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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 401 Fetter

Chapter 401 Fetter

Xiaoxue appeared across the sky, it was so fast that only a white shadow could be seen and it caught the falling Xiaobai in the air.


Xiaoxue adjusted its direction and seemed to want to take Xiaobai back. Obviously, Xiaobai’s left wing was hurt. Not only did her left wing hang down weakly on the side, but also there were traces of being burnt by deathfire.

At this moment, it could be said that the most critical situation had been reached. Xiaobai was hurt and she was unable to stop the Lich King, while the cursed land had lasted 5 minutes. The first wave of BOSS had appeared. Although they were only small BOSS of level 5, the numerous numbers had formed the undead corps again. They were surging towards Captain Bolton in the frontal battlefield!

Captain Bolton and others were also all residual blood. Ordinary and elite BOSS had been killed. Only left the last few powerful ones!


Xiaobai looked down on Xiaoxue’s back and made a shout. Xiaoxue immediately turned reluctantly and rushed to the front battlefield again.

Xiaobai sat up on Xiaoxue’s back, and then raised the holy sword in her hand and pointed to the sky!


A loud bell sounded through the Dark Land, and then the gray clouds over the Dark Land began to spread, as if dawn was breaking, the divine light shining down against the earth!

“Roar, Roar, Roar!!!”

On the frontal battlefield, the endless Skeleton Army roared together. Although the irradiation of the holy light did not directly hurt them, it also made them extremely uncomfortable.

The sky dome was getting brighter and brighter, as if being torn apart, and then a huge holy sword like a skyscraper slowly descended, slashing towards the front battlefield!


The earth shook, the holy light flooded everyone’s eyes, almost blinding them, and the deafening explosion sound also resounded in everyone’s ears!

“This is Xiaobai’s map-level skill!”

“It is the Myth-level skill of the angel of Master Healer!”

Liu Qiangwei and other presidents of guilds, who had met once in the battle with Antiquity, naturally were familiar to this skill. They clenched their fists, hoping that this skill could also reproduce the power of terror!

The sky was cracking, the earth was shaking, the holy light was exploding, flooding the whole world, and it took 10 seconds to fade away!

Taking the Lich King and Captain Bolton as the connection point, the ground was split to form a grand canyon. The aftermath of the explosion of the holy light overwhelmed everything. Originally, after 5 minutes, the number of Skeleton Army born in the cursed land had reached millions. However, in the blast wave of explosion, these millions of creeps were directly killed! The endless broken bones paved the earth white!

But Xiaobai’s damage was still too low. Not only did she not cause much damage to the BOSS of the Dark Legion, but even the remaining tens of thousands of level 50 elite undead soldiers did not be seckilled. They still had less than half of the HP, let alone to impact the Lich King.

Although players on the frontal battlefield took advantage of this opportunity to kill a lot of elite undead soldiers, however, even killing all the creeps would not help, as long as the BOSS was still there, as long as the Lich King was still casting Undead Soul Scourge, City of Gloom’s ending wouldn’t be changed.


The Undead Soul bone dragon roared, it blocked over the Lich King and suffered a blow from the holy sword. Only the ground below it was intact and not split, but it also suffered the most damage. Half of the HP was lost, which was more thrilling than other Faerie-level BOSS that only lost a little HP!


This also angered the Undead Soul bone dragon. It opened its mouth far away, a gray dragon inflammation shot like a cannonball at the sky, hitting Xiaoxue accurately. Xiaoxue was hit and fallen off. Xiaobai was nearly forced to fall down as it lost its most HP. It was almost seckilled!

Xiaobai was also hit by the dragon inflammation bomb when it exploded. Her HP dropped again, but she was completely indifferent to this, and lifted the huge holy sword in her hand to fight again!

The holy light in the sky had not yet dissipated, and at this moment a few beams of light were projected again! They overshadowed her and Xiaoxue, and Captain Bolton those players below.

Immediately, the green healing figures floated from everyone, Xiaobai, Xiaoxue and Captain Bolton’s HP quickly recovered!

This was Xiaobai’s skill, Holy Baptism. It could directly enrich her HP to full, while Xiaoxue, Captain Bolton and others were also regenerated half of the HP. What was more, the Dark Legion BOSSes who were covered by the beam of Holy Baptism was taking white smoke, as if being evaporated. They suddenly lost a small amount of HP!


Undead Soul bone dragon roared again, because the Holy Baptism also enveloped it, making it extremely uncomfortable, but in order to protect the Lich King, it couldn’t move. So it had to open its mouth again and spit a dragon inflammation bomb to Xiaobai!


The dragon inflammation bomb hit its target again. This time, Xiaoxue was not spared and was scekilled directly while Xiaobai’s wings were burnt dark, falling down to the ground. Below Xiaobai, the King Kong Skeleton King had already been waiting there. When Xiaobai was about to fall down, it lifted its huge sword and smashed Xiaobai away!



Xiaobai’s young body flew out like a broken kite, shouting loud in the air. Her voice was immature, but in it, there were full of unwillingness and anger!

Then a white ribbon made of light suddenly stretched out from Xiaobai. One end of the ribbon was wrapped around Xiaobai’s delicate arm, while the other end was floating in the void.

At the same time, Xiao Feng, who was far away in the Hangul District, also got a band of white light on his body, with one end wrapped around his hand and the other end floated in the void.

Xiao Feng was also paying attention to the battlefield outside the City of Gloom at the moment, sitting in the Transmission Formation of the temple in Sunset canyon.

