless honors for the Huaxia District! He is the hero of the country!” Night Cooer caught up with Xiaofeng and said seriously.

“Hey! Do you like him? Is he your dream lover?” Xiaofeng asked without even turning his head.

“Well, I can be his girlfriend if he’s not so fat.” Night Cooer was hesitant, which was rare for her.

Alleria was the idol of all the other players in the Huaxia District and it was well-known that he was a fat man. He weighed over 200 pounds and was a real fatty. There were many videos about him on the internet and everyone knew this fact. But it didn’t prevent the players all over the world from loving and worshiping him.

Alleria was very fat, so the ordinary people knew nothing about his private life and it seemed that he didn’t have a girlfriend even though he had won countless honors and was a vigorous young man.


Xiaofeng seemed to have chuckled. As an innocent young man, he had to shoulder the responsibility and fought for the national honor. But there was no one backing him when he was tired and defeated.

This was a tough time for him.


Night Cooer suddenly stopped and covered her ear with one hand. She said something in a low voice as if talking with someone on the telephone.

Xiaofeng also stopped and waited for her. But he was not interested in her conversation. He went off to observe the landscape of this mountain range.

“I have to go. My cousin asked me to come over. Maybe you also want to leave with me.”

Night Cooer hung up within one minute. Then she came over and said to Xiaofeng.

“What happened? Does it have anything to do with me?” Xiaofeng felt strange after hearing what she had said.

“Look at the home page of the official forum. The post has been placed at the top.” Night Cooer said.

Xiaofeng clicked on the system menu opened the official forum. He was immediately attracted to the first title of the comprehensive forum homepage.

The first 15th-level instance zone of the Huaxia District has been discovered. This post is for all players in the Huaxia District. We want masters and senior players! Please come to the entrance to the instance zone and work together to complete the mission!

The content of the post was as follows: “The situation is urgent and we have to be brief! I am Lao Xu and the mission of the instance zone is triggered by the War Spirit Hall. It’s in Shengshui City and players can arrive at this place by using the transmission array of all the main cities. As everyone knows, the instance zone of each level has a battlefield land reclamation ranking. And the first theater to complete the mission of instance zone will receive honor points as a reward. For the honor of the Huaxia District, the masters and senior players please hurry up and work together to complete the mission! It’s said that the North American District has also found the instance zone. Now they are competing with us. The master players who have a strong sense of honor! Please hurry up and come to Shengshui City!”

The post appeared ten minutes ago. It told them the gathering point and clearly said that they only needed the senior players. The ordinary players must act according to their ability and avoid wasting the precious time of the Huaxia District.

The poster was Lao Xu and Xiaofeng knew this player. He was very popular among the players of the Huaxia District. He didn’t have a great fighting force but he was good at gathering information and analyzing the situation. Therefore, his analyses were convincing to the players.

“I have to go back. My cousin wants me to participate in the pioneering team on behalf of the Midsummer Guild. I can bring a player of the Midsummer Guild as my special treatment,” Night Cooer said. She took out the returning scroll and left in the white light. Then she said, “It seems that I can only do the task with you next time. But you are in the first place of the level list and I believe that you’ll also join the team.”

The true instance zone would definitely be more difficult than the trail mission of the Novice Village.

Players could form a team of 20 and there was also the ranking list of completion time and the introduction of different teams outside the instance zone.

The map of the instance zone was indispensable for all players. If they could leave their names outside the instance zone, they would definitely become more famous in the Huaxia District. This was also an excellent advertisement for their guild.

It was also an excellent opportunity for the major guilds. If the name of their guilds could rank high among all the pioneering teams, they would become more famous and the players could also better understand their strength.

Besides, players in the whole server were competing and trying to be the first to complete the mission of the instance zone!

Night Cooer was a master player in the Hall of Fame and she also came second in the level list of the Huaxia District. Therefore, she could bring another master player of the Midsummer Guild to join the pioneering team. Midsummer Rose would never miss this opportunity.

“Hey! Friend War Spirit Knife is calling you, do you accept it?”

Xiaofeng also received a call application of War Spirit Knife after Night Cooer left.

“Master Healer, we...”

War Spirit Knife said eagerly as soon as Xiaofeng answered the phone. But Xiaofeng immediately interrupted him before War Spirit Knife finished speaking.

“The 15th-level instance zone, right?”

“Oh! Master Healer, you’ve known this! The War Spirit Hall is the guild that discovered the instance zone and three of us can join the team. The president wants to invite you to join us. Of course, we will not force you if you’re unwilling to work with us.”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 78 The Pioneering Team