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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 408 Secret

Chapter 408 Secret

Xiao Feng was stunned. He was actually not on the List of capabilities, neither the Huaxia District nor the Hangul District!

Xiao Feng couldn’t believe that he couldn’t even be in the List of capabilities. Even without equipment and level, Xiao Feng was confident that he could thoroughly defeat Ximen Chuixue and God of Thunder. So how could he be out of the List of capabilities?

So now there was only one explanation. That was, because he was not in Huaxia District, the List of capabilities of Huaxia District didn’t show his ranking. And he was not a Hangul player, so he was not in the List of capabilities of Hangul District, either.

Xiao Feng was in dilemma because of this. In other words, if he wanted to participate in athletic activities in the server, he could only rank the top 5 through arena. However, he couldn’t get back to Huaxia District. The arena of Hangul District was his only choice.

In fact, when the List of capabilities system began to update, Xiao Feng had been a transient figure in the List of capabilities and he also alarmed the whole Huaxia District! Because his combat strength in Leaderboard had been up to 100,000! It was 10 times as much as the number two, Night Cooer!

At that time, many Huaxia players were shocked. They thought Master Healer was an amazing man. Without having logged in for a month, he could still be the number one of the List of capabilities which newly published while he had fallen behind in level list.

And it was a gap of 10 times compared with the number two, Night Cooer. He deserved to be the first person in Huaxia District!

However, shortly after Xiao Feng logged in and appeared in Hangul District inexplicably, his ranking disappeared from the List of capabilities. So this thing was gradually forgotten, and became a topic to chat about occasionally among the current players.

At that time, players of Huaxia District did not care too much because at the same time the news of Master Healer’s artifact set came out, and it was dressed by master Night Cooer. So they guessed that Master Healer logged in once secretly and took off his equipment. With that, his ranking disappeared in the List of capabilities. They also wondered if master Night Cooer’s combat force was higher than Master Healer’s or not after wearing the set of artifact.

Activities would begin in three days. It was not hard for Xiao Feng to rush into the top 5 of the arena. However, the problem was that he had to spend a lot of time to be in arena, which would delay the process of gaining levels.

But there was no other way right now. Xiao Feng could only speed up. Anyway, Xiao Feng was used to doing like this.

Killing several Dark Night Zombies around him, Xiao Feng found that this Forest of Night was not suitable for him to gain levels.

This place indeed created creeps with Dark Attribute whose level were up to 40, and Xiao Feng could get high experience points, but these creeps were too scattered. Compared with the Skeleton Army of the Bone Mountains which covered all over the mountain, it was actually the Hell while the Bone Mountains was the paradise.

Xiao Feng was in the ruins of an old camp at the moment. It was like a barrack from a long time ago, which was already run-down and had become ruins. There were only scattered zombie creeps wandering around.


Suddenly, Xiao Feng was attracted by a corner of the camp. It seemed to be a commander’s camp. The wreckage of the building was preserved better. Inside, some scattered stones got Xiao Feng’s attraction because there were characters on them.

Xiao Feng immediately moved over and swept away the dust on the ground with his feet. There were several pieces of stones, the characters on which were all blurry. But Xiao Feng could still figure out some vaguely.

“...The temple is in the southeast... The Hieron of the kingdom is in the northwest... The order we received was to attack to the northwest...”

“I don’t quite understand the order of the Night Stalker... I’m the Zombie King... But Night Stalker’s position in the army group is far above me...”

“Last night... A light came down near the camp... That horrible strength must be the angel of the temple... A fatal threat to our darkness race...”

“Night Stalker went alone to check... But he came back intact...and there was no voice of fighting...”

“I found Lich King...and talked about some secrets with him... But...”

Xiao Feng rummaged on the ground and only found a few pieces of stones with characters that were relatively intact. There were several scattered characters and sentences on them.

Although the sentences were not coherent, he could still get a big secret from them!

That was, between Light Temple and Dark Legion, there was a kind of connection!

This moved Xiao Feng. From various records, the relationship between Dark Legion and Light Temple was indeed strange! As if what Xiao Feng had predicted before, the appearance of Dark Legion was related to Light Temple! And it was also a critical condition for Light Temple to keep a foothold in Land of God!

“Hurry up! I found him! He is here! Send a signal!”

However, Xiao Feng’s thoughts were interrupted by players’ shouting.

Turning around, Xiao Feng saw a group of players who broke into the ruins of this camp, staring excitedly and nervously at him, but no one dared to approach.

“Be careful! His attack power is very high! Don’t rush up! With our strength, we can’t beat him at all!”

