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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 74 Make Trouble

Chapter 74 Make Trouble

Xiaofeng heard Midsummer Lily’s voice and immediately found them. They were standing in the doorway, so Xiaofeng came towards them with a smile.

“Hey, beauties! What a coincidence!”

“Who are you talking to? We’re not familiar with you!” Midsummer Lily kept a poker face and said coldly. She didn’t understand why Xiaofeng tried to sweet-talk them. They were enemies.

She also didn’t know why Miss Liu asked the entire guild to kill this man. In fact, she had intended to persuade him into joining the Midsummer guild.

Several members of the Midsummer Guild also immediately recognized their enemy. They took out weapons at the same time and looked at Xiaofeng with hostility. They were in the main city now, otherwise, they would have already attacked him.

“Just ignore him.”

Midsummer Rose said in a low voice. She looked away from Xiaofeng and ignored him.

The player’s appearance adjustments were invalid after they transferred their professions. Maybe that was why Midsummer Rose wore the white veil. It was a pity that her perfect face was covered.

“Hey! Do you want to enter the mansion of the city master? You’d better start with the guard’s task, otherwise, the butler will not even talk to you.” Midsummer Lily snorted and looked at Xiaofeng with complacency. They were the fastest players in Tianlong City.

However, when she finished speaking, the butler also noticed Xiaofeng. His face suddenly changed and then he greeted Xiaofeng respectfully.

“Ah! The Archbishop comes to the mansion of the city master in person! Could you please tell me what’s your mission?”

The NPC butler was stubborn and serious. He had never been more than lukewarm towards them. But now he talked to Xiaofeng respectfully and warmly, which made the players of Midsummer Guild astonished at the same time.

Midsummer Lily was also stunned and Midsummer Rose was surprised. She slightly frowned and looked at Xiaofeng strangely.

“I want to see the city master.”

Xiaofeng ignored them and directly said to the butler.

“Alright! Please follow me!”

The NPC butler immediately bent and led the way without any hesitation. Xiaofeng followed him into the mansion of the city master.

“Miss Liu...”

Looking at Xiaofeng who entered the mansion arrogantly, Midsummer Lily was furious and said to Midsummer Rose.

But Midsummer Rose was also puzzled. She wanted to sneak into the mansion while the butler was gone. But two guards came out and stood at the doorway and she finally gave up.

The mansion of the city master was not big. It was even smaller than the Tianlong City branch. Xiaofeng immediately saw the master of Tianlong City in a hall.

“Archbishop of the Temple of Light, what brings you here?”

The master of Tianlong City was a middle-aged man with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. He was strong and mighty. He was sitting in the hall and didn’t get up to welcome Xiaofeng. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

“City Master, I want to buy a piece of land in the commercial district of Tianlong City,” Xiaofeng said frankly.

“No problem, I didn’t expect that an adventurer can become the Archbishop. The land of Tianlong City can be sold to adventurers. This is the map of Tianlong City’s commercial districts. They are labeled with a price and you can pick freely.”

Obviously, the master of Tianlong City was surprised that Xiaofeng was a player. But he still took out the map quickly.

“Well... This...”

The map of the commercial districts was clear and Xiaofeng could see the pros and cons of every location and their different prices. But the land was very expensive and would cost thousands of gold coins or hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Xiaofeng felt embarrassed.

According to the currency exchange system, one gold coin was equal to 100 real money. This meant that the price of the most expensive piece of land was about ten million.

This may not be expensive for those consortia. Xiaofeng believed that these commercial districts would immediately sell out after the currency exchange system was open. But the problem was that the currency exchange system was not open yet.

And Xiaofeng didn’t have so many gold coins at this moment.

“Archbishop, do you have any problem? You can just speak out. The business districts of Tianlong City are open to adventurers. And I can sell all of them to you if you want.”

The master of Tianlong City said frankly, which made Xiaofeng even more embarrassed. Of course, he wanted to buy all of them! But he didn’t have enough money!

“Well, City Master, in fact, I.... don’t have money,” Xiaofeng said with embarrassment.


But the master of Tianlong City flew into a rage. He winced and lurched to his feet!

“The Temple of Light is domineering and bossy! How dare you openly occupy the territory of the Shenzhou Empire!”

Xiaofeng was scared by him. But he suddenly realized something. This master of Tianlong City didn’t seem to have a good impression of the Temple of Light as the ordinary NPCs, instead, he rejected it.

Besides, he also mentioned the Shenzhou Empire. This was the first time that Xiaofeng realized that there was an empire on the Land of God. In the previous mission story, the Temple of Light always held the dominant position and the empire was a little-known place.

“No no no. I just want to rent a piece of land as an adventurer and I will buy it at the selling price a few days later.”

“Rent a piece of land?”

After hearing what Xiaofeng had said, the master of Tianlong City finally calmed down.

“Yes! I hope you can allow me to rent it! I promise to buy this land in full within ten days!”

Xiaofeng nodded. The currency exchange system would definitely be open within ten days. He didn’t know how much money Qian Duoduo wanted to invest in this game world, but he had a plan B. He must earn over 100,000 gold coins in 10 days.

“You’re the first one who asks to rent the land and this is unprecedented. But the business districts are prepared for the adventurers like you and you’re also the Archbishop. I can promise you...” The master of Tianlong City said after thinking for a while.

