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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 73 Privilege

Chapter 73 Privilege

Xiaobai was his pet, but she looked like a little girl of eight or nine years old. She had a kind of vacant look on her pretty and cute face. She was holding his thigh tightly and he was reluctant to leave her alone in this place.

Fortunately, Xiaobai was familiar with the holy pool. When they returned to the pool, she let go of Xiaofeng and entered the holy pool voluntarily. At the same time, the holy pool also changed. A few glowing pieces appeared in the golden water and formed half an eggshell. Xiaobai was wrapped in the eggshell and floated in the water. At this time, the eggshell’s color also changed and it was different from the one that Xiaofeng had seen before. It looked like the silver dress armor that Xiaobai was wearing.

At the same time, a new holy light column appeared in the sky and covered Xiaobai and half the eggshell. But this holy light column was not so real and obvious as the previous one. It was vague.

Xiaobai walked into the holy pool voluntarily and Xiaofeng was relieved. But he was still worried about her. She looked like a kid and she was Xiaofeng’s first pet in this game world.

Xiaofeng rummaged around in his backpack but didn’t find any toy or snack. There were only drugs, equipment, props, and materials.

But there was a pet egg, which was the reward for completing the capture task. Xiaofeng immediately took out the pet egg(Cooing Chicken).

Xiaofeng heard the tweets of the chicken.

The pet egg could be incubated or set free. Xiaofeng chose to set it free. A golden chicken immediately came out of the eggshell. The Cooing Chicken was the neutral monster and was not aggressive. It was cute when it was just incubated.

“Xiaobai, you can play with this chicken and I’ll come to see you frequently.”

Xiaofeng touched the head of Xiaobai who was sitting in the half eggshell and threw the Cooing Chicken that was struggling and fluttering its wings into it.

Xiaobai tilted her head and looked blankly at Xiaofeng. But she was immediately attracted to the Cooing Chicken that kept cooing. She held it in her cupped hands and stared at it unemotionally.

Xiaofeng finally got up and left. He took out the returning scroll of Tianlong City and crumbled it. He looked at Xiaobai and his body turned into the white light and then disappeared.

Tianlong City was bustling with players now. After coming out of the transmission array, Xiaofeng was shocked by the busy and lively streets in front of him. This was more prosperous than Shengshui City. 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

Xiaofeng appeared in Tianlong City and at the same time, War Spirit Ziyi, who was waiting for him in the ladders at the foot of the Bright Mountain, also received the news.

“What? He’s gone? When did he leave?”

War Spirit Ziyi said to the other end of the call in a louder voice.

“He might just leave this place. Our members saw him in the transmission array of Tianlong City.”

It was War Spirit Sky who was talking to War Spirit Ziyi. He thought for a while and then answered her question.

“Oh! He’s a miser!”

War Spirit Ziyi snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. Her ample bosom looked more prominent now.

“Hey! How do you feel? Have you got any information?” War Spirit Sky asked.

“No. He didn’t want to share the task with me. Besides, only players who are at or above level 50 can enter the Bright Mountain. This task location was a high-level map and I can’t even enter this place.” War Spirit Ziyi said with anger.

“An advanced map for players at level 50?” War Spirit Sky who was on the other end of the phone was shocked.

“Yes. It might be related to the Temple of Light. I noticed that the armors and weapons of the NPC guards of the Bright Mountain are similar to that of the knights of the Temple of Light in the main city.”

“Well... You can come back now. Please don’t forget this place. Our member seemed to have received an instance zone task. We may have to enter the instance zone tonight.”

“Alright! I’ll be right back!”


After coming back to Tianlong City, Xiaofeng didn’t rush to accept the storyline task, instead, he opened the level list and had a look. He had spent too much time finishing these two storyline tasks and his experience bar has changed little since then.

The ranking list of the Huaxia District

First place: xxx – Level: 1 – Profession: Sacred Ritualist – Affiliation: None

Second place: Ximen Chuixue – Level: 11 – Profession: Swordman – Affiliation: None

Third place: Dynasty War God – Level: 11 – Profession: Wild Warrior – Affiliation: None

Fourth place: Fengyun Qisha – Level: 11 – Profession: Wild Warrior – Affiliation: None

Fifth place: 17-Year-Old Archer Wants to Sleep With the Priest – Level: 11 – Profession: Archer – Affiliation: None 无

Sixth place: Doomsday God – Level: 11 – Profession: Elemental Master – Affiliation: None

Seventh place: I’m Therapeutical Paladin – Level: 11 – Profession: Paladin – Affiliation: None

Eighth place: War Spirit Sky – Level: 11 – Profession: Wild Warrior – Affiliation: None

Ninth place: The Spirit of Immortality – Level: 11 – Profession: Assassin – Affiliation: None

Tenth place: Glory Nine Brothers – Level: 11 – Profession: Natural Mage – Affiliation: None

Xiaofeng was right to be concerned. He was at level 12 and took first place. But other players were about to catch up with him. All the other nine players have reached level 11 and Xiaofeng was afraid that they would catch up with him by tomorrow morning.

