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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 64 Fierce Attack

Chapter 64 Fierce Attack


The Ice Giant Guardian raised its ice ax with both hands and kept screaming. It was obvious that it was preparing a critical skill.

All the players of ranged profession stopped their attacks to avoid attracting the hatred of the Ice Giant Guardian at this moment.

As the last member of the replacement group, the assassin player came forward. It was obvious that he was good at dealing with the BOSS. He dared not get close to the ice giant and stood at the edge of its hatred.

Soon the Ice Giant Guardian began to use its skill. But it was not a violent skill, which was a great relief to all the players.


Every step taken by the Ice Giant Guardian would cause a cold wave that spread from his feet. It covered a wide area and it was definitely a ranged skill. Besides, its duration was unknown. The ice giant walked toward the assassin who was the only player in its hatred range and the cold waves spread layer upon layer.

The assassin player turned and ran away without any hesitation. But he dared not run too fast. He was running along the edge of the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian to stall it.

But soon, a fatal problem arose.

The ice lake was not very large. After running around on the lake for a while, the assassin player found that he was standing at the edge of the ice lake and this was the headquarter of the ranged players of the War Spirit Hall.

He couldn’t go ahead and must stop. The assassin player gritted his teeth and wanted to run past the Ice Giant Guardian at his highest speed and attack it behind its back.

Unfortunately, he had been forced to the corner by the Ice Giant Guardian and the layers of cold waves were spreading from its feet in a wide range. He was standing at the corner of the ice lake and there was nowhere to run. He quickened his speed and wanted to run past the BOSS during the interval between the two cold waves. But he failed and was covered by the cold wave. This assassin instantly turned into an ice sculpture. The cold waves could cause 200 points of damage and he was directly killed.

“We’re done!”

Many players became desperate at the same time.

The Ice Giant Guardian lost its target of hatred after the assassin players were killed. So it went straight ahead. It ranged skill didn’t stop and there was a large group of back-row players of the War Spirit Hall in front of it.

The ice giant had followed the assassin player to the edge of the ice lake and the back-row players were very close to it. Many players who were standing in front of the Ice Giant Guardian became panicked and began to retreat spontaneously. As a result, the formation suddenly became unstable.

The BOSS was about to rush into the back-row players and everyone knew its consequences. Many players wanted to turn around and ran away but they didn’t move. On the one hand, they were well disciplined elite players and couldn’t take any action without the orders of the president. On the other hand, there was nowhere to run. The Ice Giant Guardian seemed to be slow, but it was huge and could move a long way in one step. It was impossible for them to run away.

“The second replacement team! This is voluntary... We respect your choice. Your experience points are below 20 percent and you’ll be sent back to the Novice Village after being killed by the BOSS. I’ll not force you to step forward. But the War Spirit Hall will never forget your contributions.”

War Spirit Sky’s voice was hoarse. He gritted his teeth and blue veins stood out on his temples.

There was no such thing as the second replacement team because the War Spirit Hall only had five elite players who had more than 120 percent of the experience points for level 10. The so-called second team was completely the cannon fodder and the team members would be skilled and sent back to the Novice Village.

In Myth, after leaving the Novice Village, the players had to face the mechanism of the death penalty. Each time a player was killed, it would lose 20% of the next level’s experience points. And if the player didn’t have an extra 20% of experience points, it would be reduced to a lower level.

If tenth-level players were reduced to a lower level, they would be sent back to the Novice Village, which would be substantial damages for them.

War Spirit Sky had already anticipated this situation. After all, they only had a replacement team of five players and couldn’t resist all the skills of the BOSS. But it was still very distressing for him to ask other players to court death.

“Haha! Let me do it! I’d love to go back to the Novice Village and finish the trial mission once again!”

Everyone was standing in silence and they could only hear the heavy tread of the Ice Giant Guardian. All of them were depressed and were under great pressure. But an archer player suddenly laughed and came out.

“Hey! Stupid big guy! Look at me!”

He rushed into the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian and shot two arrows at the head of the BOSS. The Ice Giant Guardian looked back and fixed its hatred on the archer. The archer immediately ran away and the Ice Giant Guardian followed him and left the back-row players who were standing at the edge of the ice lake.

But he’d only gone a few paces before the Ice Giant Guardian kept up with him. Then he was covered by the layers of cold waves.

“For the glory of the War Spirit!”

The archer player shouted with a smile. Then he turned into an ice sculpture and disappeared with white light.

But after his death, the Ice Giant Guardian suddenly changed its direction. It turned around and headed for the large group of players who were standing at the edge of the ice lake. In fact, He had been to the edge and these back-row players had already been covered by its hatred. He left them to pursue the archer because the archer players attacked it. So it immediately turned around and walked to the previous hatred target after the archer player had been killed.

Moreover, it still used the same skill. It had been lasting for ten seconds but no one knew how long this skill could last.

