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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 63 Ice Giant Guardian

Chapter 63 Ice Giant Guardian

War Spirit Sky may be right. After most members of the War Spirit Hall transferred their professions and came to Shengshui City, they could definitely kill the BOSS. The president could ask ten thousand players to resist its damage in turn. Even though they would be seckilled, their corpses could also prevent the BOSS from rushing out. But now there were less than 1,000 elite members who had transferred their professions and it was too difficult for them to deal with the 30th-level BOSS.

However, Xiaofeng could also understand the urgency of War Spirit Sky. The 30-level BOSS was likely to drop the guild token and its refresh point was also very close to Shengshui City which was the headquarter of the War Spirit Hall. It was natural that War Spirit Sky was eager to kill the BOSS.

Guild token was a necessary certificate for setting up a guild. No matter how many members War Spirit Hall had, they were just a heap of loose sand before the establishment of the guild. They could only use the team system and the whisper system to communicate with each other. After the establishment of the guild, members would have the guild channel and could become an indivisible whole.

Besides, this Ice Giant Guardian might drop the first guild token of Myth.

It would be of immense benefit if War Spirit Sky could become the first person of the Huaxia District to set up a guild.

There were hundreds of millions of players and countless major guilds in the Huaxia District. It was a highly competitive market. If he could become the first to set up a guild, the War Spirit Hall would become famous and its strength and reputation would be greatly improved. Players would flood in when they recruited new members.

This was the benefit of fame. The first guild token of the Huaxia District was very attractive. It would be fair to say it would definitely make all the presidents of the major guilds of the Huaxia District crazy.

Therefore, it was not surprising that War Spirit Sky became so impulsive and excited. He was determined to kill this BOSS despite that his guild was not strong enough!

“Get ready to attack it! The mage group and archer group need to be ready!”

“They’ve attracted its hatred! Let’s get started! Focus on it! Focus on the BOSS!”

War Spirit Knife had resisted the damage for nearly ten seconds and attracted all the hatred of the Ice Giant Guardian. Then War Spirit Sky immediately shouted and asked the other players to attack the BOSS!


The intensive arrow rain suddenly appeared like the locusts! With the buzzing noises, the arrows poured down on the huge body of the Ice Giant Guardian and caused the vibration of air.

At the same time, hundreds of mages of the mage group waved their staff simultaneously and the giant was suddenly drowned in the dense fireballs, ice arrows, and thunder. Its huge three-story high body was covered by countless skills in a short time.




“-2! Crit!”




Countless figures of damage appeared on the head of the Ice Giant Guardian like the smoke and nearly formed a red cloud. But the actual damage figures were small. Most of the attacks were missed and the several skills that fell on the BOSS only caused one point of mandatory damage.

Nevertheless, the Health Point of the Ice Giant Guardian was still reduced by over one hundred. At the same time, they also saw the HP bar of this BOSS.


It had more than 70,000 Health Points, which were even higher than that of the Golden Skeleton King. But it was normal because it was 10 levels higher than the Golden Skeleton King.

“Continue to use the free attack! Mage group has to pay attention to the Magic Point! Make sure that you still have more than half Magic Points!”

“Archer group needs to give the DPS at greatest speed! Priest group focuses on the HP of the front-row players! Warrior group needs to seize the opportunity to fill the gap at the proper time!”

It was obvious that War Spirit Sky didn’t flinch in the face of the huge HP of the Ice Giant Guardian. He was still crazy and kept on giving orders.

Xiaofeng also noticed that the elite players of the War Spirit Hall had a strong fighting capacity. Different professions performed their own duties and the formation was very stable and there was no confusion. In addition to War Spirit Knife, who was the only front-row player, there were more than 200 warriors standing around the ice lake and they were ready to help him. Assassins and other professions that did not have the ability to fight in groups were also standing around the ranged players to prevent accidents.


Ice Giant Guardian screamed and his face, which looked like the ice sculpture, showed his anger. He waved the ice ax in his hand and slammed it on War Spirit Knife at its feet.


The ice ax missed War Spirit Knife and fell on to the frozen lake surface with a bang. The ice layer, which was as smooth as a mirror, was suddenly broken and a crack like a spider web appeared on it. At the same time, the ice chips flew off in all directions.

War Spirit Knife dodged the direct attacks of the Ice Giant Guardian but he was still hit by the flying ice chips. The ice chips, which were small for the ice giant, were actually as big as ice bricks for the players.

The two ice bricks directly hit War Spirit Knife on his head. Obviously, he was stunned for several seconds but his HP immediately became full after the healing of the strong priest group. He shook his head to keep sober-minded and then quickly rolled to leave the space between the legs of the Ice Giant Guardian and appeared behind its back. He successfully dodged the huge feet of the Ice Giant Guardian.





Countless figures of damage appeared on the head of the Ice Giant Guardian all the time as if someone had thrown a red smoke bomb on the head of the BOSS. The figures of damage formed a red cloud and its Health Point had already been reduced by 2,000 to 3,000.

