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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 62 An Excellent Woman

Chapter 62 An Excellent Woman

“Master Healer, this is the current priest group of the War Spirit Hall. Because the priest players are rare, most of our priests are staying in the Novice Village to help other members of our guild to finish the trial mission. And we only have less than 30 priests now.”

War Spirit Sky brought Xiaofeng to the rear of the formation of the War Spirit Hall’s players. All of the priests were female players who were standing on a piece of ice rock.

“President, who is he?”

There were about 30 female players who were beautiful and slender. Because Xiaofeng was brought by the president of the guild, they all looked at him curiously. They were twittering excitedly about him and they had lovely voices. A leading female player came forward and greeted them.

The name of this female player was War Spirit Ziyi. She was a charming girl and men would be attracted to her.

She was also a priest player. She was in her early 20s and looked charming. Her eyes were beautiful and seductive. When she looked at you, you would be enchanted by her soft look.

But what impressed him most was her figure, which was excellent. Her legs were long and thin, her waist was slender, and she had ample bosom!

The priest’s robe which was open in the breast part couldn’t cover her excellent figure. Her bosom was ample and eye-catching! It was delicate and white and Xiaofeng could clearly see her cleavage. Xiaofeng believed that men would be first attracted to her ample bosom instead of her pretty face.

“This is Master Healer. I ask him to help us.”

War Spirit Sky seemed to be afraid of meeting War Spirit Ziyi. He looked away from her and stared at the priest group behind her and said, “We’ll attack the BOSS right away and Master Healer will temporarily serve as the leader of the priest group. All of you must follow his orders.”

“What are you saying?” War Spirit Ziyi was irritated by what War Spirit Sky had said. She crossed her arms over her chest and her bosom looked bigger and more attractive.

“President, do you have any problem with me? I’m the head of the priest group but now you just grab a man and ask him to take my place and attack the BOSS! Obviously, you don’t believe in my ability! Don’t hesitate to make comments or suggestions if you have any. I can resign if you don’t trust me. I don’t care who will become the head.”

Everyone could notice dissatisfaction of War Spirit Ziyi. This was normal. She was beautiful and had an excellent figure; moreover, she was also the leader of the priest group of War Spirit Hall. As a confident woman, she must be annoyed and feel humiliated when she was deprived of her command in the combat in public.

“I dare not deprive you of your command. This BOSS is very difficult to deal with, so I ask a master to help us. Master Healer is a senior priest player and I believe that your priest group will definitely do better with his help.” War Spirit Sky forced a smile and explained without confidence. He didn’t look like the president of a major guild when talking to her.

In fact, no man could perform normally when they talked with a bewitching woman like War Spirit Ziyi.

“You think that I’m not good enough and the priest group can do better with another leader, don’t you?” War Spirit Ziyi was hanging tough and refused to become reconciled with War Spirit Sky.

“You misunderstand my intentions...” War Spirit Sky looked depressed and could only look at Xiaofeng and explained, “Master Healer, Ziyi is the head of our priest group. She’s also the best healer of the War Spirit Hall. She doesn’t mean to offend you.”

“Well, I see. She really has a big bosom.”

Xiaofeng quietly looked away from her ample bosom and agreed with War Spirit Sky.

“What did you say?”

War Spirit Ziyi immediately looked at Xiaofeng unkindly.

“Nothing. You can get started now. Please attack the BOSS as usual and I’ll look for opportunities and see if there’s anything I can do.” Xiaofeng shook his head and said.


War Spirit Sky also couldn’t do anything with War Spirit Ziyi. He could only nod and walk away. He gave an order and the hundreds of players immediately lined up.

“Master Healer! Please give me a Life Blessing!”

As the best shield warrior of the War Spirit Hall, War Spirit Knife was primarily responsible for fighting with the BOSS. After checking the potion, he stood in front of the BOSS and was ready to attack it. But at this moment, he looked back and asked Xiaofeng to heal him. He was sure that Xiaofeng could greatly increase his HP.

“I didn’t learn this skill.”

Xiaofeng replied briefly.


War Spirit Knife was stunned. Because they were shouting at each other, the nearby players of the War Spirit Hall all heard it. They turned around and looked at Xiaofeng who was standing in the priest group with astonishment.

“You’re a priest and you didn’t learn the Life Blessing? Are you really a master healer?”

War Spirit Ziyi was standing next to Xiaofeng. She was not satisfied with Xiaofeng, so she immediately mocked him.

Xiaofeng didn’t answer her question. He touched his nose and didn’t say anything, which made War Spirit Ziyi embarrassed.

“Head Ziyi, please give me a Life Blessing!”

War Spirit Knife had to give up and asked War Spirit Ziyi to add a BUFF to him. After all, War Spirit Ziyi was the best healer of the War Spirit Hall and her healing done must be the highest in this guild.

War Spirit Ziyi snorted and felt that she was just a B-plan of War Spirit Knife. She looked at Xiaofeng with anger but still added a Life Blessing to War Spirit Knife. After all, this was her task and she had to take it seriously.

