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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 67 A Big Trouble

Chapter 67 A Big Trouble

The Ice Giant Guardian was stuck in the ice and the players only needed to throw skills at it. The priest group was useless to them at this moment.

The head of the priest group also had nothing to do. Therefore, War Spirit Ziyi left with Xiaofeng after saying goodbye to War Spirit Sky.

War Spirit Sky raised no objections and immediately agreed. It seemed that he was anxious to send her away. Besides, when he watched them go, he looked at Xiaofeng strangely as if he wanted to tell him something. But he opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking.

“Where’s the NPC?”

Xiaofeng was following War Spirit Ziyi. They were going in the direction of the snowfield instead of Shengshui City. Shengshui City was located in the north of the Land of God. The climate was cold and there were many snow mountains outside this city.

However, Xiaofeng did not intend to appreciate the graceful figure of War Spirit Ziyi. He was anxious and kept urging her.

“Don’t hurry. Be patient.”

War Spirit Ziyi was very dissatisfied with him. She rolled her beautiful limpid eyes many times all the way and stared at Xiaofeng in disapproval.

“It’s not your task and of course, you are not anxious. I’m not sure whether this NPC clearly knows the position of my task.”

Xiaofeng said coldly. War Spirit Ziyi had a good figure and was walking elegantly. Xiaofeng walked behind her and had to admit that she was charming. But she was too slow. The most annoying thing was that she didn’t have any personal mount and could only go on foot, which tried his patience.

The deadline approached and it was nearly time for Xiaofeng to go offline and prepare dinner for Xiao Ling. Xiaofeng planned to go offline immediately after knowing the position of the mountain and finished the task later.

“It’s obvious that you’re a master and can easily defeat the BOSS. Why don’t you help our guild to kill the BOSS earlier? We needn’t have made such a big sacrifice.”

War Spirit Ziyi suddenly stopped. She turned around and looked Xiaofeng directly in the eye. Her beautiful eyes were full of puzzles.

“I’m not a member of your guild. Why should I work so hard to help you? Besides, many players will definitely be killed in the battle against the BOSS. I think you are accustomed to making sacrifices.” Xiaofeng looked at her strangely.

War Spirit Ziyi was speechless. Xiaofeng was telling the truth. He was not a member of the War Spirit Hall and didn’t have to help them. Besides, some players would definitely be killed in the battle against the BOSS. But this virtual world was too vivid and she had a deep affection for the teammates inadvertently. That was the reason why she was so depressed when they were attacking the BOSS.

“Please hurry up, OK?”

Xiaofeng frowned and stared at War Spirit Ziyi who was standing still. He was worried that this woman was deceiving him and she didn’t know any NPC who knew the position of the Bright Mountain.

“Here we are.”

She noticed the suspicion in Xiaofeng’s eyes. War Spirit Ziyi turned her head impatiently and pointed forward and said.

“Where is the NPC?”

Xiaofeng looked forward and found that they had arrived in a small snow village. There were about ten homes and their roofs were covered by the snow. The system map showed that it was called Snowfield Village.

War Spirit Ziyi directly ignored Xiaofeng and walked straight into the snow village and found an old NPC. He seemed to be the village head of this snow village.

“Grandpa, are you praying to the Bright Mountain?”

The old village head was kneeling on flat land in the snow village and praying to the snowy mountain in the distance. War Spirit Ziyi directly went up to him and asked.

“Ah, you’re the adventurer girl. You helped us drive out the snow wolf last time. Haha, I’m praying to the Bright Mountain. It’s shining recently and important events must be happening. I’m praying that the holy light can protect our village.”

The old village head smiled and said to War Spirit Ziyi. It was obvious that War Spirit Ziyi had once done a task in this place. So the head had a good opinion of her.

After hearing his words, Xiaofeng’s eyes lit up and he asked the question without delay.

“Village head, do you know where the Bright Mountain is?”

“Adventurer, why do you ask questions about the Bright Mountain? The Bright Mountain is the territory of the Goddess of Light. It is sacred. Adventurers like you are not allowed to enter this place.” The old village head looked at Xiaofeng and shook his head.

“I’m a ritualist and believe in the light force. I only want to know the location of the Bright Mountain and admire it in my heart.” Xiaofeng lied to him and showed the title of Bright Apostle on his head at the same time.

“You’re the noble Bright Apostle! You are a devout believer who spreads light! Please forgive me for being impolite.” The old village head immediately bowed to Xiaofeng and said, “The Bright Mountain is in the snow mountains in front of us. It is defended by all the snow mountains. But there are powerful monsters in the surrounding snow mountains. Mr. Apostle, please stay away from it.’

After hearing his words, Xiaofeng looked at the mountains in the distance and opened the system map at the same time to find its location on the map.

After a while, Xiaofeng roughly found the location of the Bright Mountain. He measured the distance with his eyes and found that he should be able to arrive there within two hours by horse. He was relieved. He thanked the village head and then went offline at the same place.


War Spirit Ziyi’s eyes widened. Xiaofeng directly went offline without even thanking her. It seemed that he didn’t notice this guide. She was angry and stamped her foot.

