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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 404 Shura, Peerless

Chapter 404 Shura, Peerless

Kim Jonghan was so fast that he couldn’t see his trajectory of using skills at all. He charged in front of Xiao Feng suddenly. The long knife in his hand glowed, and then he lifted his hands, chopping towards Xiao Feng.


Xiao Feng escaped sideways, but Kim Jonghan didn’t give up after missing. When the long knife chopped in half, he reversed the blade, slashing across Xiao Feng.


Xiao Feng evaded again, leaned back, and the knife missed again grazing Xiao Feng’s chest.

Unexpectedly, the knife changed its direction again at this time, and when it was over Xiao Feng’s chest, the blade suddenly turned down and came vertically!


Xiao Feng made a startling sound, and immediately slipped back one step, wanting to open the distance, and at the same time letting the vertical act fall through again.

However, Kim Jonghan’s long knife turned into an Assault Slash like a viper that didn’t want to be spared.

Xiao Feng finally showed a serious look, waved the staff in his hand, pointed out extremely quickly, and opened the distance of the blade of the long knife.


“These are the basic skills of warrior, Double Cut and Assault Slash? It’s amazing! I can’t even see the trajectory of shooting the skill. You made them fully integrate into your own attack!”

Xiao Feng stood still and looked at Kim Jonghan in front of him, surprised. From the perspective of ordinary players, Kim Jonghan just rushed in front of Xiao Feng and then attacked, but Xiao Feng knew every move of Kim Jonghan were all skills! It could be proved from his long knife glowing all the time!

First he charged in front of him, and then used Double Cut and Assault Slash. They were too coherent that there was no trace of using the skills. In other words, Kim Jonghan had perfectly integrated the skills into his body!

“Yes, the first set of consecutive moves is the full-level Double Cut, which can already attack 3 times, but you are avoided by 3 times. Then I took a full-level Assault Slash, which can attack two times. However, it was interrupted by the block.” Kim Jonghan nodded.

“You are the strongest player I have ever seen in terms of the game’s strength. If there are no monsters that have exceed the limits of humanity, according to your power, you may have been able to rank in the top three in this game world.” Xiao Feng sighed and shook his head.

Xiao Feng was not kidding. Kim Jonghan’s integration of the game was definitely the strongest player Xiao Feng had ever seen. If it was necessary to describe, then it could be said that Kim Jonghan seemed to be born in this game, not as a player, but as an aboriginal. His action and releasing skills were extremely smooth and natural. He almost perfectly integrated them.

Another example was the gap between ordinary players and advanced players. Ordinary players could only use the system mode and use skills in a fixed manner, such as using Rain of Arrows. The system fixed the skill range of Rain of Arrows, which was a circle, so you could only attack in range, and the arrows which were released would be densely packed in a circle. For example, it was the same as the ordinary attack. The system limited the attack distance to 100 meters, so you couldn’t attack targets that were 100 meters away.

However, advanced players could turn on the free mode and adjust the skill release by themselves. Originally, the Rain of Arrows’ skill range was a circular, after adjusting the skill release, the range would be expanded or shrunk, but also the shape of the arrows would be changed. So as the ordinary attack did. The system set the attack distance to only 100 meters, but it could attack targets beyond 100 meters through lob shot.

Kim Jonghan was more advanced than advanced players. His skills had been fully integrated into every natural action of his body, and were freer than free mode. Xiao Feng even suspected that there was a more advanced mode except system mode and free mode.

Whether it was Ximen Chuixue or God of Thunder, they couldn’t do a perfect fusion like Kim Jonghan.

So Xiao Feng said that if only discussed the strength of the game, Kim Jonghan was definitely one of the strongest players.

But Xiao Feng also said that there were monsters in this world that exceed the limits of humanity, such as Ximen Chuixue, who had comprehended a hint of sword intent, and God of Thunder. Although there was no real evidence, Xiao Feng doubted that God of Thunder should be an Erazer in reality. And his ability was thunderbolt.

It was not surprising that there were Erazers in this world. Most of them were originated from innate physical mutations. For example, some people would spontaneously ignite inexplicably, and some people could survive without breathing, although every time such anomalies occurred, there were always some so-called experts who stood out and explained it with scientific truth, fooling the ordinary people, and calming down the storm. However, those people who had special abilities were Erazers. If they used the ability well, those special abilities were the same as super power.

The members of the Hell basically also had their own abilities. The most prominent ones were Ice Girl and Fire Girl. One could control ice and the other could control fire, but the abilities of the Hell members were obtained after genetic modification and experiments.

Xiao Feng’s ability lay in physical strength, but if he insisted, there were also two abilities, namely Xiao Feng’s heterochromatic pupils, which would burn his own body functions when opened, but could keep himself alive.