After receiving the Life Blessing, the upper limit of his Health Points increased a little. War Spirit Knife held his shield and rushed at the BOSS which was the ice giant in the middle of the ice lake without any delay.

“Priest group needs to pay attention to the HP of the front-row players! Two rows of shield warriors walk forward and surround the BOSS! Stop it from rushing out! Don’t be too close to the BOSS! Be careful about its skills!”

“Ranged players please don’t attack it! You can get started after the front-row players attract all its hatred!”

War Spirit Sky was standing on a piece of ice rock and giving orders. The hundreds of players were standing together and staring at the BOSS nervously.


War Spirit Knife was also fighting with the ice giant on the frozen lake.

The ice giant was three-story high. It had been crouching on the icy lake like an ice sculpture.

When War Spirit Knife slammed his shield on its legs, it seemed to suddenly wake up and the huge body slowly stood up.





War Spirit Knife put the shield on his chest with the left hand and held a one-handed sword in the right hand. The ice giant just woke up and wouldn’t hit back at him. So he took this chance and stabbed the ice giant in his huge feet several times.

Of course, as a shield warrior who added all his points to his constitution, War Spirit Knife’s attacking power was extremely low. He only caused one point of mandatory damage.


But the ice giant had completely woken up. After making a rough sound, the giant moved its huge feet and kicked War Spirit Knife off. At the same time, a huge figure of damage floated on his head.


War Spirit Knife was catapulted through the air and his HP was nearly emptied. In fact, under the effect of the Life Blessing, he only had 200 Health Points.

“The first group uses the Holy Light! The second group uses Healing Skill! I’ve assigned different tasks to you! Finish your tasks!”

War Spirit Ziyi was standing next to Xiaofeng and she was giving orders. Suddenly six healing figures floated on the head of War Spirit Knife.


“+6! +6! +6...”


“+5! +5! +5...”


“+5! +5! +5...”

War Spirit Knife’s Health Point was immediately increased. He turned over, stood up, and continued to rush at the ice giant.

Xiaofeng didn’t care about their healing effects. In fact, there were many priests and they could save him and increase his HP as long as he was not seckilled by the BOSS.

But he was very curious about the ice giant. War Spirit Knife was well equipped but the BOSS nearly seckilled him easily. He might be sent back to the bind of the Shengshui City if War Spirit Ziyi hadn’t added a Life Blessing to him.

Therefore, Xiaofeng was interested in the level of this BOSS. He used advanced scouting to find its information.

Ice Giant Guardian

Level: 30

Grade: ordinary BOSS

Health Points: ???

DNF: ???

MGD: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: ???

“It’s a 30th-level BOSS! You’re so daring! Why do you attack it at the current stage?”

Xiaofeng was surprised and asked. They had just entered the main city. How dare they fight with this high-level BOSS?

War Spirit Sky was not far away from Xiaofeng. After hearing what he had said, War Spirit Sky turned his head and said with a smile, “Only Bosses at level 30 and above can drop a guild token. We can’t give it up since we’re lucky and find it. We don’t have enough players today and may fail to kill it. But the number of members of War Spirit Hall who have transferred their professions will exceed tens of thousands by tomorrow. At that time, I can ask numerous players to surround and kill them.”

Xiaofeng shook his head and thought that great things may be done by mass effort.

“Don’t stop healing. Take the MP drug if your MP is reduced. Next, the second group please uses the Holy Light and the third group please uses the Healing Skill. Keep healing him even if his HP becomes full. The third and fourth groups please continue your work after 3 seconds.”

War Spirit Ziyi looked disapprovingly at Xiaofeng and War Spirit Sky who were chatting and gave orders calmly.

Xiaofeng looked at her involuntarily. He wasn’t attracted to her ample bosom this time. He suddenly noticed that her command was really effective.

30 priests were divided into 10 groups by her. The Holy Light had a cooldown time of 30 seconds. But under her control, the priests could use the Holy Light every three seconds to increase the War Spirit Knife’s HP without limit. Therefore, his HP would become full every three seconds.

During the vacuum period of 3 seconds, the priests would constantly increase his HP by using the Healing Skill. Moreover, War Spirit Knife would take drugs. Therefore, his Health Point would generally remain full in the whole course and he could fight with the BOSS without worry.

As the head of the priest group of the War Spirit Hall, War Spirit Ziyi was capable and qualified. But she would become famous for her ample bosom.

But Xiaofeng suddenly thought of a problem. If this treatment was effective, Xiaofeng couldn’t have met War Spirit Knife in the bind of the Shengshui City.

Ice Giant Guardian was the 30th-level BOSS. Its level was too high and could cause great damage despite that its attack frequency was not high. War Spirit Knife could hardly resist its smaller damage and was nearly seckilled by it. With the help of the huge priest group, he could resist the damage with a full HP. But this was also the problem.

He could only resist the damage of its ordinary attacks. If the BOSS triggered the crit in its attacks or used some skills of high damages, he would definitely be killed. After his death, no shield warrior in the War Spirit Hall could resist the ordinary attacks of the BOSS and they couldn’t control it anymore.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 62 An Excellent Woman