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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 75 A Scam

Chapter 75 A Scam

“Hey! There are so many people!”

Xiaofeng was still looking down at the map. He looked up and found that he was suddenly surrounded by a large group of people. They were members of the Doomsday League, which aroused his interest.

“Hey! Buddy! I heard that you looked down upon our Doomsday League in the Novice Village! How dare you offend us!”

Doomsday God of War came forward. He and Xiaofeng stood facing each other. He smiled coldly while Doomsday Law God stood behind Doomsday God and stared at Xiaofeng angrily.

“Doomsday League? What’s that? I can’t remember.”

Xiaofeng smiled and said with disdain. Obviously, he was not afraid of the Doomsday League.

In an instant, dozens of players of the Doomsday League, including Doomsday God, stared at Xiaofeng coldly. Their faces immediately darkened.

“Gee! He’s awesome! How dare he sneer at the Doomsday League? The president is also standing here!”

“I think he’s an idiot! He’s wearing the newbie suit but his name is Archbishop. This name is so strange and I’ve never heard of it.”

“I think he’s doomed! He will be thrown out of this game world!”

The players standing around were also astonished by him. They were discussing this strange player.

“Fine. I will never forget you. I hope that you can also remember me, because Doomsday League will throw you out of this game world.”

Doomsday God was a man in his early 30s. He looked at Xiaofeng indifferently and said flatly.

“You’re doomed! Your account will be deleted!”

Doomsday Law God and Doomsday God of War knew Doomsday God well. They immediately noticed that their president was irritated and gave Xiaofeng a pitying look.

“Oh? Is that true?”

Xiaofeng opened his mouth and said carelessly.

“Let’s go.”

Doomsday God glanced at Xiaofeng once again and didn’t say anything else. In his mind, Xiaofeng was already a dead man.

“Get the hell out of my way!”

Doomsday God of War smiled grimly and reached out to push her away.


But to his surprise, Xiaofeng suddenly fell on the ground after being pushed by him.

“What are you doing?”

Doomsday God of War was stunned and looked at his extended hands. He just pushed this man softly and shouldn’t receive the damage penalty.

But Xiaofeng, who was lying on the ground, took a deep breath and suddenly shouted and screamed.

“Help me! Someone hit me! Please help me! Where’s the guard? Someone beat me inside the main city!”

His shouting was pathetic and grew louder. All the players standing around were attracted to him and stared at him in astonishment.

“What happened?”

Doomsday God took a step forward and was about to leave, but he suddenly heard the shouting. He turned around and found that Xiaofeng was lying on the ground and screaming. Doomsday God frowned and asked with doubts.

“I don’t know what happened! I just pushed him softly but he fell on the ground. I dare not hit him inside the city! This is a scam! I’m sure he did this on purpose!”

Doomsday God of War didn’t know what to do. He stared angrily at Xiaofeng who was lying on the ground.

“Hey! Stop doing this! I know you want to feign injury and ask the guard to punish us! But it’s impossible! We don’t cause any damage to you!”

“Is he an idiot?How dare he blackmail us in the game?”

“Let’s go. We’ll get in trouble when the guards come here.”

Doomsday God frowned and immediately wanted to leave. But it was late.

“What happened?”

The players on the periphery were separated, and two teams of city guards who were on patrol were attracted to them. They were walking to Xiaofeng and the members of the Doomsday League.

It was too late for them to leave but Doomsday God was not worried. He clearly knew that Doomsday God of War wouldn’t attack other players in the city. He was not so stupid.

But Doomsday God’s face suddenly darkened because he found that the patrol city guards who were bossy and arrogant suddenly changed their attitudes towards Xiaofeng.

“Adventurers, what happened? I warn you to be well-behaved. If I catch you making trouble and fighting with others in the main city, I will send you to jail and you’ll stay here for a month!”

The captain of the city guard came towards them and said arrogantly. But his face suddenly changed after seeing Xiaofeng who was lying on the ground.

“A-a-archbishop! What happened? Please get up! Hurry up and help Mr. Archbishop stand up!”

The captain of the city guard immediately asked Xiaofeng in his oily voice. It seemed that he suddenly became the henchman of Xiaofeng, which made the other players astonished.

