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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 403 Kim Jonghan

Chapter 403 Kim Jonghan

At this time, Xiao Feng suddenly had a way to summon Xiaobai in Hangul District. It was Xiaoxue’s death reminded Xiao Feng.

Because after Xiaoxue died, she returned to Xiao Feng’s mount space to resurrect. After Xiaoxue’s weakness period passed, Xiao Feng could summon her.

So Xiaobai could return to the pet space in the same way, but Xiao Feng couldn’t bear the death of this young ignorant little angel, so he shook his head and didn’t think about it.

“Quick! Support Lord Oracle!”

The Transmission Formation on the rampart lighted up at this time, and the long-awaited NPC Coalition finally appeared, led by Presiding Judge, Kilo and the guide Archbishop Renault.

Arriving at the City of Gloom in a hurry without even resting, they saw the unfavorable situation of the frontal battlefield outside the city, and immediately, a group of senior NPC hurried out to join the battle.

Archbishop Renault used Expulsion Skill in place to replace and support Xiaobai. Suddenly, the cursed land shrank faster, while Presiding Judge Kilo went directly towards the Lich King.

Xiao Feng closed the live broadcast of the battle at this time, because there was no need to watch it. When the Light Coalition arrived, it had been destined to fail the battle for the Dark Legion, who only had a few remnants of the soldiers.

At this moment, Xiao Feng still had more important things to do, that was to upgrade. After being stimulated by Xiaobai’s injury, Xiao Feng now desperately wanted to rush up the level! This was not only to make Xiaobai more powerful, but also to enable Xiao Feng to activate the property of Blessed Faerie Suit as soon as possible, so that he could have more power to protect himself in this strange Hangul District.

Although there was no equipment on his body, Xiao Feng’s AoE farming ability still existed, and the upgrade speed would definitely not be low. And his choose would be a creep map with Dark Attribute.

Xiao Feng got up and left the Transmission Formation, and returned to the inside of the temple. He found bishop Jolief and asked where there was a map that refreshed Creeps with Dark Attribute.

As a result, bishop Jolief did not know, either. He was very strange to other places except the Sunset canyon.

Helplessly, Xiao Feng could only find it by himself. This type of map was always gloomy. Xiao Feng only needed to search in this direction. Besides, he could also ask the player or go to the Hangul District forum to find information.

However, after Xiao Feng logged in the forum section of the Hangul District, he realized that he really made a hit in Hangul District. Empire of the Galaldur had announced the news of his invasion of the Hangul District. And they put the news in the home page and placed it at the top! The number of views and replies exceeded 100 million!

But Xiao Feng didn’t pay any attention on it, because he was not ready to make trouble in the Hangul District. The main reason was that his current equipment and level didn’t give Xiao Feng enough confidence. So he closed the forum and decided to keep a low profile.

However, Hangul players were far more united than Xiao Feng imagined.

“There! The profession is The Holy Pontifex! That’s right! It’s him! Come on! Gank him together!”

Xiao Feng found a dark and damp forest at the moment, and was going inside. However, a group of players appeared from all directions, rushing towards the location where Xiao Feng was. The shouting of killing Xiao Feng resounded in the sky!

This was not the first siege of Hangul players for Xiao Feng. In fact, after leaving the Sunset canyon, Xiao Feng had been attacked 7 times!

In the top post on the Hangul District Forum, it had detailed the information of Xiao Feng, such as his profession and character name.

Without Skeleton Mask which could hide Xiao Feng’s personal property, everyone could scout Xiao Feng with Scouting!

Moreover, the unity of the players in the Hangul District exceeded Xiao Feng’s imagination, because it seemed that after the news of his invasion spread, the entire Hangul District began a joint pursuit of him. No matter in the main cities or the creep areas outside, or at the entrance of instance zone, there were many players patrolling!

Adhering to the principle of low-key, Xiao Feng detours along the way when they encountered other players. But in the case of high-density defense of Hangul District players, he was still found several times. But fortunately, they were small groups of players who couldn’t stay Xiao Feng nor had the ability to beat Xiao Feng.

“Quick! Go together! Be careful! He is the first person in the former Huaxia District! He is really powerful! Although he hasn’t logged in for a month and his level has dropped behind, he is still a top master!”

This time, there were many players discovered Xiao Feng. There were more than 20 people, plus the movement also attracted the nearby players, the team size was further increased to reach the point of nearly 50 people!

“He wants to escape! Stop him! Let the people in front form a circle!”

“Chase him! We can’t let him go! How dare he invade our Hangul District! The Huaxia players are really arrogant!”

Xiao Feng did not plan to fight with them. After all, his equipment was not good, and they could not be solved in a short time. There were more and more players coming over, and it would be even more difficult for him to escape.