“I’m coming! The War Spirit is immortal! Glory lasts forever!”

Another mage player came forward, performed this suicide mission, and rushed into the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian. He followed the example of the archer player and gained one second for the back-row players.

“Haha! I’m coming! I want to go back and help them finish the trial mission!”

“Wait for me! I’m not afraid of being sent back to the Novice Village! The War Spirit is immortal!”

“The War Spirit is immortal! Let’s go!”


Players followed the example of the archer player. They came forward and rushed to the Ice Giant Guardian one by one. This was the suicide strategy and they were stalling the BOSS at the cost of their lives. These players would suffer great losses and be sent back to the Novice Village rather than the main city after being killed.

But they all rushed at the BOSS without any hesitation. They shouted the slogan of the guild and launched suicide attacks heroically. Eventually, they would become ice sculptures in the layers of cold air.

The whole scene suddenly became tragic and heroic. War Spirit Sky was standing on a piece of ice rock with his lips pressed together. His eyes were filled with tears.

“Brother, please stop them! I can resist its attack! They are the backbone of our guild!”

War Spirit Knife clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and shouted.

War Spirit Sky looked at this tragic scene, his neck veins bulging. His eyes were filled with suffering and struggle. But he could say nothing. He was afraid that all their efforts and sacrifices would be in vain if he stopped them.

He could only memorize the names and looks of all these people. These people who sacrificed themselves for the guild were not only the core members but also the mainstay of the guild. Without them, the War Spirit Hall couldn’t have made such big progress!

“Please stop! Don’t rush at the BOSS! President, please ask them to retreat! Let’s give up this BOSS!”

War Spirit Ziyi’s eyes were also moist with tears. She became crazy and added all kinds of skills to the players who were resisting the damage of the BOSS with their corpses. She used Life Blessing, Weapon Blessing, Holy Light, Healing Skill and finally her Magic Point was emptied. But her efforts were in vain and she could only ask War Spirit Sky to stop in a choked voice.

Many female players of the priest group were crying silently. They were moved by the teammates in this virtual world. In fact, the priest group was the target of the Ice Giant Guardian and other members of the guild were protecting them.

War Spirit Sky’s eyes were red. His lips moved but he said nothing. He couldn’t give orders and ask them to retreat, otherwise, their efforts and great sacrifices would be in vain. He couldn’t afford it. So he could do nothing but pray that the BOSS could stop this skill immediately. But he glanced around this place and saw that a figure suddenly rushed at the BOSS. He was shocked and shouted at him immediately.

“Knife! Come back!”

The one who rushed out was War Spirit Knife. His eyes were also red. He couldn’t stand this scene anymore because all these people died for him.

“Get out the way! I’ll resist its attack!”

War Spirit Knife ignored the words of War Spirit Sky. He shouted and rushed into the hatred range of the Ice Giant Guardian. At the same time, other players also stopped performing this suicide mission.

“Knife! Fuck! Priest group must pay attention to his HP!”

War Spirit Sky shouted. War Spirit Knife offered the only hope of killing the BOSS. If he was killed by this skill, they would really plumb the depths of despair. War Spirit Sky suddenly regretted that he had attacked this BOSS so early. He should wait one more day and attack it when they had more players.

“Use the therapeutic waves! The first group and the second group get started!”

War Spirit Sky didn’t need to give any order and War Spirit Ziyi clearly knew what she should do. She didn’t even wipe off her tears and commanded the priest group. Suddenly, the powerful healing waves of the priests fell on the head of War Spirit Knife.


At the same time, Ice Giant Guardian turned to War Spirit Knife and stamped his feet. Cold waves spread across the lake surface.


It seemed to be fixed damage. War Spirit Knife’s HP was nearly emptied and he only had a few health points. But after the healing of the priests, his HP became full in an instant. There was a flash of hope in everyone’s eyes and it seemed that War Spirit Knife could really resist the attacks.

At the same time, the Ice Giant Guardian sank the ice ax into the ground and stopped this skill. All the players’ eyes lit up and they thought that they successfully resisted its attack.

But they became desperate in the next second.

The Ice Giant Guardian’s skill was drawing to an end but it reached its peak before the end. The BOSS lifted the ice ax and the last three layers of cold waves appeared at the same time. They were stacked together and became a gigantic triple wave. The wave was moving to War Spirit Knife and all the other players were looking at the wave with astonishment.

All the players became desperate at this moment. The three waves were about to swallow War Spirit Knife but they could do nothing. Each wave could cause 200 points of damage. War Spirit Knife could barely resist one wave but the three waves were moving at him at the same time. War Spirit Knife would be covered by them within one second. It was impossible for him to resist three waves of 200 points of damages within one second.

Was that possible? If the priest group could offer seamless treatment and fill up his HP three times in a row, he might be able to survive. But was there anyone who could provide the precise treatment with a time difference of no more than 0.3 seconds?

No, this was impossible...

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 64 Fierce Attack