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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 70 Xiaobai

Chapter 70 Xiaobai

10,000 points of experience were just a little treat for Xiaofeng. The storyline task was very difficult and these experience points meant nothing to him. But the baptism was the most important part.

Xiaofeng followed Bishop Renault to the back door of the central temple. He couldn’t help asking the Bishop about the baptism.

“Oh, the baptism. The pure power of light will be infused into your body. But different people will receive different amounts of light power based on your degree of faith and affinity. If you are very devout, a lot of light power will cause qualitative changes and you’ll instantly become stronger. Kaiser was promoted to the bishop when he was baptized for the first time and then he was sent to Tianlong City. But I went through three baptisms to become a bishop. Shame on me.”

Bishop Renault was talkative but Xiaofeng could seize this opportunity and get a lot of information.

“Can a person go through baptisms many times?”

“Yes. But baptism will consume the power of the holy pool, so only those who make great contributions to the Temple of Light can get a chance to be baptized. By the way, the holy pool is the holy place for you to receive baptism. It has the strongest light power in the entire Bright Mountain and we believe that believers can communicate with God in this place. The light power in it is very rich. It has turned into an entity and formed a pool of water. You need to lie immersed in the holy pool until the light power in your body is saturated. But generally, the baptism will finish within half an hour. Oh! Look! That’s the holy pool.”

The holy pool was behind the central temple. If you didn’t know its function, you would treat it as a decorative pool. But the golden light column in the middle of it indicated that this pool was extraordinary.

This was the light column that Xiaofeng had seen before. He thought that the light column was connected with the central temple but to his surprise, this column was in the holy pool.

“You can enter the holy pool and stay at the edge for half an hour. You are an adventurer and the perfusion of the power of light should not increase your strength. But you can be promoted to the light ritualist, which is a more powerful occupation than the ordinary ritualist.”

Bishop Renault sent Xiaofeng to the edge of the holy pool and stopped. Finally, he looked at Xiaofeng seriously and said, “Please don’t come near the center of the holy pool. It is the place where the advent ceremony is held. You must stay away from it!”

Bishop Renault left after warning him repeatedly. The golden holy pool was about one meter deep. Xiaofeng looked at it and dived into the water.

There was a splash, and Xiaofeng fell into the water.

Xiaofeng dived into the water with a splash. He didn’t expect that it was the real water. But it was golden and seemed to be the melted gold.

There was no system prompt and Xiaofeng felt that the golden liquid was crawling on him. It was cold.

Half an hour was quite a long period of time. Xiaofeng browsed around in the network bulletin boards for a while. But there was no big news recently and many users were in the guild sector.

It was full of recruitment advertisements for different guilds. At the current stage, most of the members of the big guilds had already entered the main city. They began to study the pros and cons of different major cities to choose one of them as their headquarters.

But most guilds would choose their birthplace as the headquarter. There were more local players and the local guild was more famous in this place. They could gain the upper hand in income and development.

But they were also facing a problem. There were too many players and countless guilds of different scales in the Huaxia District. Many guilds would choose the same main city to develop and there would be endless conflicts between them.

Xiaofeng scanned the advertisement pages and found that there were over 10 guilds in Tianlong City, including two major guilds of Midsummer and the Doomsday League!

Besides, all guilds were purchasing the guild token across the world and its price had already risen to millions of real currencies. At the same time, they were also buying the location information of the 30th-level BOSS at high prices. It seemed that the war between major guilds was about to break out.

Xiaofeng left the forum and looked at the time. He still had to stay here for ten minutes. Xiaofeng was impatient and looked around and found that he was alone in this holy pool. Then he was attracted to the bright light column in front of him.

The holy pool was not very big and the towering holy light column was less than ten meters away from Xiaofeng. It was a short walk from him. The light column was located in the middle of the holy pool. It was golden and translucent and had the same luster as the Hammer of Judgement.

“Oh? What’s that?”

Xiaofeng stared at it for a while. And then he suddenly found that there seemed to be something in the middle of the light column!

His curiosity aroused. Xiaofeng slowly walked over and saw the object in the light column when he got close to it.

It was an egg!

It was a huge golden egg. It was at least one and a half meters high. Most of it was submerged in the holy pool and its head was shrouded in the holy light column.

“Why does an egg appear in this place? This is the place where the advent ceremony is held.”

Xiaofeng was amazed. He walked around the holy light column and wanted to see this egg more clearly.

But it was a pity that the holy light column was immune to the advanced scouting, otherwise, Xiaofeng could find more information about it.

Xiaofeng didn’t find anything after observing it. He touched his chin and thought for a while. Finally, he failed to hold back his curiosity. He reached out carefully and touched the holy light column.

However, the holy light column, which seemed to be a concrete object, was just light and shade. Xiaofeng’s hand passed through it easily and touched the giant egg. At the same, Xiaofeng heard a system prompt.

“Hey! Do you want to incubate the pet egg? You’ll have a new pet after this egg successfully hatches. Tip: if you’ve already had a pet, it will be replaced and then disappear after this egg hatches.”

Xiaofeng went blank after hearing this system prompt. What? This huge egg was a pet egg!