“Yes! Hurry to convene people nearby here! We are responsible for tracking his location! Don’t fight with him! We can’t beat him!”

“Yes! Just watch him! If he comes over, we must retreat! It’s hard to find his whereabouts! We can’t let him escape again!”

“He was the previous first person in Huaxia District, the strongest player in Huaxia District! Maybe only Kim Jonghan, the strongest player in our Hangul District, can fight with him!”

A group of Hangul players which were about eight or nine people all stared at Xiao Feng nervously not far away. They wanted to rush over but dared not. As a result, they could only follow behind in case that Xiao Feng escaped again.

Xiao Feng shook his head. He didn’t expect Hangul players to find him so soon. He was almost approaching the core area of Forest of Night. He thought that Hangul players could approach here until noon, but they arrived in the morning.

At the moment, Xiao Feng was attracted by the ruins of this camp. He wanted to find if other stones recorded these secret characters. Naturally, he had no time to entangle with them but chose to beat them.

Soon, in less than 3 minutes, the 8 or 9 players became corpses, lying on the ground in disorder.

They originally kept a distance to prevent Xiao Feng killing them. And it really worked. No matter who Xiao Feng was killing, the rest players could escape dispersedly so that there were players alive to track Xiao Feng. According to Xiao Feng’s current property that had no equipment, it was really difficult for him to kill all the players.

But their plans failed because of a tall and mighty Holy Light Unicorn, who appeared beside Xiao Feng suddenly.

With the top speed of Xiaoxue, these players died without a chance to escape.

“Xiaoxue, let’s go.”

After checking the camp and confirming that there were no other records, Xiao Feng turned to ride on the back of Xiaoxue, and then left here. Because those players had already exposed this place when they found Xiao Feng. Soon, there would be a large number of Hangul players coming over.

Xiao Feng didn’t want to get into trouble, mainly because Lance Longinus was still in cooldown. Without this mythic skill, Xiao Feng would have no effective skills of large-scale damage. That would be troublesome to be entangled.


Xiaoxue raised proud head, hummed. Then Xiaoxue stretched out the white and wide wings, flying with Xiao Feng on back. Then according to Xiao Feng’s order, Xiaoxue circled in the center of the Forest of Night. Xiao Feng wanted to find a larger creeping area to gain levels.

At the same time, Xiao Feng couldn’t help opening Xiaoxue’s property to have a look. Because just when Xiaoxue was summoned from the mount space, Xiao Feng discovered one thing, that was, the type of Xiaoxue had actually been upgraded by one level, becoming Faerie mount. Xiao Feng almost ignored it. He couldn’t figure out how Xiaoxue could suddenly improve the grade.

Xiaoxue (Holy Light Unicorn)

Level: 36

Type: Mount

Master: Dad

Type: Faerie

Property: Bright

HP: 7300/7300

MP: 7300/7300

ATN: 230/230

INT: 230/230

DNF: 205/205

MGD: 205/205

Race talent: Holy Spirit, Wind Spirit

Holy Spirit (Level 2): Holy Light Unicorn was blessed by Holy Spirit, which would increase its own physical parry and magic parry by 70%. It would immune to all the control skills and negative skills.

Wind Spirit (Level 2): Holy Light Unicorn was blessed by Wind Spirit. Its Transitional speed would increase with level. The current maximum Transitional speed was 4600%.

Skills: Advanced Riding, Lucky Spirit, Blessing Spirit, Wind Spirit, Sky Spirit, Hurricane Rush, Wind of Holy Healing, Spirit of the Grazing Light, Noble Blood.

Advanced Riding (Open at level 10): It could be ridden in battle mode. But at that condition, it would share HP with the master. When it suffered fatal damage, it would retain 1 point of HP and would not die. The damage beyond its HP would be borne by the master.

Lucky Spirit (Level 2): Increase the master’s Luck points. The amount of increasing was related to its level. The current amount was 7 points.

Blessing Spirit (Level 2): Increase the master’s 5 basic properties. The amount of increasing was twice of its level.

Wind Spirit (Level 2): After the skill was opened, its Transitional speed increased by 200% for 60 seconds and the cooldown was 30 minutes.

Sky Spirit (Level 2): Gain flight ability. During flying, the Transitional speed was only 60% when it was on ground. Besides, during flying, it would consume 10 points of MP. There was no cooldown.

Hurricane Rush (Level 1): Lock a target area to sprint. During sprinting, its speed would gradually increase. After the sprint ended, it would cause all the enemies in the target area damage effect and Vertigo effect.

Wind of Holy Healing (Unopened): ???

Spirit of the Grazing Light (Unopened): ???

Noble Blood (Unopened): ???

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 408 Secret