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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 77 The Efficiency

Chapter 77 The Efficiency

This was a critical moment and Xiaofeng had to move as fast as he could. He couldn’t let them run about because he needed to kill all these skeleton soldiers. The best solution was to let them circle around the valley.

But it was a horrible thing to be chased by thousands of monsters at the same time. Due to the narrow passage of the valley, he would not face too many monsters at the same time. But it was still a difficult task and ordinary players dared not challenge it.

Of course, Xiaofeng was not afraid of them. But he wasn’t sure whether Night Cooer could survive this sea of bones of the dead. But he became angry and speechless after looking back at her.

Night Cooer used the stealth and no skeleton soldier noticed her because she didn’t attract any hatred.

In other words, all skeleton soldiers were rushing at Xiaofeng and she was just watching without doing anything.

Xiaofeng was speechless. But there was no time to argue with her. The sea of bones would soon flood him and he could only turn to run.

This was definitely one of the most exciting blocking performances. Xiaofeng was like a leaf in the sea of bones. He was bouncing up and down in the tide without a scratch. It seemed to be thrilling, but Xiaofeng was not injured because he only needed to fight with at most one circle of skeleton soldiers at the same time.

After running around the valley with the numerous skeleton soldiers, Xiaofeng found that the cooldown time of his Holy Light also passed. The therapeutic scepter could reduce the cooldown time of the Holy Light by three seconds. Therefore, he only needed to wait for 27 seconds before using the skill once again.

Xiaofeng immediately turned around and waved the therapeutic scepter. Suddenly, red clouds rose in the valley once again.





Numerous figures of damages appeared and the Health Point of all skeleton soldiers dropped once again. Xiaofeng immediately ran away after using the skills and the skeleton soldiers had no chance to catch him.

Night Cooer, who was hiding nearby and watching him, suddenly became stiff. She didn’t know what Xiaofeng was doing before, but now she understood everything!

He was killing monsters. But different from ordinary players, Xiaofeng was killing hundreds of monsters at the same time!

Night Cooer saw it with her own eyes, otherwise, she couldn’t believe that a player could kill hundreds of monsters at the same time!

27 seconds of cooldown time passed quickly and Xiaofeng survived the skeleton soldiers without a scratch. He waved the therapeutic scepter once again and the third red clouds appeared. The HP of all the skeleton soldiers had been reduced by half.

Xiaofeng was waving his scepter again and again and Night Cooer fell into a torpor and looked blankly at him. After six consecutive red clouds, the HP bar of all the skeleton soldiers in the valley was nearly emptied and they only had less than dozens of health points. The cooldown time of Xiaofeng’s Holy Light also passed and the seventh red cloud rose once again.





“Hey! Your team has killed the 20th-level Skeleton Soldiers and got 300 points of experience!”

“Hey! Your team has killed the 20th-level Skeleton Soldiers and got 300 points of experience!”

“Hey! Your team has killed the 20th-level Skeleton Soldiers and got 300 points of experience!”


“Hey! Congratulations! You’ve reached level 13 and got 1 free attribute point to allot.”


“Hey! Congratulations! You’ve reached level 12 and got 1 free attribute point to allot.”


Night Cooer was bombarded with the sudden system prompts. Each skeleton soldier could provide them with 300 experience points and there were nearly 10,000 skeleton soldiers that had been killed in the valley at the same time!

They got nearly 3 million experience points!

This was definitely a huge experience figure. Two lights of leveling up appeared on their heads.

But Xiaofeng only spent less than 4 minutes killing them!

The bones of the dead instantly collapsed and the valley was piled high with them, which was a fine spectacle.

At the same time, various gold coins, equipment, and drugs also appeared in the valley which was full of bones. There were too many items and they couldn’t even see the end.

Xiaofeng immediately rushed to pick up these items without any hesitation. There were too many drops while there was no time for him to take all of them. Therefore, Xiaofeng could only pick up the valuable items and the gold coins that took up little space. He ignored all the other equipment, including the blue dresses and only picked up the rare equipment with blue light!

This was definitely a hard-fought battle, which was even tougher than being drowned in the sea of bones. There were pieces of green clothes on the ground while he couldn’t pick up them. Xiaofeng’s heart ached by there was no time for him to mourn for his loss. He could only make up his mind, skip these pieces of equipment and look for better ones.

“You... Are you always killing monsters like this? Is this the reason why you’re always occupying the first place on the level list?”

Night Cooer was still in shock. She looked blankly at Xiaofeng who was busy picking up the items.

But Xiaofeng just ignored her. Night Cooer also regained her consciousness quickly. Looking at the numerous and endless drops on the ground, she rushed to pick them up madly in astonishment.

In Myth, players only had ten minutes to pick up the items dropped by the monsters. The system would get rid of them after ten minutes.

Xiaofeng was fast, but he still failed to pick up all the drops within ten minutes. All the items on the ground immediately vanished after ten minutes.