Xiaofeng was stunned for a while and he was not sure what to do. The pet egg could directly hatch. Except for the captured pets, the initial state of many creatures was also the pet egg, so this giant egg should be the initial state of a certain creature.

“The advent ceremony of the Temple of Light is held in an egg!”

Xiaofeng was caught in a dilemma. He didn’t have a pet yet. This pet egg was in the middle of the holy pool and was covered by the holy light. It must be a high-level pet.

But this huge egg might be the key to the advent ceremony. If he incubated it in secret and destroyed the ceremony, the consequences must be serious and he would definitely be punished.

“Forget it! I want it! I’m not afraid of them!”

After hesitating for a while, Xiaofeng made up his mind to incubate it. He might lose 20 percent of experience points and be sent back to the main city or even the Novice Village. But he could get a high-level pet and it was worthwhile.

After all, he was at level 12 and would only be reduced to level 10 after being killed. Xiaofeng had no worries and fears. He made up his mind and chose to incubate it.


Xiaofeng heard the sound of breaking glass. The entire towering light column suddenly burst into pieces and fell down like the rain of holy light.

A crisp sound.

At the same time, cracks began to appear in the huge egg. The dazzling white light came through the cracks, and even Xiaofeng involuntarily closed his eyes. Then he heard the system prompt once again.

“Hey! You’ve managed to incubate a pet – the two-winged angel, please name her!”

“What? The angel?”

Xiaofeng was astonished and opened his eyes. The huge egg in front of him had already disappeared and a naked silver-haired girl was standing in front of him. She was looking blankly at him with her head tilted to one side. There was a pair of white wings on her back. She fluttered her wings in the golden surface of the holy pool and the surface rippled.

She was an angel! He incubated her!

Xiaofeng’s eyes widened, which was rare. He suddenly felt that he was in trouble.

“Please name your pet!”

The system reminded Xiaofeng once again. Xiaofeng regained his composure and swallowed his saliva. Looking at this white angel girl, he was hesitating for a while.


“Hey! The name is available! You’ve successfully named her!”

“Hey! Your pet Xiaobai takes the first place in the pet list of the Huaxia District. Do you want to conceal your character name?”

“Hey! Because your character name doesn’t conform to civilized norms, it’s automatically concealed.”

Xiaofeng opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. But the little girl standing in front of him tilted her head blankly and whispered unconsciously.

“Xiao... bai...”

Then this little girl blinked her big eyes of the silver pupil and walked over to gently hold the thigh of Xiaofeng. She was very short and could only touch Xiaofeng’s thigh.


Xiaofeng was speechless. At this time, the golden light rain, which was made of the pieces of the holy light column, also fell on Xiaobai. Xiaobai was holding Xiaofeng’s thigh, so some pieces also fell on Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng immediately heard the system prompt.

“Hey! Under the influence of the divine power, you are transferred to the holy ritualist!”

Most of the light rain fell on Xiaobai and formed a skirt armor for her. The lining was an elegant white skirt, covered with pieces of silver armor. She had a headband, a breastplate, a waist armor, an elbow armor, an arm armor, and a leg armor. The pieces were completely independent but they looked beautiful.

“Hurry up! The advent ceremony is finished! Let’s welcome Oracle!”

Xiaofeng heard the footsteps approaching. A large group of people was rushing over. Obviously, they were attracted to the sound of breaking the holy light column.

This was a group of NPC bishops and the youngest one of them had a long white beard. They rushed to the outside of the pool in an instant and were stunned after seeing the little girl who was holding Xiaofeng’s thigh.

Xiaobai was fluttering her wings in the water. After looking carefully at her for a long time, they were sure that the white wings on her back were real. And then all of them were stunned.

“Ah! This is Oracle!”

The crowd separated and Bishop Renault and Goddess of Light appeared. Looking at this, even Bishop Renault was shocked and began to stammer. Goddess of Light looked carefully at Xiaobai and her indifferent and calm face suddenly changed. Her invisible power suddenly broke out and the bishops were thrown out in all directions.

“Bright Apostle, what have you done! I’ve told you to stay away from the middle of the holy pool! How dare you touch Oracle! It’s a great disrespect to the God of Light!”

Bishop Renault was the first to turn over and stand up. He was furious and shouted to Xiaofeng. But Xiaofeng was clear that he couldn’t run away during the period of space blockade. Therefore, he was calm and relaxed. He was complacent and nearly wanted to whistle with his hands in his pocket.

“Goddess! What should we do?”

Bishop Renault could do nothing but ask the Goddess of Light for help. She was boiling with rage at this moment.

“Ask bishops of all the branches to come over and attend the meeting in the central temple!”

Goddess of Light tried hard to control her anger. But she looked like a real woman when she was angry. Xiaofeng looked at her with obvious admiration.

“You also need to attend the meeting! You’re in big trouble now! Don’t try to run away! I can catch you even you’re in the Land of Exile!”

Goddess of Light looked at Xiaofeng and said coldly.

Xiaofeng shivered with fear. The knights in the holy temple had told him that the Goddess of Light had strong space strength and she could control the players in the Novice Village. There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. Xiaofeng was afraid that he had to close his account!

Therefore, Xiaofeng dared not show off anymore.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 70 Xiaobai