“City Master, thank you very much!” Xiaofeng immediately said.

“Wait! I’m not finished yet.” The master of Tianlong City interrupted Xiaofeng once again.

“What?” Xiaofeng was stunned.

“I can rent the land to you. But I’m in trouble now. I can rent it to you after you solve the problem for me,” The master of Tianlong City said.

Xiaofeng realized that this was a task. He said, “What can I do for you? Just speak out.”

“Well, I appreciate your courage. I am curious to know how you became the Archbishop of the Temple of Light as an adventure, but it’s none of my business.” The master of Tianlong City cleared his throat and said to him seriously.

“Two days ago, a rank of my guards disappeared while working for me outside the mansion. So I sent two ranks of guards to find them, but they also disappeared and I’ve never heard from them since then.”

“My men are experienced soldiers and they can’t just vanish into thin air. I immediately realized that something terrible had happened. So I sent a lot of people to find them but they all disappeared without exception.”

“I sent the warrior chief to find them yesterday. He’s my confidant and a strong warrior. I believe that he can pull through no matter how dangerous the situation is.”

“But he didn’t come back yet.”

The master of Tianlong City looked at Xiaofeng and said, “I don’t know what happened in that place but it might be more dangerous than I think. So I want you to go to that place to bring the information back. The dangers hidden in that place are beyond my imagination. You’re not strong enough and will definitely be killed. But as an adventurer, you’re immortal. I believe that you can bring me the information even though you’re killed. Are you willing to go to that place?”

“Hey! Do you accept the task: Sign of Danger? Tip: This task is very difficult and we advise players to team up to finish it!”

It was a difficult task and it seemed that he would definitely be killed. But Xiaofeng had to accept this task in order to get the commercial district. Besides, he didn’t think that he would be killed.

“I accept it!”

“Good! You are really brave. I’ll stay in the mansion and wait to hear from you. Please come back soon! You may also meet the warrior chief. He’s very strong and I believe that he’s still alive.”

After accepting the task, Xiaofeng had nothing else to do. He said goodbye to the master of Tianlong City and left the mansion.

“See you around, Mr. Archbishop!”

The NPC butler showed him out respectfully. Midsummer Rose and other members of the Midsummer Guild had already left. They waited for a long time but didn’t see the butler and they were also stuck on this task. So they could only leave.

Xiaofeng stopped thinking about them. They were enemies and would never work together to finish the task. He might deliberately make them angry when meeting them but he would kill them on the battlefield without hesitation.

Xiaofeng walked out of the city and opened the system map to have a look. The task location was a bit far away. It seemed that he wouldn’t have enough time to level up. He hoped that other players could slow down.

It was two or three o’clock in the morning but there were still many players in Tianlong City. As Xiaofeng walked out of the city, he came face to face with a group of players with the prefix of Doomsday.

“President, I’ve asked some players to walk around all the places around Tianlong City. This main city is suitable for our development. There are creeps of various levels and their levels range from 10 to 30. This is a popular place for leveling up at the current stage. There are also many production points for various materials and several of them are rare materials.”

Doomsday Law God followed a man who was the head of these players. He was talking and waving his arms in excitement.

“More importantly, someone has received the instance zone task and the entrance of the instance zone is not far from the city! President, please think about its advantages. It has abundant resources and many mainstream points for leveling up. Besides, it’s also close to the instance zone of the initial stage. This main city must be popular among players! This is definitely a good place for our initial development!”

“I also think that Law God is right. This city is suitable for the initial development, which means that the creeps around must be of low levels. So, it’s easier for us to defend the attacks of the creeps when we build the station of our guild!” Another player called Doomsday God of War also said.

“But this main city is the birthplace of the Midsummer Guild. We will definitely collide with them if we choose to develop in this city.”

The leading man’s name was Doomsday God and he was the president of the Doomsday League. He was hesitant at this moment.

“Hey! President! The Doomsday League is not afraid of the Midsummer Guild! The former president of the Midsummer Guild has already left and the current president is a female player. Her name is Midsummer Rose. Do you know that? We’re not afraid of this woman! Besides, the Midsummer Guild is affiliated to the Midsummer Group and their priority is to make money. There won’t be any large-scale conflicts between us because they will suffer great financial losses and the board of directors won’t agree with them. So they will leave and give Tianlong City to us if we take tough measures.” Doomsday Law God said with obvious disdain.

Doomsday God was still hesitating. Doomsday God of War was about to say something, but Xiaofeng who was wearing the newbie suit walked straight toward them. He was looking down at the map and didn’t even notice them.

“Are you blind... What? Newbie fashionable dress? Law God, look at this man! He seems to be the player that we need to kill!” Doomsday God of War was about to scream abuses at Xiaofeng, but he suddenly thought of something and said to Doomsday Law God.

“Yes! Fuck! He’s also in Tianlong City!”

Doomsday Law God raised his head and immediately recognized Xiaofeng. His face darkened and he said coldly.

“Don’t let him run away! Encircle him! I didn’t expect that he’s also in Tianlong City!”

After confirming that he was their target, Doomsday God of War smiled grimly and gave the order. A large group of players of the Doomsday League immediately encircled Xiaofeng. There were dozens of them.

“Wow! What happened?”

“Do they want to fight?”

“What happened? They are in the main city now! What do they want?”

Players standing around them were attracted. They came around in curiosity.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 74 Make Trouble