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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 65 I’ll Resist Its Attack

Chapter 65 I’ll Resist Its Attack

Everyone put down their weapons involuntarily and their eyes were full of despair. The three waves came at War Spirit Knife one by one and he couldn’t resist the damage. Everyone knew that as long as War Spirit Knife was killed, this battle against the BOSS would immediately come to an end and they must accept the defeat.

War Spirit Knife was also stunned and didn’t even raise his shield. He started to regret what he had done. He shouldn’t have been so impulsive and it was impossible for him to resist the skill of a 30th-level BOSS. Moreover, War Spirit Knife clearly knew what would happen if he was killed. The guild would suffer defeat and all the previous efforts and sacrifices would be in vain.

“Everyone! Use the Holy Light! Use it at the same time! Hold on! We must last this second! Just one second! Don’t give up!”

War Spirit Ziyi shouted madly. Their priest group was the last hope. They had to increase his HP at the same time within this second and made sure that his HP was full all the time. Even if the BOSS could cause great damages every 0.3 seconds, War Spirit Knife may survive if they could fill up his HP in an instant.

But she also knew that they only had a slim hope of success. It was almost impossible to achieve it and they could only expect miracles.

First of all, the priests couldn’t heal him at the same time and the treatment was dispersed. It was impossible for them to heal him every 0.3 seconds. Besides, some priests’ Holy Light skill was still in the cooldown time and this was a mission impossible.

But War Spirit Ziyi could only take a chance and pray for the miracles. She prayed that she could immediately fill up his HP every 0.3 seconds.


She didn’t have much time to pray. The cold blast was about two-meter high, which was insignificant, compared to the Ice Giant Guardian. But it was irresistible and beat against War Spirit Knife in an instant.

War Spirit Ziyi clenched her fists, greeted her teeth, and bit her cherry lips. She was staring at the HP bar on the head of War Spirit Knife without blinking.

At this moment, time seemed to have slowed down. Many green healing figures floated on the head of War Spirit Knife and at the same time, three waves also swept through his body.


The first blast disappeared and War Spirit Knife’s HP nearly hit bottom. With the help of the Life Blessing, he only had 210 health points and his HP was nearly emptied by the first blast.

Numerous healing figures appeared on the head of War Spirit Knife. The priests were healing him irregularly and madly and he had half of his HP now. But at the same time, the second blast appeared and he couldn’t resist its damage with half the HP.


But War Spirit Ziyi’s eyes suddenly widened. She found that War Spirit Knife’s HP bar immediately became full. Among all the healing figures on the head of War Spirit Knife, a three-digit figure was very eye-catching!

War Spirit Ziyi was shocked by this three-digit healing figure. War Spirit Knife, who only had half of the HP, had a full HP now! Besides, this healing figure appeared just in time and saved War Spirit Knife before the second blast appeared!

She looked at the priest group with her beautiful eyes and found that Xiaofeng was waving his staff. War Spirit Ziyi was surprised and couldn’t believe that it was Xiaofeng who saved the critical situation.

But they had just filled up his HP once and it was not enough because there were still two blasts!

It seemed that all the movements became slow. In fact, the time didn’t slow down but the scene in front of them became clearer when they were highly concentrated.

The second blast of cold air hit War Spirit Knife and caused 200 points of damage. His HP bar was nearly emptied and he only had a third of HP after the priest group healed him madly. Then the third blast of cold air was rushing at him once again.

War Spirit Ziyi dropped her staff feebly. She was desperate now. The healing figure of the priest group was big enough but the time interval was too short. In fact, she was not confident and just took chances. She thought that this irregular crazy treatment could fill up his HP in time. But now it was obvious that she was wrong.

In fact, she realized that she was wrong when the first blast of cold air appeared. Without the 3-digit treatment figure, War Spirit Knife must have already been killed.

War Spirit Ziyi looked at Xiaofeng with her beautiful eyes. She was sure that it was this strange healer who had made this 3-digit healing figure. But she didn’t have any hope now.

This healer had an amazing healing ability and he was definitely a master healer. But he had already used the Holy Light and didn’t have any other instant healing skills. This meant that War Spirit Knife was doomed.

But War Spirit Ziyi’s beautiful eyes suddenly widened because she saw that Xiaofeng waved his staff once again. Xiaofeng looked calm as if the thrilling scene in front of him was just a mere trifle.

War Spirit Ziyi was shocked. She turned around, looked at War Spirit Knife who had only one-third HP, and felt incredible. At the same time, she found that another three-digit treatment figure appeared on his head.



War Spirit Knife’s HP became full in an instant and then was nearly emptied by the third blast of cold air. His HP was in single figures now!

But he was still alive!

Everyone was stunned and looked at this miraculous scene in amazement. War Spirit Ziyi’s beautiful eyes widened and her eyes were full of astonishment.

War Spirit Knife had stronger feelings. It seemed that he went bungee jumping from the cliff. He was standing at the edge of life and death but he didn’t expect that he could survive the three blasts of cold airs.

After finding that his HP was in single figures, War Spirit Knife was stunned and then regained his composure. He turned and ran without any hesitation. He could easily dodge the attacks of the Ice Giant Guardian if it didn’t use any skills.

“Hurry up and increase his HP!”

