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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 405 Get Along Well With Each Other

Chapter 405 Get Along Well With Each Other

Kim Jonghan’s equipment was not bad. His body was shining, showing the luxury of his equipment. The worst ACC on his body was also shining silver light, which was silver accessory. As for the armor, the worst one was shining with gold light. Besides, there were several equipment emitted white light, showing he had faerie equipment, and more than one!

Although the equipment on Xiao Feng was not bad, that was a set of Blessed Faerie armor and the white light covered his body, its level was too low to get the attribute addition, so it might as well have nothing.

Kim Jonghan’s combo moves were not only smooth, but also a powerful combination of skills. With the big gap of the equipment between them, the damage was definitely great. So Xiao Feng dared not to treat it lightly. The wand flashed continuously, Life Blessing, Protective Blessing, Weapon Blessing, and Courage Blessing. The four buffs were added on himself and at the same time, he added himself a holy resurrection.

Because Xiao Feng didn’t have any Displacement Skill or defensive skill, if he still wore the Dragon Suit, Xiao Feng was not afraid of Kim Jonghan’s combo moves, because the Dragon Suit not only had powerful invincible skills but also was immune to control.

But Xiao Feng didn’t have Dragon Suit now. So he couldn’t get rid of it under the suction of the bloody volcano at this moment. He could only choose to bear this wave of damage.

Immediately, under the powerful buff effect, Xiao Feng’s Health Point and defensive force had more than doubled, and then the skill submerged Xiao Feng. The damage indicator floated on Xiao Feng’s head.




The huge bloody sword aura had a high damage. It swept Xiao Feng, dropping him more than 100 HP. The damage of the explosion of the bloody crater under his feet was also high, but Kim Jonghan’s subsequent charge was blocked by Xiao Feng. The long knife was moved away by the wand.

Kim Jonghan showed a slight surprise in his eyes. He knew his Skill Damage very well. Original players would be seckilled after being hit by this set of skills. However, he watched Xiao Feng bear this set of skills, but the health bar over his head didn’t lose even one third of the Health Point!

What kind of terrifying defensive force and amazing HP was this? Kim Jonghan once again felt the horror of the top players. After all, Master Healer had already dropped the game progress for a month! And he was both poor in equipment and level. But he still had so amazing property in this condition!

However, Kim Jonghan didn’t know that Xiao Feng’s property was also special among these top players. Players such as God of Thunder’s property were normal. Their property was just higher than ordinary players’. And Xiao Feng, his property would not be so abnormal if he didn’t add buff to himself.

However, Xiao Feng’s priest was actually a priest, and was the only one priest of all the top players. With the effect of hidden profession, Sacred Body would be increased greatly influenced by the buff, so Xiao Feng’s property was so amazing lay in his buff.

However, although Kim Jonghan was shocked, the attack didn’t hesitate any more. He had integrated his skills into his body. After the charge was blocked by Xiao Feng, he immediately released a Blade Light Chop to Xiao Feng. It was the basic skill of warrior, Blow. Originally, this skill was a vertical heavy cut from top to bottom, but Kim Jonghan could use it to hack, chop and whittle perfectly! He had no ordinary attack. His every attack was integrated into the skills!





Kim Jonghan’s sword light became sheet, flying up and down, covering Xiao Feng’s whole body. His attacks were fierce and swift. However, Xiao Feng was not hurt even once. The wand in his hands was waving, looked easy and casual. However, he could avoid every attacking sword light.

“You are indeed powerful and you teach me much. But now I’m busy. Sorry.” Suddenly, Xiao Feng looked at the time and said sorry to Kim Jonghan.

Kim Jonghan immediately felt bad, quickly withdrew his knife and stepped back. However, it was too late.

He had no idea when there appeared a golden flying spear in Xiao Feng’s left hand. Throwing it trying his best, Xiao Feng shot at Kim Jonghan.

In the eyes of Kim Jonghan, a dignified emotion appeared. Within a short reaction time, first, he lifted his long knife to block the flying spear, just like what Xiao Feng did before. But he then found the flying spear had no entity but a light spear. So Kim Jonghan changed his method again, stepped out, released charging skill and instantly moved out in the direction of the side of him!

However, he didn’t expect that the golden flying spear was like an automatic tracking, it actually turned and formed an arc in the air and chased Kim Jonghan again. He couldn’t avoid it any more. It pierced Kim Jonghan’s chest and nailed Kim Jonghan to the ground!

When he heard the system prompting himself to be fixed, Kim Jonghan already had a bad feeling. Sure enough, he saw a huge golden sledge hammer turned into Xiao Feng’s hand, condensed on the wand, slashing to the fixed Kim Jonghan fiercely.

