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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 402 Mythical Pet Xiaobai

Chapter 402 Mythical Pet Xiaobai

There were only Captain Bolton and other three bishops in red clothes of Light Temple. All in all, there were four strongest Faerie-level BOSSes!

However, there were 5 Faerie-level BOSSes of Dark Legion left! Four of them were holding Captain Bolton and bishops off, while the last one King Kong Skeleton King who was singled out went to the Skeleton King and began to guard the Skeleton King!

Its huge body of two or three stories high was like a natural chasm which was unable to step over! Under the healing effect of the cursed land, its HP had returned to full condition!

On the frontal battlefield, there were crowds of players, all of which were from guilds of Southern League. However, they had no way to kill it. At the 10th minute, BOSSes began to appear. Although they were only level 10, they couldn’t be seckilled and needed to put into effort. What was more, their amount was very big. They nearly overwhelmed the mountain and blocked the players’ road.

As everyone knew, cursed land would cause players to lose HP continuously. Players could only persist for two or three minutes by taking pot. Just as the scene now, after a glance, lots of players died and the continuous white light flashed in the crowd. They were all players went back to city to resurrect after death.

Moreover, the King Kong Skeleton King was guarding in front of the Lich King, even if a player rushed to the front, it was impossible to interrupt the Lich King’s spellcasting.

Even if Xiaoxue could make a breakthrough from the sky, she had no control skill, nor Xiao Feng, so she couldn’t interrupt the Lich King, either.

Moreover, although the best situation now was to interrupt the Lich King to continue to use the Undead Soul Scourge, this would not make the battle situation better, but would usher in another worse situation!

Because the Lich King itself was a Myth-level BOSS! No one present could resist it! It was just because Lich King was casting Undead Soul Scourge. It couldn’t have other movements, which means that once the Undead Soul Scourge was interrupted, Lich King would formally attack. At that time, it was also a catastrophic situation.

So, no matter what the situation was, there was only one ending for City of Gloom. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

“Come on! Keep going!”

“This is the Mythical Pet of Master Healer! It must be as invincible as Master Healer! It is impossible to have only these abilities, there should be other skills!”

“Can she still create a miracle? The Six-winged Angel ranked first on the pet list!”

All players with extraordinary insight had guessed this. A group of people on the rampart were very heavy-hearted, all looking nervously at Xiaobai who was in the air, hoping that this Mythical Pet of Master Healer could create a miracle again!

As expected, Xiaobai didn’t disappoint them. The holy sword held in her hands became brighter and brighter, like a little sun, and finally even Xiaobai’s young body was shining. At the same time, Xiao Feng, who was far away in the Hangul District heard a sound of system prompt again.

“Ding! Your skill Expulsion Skill has been used, and it enters Cooldown.”

At this moment, Xiaobai was completely transformed into a small sun. The blazing holy light shone on the earth, while the vast cursed land began to spout smoke, melt and shrank being covered by the holy light!

“Check it out! The cursed land is getting smaller!”

“Yes! It’s really shrinking! It’s suppressed!”

“Damn! She is worth to be a Mythical Pet! She is worth to be the pet of Master Healer! She is as invincible as Master Healer!”

The cursed land was like a snowfield under the scorching sun, and it started to dissipate from the edge, and the surface shrank quickly, as if it was suppressed!

This was the effect of Expulsion Skill, which could expel the effect of range magic, just like the effect that Xiao Feng used it to expel the Mist of War on Dark Land. So this time, Xiaobai could use it to expel the effect of Undead Soul Scourge, making the scope of the cursed land continue to shrink.

Qin Hao’s face darkened, while the presidents of Southern League were relieved. The current scene was undoubtedly the best situation. The cursed land continued to be suppressed and its scope was getting smaller and smaller. Moreover, the Lich King couldn’t participate in the war. In this way, they could just waste the time to wait for the relief troops. Liu Qiangwei had just told them that the NPC Coalition was on the way, which completely relieved them, and now they only needed to buy time and send someone to clear the low-level creeps that had been appeared on the cursed land.

However, they overlooked an issue, even though Captain Bolton and other three senior NPC could sustain under the desperate support of several major guilds’ priest groups. The consumption of continuous use of Expulsion Skill was very large. Xiaobai might not be able to sustain for such a long time!

Sure enough, the blazing light of the small sun on Xiaobai suddenly flickered, and the process of shrinking the cursed land below immediately stopped.

“Oh, sh*t! The pet of Master Healer can’t hold it!”

A group of presidents of the Southern League were shocked watching this scene, fearing Xiaobai could not resist any more.

Ling held Ning Keke’s small hand tightly and cheered Xiaobai in her heart. Fortunately, Xiaobai’s figure only shook, and then the holy light returned to blaze, and continued to shine on the whole Dark Land.