He had tried all the methods he knew, but he still couldn’t activate the Transmission Formation to send him back to Huaxia District. He could only sit here and watch the battle through the live broadcast on the forum.

When Xiaobai was hit flying several times, Xiao Feng’s fists were clenched tightly, showing his killing intent in eyes. But he was helpless. At the same time, he hated that his level was too low, which dragged down Xiaobai’s combat power!

When the light band appeared on Xiaobai, Xiao Feng not only had a light band on his body, but also heard a system prompt sound ringing in his ears.

“Ding! Your pet Xiaobai will use fetter skill to use all of your skills. Is it authorized?”


Xiao Feng did not hesitate at all, and chose to accept it when the system prompt sounded.

Immediately, outside the City of Gloom, Xiaobai, who flew out and was about to fall to the ground, suddenly stopped in mid-air, and flew back again, although her figure was still a little wobbly.


Undead Soul bone dragon roared, but unfortunately Xiaobai was shot twice and had left its attack range.

“Xiaobai! Great! Xiaobai is fine!”

On the rampart, Ling was so nervous that she was going to sweat and she grabbed Ning Keke’s hand so hard that made Ning Keke hurt.

Liu Qiangwei also breathed a sigh of relief. She lifted her head and drank a bottle of purified water to regenerate her Magic Point. She had been increasing Ling and Ning Keke’s HP. Fortunately, her equipment was not bad, otherwise, she would never be possible to last for these few minutes.

“Ding! Your skill Life Blessing has been used and enters Cooldown.”

“Ding! Your skill Protective Blessing has been used and enters Cooldown.”

“Ding! Your skill Weapon Blessing has been used and enters Cooldown.”

“Ding! Your skill Courage Blessing has been used and enters Cooldown.”

This was the system prompt sound that Xiao Feng heard. There were 4 in a row. At the same time, in Xiao Feng’s skill bar, these four skills also entered Cooldown.

At the same time, in the sky above the City of Gloom, Xiaobai held up the holy sword in her hand. At this moment, the huge holy sword seemed to shine like the sun, shining on the front battlefield outside the city and all the players in the city!

At this moment, all players heard the sound of system prompt ringing in their ears.

“Ding! You are affected by the Life Blessing skill of the player ‘Dad’, and the HP increases...”

“Ding! You are affected by the Protective Blessing skill of the player ‘Dad’, the DNF and MGD increase...”

“Ding! You are affected by the Weapon Blessing skill of the player ‘Dad’, the ATN increases...”

“Ding! You are affected by the Courage Blessing skill of the player ‘Dad’, the INT increases...”


“This is...”

For a time, all the players were stunned. How could they suddenly be added buff? Was there a priest taking care of them?

Only Liu Qiangwei and others over the rampart was in trance, because the system prompted clearly, and how could they not know the game name of Xiao Feng!

This was the buff that Xiao Feng added to them! But Xiao Feng was clearly in Hangul District at the moment, how could he use his skills here?

Below, Bolton Captain and others were refreshed. Xiao Feng’s buff was added according to the percentage, which was really a big improvement for them!

“Ding! Your skill Holy Light Skill has been used and enters Cooldown.”

“Ding! Your skill Shadow Word has been used and enters Cooldown.”

Xiao Feng’s system prompt sounded constantly, and the holy sword in Xiaobai’s hand was getting brighter and brighter, as if she was raising a sun!

Although there was no high property brought by the Dragon Suit, Xiao Feng’s skills had a powerful effect, which was absolutely peerless enough!

With Holy Light Skill and Shadow Word, Xiaobai was full health points. Captain Bolton and others’ Health Points were also improved back to a healthy condition, while the group of BOSSes of Dark Legion dropped the Health Point quickly. The most miserable one was Undead Soul bone dragon, who was now residual blood. If the cursed land didn’t regenerate it blood, it would only leave a layer of blood!

“Ding! Your skill Lance Longinus has been used and enters Cooldown.”

Xiaobai had no other pressure to use Xiao Feng’s skills. Without any hesitation, she cast a master stroke, which made Xiao Feng almost speechless.


The sound of bell once again rang through the clouds, the sky broke again, and the sky dome split once more. This time a golden Lance pierced the sky and smashed against the earth!

“This is also Brother Xiao’s skill!”

Qian Duoduo covered her mouth, while War Spirit Ziyi, who came out the resurrection point of City of Gloom, showed light in her eyes. They were very familiar to Xiao Feng’s skill. He used it in the encampment of War Spirit Hall, the huge pit left that time was still there.


The scene of the earth falling apart and sky collapsing repeated again. Explosions, holy lights, and earthquakes flooded the frontal battlefield. Hundreds of thousands of skeleton soldiers who had just crawled out of the cursed land were swept by the blast wave again. Breaking bones were gathered into mountains, and the Undead Soul bone dragon that was originally residual blood, choosing to resist Lance Longinus again. It was killed and purified in the holy light.

Although the explosion damage of Lance Longinus was based on Xiao Feng’s INT, but the direct damage, that was, being directly hit by the Lance was also terrifying. After all, it could even destroy the map. Not to mention Saint Power had fatal restraint on the Undead Attribute, so being directly hit by the Lance, the damage was very fatal!

Not only the Undead Soul bone dragon, but also all elite undead soldiers were also seckilled in the explosion, and in the blink of an eye, there were only 5 Faerie-level BOSSes including the Lich King and King Kong Skeleton King! As well as the creeps just appeared in the cursed land.

However, the Dark Legion had seized advantage! Because the cursed land was still there, and the cast time of the Undead Soul Scourge had exceeded 10 minutes!

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 401 Fetter