Xiao Feng called the golden pupil as Shura. The effect was to sacrifice some senses to enhance others, to achieve a condition that could make the most of the sense, such as closing vision, smell, etc., to enhance hearing. Xiao Feng could distinguish the sound waves at a long distance from the infrasound waves that ordinary people couldn’t hear. His mind would be like radar, which showed a map of where each sound source existed. It was a very powerful ability!

Xiao Feng’s the other ability was the red pupil, which was also named by Xiao Feng. It called Peerless. The effect was very simple and direct, which intensified the metabolism of cells, just like burning cells and boiling blood to exchange for great physical functions such as strength and speed increasing by a large margin!

As Kim Jonghan was just a master among ordinary people, the Taekwondo master of Hangul, the strongest man in Hangul District. It could be said that he had reached the limit of ordinary. However, for those monsters like Xiao Feng, he was nothing.

“I don’t have game experience. I just try to be as proficient in this game as possible, so I practice often.”

After hearing Xiao Feng’s praise, Kim Jonghan just shook his head without any complacency.

“Use your strongest skills, although I don’t have equipment and level, my attack power is still very high. You only have over 600 HP. You are likely to be seckilled.” Xiao Feng said seriously. He was not kidding. Xiao Feng’s basic property had been over 200, after adding buff to himself. His attack power would break 800. And Kim Jonghan, as a Berserker, his DNF should not have exceeded 200, so Xiao Feng only needed to attack him once, and he would be seckilled.

Although Xiao Feng was not as good as the previous full state period, he could still superior to all players.

Equipment was one of the factors for Xiao Feng to become the first person in Huaxia District, but not all factors. Even without equipment, Xiao Feng was still Master Healer!

“Please be careful.”

Kim Jonghan knew that Xiao Feng was not joking with him, because he knew how strong the top players were. He was hunted by God of Thunder in North American District during the Treasure Hunt in the service. It could be said that he had no resistance at all at that time. He was seckilled by two skills in a blink of an eye. Until now, he was still terrified.

Even if he was now facing Master Healer of the Huaxia District, whose equipment and level were far behind, he dared not treat Master Healer lightly.


Kim Jonghan hummed and acted again with fierce attack directly!

With a loud bang, he stepped on the ground and whirled the long knife round, chopping towards Xiao Feng!

Kim Jonghan’s stepping was also a skill. A blast wave burst and swept through Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was first hit by the blast wave, and a Vertigo sign appeared on his head, but he returned to normal without even a short duration of half a second and his vertigo sign disappeared.

But at this time, Kim Jonghan’s blow came to Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng wanted to block, but he saw that Kim Jonghan’s long knife was shining brightly. He suddenly changed his mind and chose to back away and open the distance.

Sure enough, Kim Jonghan chopped over and then changed his chopping direction, attacking Xiao Feng another 7 times continuously, just like a whirlwind. It was Berserker’s skill, Whirl Wind. However, finding him can’t chase Xiao Feng, he withdrew his attack after these 7 cut, and then he switched to a heavy chop! He actually used Critical Blow forcibly interrupted Whirl Wind, a continuous skill!


Kim Jonghan hummed again, releasing an attack with single hand, facing the sky. Suddenly, the large area of the ground at the foot of Xiao Feng cracked, and countless bloody sap spewed out. However, Xiao Feng avoided all the attacks.

However, Kim Jonghan didn’t care at all. Because this seemingly large-scale skill was actually a second profession transfer skill of Berserker. In the middle of the cracked ground, an altar, which was like a blood pool, rose up. Kim Jonghan stepped forward, plunging the long knife into the blood poor! Suddenly, the blood pool became alive and turned into dark red tentacles, attaching to the long knife. The long knife became a heavy and long bloody sword!

“Just receive my attack!”

Kim Jonghan shouted, slashing at Xiao Feng at a distance. Suddenly, a huge bloody sword aura directed at Xiao Feng, which was so great that Xiao Feng had nowhere to hide. At the same time, Kim Jonghan plunged the bloody sword into the ground again, while a red crater immediately appeared at the foot of Xiao Feng. The huge pulling force came from the crater made Xiao Feng unable to walk away, and then the crater suddenly erupted! The bloody sap was like a waterfall against the current, spurting towards Xiao Feng!

The huge bloody sword aura and the bloody volcano exploded and attacked together, plus the pulling force of the crater, so that Xiao Feng could not avoid it at all, and could only bear the damage of these two skills!

However, it was not the ending. Kim Jonghan pulled the bloody sword out, assaulted and got to Xiao Feng followed by the huge bloody sword aura!

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 404 Shura, Peerless