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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 61 Meet War Spirit Knife by Chance

Chapter 61 Meet War Spirit Knife by Chance

Xiaofeng thought that Captain Bolton was indoctrinated by the goddess, so he immediately slipped away as Captain Bolton prayed.

He sent a message to Qian Duoduo and learned that she was making a lot of money in the Novice Village. Bales of 10th-level super equipment and the intermediate potion that players couldn’t buy in the Novice Village made her shop hot. Countless players surrounded her and they directly occupied the center of the Novice Village trading area.

The Nicholas brothers who kept carrying the potion were exhausted. But they were painful and joyful because they could make a handsome profit.

Qian Duoduo provided a large number of exclusive intermediate potions, which greatly increased the completion rate of the trial mission in No. 9191 Novice Village.

At the same time, the Treasure Pavilion also became famous. There were many members of large guilds in the No. 9191 Novice Village.

Qian Duoduo also proudly told Xiaofeng that she did not sell the potion to the players with the prefixes of Midsummer and Doomsday, which made Xiaofeng speechless. He wanted to tell her that these two guilds may ask other players without the prefix to buy the potion, but he didn’t want to knock her confidence. He just told her that she didn’t have to avenge him and he would handle this by himself.

In the end, Qian Duoduo asked Xiaofeng to buy a piece of land in the main city no matter what. She wanted to open a shop.

Xiaofeng promised her but he thought that it was a difficult task.

The central part of each major city was reserved for the player, and players could buy it at marked prices. But it was too expensive.

The price of any golden location was over tens of thousands of gold coins, which were equivalent to millions of real currency.

This price was not too high. This game world had broad development prospect and you could make big money no matter what you did with this land.

But the problem was that there was no currency exchange system yet and he couldn’t get tens of thousands of gold coins.

Therefore, the major guilds and the consortiums that had gone in the game world were staring at the land of the major cities eagerly. But they also didn’t have enough gold coins to buy it. Thanks to them, the exchange rate between the golden coin and the real currency had reached 1:5. Everyone was buying gold coins madly, and they wanted to buy a piece of land in advance.

Xiaofeng believed that once the currency exchange system was opened, there would be fierce competition. But now no one could afford it, so you had no competitor and could choose the best positions at will.

Qian Duoduo gave this task to Xiaofeng and confidently said that she was sure Xiaofeng could do it. Then she hung up and continued to make money while Xiaofeng was speechless.

Xiaofeng sighed with resignation and could only play it by ear. He ignored her words and crumbled the returning scroll of Shengshui City.

Major cities in Myth had their own returning scrolls. No matter how long the distance was, as long as the player was not in combat and was not under the prohibition of transmission, it could use this scroll and be transmitted to the corresponding main city.

In fact, players could also use the transmission array to go to different main cities, but the transmission array was expensive and couldn’t be used in the field, so the returning scroll was the favorite means of transportation of the players.

A white light flashed and Xiaofeng disappeared from Tianlong City and arrived at a cool city. Its buildings here were similar to the ancient architecture of Huaxia, which looked like the Tianlong City. But you could see a layer of snow on the roof of the buildings and the streets.

“Hey! You’ve found Shengshui City!”

Xiaofeng heard the system prompt and knew that he was in the right city. He looked around and found that Shengshui City had more players than Tianlong City. There were players everywhere and no one paid attention to Xiaofeng who had just walked out of the transmission array.

Xiaofeng opened the system map and looked at the map of Shengshui City and its nearby regions. But after reading at it briefly, Xiaofeng was stunned.

He didn’t find any information about the Bright Mountain on the map!

Xiaofeng suddenly realized the difficulty of finishing the second step of this storyline task.

It was not terrible to pass through the territory of the high-level wild monsters. The most difficult thing was that he needed to find the Bright Mountain within the limited time! He had to find this place by the end of the day!

The task introduction was very brief. Xiaofeng only knew that Shengshui City was the nearest city to the Bright Mountain. But it seemed that the mountain was not close to the city, which meant that he couldn’t find it on the city map. The map only showed the information about the city and the nearby place and the other areas were black. The players needed to explore but Xiaofeng didn’t have enough time now.

“It’s so difficult...”

Xiaofeng frowned. The map of the Land of God was very big. Besides, Xiaofeng didn’t know which way to go after leaving Shengshui City.

“Hey! Master Healer!”

Xiaofeng was reading the map and was at a loss what to do. At this moment, there was a flash of light in the bind beside him and a player suddenly appeared and looked at him with uncertainty.

“War Spirit Knife?”

Xiaofeng was surprised. He didn’t expect that he could meet an acquaintance in Shengshui City.

“Master Healer! It’s really you! Were you also born in Shengshui City?”

War Spirit Knife was looking at Xiaofeng’s clothes and the title of Bright Apostle on his head. He asked with uncertainty and was sure that it was Xiaofeng after Xiaofeng talked to him.

He was quite familiar with Xiaofeng. Besides, Xiaofeng was wearing the unique newbie suit which he had worn before at the entrance to the instance zone.

Otherwise, he might not be able to recognize him after looking at the name on his head.

At this moment, he was sure that this was Xiaofeng after hearing his voice.

“No, I was born in Tianlong City. I come here to do the task. Is your guild at Shengshui City?”

Xiaofeng was pleasantly surprised and looked at War Spirit Knife with a smile. What a coincidence! War Spirit Knife could help him find the Bright Mountain.