Although Kim Jonghan wanted to make the final struggle to block the Hammer of Judgment, it was in vain. The scope of the Hammer of Judgment was not small, directly covering Kim Jonghan’s whole body and smashing him hard into pieces, and then he became golden glitter shattered away.


A four-digit damage number floated on Kim Jonghan’s head. There was no doubt that Kim Jonghan was seckilled. His body was lying on the ground. Fortunately, nothing dropped. Then, after a moment of silence, it turned into a white light disappeared and returned to the city to resurrect.

Xiao Feng shook his head without any stop, and turned to head towards the depths of the Forest of Night. Because it was already morning, it was going to be the breakfast time. Xiao Feng had to find a safe place to log off.

In the end, Xiao Feng entered an underground hole, which was also a hidden map. Thinking that no Hangul player would find it, Xiao Feng logged off in a corner.

“Huh? Why are you in my room?”

Xiao Feng took off the game helmet, but found that War Spirit Ziyi lying sideways on his bed with a snow-white arm supported her beautiful and attractive face. She was watching Xiao Feng’s side face intently who was playing game.

“What, Master Xiao begins to feel sick of me?” War Spirit Ziyi snorted with a charming voice.

“No, but don’t you afraid that Liu Qiangwei and Qian Duoduo would meet you? It’s not good for you to make a good relationship with them, right?” Xiao Feng shook his head and didn’t sit up, because War Spirit Ziyi had lain on Xiao Feng’s chest. Her magnificent chest gave Xiao Feng an extremely soft and wonderful feeling.

“It seems like this, but how do I feel that there is other meaning in Master Xiao’s words?” War Spirit Ziyi rolled her eyes and looked at Xiao Feng playfully.

“What meaning.” Xiao Feng looked away with guilty.

“The intention that Master Xiao wants us to have a good relationship is not simple, right?” War Spirit Ziyi smiled.

“What other intention do I have? I just want you to get along well.” Xiao Feng forced him to be calm.

“Really? If it were before, I would believe that Master Xiao simply wants us to get along with each other well. But after yesterday’s breakthrough of relationship, this villa has become Master Xiao’s beauty cave and tender township. I don’t believe that Master Xiao can still control yourself after experiencing the beauties’ service, right?” War Spirit Ziyi’s eyes were charming and her eyesight was playful. She showed an attractive smile and continued, “According to Master Xiao’s strength, the four of us together can barely satisfy you, so does there have more meanings that you ask us to get along well?”

“You, stop talking nonsense. I’m a person who knows how to restrain emotions.” Xiao Feng was not confident. If he said this before yesterday, he would be very confident, but after yesterday’s breakthrough, Xiao Feng was not sure. He was just like a cat stole fish, if there was a first time, he would do it next time.

Liu Qiangwei and other three were all gorgeous and beautiful. After really enjoying them, he knew how wonderful they were. After waking up his humanity, Xiao Feng was not sure he could control himself surrounded by beauties.

“Is it?”

War Spirit Ziyi’s eyes were full of smiles. She stared at Xiao Feng without blinking, making Xiao Feng more and more guilty.

“Someone is coming.”

Fortunately, there was a footstep outside Xiao Feng’s room door, giving Xiao Feng a chance to change the subject.

“It’s better for me to leave now. Since it is the hope of Master Xiao, then I will follow Master Xiao’s will to get along with them well.” War Spirit Ziyi got up quickly, throwing a wink at Xiao Feng, and then hid in the bath room.

“Xiao Feng.”

The room door was opened at this time. It was Liu Qiangwei who was in a white silk nightdress. She limped in and supported the wall, frowning and showing fully the inconvenience of action.

“Does it still hurt?” Xiao Feng asked apologetically, because he was upset by Liu Qiangwei and other three yesterday, he did it without any mercy to them. They must have to suffer the pain for a few days.

“After a night of rest, I’m able to get out of bed, but to fully recover, it should be about 3 days,” Liu Qiangwei’s beautiful face was slightly red, said, and then quickly changed the topic, “Xiaobai followed Presiding Judge Kilo and Archbishop Renault went to a place called Holy City. And we can’t find Xiaoxue.”

“It’s okay. Xiaoxue died once, and has returned to my mount space. As for Xiaobai, leave her alone. Just watch Ni Wu and don’t let him go to Holy City. Goddess of Light is there. And she seems to have great hatred to Ni Wu. Don’t give her any chances.” Xiao Feng said.

“Well.” Liu Qiangwei was already sitting on the edge of Xiao Feng’s bed and nodded. She had seen Goddess of Light once. It was that time when Goddess of Light came to City of Gloom to hunt down Ni Wu. The terrifying scene was still hanging in her mind.

“How was the battle last night?” Xiao Feng asked. He didn’t see the end yesterday.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 405 Get Along Well With Each Other