All the equipment in the valley was brushed away by the system and Xiaofeng had to stop. His heart ached.

“Ah! What a pity!”

Night Cooer also said with pity, “You’re very efficient at killing monsters. But most of the drops will go to waste unless you can bring a large group of players to pick up all these items.”

“If a guild can be so efficient, they will definitely achieve greater progress and become stronger than any other guilds!”

Night Cooer looked deeply at Xiaofeng. She clearly knew the importance of efficiency to a guild. This amazing efficiency of killing monsters could bring them huge experience points and countless new pieces of equipment.

If this scene went out now, all the major guilds of Huaxia District would fight for Xiaofeng at any cost.

Xiaofeng ignored her. He opened his backpack to look at his gains.

He collected the gold coins the most. But after all, skeleton soldiers were ordinary little monsters and most of its drops were copper coins. There were few silver coins and he only got a dozen gold coins.

Then he checked the equipment. All of them were rare 20th-level equipment and there were 13 pieces of them. Xiaofeng directly ignored the equipment which was below the rare level. The rare equipment was the best item that the ordinary little monsters could drop.

The gains were not as rich as he had imagined. But Xiaofeng was satisfied with them. After all, it only took him several minutes to kill all these monsters and he could kill them over and over again to get more drops. But picking up the equipment was a tougher task than killing the monsters.

“Hey! Why are you so abnormal?”

Night Cooer also seemed to have obtained notable gains. She threw away several green clothes and then said to Xiaofeng.

“Are you praising me?” Xiaofeng said with anger.

“Alright. Master, why are you so skilled and efficient? You’re a healer and why are you good at killing monsters?” Night Cooer rolled her eyes and asked Xiaofeng.

“It’s none of your business. Let’s go.”

Xiaofeng ignored her. He walked through the valley and went on farther.

“Ha! I come second in the level list! I’m at a higher level than the Blademaster! What? Your profession is the Sacred Ritualist! Is this a hidden profession?”

Night Cooer followed Xiaofeng and looked at the level list. She was ecstatic after finding that she came second in the list. But she immediately noticed the profession of Xiaofeng, who took the first place. Then she asked him with doubts.


Xiaofeng said casually. The ordinary priest would become the ritualist after transferring their professions. The acute players would immediately understand that this was a hidden profession after seeing its name.

“Wow! How did you transfer your profession? Why can you choose the hidden profession? No wonder you become so skilled and strong! Where did you get the task? Can I do that task?” Night Cooer asked with excitement.

“We are enemies, aren’t we? How could I tell you this secret?” Xiaofeng said impatiently.

“Hey! You are so petty.”

Night Cooer snorted. But she stopped asking and left Xiaofeng alone. The hidden profession was of great importance and players wouldn’t tell the related information to others.

After passing through the valley, they officially entered the mountain range. The sky was gray and the earth was pale and barren. The wild and desolate scenery appeared in front of them.

The ridge was pointed and looked like a sharp stone pillar. There was no living creature, and the plants were withered.

“This place is gloomy and sepulchral. What’s your task?”

Night Cooer shrank. She rubbed her shoulders with her hands and asked Xiaofeng.

“Inspection mission. The mission location should be right ahead.”

Xiaofeng read the system map and looked at the task tips once again. Then he said to Night Cooer with uncertainty.

“Let’s go. Oh, wait! There are monsters!”

Night Cooer took a step but the empty and barren ground in front of her suddenly cracked and three skeleton monsters climbed out one by one.

“I can’t see their levels by using my intermediate scouting! They must be more than ten levels higher than me!”

Night Cooer immediately took a step back and said vigilantly with daggers in her hands.

“They are 25th-level little monsters.”

Xiaofeng looked at them with advanced scouting and said. Players could see the information of creatures which were at most 15 levels higher than them by using the advanced scouting. Therefore, Xiaofeng could still see its information.

“25th-level little monster? It’s not a problem. We’ll kill all of them if time permits. But their refreshing method is weird and dangerous. They will suddenly appear on the ground without warning!”

Xiaofeng and Night Cooer attracted the hatred of the three skeleton monsters and they were rushing at them. Night Cooer looked at them and said seriously.

“We can go round them.”

Xiaofeng was not worried at all. He had dealt with this kind of skeleton monsters that crawled out of the ground many times. He was sure that he could bypass its refreshing point.


Three skeleton monsters roared and rushed at them. The ordinary players would definitely avoid the monsters at level 25 like a plague. But Xiaofeng and Night Cooer were not ordinary players.

They turned into three piles of broken bones within two minutes.

“Why is your attacking force so great? Does your hidden profession belong to the field of the priest?”

To her disappointment, she only killed one monster and found that the other two had already been killed by Xiaofeng. She would have liked to show him the one-on-one attacking capacity of the assassin. She was impressed by his speed and didn’t know what to say.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 77 The Efficiency