Moreover, most of the top ten players in the ranking list were the presidents of the major guilds. They enjoyed the resources of the entire huge guild and could level up quickly. For example, they didn’t even need to attack the monsters in person.

But this also indicated that the scattered players were strong and skilled. They could rank in the top ten under this fierce competition. Night Cooer who had been in the top ten before were left behind by others. After all, she was an assassin and this profession was not suitable to kill monsters and level up.

After finding that the other players were about to catch up with him, Xiaofeng didn’t intend to do the task. His priority was to level up.

Moreover, Xiaofeng could level up by himself now. He had transferred his profession and become a Sacred Ritualist!

Under the talent of the Divine Power, Xiaofeng’s healing skills would become damage skills as long as his target was the undead or the dark races. This greatly improved Xiaofeng’s capacity to cause damage.

Moreover, under Xiaobai’s skill of God’s Sky, Xiaofeng could release his healing skills to all the targets within his range of vision at the same time!

It meant that Xiaofeng could combine God’s Sky with Divine Power. If he could find a refresh point where there were numerous undead monsters, he could kill the undead and level up at breakneck speed.

Therefore, he only needed to find a refresh point and made some preparation at this moment.

For example, he needed to buy enough drugs and expand his backpack. It would consume a lot of Magic Points to level up by using the skills. Besides, he would also kill a lot of monsters and could definitely get many drops. He couldn’t put them away if the backpack was not big enough.

“We need one gold coin to add one space to the backpack... Ah! You’re the Archbishop! Do you need to expand your backpack?”

He went to the warehouse area at first to put trial certificates, seal keys, and other items that he couldn’t use now in the warehouse. Then he found an NPC boss to expand his backpack.

But the fat and lazy NPC boss immediately shivered after seeing the Archbishop title on Xiaofeng’s head. And then he walked to Xiaofeng with respect and fear.

“Yes. Please add ten spaces for me. These are ten gold coins.” Xiaofeng nodded. But he was immediately scared by the attitude of the fat NPC boss.

“No no no! It’s a great honor for me to expand the backpack for the Archbishop! How can I take your money? I’ll help you expand the backpack to the upper limit right away!”

The fat NPC boss waved his hands repeatedly and then Xiaofeng heard the system prompt. His backpack had 100 spaces now.

Xiaofeng took back his money. He was surprised to realize that this title of Honorary Archbishop was more useful than he thought!

“My ability is limited and can only increase your backpack to 100 spaces. Archbishop, if you can find the space stone, I can add more backpack spaces for you.”

The fat NPC boss saw Xiaofeng to the door respectfully and asked him to come here frequently.

Xiaofeng was elated and didn’t expect that Archbishop had such a great privilege. He suddenly had an idea and turned and walked toward the mansion of the city master.

Qian Duoduo had asked him to keep one step ahead of other guilds and consortium and then buy the land of the main city. Xiaofeng wondered whether he could get the land by making full use of his title of Archbishop.

The mansion of the city master of Tianlong City was magnificent. It looked like the general’s mansion in the costume dramas and was also located in the center of Tianlong City.

At this moment, there were many players outside the mansion and nearly every NPC guard was surrounded by many players who were doing tasks.

“Adventurer, the wife of the city master recently wants to eat the white swordfish that is abundant in the Xicheng River. Can you capture 10 fishes for me?”

“It is the collection task. I need 10 white swordfishes. Ask someone to bring them to me immediately.”

There were a lot of NPC guards outside the mansion of the city master and all of them were surrounded by players. There was also a butler who was surrounded by only a few people.

Other players also wanted to come over and accept the task of the butler, but they dared not come forward after seeing the Midsummer prefix on their heads.

“Mr. Butler, can we enter the mansion and meet the city master?”

Xiaofeng suddenly heard a cold and pleasant voice and smelled the fragrance of the lotus.

It was Midsummer Rose. The players standing around the butler were members of the Midsummer Guild and Midsummer Rose was their head.

“Well, the city master is busy dealing with important affairs and there’s no time to meet the adventurers.”

The NPC butler said with embarrassment and refused Midsummer Rose.

“Miss Liu, it seems that his opinions are not good enough. We need to continue to do the task.” Midsummer Lily stood behind Midsummer Rose and said in a low voice.

“Yes. Have they caught ten white swordfishes? Ask them to be quicker. The land of Tianlong City belongs to the city master. We have to meet him as soon as possible.” Midsummer Rose nodded and said.

“I’ve told them to be quicker. Miss Liu, are you sure you can take the lead to buy the land from the city master by making a good impression on them?”

“I’m not sure. But we have to impress the city master, which can help us better develop in Tianlong City. Besides, we have to meet him because we can only buy land from him after the currency exchange system is opened.”

“Yes, you’re brilliant!”

Xiaofeng saw this crowded and busy street when he came to the mansion of the city master. He didn’t expect that there were so many players doing tasks in this place. But he just ignored them and went straight to the gate.

“Miss Liu! Look! The bastard!”

Midsummer Lily was sharp-eyed. She was the first to see Xiaofeng who also came to the mansion of city master. She pointed at him in distance and shouted with obvious detestation on her face.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 73 Privilege