So Xiao Feng chose to leave directly, and under Xiao Feng’s high agility, few people could catch up.

However, the players who chased behind made the location of Xiao Feng public by way of regional shouting, and wanted to attract the players in front to contain Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng had no choice but to use his wand to slay two assassins who caught up, and chose to go deep in this dark forest map. After all, this was originally the purpose of Xiao Feng.

“He goes into the Forest of Night! Notify everyone! Surround the Forest of Night! Seal all junctions! He will be the apple in our hand!”

Half of the Hangul players chasing behind turned directly to the entrance of the Forest of Night, and the other half was guarding at the place where Xiao Feng entered. At the meantime, they shouted in the hall to inform all the players in this main city. So endless Hangul players were coming towards the Forest of Night! And they formed an airtight enclosure!

Because they knew that Xiao Feng did not have any teleport scroll of Hangul District’s main cities. Moreover, players’ body in the game would not disappear if they logged off but would stay at still. So they just needed to seal all the exits of the Forest of Night. With that, they could catch the intruder!

Xiao Feng had now gone into the interior of the Forest of Night. Through the area shouting, he also knew that he was now surrounded, but he was not in a hurry, because after entering the Forest of Night, he found that this was not only an advanced map, but also a hidden map!

Originally, the level 50 creeps and BOSS appeared in the advanced map would cause headaches to these players. Hangul players, which were much few than Huaxia players, couldn’t clean up the map. So the advanced Creeps and advanced BOSS were natural barriers.

What was more, there was a hidden map. Xiao Feng couldn’t be found if he entered the hidden map.

The most important thing was that the creep in the depths of the Forest of Night had Dark Attribute that Xiao Feng needed, which happened to meet Xiao Feng’s upgrading needs! Once Xiao Feng’s level was improved, no matter how many players there would be, they could do nothing to Xiao Feng!


Xiao Feng was currently traveling in a creep area. The level 45 Dark Corpse Flowers were all very fat, and their mouths were full of sharp fangs, with disgusting mucus falling down. They were absolutely creeps that players wanted to avoid.

But Xiao Feng clearly passed through such a large group of Dark Corpse Flowers, perfectly avoiding the range of hatred of all Dark Corpse Flowers. He didn’t attract any hatred of Dark Corpse Flower, just as entering a place where there was no one.

However, just after leaving the refresh point of the Dark Corpse Flower, Xiao Feng’s eyes suddenly turned and turned to see behind a withered big tree stump beside him!

“Come out!”

Xiao Feng stopped and shouted in that direction.

“The first person of Huaxia District, you deserve it. You are indeed not an ordinary player.”

A man’s calm voice came from behind the tree stump, and a sturdy figure gleaming in full gear appeared.

This was a player whose character name on the head was displayed, Kim Jonghan.

“Kim Jonghan? The first master in Hangul District?” Xiao Feng was a little surprised because he had heard of this name. He was not only frequently active in the major Leaderboards in Hangul District, but also was recognized as the first master in Hangul District!

“In the eyes of top players of your level, how dare we call ourselves masters?”

Kim Jonghan was a strong man of nearly middle age, with a very calm gaze, looking at Xiao Feng.

“Oh? I heard that you are the first Taekwondo master in Hangul. Why are you so humble?” Xiao Feng smiled.

“Although I have some achievements, there are more powerful people outside the world. Our kung fu men never dare to be arrogant. Besides, in this unfamiliar game world, we, who have no game talent and game experience, are not very comfortable.” Kim Jonghan shook his head calmly.

“I didn’t expect that there is such a powerful player like you in Hangul District. What, are you coming to kill me here?” Xiao Feng asked, twisting his neck.

“You are a player of Huaxia District, as well as the ever first person in Huaxia District. Although I don’t know how you cross the border, since you invaded our Hangul District, I naturally have to come forward.” Kim Jonghan shook his head slightly, taking his weapon from his backpack, a long knife. His profession was a Berserker.

“Are you alone? Do you think you will be my opponent?” Xiao Feng asked curiously, looking around.

“I know the power of the top players. Once I saw God of Thunder shooting on Treasure Island. I indeed can’t resist it. And I heard that God of Thunder was killed by you, which proves the power of your strength,” Kim Jonghan said, “If it is before, I naturally dare not challenge you, but I also checked your information. Because you have not been online for a month, now you are not only lagging in level, but your equipment was left in Huaxia District. So I think I should be able to give it a try.”

“Really? Then come on!” Xiao Feng continued to smile, waved the wand in his hand, like waving a stick, saying.

“Please be careful, I am a shield warrior with full Agility, and my speed is very fast.” Kim Jonghan nodded and waved his long knife, but in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Xiao Feng, chopping his knife towards Xiao Feng.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 403 Kim Jonghan