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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 406 The Second Server-wide Event

Chapter 406 The Second Server-wide Event

“The lich king escaped. Presiding Judge Kilo led Light Coalition chased it for a long time, but they did not catch up, and finally had to give up. They chose to return to Holy City to report the result. Besides, this incident also confirms that there are other guilds going to lay hands on City of Gloom,” Liu Qiangwei said.

“Are there players making troubles?” Xiao Feng frowned.

“Yes. Whether the main mission was activated suddenly or the NPC Coalition was taken to other places, they are all purposeful and planned.” Liu Qiangwei nodded.

“City of Gloom and Midsummer Guild, which one is their target?” Xiao Feng asked.

“Maybe both of them. The power of the South is too great. The territory of the Midsummer Guild can almost compare with Dynasty’s. Everyone wants to get some benefits from it such as Antiquity. Before, they feared of your reputation, so they kept motionless. Antiquity’s result always warns them. But you have disappeared for such a long time, plus this rare excellent chance, of course, they can’t sit still.” Liu Qiangwei shrank her body and got into the bed. Twisting like a reptile, she finally climbed to the head of bed. Then she sat up halfway, leaned on the back of the bed and sorted out her messy nightdress before continuing to say,

“The City of Gloom’s huge flows of people and profitable profits have long made countless forces jealous.”

“So such an opportunity to defeat City of Gloom and Midsummer Guild at the same time is artificially created.” Xiao Feng also sat up, leaning on the backrest of the bed.

“That’s right.” Liu Qiangwei nodded and looked at Xiao Feng’s side face. She seemed to want to move her body closer, but as soon as she made some force on her waist, a sharp pain would come over, which made her frown slightly and give up the idea.

“Have you found out which guild made troubles secretly?” Xiao Feng asked.

“Although there is no tangible evidence, it should have something to do with the Iron Cross.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head. Because Qin Hao once threatened her. However, he didn’t take action in the end. From the time Midsummer Guild defended in the City of Gloom until the end of Dark Legion counterattack, there were no players ruined in the city.

Liu Qiangwei wondered if it was the strength that City of Gloom had shown these several times made the person who was going to make troubles fear.

“Iron Cross? The western overlord guild, who is said to have mastered the method of transferring knights?” Xiao Feng thought for a moment and said.

“Yes. Moreover, the guild president of Iron Cross had also threatened me.” Liu Qiangwei nodded.

“Threatened you?” Xiao Feng raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I have a recording here, you can listen to it.” Liu Qiangwei pouted her lips, like a new wife going home to complain after being bullied. She was very different from the cold Liu Qiangwei at usual. Now she was so gorgeous and seductive that couldn’t be described by words.

After saying that, Liu Qiangwei took out her mobile phone and played a recording. It was exactly what Qin Hao said to Liu Qiangwei in the rampart before, and the threat was also mixed with ulterior motives.

This was Si Yejing’s idea, which was to let Xiao Feng stand up for Liu Qiangwei. So she asked Liu Qiangwei to download the recording and bring it over when Xiao Feng logged off.

“I know,” Xiao Feng said. His tone was calm, and he didn’t say much.

But Liu Qiangwei felt warm inside. She already had some understanding of Xiao Feng. She knew the peaceful Xiao Feng was the most terrifying.

“Then I have to go back. It would not be good if Ling met us,” Liu Qiangwei said while her gorgeous face blushed. She then struggled to get up, bearing the pain of her body.

“Wait, Ling seems to have gotten up and is coming to my room.”

However, Xiao Feng’s ears suddenly moved at this moment. He heard the sound of Ling’s door opening outside.

“What? I have to hide now!”

Liu Qiangwei was shocked. At this moment, she had ignored the physical discomfort, hurried to get up, rushed to the bathroom quickly and hid in it in the blink of an eye.


Xiao Feng wanted to stop her, but it was already late because Liu Qiangwei had closed the bathroom door. War Spirit Ziyi was also hiding inside!

“Huh? What are you shouting, stupid male servant? How did you log off so early this morning?”

Ling pushed open the door of Xiao Feng’s room and walked in. She never had the habit of knocking on the door, and then curiously asked Xiao Feng.

Obviously, Ling just got up at this moment. Her petite and exquisite body was in a fluffy nightdress. It was a style of a one-piece princess dress, which was beautiful. Her bright golden long hair was not combed but scattered behind her head. Rubbing the beautiful blue eyes, she looked beautiful with a lazy feeling. Her body was slender and thin, while her skin was almost as tender as a baby. All of these could trigger people’s desires of protecting her, and at the same time, they would sigh with emotion how the creator carefully crafted such a dreamy little girl.

“Nothing.” Xiao Feng shook his head. After listening carefully, there was no movement in the bathroom, as if both War Spirit Ziyi and Liu Qiangwei had disappeared, so naturally he couldn’t say wrong words.

“Then let’s go for breakfast! Then log in soon! Today Highness Ling has a quest to entrust to you!” Ling did nothing else but urged Xiao Feng.

“What quest?” Xiao Feng was confused.

“Go to call Xiaobai back! Xiaobai did not return after leaving with a group of old NPCs last night! Highness Ling has been waiting for her until now!” Ling was very upset.