The captain of the city guard, who was arrogant and bossy, suddenly bowed and scraped as if Xiaofeng was his father. The players standing around them were astonished. Then the captain carefully picked up the male player who was lying on the ground and shouting.

“Mr. Archbishop, what’s wrong with you? Why are you lying on the ground?”

The captain of the city guards said respectfully. He bowed and scraped and took Xiaofeng’s arms. His voice was oily and he was eager to fawn on Xiaofeng.

“I was attacked by this group of people on the street! You’re not a qualified city guard captain!”

Xiaofeng dusted himself down and pointed angrily at Doomsday God and other members of the Doomsday League.

Doomsday God’s face darkened. He felt that they were in trouble.

The other players who were standing around and looking at Xiaofeng with disdain also noticed that there was something wrong.

“What? I can’t believe this! This group of adventurers is too daring! Come on! Pull them in!”

The captain of the city guards was furious after hearing Xiaofeng’s words. He shouted and two teams of patrol city guards immediately rushed at the players of the Doomsday League. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

The large group of players of the Doomsday League was also stunned. They stared blankly at the NPC city guards who were rushing at them and didn’t know what to do.

They couldn’t even find the levels of these NPC city guards by using advanced scouting. They just came to the main city from the Novice Village several days ago and were no match for the guards. The city guards subdued them in an instant.

“Yes! Pull them in! Send them to jail! You’ll be imprisoned for one month! No! Two months!”

Xiaofeng immediately gained the upper hand. He pointed at Doomsday God and other members of the Doomsday League and said in a domineering manner.

“Have you heard what Archbishop said? Pull them in and imprison him for one month! No! Two months!”

The city guard captain immediately followed Xiaofeng’s orders like his henchman.

“Why should you put us in jail? We didn’t attack others in the main city!”

“Let me go! I don’t want to be imprisoned!”

The players of the Doomsday League suddenly became flustered. They were shouting and screaming. If they were really imprisoned by these NPCs for one or two months, they would suffer great losses.

No one dared offend these NPCs at the current stage. Once they were put in jail, they couldn’t do tasks or level up, which meant that they were kicked out of this game. At the current stage, players were busy leveling up. Some players didn’t even have the time to get some food. They couldn’t afford to waste a single minute.

They couldn’t imagine the consequences of staying in jail for one or two months!

The face of Doomsday God paled. Doomsday Law God and Doomsday God of War panicked and they were asking him for help.

But Doomsday God was also desperate. Can he defy these NPC city guards? No, they were no match for these guards, besides, the consequences might be worse.

Therefore, the players of the Doomsday League, including their president, were led away by the NPC city guards. Looking at them, the onlookers were shocked and stunned.

“Mr. Archbishop, are you satisfied with this solution?”

The captain of the city guard continued to ask Xiaofeng in his oily voice. But the players standing around them dared not look down on this NPC. Despite that he was obsequious and shameless, they couldn’t afford to offend him at the current stage.

“Well, you’ve done a good job. By the way, that man is also a member of them. Please pull him in.”

Xiaofeng nodded with great satisfaction and then pointed at a player among the onlookers. He had abused Xiaofeng but Xiaofeng was a revengeful man.

“Ah! No! I have nothing to do with the Doomsday League! Please don’t believe him!”

That player’s face suddenly paled and he shouted with fear.

“Behave yourself! Stand still! How dare you offend the Archbishop! Do you want to be thrown out of the Land of God?”

The captain of the city guard personally went up to get this player. He was shouting and screaming and looked more miserable than Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng had to admit that this man had a louder voice.

Xiaofeng fixed his collar and sighed with resignation. It was lonely to be in a high position. All the other players were staring blankly at him and he strode away arrogantly.

Xiaofeng also found Night Cooer who was standing outside the crowd. She was wearing a mask and looking at him with disdain.

Xiaofeng glared at her as if threatening to pull her in.

Night Cooer stared defiantly back at him. Then she turned and left. In fact, she was afraid that Xiaofeng would put her into prison. It seemed that he was serious.

But she’d only gone a few paces before she stopped. She followed Xiaofeng once again and caught him outside the main city.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 75 A Scam