But Xiaofeng had already disappeared and it was useless to get angry.

After taking off the game helmet, Xiaofeng quickly walked into the kitchen to wash his hands and prepare dinner.

“Brother! Let’s move quickly!”

Xiao Ling was watching TV. Her head suddenly poked out of the sofa and she shouted at Xiaofeng.

“What happened?”

Xiaofeng asked her strangely. He had planned to move to a different city but Xiao Ling was not interested in it at all. Why was she so eager to move now?

“The wicked woman came again! But I drove her away!”

An expression of triumph appeared on her exquisite face. Xiaofeng was stunned for a while and then realized that she was talking about Si Yejing whose character name was Night Cooer.

“But she will definitely come here again, so we have to move quickly to get rid of this shameless woman!” Xiao Ling continued to say and she had great hostility towards Night Cooer.

Xiaofeng was speechless and didn’t bother to correct her concept. He had planned to move to a different place. The enemies had already found this apartment and Xiaofeng also didn’t want to meet Night Cooer. He was worried that Xiao Ling might hear some information about the Midsummer Group from Night Cooer.

“Alright. We’ll move in a few days.”

Xiaofeng promised her. He had previously found a small villa with a courtyard on the Internet. He needed to make some money in the game world. In fact, it was easy to make a fortune by playing this game. At the current stage, the price of a piece of advanced equipment was over 1,000 yuan. For example, the 10th-level rare equipment was out of stock in the Novice Village. Players were queuing to snap it up. The price was sky-high but there were few sellers. A lot of players, who were stuck in the instance zone, had already increased the price of the 10th-level advanced equipment many times.

But Xiaofeng had a bigger plan. This virtual game was popular around the world and Xiaofeng had already drawn up a blueprint for his development. With his ability, he could definitely succeed. That was the reason why he paid close attention to the Treasure Pavilion of Qian Duoduo.

Xiaofeng finished dinner quickly and cleared the table. Then he quickly logged on to the game. He couldn’t fail in the storyline mission, otherwise other players might catch up with him.

“Well? Why are you still there?”

Xiaofeng went online in the snow village and he was scared by War Spirit Ziyi. She was still waiting for him in the place where he went offline.

Xiaofeng suddenly realized that he needed to find a safe place to go offline the next time. Is someone lay in ambush at the place where he went offline and attacked him when he went online, he might be killed because he was completely unprepared.

“I’m waiting for you.”

War Spirit Ziyi winked her beautiful big eyes and said.

She was a charming and attractive woman. Her figure was excellent. The priest’s robe which was open in the breast part completely revealed her greatest advantage – her ample bosom.

Besides, she had an attractive oval face and always smiled like a fox. Men would be unconsciously attracted to her when she looked at them with her limpid eyes.

She was definitely an excellent girl and men would be attracted to her. Even a saint could not stay calm in front of her no matter how noble he was. She would become even more fascinating when she deliberately showed her charm.

But Xiaofeng was not interested in her at all.

“You can stay here. But I have to do my task.”

Xiaofeng didn’t want to waste his time. He summoned the black horse, mounted it, and immediately left the snow village before War Spirit Ziyi could say anything.

“Hey! What’s your task? Can I join you?”

But Xiaofeng could still hear the sweet voice of War Spirit Ziyi coming from behind him. He looked back and his face immediately darkened. She was also riding a white horse. But this woman insisted that she didn’t have any personal mount when she led the way to the snow village.

Xiaofeng didn’t think that she deliberately went to Shengshui City to buy a personal mount when he was offline.

But War Spirit Ziyi was striking when she was riding the horse. The white horse was running and War Spirit Ziyi’s curvy figure also wavered continually. Her ample bosom would also sway back and forth and even Xiaofeng was attracted to it.

“It’s a solo mission. I can only finish it by myself.”

Xiaofeng refused her without thinking. The storyline mission was of great significance and he would never share it with others.

“Please take me to the Bright Mountain. I’m curious about it. The village head said that it’s the headquarter of the Temple of Light. After I transferred my profession and became a ritualist, I can’t even enter the branch in the main city.”

War Spirit Ziyi still refused to leave. She seemed to be determined to follow Xiaofeng.

“There are too many monsters in the snow mountains and they are all advanced monsters. You’re wearing the cloth armor and will be easily killed by them.” Xiaofeng was also determined to drive her away.

“I’m a weak girl, please protect me.”

“Your life and death is nothing to do with me.”

“You’re a master player. If you can’t even protect a female player, your reputation will be damaged.”

“Why are you not working? Do you kill the BOSS? Why don’t you lead your priest group?”

“The Ice Giant Guardian was killed but it didn’t drop the guild token. The guild will not attack high-level BOSS these days. First, there is no target. Second, we want to attack the BOSS after most of our players transfer their professions. Therefore, we don’t have any group activities now. We only need to attack monsters and level up. I told the president that I wanted to follow you to do the task and he immediately gave me a holiday.”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 67 A Big Trouble