“Well. Xiaobai is back to Holy City, which is where she was born. I will try to inform her. But I’m not in Huaxia District now. I may not be able to successfully call her back.” Xiao Feng nodded.

“Then hurry up! I don’t want to leave Xiaobai for too long!” Ling continued to urge.

“Okay, let’s go down for breakfast first.” Xiao Feng shook his head helplessly.

However, the meal that was originally planned to be resolved quickly became embarrassed in an unexpected situation.

Liu Qiangwei’s and other two women’s seats were empty. No one came down. Ling ignored them. Anyway, it was not the first time like this. Ning Keke often sent meals to their rooms.

But after seeing War Spirit Ziyi, who was sitting next to Xiao Feng and was enjoying her meal elegantly, Ling’s delicate little face became tense while her beautiful blue eyes were hostile. She stared closely at War Spirit Ziyi now.

“I remember you! You are the cow priest of that...guild! Why are you in my house?”

Ling’s beautiful blue eyes narrowed with a dangerous light, like a beak staring closely at War Spirit Ziyi. But rather than saying she stared at War Spirit Ziyi, it was better to say that she stared at War Spirit Ziyi’s heaving chest.

War Spirit Ziyi lifted her face lazily and looked at Ling. Her eyes showed amazement because of Ling’s exquisite beauty. Then she turned to Xiao Feng again while blinking. Her seductive face was obviously with confusion.

“Smelly male servant! Who is this coquette! Why is she in our house?”

Ling also turned to Xiao Feng, questioning fiercely.

Xiao Feng was still pretending to be stupid, only to look down and drink the porridge in his hands, but finally he found that it didn’t seem to work, because both of them were staring at him. Even Ning Keke, who was sitting at the corner of the table, peeked at him from time to time.

As a last resort, Xiao Feng had to raise his head and coughed and introduced to each other, “This is Ling, my sister, and also the princess of our family. This is the commander of the priest group of War Spirit Hall, War Spirit Ziyi, whose name is Shangguan Zifei. She will live in our house in the future. Ling, you can call her sister Ziyi or sister Zifei.”

“Smelly male servant! Are you a lewd monster who is dissatisfied? There are so many women in the family, but you still take these wild women home! Damn! Crawlers! Slug! Go to die one hundred times! Highness Ling is extremely annoyed now! Obviously it’s enough to have Highness Ling alone!”

Ling suddenly turned hostile. She smashed the spoon on the dining table and then went upstairs angrily.

“You have to get used to it. Ling’s character is always that bad,” Xiao Feng said helplessly to War Spirit Ziyi.

“It seems that Master Xiao seems to spoil this Ling sister very much?” War Spirit Ziyi withdrew her gaze from the stairs and asked Xiao Feng thoughtfully.

War Spirit Ziyi had met Ling a few times. Right on the rampart during the Dark Legion counterattack last night, Ling was next to Liu Qiangwei, because Ling’s long blond hair was very dazzling, so War Spirit Ziyi looked at Ling for several times. Originally she thought Ling was a daughter or sister of a guild senior on rampart, but did not expect to be related to Xiao Feng.

“Well, she is more important than my life,” Xiao Feng nodded and said bluntly. Since War Spirit Ziyi chose to stay with him, he also needed War Spirit Ziyi to understand the importance of Ling.

War Spirit Ziyi’s gaze paused, and then nodded, seeming to understand, but did not say anything, nor did she ask about Ling’s identity. She was a smart woman. Knowing Ling’s importance to Xiao Feng was enough.

“I...I go to serve the breakfast for president and other...”

Ning Keke ran out of breakfast in a hurry, quickly stood up and said weakly. But because of her quick action, she was almost tossed by the chair, which made her show a terrified expression, and patted her amazingly developed chest nervously.

“Calm down. Be careful,” Xiao Feng reminded.

“Yes... Master...” Ning Keke glanced at Xiao Feng secretly, then quickly retracted her cute little head and hurried into the kitchen.

“I didn’t expect that Master Xiao’s preference also includes low age group.” War Spirit Ziyi looked at the back of Ning Keke, who dressed in a maid costume, and smiled at Xiao Feng.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Xiao Feng glared at her.

“How do I feel I get the point of Master Xiao’s mind? It seems Master Xiao’s pet’s appearance is also a young girl with silver hair?” War Spirit Ziyi narrowed her eyes.

“I have to log in now.”

Xiao Feng wanted to ignore her. He directly stuffed all the food left in front of him into his mouth and then got upstairs.

Xiao Feng was now in Forest of Night and in the encirclement of players in the Hangul District. Even if the map was safe, it was temporary. It was better to stay online in time.

However, when Xiao Feng just entered the game, he heard a huge system announcement resounding in the sky.

“Server-wide announcement! The number of players who have completed the second profession transfer in the server has exceeded 90%! Now Myth’s second server-wide event, competition in the server is open! From this moment to three days later, various theaters will select the top 5 from both the List of capabilities and arena, which are a total of 10 players, to attend the competition in the server and compete with other Theater players! According to the event rankings, there will be a large number of rich event rewards!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 406 The Second Server-wide Event