Liu Qiangwei stepped aside at the moment and said something to the intercom. She was talking to Xiao Feng. This was the most direct way to know how long could Xiaobai resist. No one knew Xiaobai better than her master, Xiao Feng.

“According to Xiaobai’s Magic Point, she should still be able to hold on for about 3 minutes. Has Duoduo already gone to meet and guide the Light Coalition, right? Tell her to speed it up a bit, or bring some senior BOSSes here with the teleport scroll. There are only last few BOSSes left in Dark Legion, and the Lich King can be easily killed with some casual senior BOSSes.”

Xiao Feng said on the phone. He was watching the live broadcast of the frontal battlefield outside the city. Naturally, he knew the current situation. He said after checking the amount of Magic Point left of Xiaobai.

And Xiao Feng also knew that Renault Archbishop had met the lost NPC Coalition and was rushing to City of Gloom. Qian Duoduo personally went to urge them.

That NPC Coalition was clearly brought to other places by players who triggered the main mission. They were far away from here, but fortunately, they could go to the nearby main city to take the Transmission Formation to come over.

Although Xiao Feng was unable to summon Xiaobai, there was no problem to open Xiaobai’s property. After Xiaobai’s evolution to the Myth-level, her property had a great change.

Xiaobai (Six-winged Angel)

Level: 36

Type: Pet

Master: Dad

Quality: Myth-level

Property: Holy

HP: 16400/16400

MP: 9000/16400


INT: 820-820

DNF: 410-410

MGD: 410-410

Talent: Divine Power, Sacred Body

Divine Power (level 12):

(Effect 1)–Your skill could be released against any enemy or friendly target, and all your healing skill and buff skill could increase by 150% for targets with Light Attribute and Nature Attribute.

(Effect 2)–Your skill could be released against any enemy or friendly target, all your healing skill and buff skill could cause 300% damage effect or 300% debuff effect on targets with Dark Attribute and Undead Attribute

(Effect 3)–Any damage you took was reduced by 30%

Sacred Body (level 3):

(Effect 1)–When you died for the first time every day, you would not receive the death penalty, and you would be resurrected immediately. When you died for the second time, your XP penalty would be halved and the drop penalty would be canceled

(Effect 2)–When you got healing skill and buff skill, the effect would be increased by 150%

(Effect 3)–You had great resistance to negative state skills, greatly reducing the effect of skill, and greatly reducing the duration of skill

Passive Skill:

God’s Sky (Passive skill: share the effect with the owner)–All healing skills and buff skills were not restrained by the casting distance and the casting target. You could specify all targets in the range of vision

God’s Mercy (Passive skill: share the effect with the owner)–Increase the Luck points. The improving effect was unknown

God’s Anger (Passive skill: share the effect with the owner)–When the pet was irritated, the fetter effect with the master would be activated. After being authorized by the master, the pet could use all the skills of the master. But when the pet was not authorized, it could also use the master’s skills at the cost of loyalty index

God’s Blessing (Passive skill: share the effect with the owner)–Insufficient level and it was not open

Active Skill:

Holy Baptism (level 3)–Summon Sacred Light to baptize an area, heal all friendly creature, damage all enemy creatures. The healing amount and damage value equalled to INT × 150%, the cooldown was 30 seconds

Sword of the Holy Spirit (level 3)–Summon your own weapon, Sword of the Holy Spirit. The attack power of the Sword of the Holy Spirit was equal to 150% of the ATN of holy attack power. The duration was 30 minutes, and the cooldown was 1 hour.

Shield of the Holy Spirit (level 3)–Summon a Light Shield to guard a target. The Light Shield disappeared after resisting 5 attacks. When the Light Shield received the first three attacks, it offset 100% of the damage. When it received the fourth attack, it offset 75% of the damage. When taking the fifth attack, it offset 50% of the damage. The cooldown was 5 minutes

Armor of the Holy Spirit (level 3)–Summon your own armor, Armor of the Holy Spirit, which had a defensive force equaled to 150% of its own defensive force, and moderately increased in parry, Transitional speed, and Attacking speed for 30 minutes. The cooldown was 1 hour

Holy Sword: Apophis (level 1)–Summon the Holy Sword from the Heaven. It would cause a devastating blow to enemies in a large range, with a destructive effect. Its cooldown was 72 hours

Not open-not open

She was worthy to be a mythical Pet! The basic property had far exceeded the full property of Xiao Feng while they were at the same level. And the effects of various skills had also increased a lot as the grade had increased. Moreover, there were new skills appeared.

Looking at Xiaobai who was at the live broadcast interface, shining like a small sun in the sky, Xiao Feng could not help but shake his head. Fortunately, Xiaobai fought for him to resist the counterattack of the Dark Legion’s Pioneer Camp.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 402 Mythical Pet Xiaobai