War Spirit Ziyi finally came down to earth and shouted. But the therapeutic skills of the priest group had been used up in their previous crazy treatment and the Healing Skill was no exception. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

But it was not a big deal. At this moment, War Spirit Knife knew that he must stay alive. He kept running and the Ice Giant Guardian was lost behind him. Under the lasting effect of the Healing Skill, his Health Point was also increased steadily and was not in single figures. The other players were also relieved.

“Ziyi! The priest group! Well done!”

War Spirit Sky was amazed and then praised War Spirit Ziyi. He was deeply impressed. This priest group only had 30 players and he didn’t expect that they could form the “immortal body” treatment effect.

“President... You should thank this master healer... We didn’t make many contributions.”

War Spirit Ziyi clearly knew what had happened, so she didn’t claim the credit. But her beautiful eyes were fixed on Xiaofeng.

“Haha! Master Healer! I know that you’re a senior player!” War Spirit Sky laughed and the female players of the priest group all looked at Xiaofeng.

“Please stop flattering me. Without the effective treatment of your priest group, I can’t fill up the Health Point of a strong shield warrior by myself.”

But Xiaofeng was calm. He shook his head and said flatly without any complacency.

War Spirit Sky smiled and stopped talking. War Spirit Ziyi looked at Xiaofeng for a while and suddenly turned around and asked War Spirit Sky.

“President, do we need to continue the suicide mission?”

War Spirit Sky thought for a while and said, “This is the only way to kill the BOSS. Knife can’t resist the skills of the BOSS. The damage of the ranged skill is relatively low, otherwise he might have already been killed. The BOSS only has 50 percent of HP now and we can’t give up halfway!”

War Spirit Sky said in a low voice. Members must make supreme sacrifices for the development of the guild and this was inevitable.

Yes, the BOSS still had 50 percent of HP now. This brought them both opportunities and challenges.

The less HP the BOSS had, the more dangerous it was. The BOSS hadn’t used violent skills yet, which meant that they must make more sacrifices and efforts next!

War Spirit Ziyi’s knuckles whitened as she clenched her hands harder. She didn’t like the tragic scene. Suddenly, she looked at Xiaofeng once again.

“You’re a master, aren’t you? The president asks you to help us attack the BOSS and I think you should do something instead of being an onlooker.”

War Spirit Ziyi knew that she was being unreasonable now. Without the help of Xiaofeng, War Spirit Knife could have already been killed and they might have lost this battle against the BOSS.

But that was also a testimony to Xiaofeng’s strength. She looked at Xiaofeng with her beautiful eyes and hoped against hope that he could help them.

Xiaofeng shook his head and sighed with profound resignation. Then he jumped down the ice rock and said, “I am going to fight against BOSS.”

In fact, Xiaofeng also wanted to stop the ordinary players from performing the suicide mission.

“What? Master Healer, do you want to fight against the BOSS? But you’re a priest!”

War Spirit Sky was stunned. But Xiaofeng made no answer and stepped toward the ice lake.

“Master Healer, why do you come here?”

War Spirit Knife was running on the frozen lake surface to keep away from the Ice Giant Guardian. He couldn’t run out of the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian, otherwise, the BOSS might lose the hatred target and attack the back-row players. But he also dared not fight against the BOSS because his HP was not full now. Therefore, he could only stall the Ice Giant Guardian. But the back-row players of the War Spirit Hall also couldn’t attack the BOSS because it would immediately fix its hatred on them if they attack it now.

War Spirit Knife was surprised after finding that Xiaofeng was standing on the frozen surface at this moment.

“You can leave and increase your HP. I’ll fight against the BOSS.”

Xiaofeng simply said and stepped into the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian.


War Spirit Knife nodded without any hesitation. Xiaofeng had fought with the two elite guilds of Doomsday League and Midsummer Guild by himself. War Spirit Knife had seen it with his own eyes, so he believed in Xiaofeng’s strength and was elated after hearing that Xiaofeng was willing to help them. He was immediately relieved and directly walked out of the hatred circle of the Ice Giant Guardian. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮


There was only one player in the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian. It immediately changed its target, roared, and then came toward Xiaofeng. His every huge step would vibrate the frozen lake. It was approaching Xiaofeng and slammed the ice ax on him.

Xiaofeng’s pace remained stable. But he suddenly went to the left and then they found that the Ice Giant Guardian raised the ax and the ice ax appeared on the right side of Xiaofeng. The frozen surface cracked with a bang.

Xiaofeng was still calm and came near to the Ice Giant Guardian. But he went to the left and the right from time to time with an unstable speed. He was not in a hurry and it seemed that he was strolling idly in a courtyard.

But it seemed that the Ice Giant Guardian posed no threat to Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng could dodge all its attacks successfully.

If Xiaofeng went to the left, the ice ax would appear on the right side of Xiaofeng. If Xiaofeng went forward, the ax would appear behind him. It seemed that the BOSS deliberately avoided Xiaofeng.


“How did this happen?!”

Hundreds of players of the War Spirit Hall, who were standing around the Ice Lake, were stunned and stared at this incredible scene.

“This is the Alleria step!”

War Spirit Sky was stunned. Then his pupils contracted and he shouted involuntarily.

“What?! The Alleria step!”

“Yes! His anticipation blocking is excellent! It must be Alleria step!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 65 I’ll Resist Its Attack