“We’ve reduced its HP by 10 percent! Knife! You can retreat now! The first replacement team needs to take turns to attack the BOSS! You don’t need to come back after being killed and sent back to the city! Do the task and make up your lost experience!”

Under the intensive attack of so many players, the Ice Giant Guardian’s HP was reduced by 10 percent, which was 7200 points, in less than 10 minutes. But this also meant that the Ice Giant Guardian was about to use its skills.

War Spirit Knife immediately retreated. As the only shield warrior who could resist the attacks of the BOSS, he must avoid being killed. Therefore, other players have to resist the skills of the BOSS at the cost of their lives!

A group of players who had been prepared came forward. There were five players and not all of them were warriors. One of them was assassin while two of them were mages. All of them were calm in the face of death.

The first one was a wild warrior. He nodded at War Spirit Knife and immediately took his place. He rushed and hit his head against the BOSS. At the same time, War Spirit Ziyi also added a Life Blessing to this wild warrior. But she clearly knew that this couldn’t save his life.


This wild warrior immediately became the target of the Ice Giant Guardian. It opened his huge mouth and inhaled the visible storm with ice and snow. Then it squirted and spewed them out. The cold storm directly covered the surrounding area without any dead angle. There was nowhere to run and the wild warrior was frozen by the cold air and turned into an ice sculpture. He was killed by more than 500 points of damage and became a corpse. He turned into a white light in the ice sculpture and was sent back to the main city for resuscitation before even falling on the ground.

“Hey! Stupid ice block! Look at me!”

War Spirit Knife came forward as soon as the Ice Giant Guardian stopped using its skills. He slammed his one-handed sword and one-handed shield against the feet of the Ice Giant Guardian. The ice chips flew off in all directions.


The Ice Giant Guardian became furious and used the same method to attack him. It lifted its foot and tried to trample on War Spirit Knife. But the BOSS was huge and it took a long time for it to stamp on the players. War Spirit Knife seized the opportunity and escaped. But the frozen lake surface cracked once again.


When Ice Giant Guardian was using the skill, the players’ attacks that were suspended before poured down once again. The huge body of the BOSS was covered by the skills and its HP was also reduced constantly.

War Spirit Hall was skillful in techniques. It was definitely a powerful major guild. The members had rich experience in dealing with the BOSS and the president dared to attack the BOSS even though only War Spirit Knife was barely able to resist its damage.

But War Spirit Knife could only resist the ordinary attacks and he would definitely be killed by the skills. Therefore, when its HP was greatly reduced and it was about to use the skills, War Spirit Knife would immediately retreat and other warriors would take his place and resisted the skills at the cost of their lives. After the BOSS stopped using skills, War Spirit Knife would fight with the BOSS once again.

Looking at the spectacular battle against the BOSS, Xiaofeng felt that he had learned a lot. His eyes lit up and he was absorbed in thought. Despite that he was an experienced player, he always played the game alone. So this team fight was a great inspiration to him. He was very interested in it.

But Xiaofeng also wanted to know what the War Spirit Hall would do next. After all, the Ice Giant Guardian still had 90 percent of Health Points and it must have many other skills including the critical skills. War Spirit Knife could only resist the ordinary attacks with difficulty and there were only 4 reserves. It was impossible for them to resist the damage of the Ice Giant Guardian.

“We’ve reduced its HP by 20 percent! Knife! You can retreat now! Reserves hurry up and take his place!”

Another ten minutes had passed and the HP of the Ice Giant Guardian was reduced by 10 percent once again. War Spirit Sky gave the order and War Spirit Knife retreated once again. A mage player rushed at the BOSS.

War Spirit Ziyi didn’t even add a Life Blessing to this player. Everyone clearly knew that mage players were delicate and only had a low HP, so this player had no hope of being saved. All of them had to stop their attacks and helplessly watched the mage player of the reserve team being killed by the skills.


“We’ve reduced its HP by 30 percent! Knife! Reserves hurry up and take his place!”


“We’ve reduced its HP by 40 percent! Knife! Reserves...!”


Under the intensive attack, the ice giant’s HP continued to decline steadily, and soon its HP was reduced by half. Everyone knew that they faced an even bigger challenge from now on. The BOSS would use violent skills when its HP was under 50 percent.

The defense of the BOSS would be reduced after it became violent, so it was an excellent opportunity for making DPS. All the players of the DPS professions would use their skills at this stage.

But at the same time, its attack power and attack speed would also improve a lot in its violent state. The BOSS had already had strong attack ability and it could easily seckill the player after becoming violent.

At this moment, it was especially dangerous for the War Spirit Hall that could only barely resist the attacks of the BOSS.

“It only has 50 percent of HP now! Knife! Hurry up and retreat! Retreat to the edge of the ice lake! Reserves... Stall the BOSS! Please try to live longer! I hope that the BOSS will not use violent skills!”

War Spirit Sky looked grave. He looked at the last player of the replacement team.

This was an assassin player. All the players of the replacement team had more than 120 percent of the experience points for level 10. This assassin didn’t have any ranged skills but had also reached level 10. He was definitely a master player.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 63 Ice Giant Guardian