“Yes. War Spirit Hall decides to develop in Shengshui City. Master Healer, what’s your task? Is there anything you want me to do?”

War Spirit Knife bore War Spirit Sky’s words in mind and was eager to help Xiaofeng.

“I really need your help. Have you heard of a place called Bright Mount? It can’t be far away from Shengshui City.”

But Xiaofeng really needed his help. So he asked quickly.

“Is this the name of your mission’s location? Let me see...”

After thinking for a while, War Spirit Knife shook his head and said, “No, I don’t think I’ve heard this place.”

Xiaofeng was angry and said, “You’re useless!”

“Master Healer, please don’t worry. Although I don’t know this place, I can ask other members. All the members of our guild are at the Shengshui City. Some of them may know this place,” War Spirit Knife said with embarrassment.

Xiaofeng urged him and immediately said, “Hurry up and ask them now.”

War Spirit Knife also said immediately, “All of them were asked by the president to kill the BOSS. The guild is not yet established and we don’t have the convenient guild channel. I have to find them first. Master Healer, do you want to go with me?”

“Of course. Let’s hurry up and find them. My task is time-limited.”

War Spirit Knife dared not waste any time after hearing that this was a time-limited task. Besides, he also had no time to lose. He had just been killed and sent back to the bind. Therefore, he quickly summoned his personal mount and rushed out of the city with Xiaofeng.

“You have good equipment, don’t you? Why do you appear in the bind? Did you get killed by the BOSS you were attacking?”

Xiaofeng rode on his black horse, followed War Spirit Knife, and asked. As the senior leader of the War Spirit Hall, War Spirit Knife had luxurious equipment. Besides, he was also a shield warrior and had a defensive skill. It was really strange that he got killed.

“Well... The BOSS is powerful. Master Healer, please help us if something special happens. I’ve told the president that I bring a master to help them.” War Spirit Knife said with embarrassment.

“No problem. I can help you kill the BOSS if you find the Bright Mountain.” Xiaofeng promised him easily.

War Spirit Knife was immediately relieved. The reason why he brought Xiaofeng to the battlefield was that he wanted Xiaofeng to help them. He was worried that Xiaofeng might be angry with him because he hadn’t told him in advance. But now he was relieved and quickened his pace.

The place where the War Spirit Hall attacked the BOSS was far away from Shengshui City. It was a plain covered with pure white snow. Even if Xiaofeng was riding on the black horse, it still took them about half an hour to arrive there.

“Don’t fight with it face to face! You can’t resist the damage! Use your pets to resist it! Everyone hurry up and summons your pets!”

“Hunters lay the trap! All of you please use the frozen trap! We must try our best to trap the BOSS!”

“The ranged professions don’t use your major skills! The level of this BOSS is too high, and you can only cause 1 point of mandatory damage by using the skill! Keep your skill and use it after the BOSS become violent! ”

Under the leadership of War Spirit Knife, Xiaofeng bypassed the territory of the creeps, passed through an ice valley, and finally arrived at a completely frozen ice lake.

The lake was frozen solid and looked like the ground. There was a tall ice giant sleeping in the middle and it was surrounded by many players. There were at least hundreds of them. Hunter players were laying the traps around the frozen lake.

Most of the players’ names were prefixed with War Spirit and they must be the members of the War Spirit Hall.

“Leader Knife is back!”

At the entrance to the ice valley, there were two players who needed to stop other players from entering. They shouted as soon as they saw War Spirit Knife.

“Knife is back. Get ready to attack the BOSS. Let’s try again. If we fail this time, we’ll give up and attack it after more members come here.”

There were many members of the War Spirit Hall and the leading player who had been giving orders came up at them. His name was War Spirit Sky. Xiaofeng heard War Spirit Knife address him as president and realized that this young man was the president of the War Spirit Hall.

“Hurry up and get ready to attack the BOSS. We are waiting for you. No shield warrior in our guild can resist the damage of the BOSS except you. So I asked them to retreat after you were killed.”

War Spirit Sky came over and said to War Spirit Knife. They were standing together and Xiaofeng suddenly noticed that they looked a bit alike.

“Wait a minute!” War Spirit Knife said and pulled War Spirit Sky over and said with a low voice, “Brother, this is Master Healer, I’ve mentioned him to you.”

Xiaofeng was surprised. He didn’t expect that they were really brothers.

“Hello, Master Healer! I’m very pleased to meet you!”

In fact, after the arrival of Xiaofeng, War Spirit Sky began to look at him carefully. Now he immediately reached out and looked at Xiaofeng’s head strangely and asked, “Master, is your name Bright Apostle? Why do they call you Healer?”

“Well, this is a title.”

Xiaofeng shook hands with him, then hid the title and showed the character name. The big word ‘Dad’ was very eye-catching.

“Brother, Master Healer comes here to finish his task. He wants to go to the Bright Mountain. Please ask the guild members if they’ve heard of this place.”

Looking at the name on Xiaofeng’s head, War Spirit Sky’s mouth obviously twitched. War Spirit Knife could understand his feeling and told him Xiaofeng’s task immediately.

“No problem. But we need to kill this BOSS first. Master Healer, since you’re here, could you please help us?”

War Spirit Sky nodded. But he didn’t beat about the bush and directly proposed his condition. They wouldn’t help others for nothing.

“No problem.”

Xiaofeng nodded and promised to help them.

“Let’s attack the BOSS!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 61 Meet War Spirit Knife by Chance