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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 400 Undead Soul Scourge

Chapter 400 Undead Soul Scourge

In the creep’s hatred judgment mechanism, shield warrior’s taunt skill was definitely the most attractive to hatred. Even if the creep was attracted the hatred by high amount of damage, a taunt skill could attract its hatred again. This was the famous skill of shield warrior. They could control the creep’s hatred firmly and created a DPS environment for teammates.

At this moment, using taunt skill to attract the hatred of Lich King was still fairly useful. The Lich King who was watching the battle did not respond until the players came close to it. After being hit by taunt skill, it raged suddenly!

The size of the Lich King was the smallest among the BOSSes of this Dark Legion’s Pioneer Camp, who was just over three meters in height. And its whole body was hidden under the tattered cloak, concealing its original figure shape.






“-27682! Critical Strike!”


After being smashed with taunt skills, the Lich King came to life instantly. Casting a Dark Blast, it seckilled all that group of players with a series of damage number over ten thousand appearing overhead!

Although all the players of that team died, they had completed their task. Because the Lich King had been angered. Moreover, although there was no hatred target around, it still began to act!

“Heehee! Feel the coming of death! Undead Soul Scourge!”

The distance was far enough, but the hoarse voice of the Lich King which was as unpleasant as a duck was still heard by all the players. At this time, it stuck the skeleton wand in his hand into the ground. Suddenly, the endless green light was emitted by it and spread out from its feet quickly!


All the presidents of guilds on rampart became pale at the same time, and even Liu Qiangwei looked dignified. She looked at the green light spreading out quickly when it was centered on the foot of the Lich King. The earth was dyed into an ominous green!

“Bad news! Sister Liu! This is the map skill of the Lich King!”

Qian Duoduo’s pupils turned golden. She was using the appraisal to identify this skill of the Lich King, but the information she got made Qian Duoduo panic.

Undead Soul Scourge

Type: Myth-level

Effect: Channeling and cursing a large area of land. Undead soldiers would continue to be born in the cursed land. The level and type of undead soldiers would continue to increase as the casting time increased. And when the cursed land existed, it would continue to have a recovery effect on the undead soldiers, as well as a damage effect on other races

Property 1: The range of the cursed land increased with the caster’s level and grade. There was no limit in creating the undead soldiers

Property 2: Undead soldiers born in the cursed land would increase their level by one level every minute in the cursed land. And every five minutes, a BOSS would be born. The level and grade of undead soldiers and Undead Soul BOSS would not surpass the caster.

Property 3: When casting a spell in the cursed land, the caster couldn’t move and cast other skills. It would consume 1,000 Magic Points per second from the caster, and the caster’s channeling could last for up to 100 minutes

“Myth-level map skill!”

Watching the property of Undead Soul Scourge Qian Duoduo shared, Liu Qiangwei’s face finally changed. So did other presidents of guilds!

“Qiangwei sister! I’m going to interrupt this skill! I have Xiao Feng’s Dragon Suit! I can do it!”

Si Yejing said urgently to Liu Qiangwei. In anxiety, she directly called Xiao Feng’s name.

“The cursed land has the property of continuous damage! You can’t approach it with your strength now! Don’t go to die meaninglessly!” Although Liu Qiangwei was very interested in Si Yejing’s proposal, she was also very sane. So she prevented Si Yejing’s behavior.

“Roar, roar...”

“Kaka Kaka...”

The effect of the Undead Soul Scourge had already worked. In the spreading cursed land, Skeleton Soldiers began to crawl out from under the green ground one after another, but the first group of skeleton soldiers that appeared at the beginning were entry level Skeleton Soldiers, which were only level 1. They were almost as crisp as paper, and could be killed without effort.

But the scope of the cursed land was still expanding. With the myth-level grade of Lich King, even if it was a few kilometers away from the City of Gloom, the cursed land could still spread to the City of Gloom. And when its edge reached into the City of Gloom, the spreading finally stopped. However, the large scope was really amazing! It deserved to be called a map skill!

Moreover, only this skill could make Lich King fit its name, Myth-level BOSS!

Qin Hao frowned with dissatisfaction. The team of players who taunted the Lich King was naturally related to him. However, he did not expect the skill of the Lich King to be so overwhelming. If he knew it, he would let them act after the Lich King was closer to City of Gloom, so that the cursed land would spread directly into the city, and the effect would definitely be better than being only on edge of the city now!

“Quickly! Clean up the elite creeps of the Pioneer Camp first! Reduce the pressure on the NPC! The priest groups put buff on the shield warrior groups! The shield warrior groups open fire at the Lich King now! Try to interrupt its skill with taunt skill!”

“Don’t retreat! Don’t retreat even you die!”


The presidents of the major guilds ordered madly, because the cursed land had covered the frontal battlefield, and the effect worked at the same time! Although those new appearing undead soldiers were still not threats, the regeneration and damage effects of the cursed land had begun to work now!

Because this healing effect and damage effect were actually based on percentages! Although the ratio was only 1%! It was still horrible!

Those Dark Legion BOSSes that were previously attacked by NPC and lacked Health Point had begun to recover at a rate visible to the naked eye!

The group of Light Temple NPC, taking Captain Bolton as an example, had a rapid drop in Health Point! One percent damage per second. Even if they were full health points, they could only resist for two minutes. This was based on the fact that both the paladins and the bishops in red clothes had healing skills!

Only the players could take pot to resist longer, but this made no sense at all. Because as long as NPC died, there was no way to defend!

And this was just one of the properties of the Undead Soul Scourge. The truly powerful property, creating undead corps hadn’t yet been reflected!


Ling looked nervously at Xiaobai who flew back again, and kept talking, “Stupid brother! Where are you! Why haven’t you come back?”

Liu Qiangwei was also with a heavy heart. The situation now was in an extremely bad way. She never had such a desire to expect Xiao Feng’s appearance!

But at the moment Xiao Feng was in the Hangul District, Liu Qiangwei couldn’t do anything. She could only drink a bottle of water of life and then cast a Holy Light Skill on Ling to recover all their Health Point. And then she turned to watch the battle, which was going unfavorably.

“Quickly! Kill all the Skeleton Soldiers newly appear in the city! Transfer players to the edge of the cursed land to guard and creep! Send another group of priests to the rampart to increase our HP!”

The presidents of the major guilds on the rampart could not sit still. Everyone could see that the situation at the moment was very bad, but they could not do anything either. They could only watch anxiously and do their best to struggle. All the priests in the guild were transferred to the frontal battlefield, and added HP for NPC at full split, trying to let NPC resist for a few more minutes!

Under the suppression of the priest group of up to hundreds of thousands of people, they finally suppressed the HP loss rate of these senior NPCs. But this was not a long-term plan. Because the priest group was also dropping HP and could only drink pot to persist. Their healing skills were all used on NPC, so the priest group couldn’t persist for too long. They were all trying their best!

Moreover, because these guild presidents were also in the cursed land, they were constantly losing HP, too and could only mobilize a priest group to serve as a portable HP spring.

“Qiangwei sister! Retreat quickly! Leave the area of the cursed land!”

Si Yejing emerged from the stealth, smashed all the level 3 Skeleton Soldiers crawling out beside Liu Qiangwei, and chatted privately with Liu Qiangwei.

At this moment, it had been 3 minutes since the spread of the cursed land. Although the entry level Skeleton Soldiers would be all killed as soon as they appeared, the Skeleton Soldiers scale had gradually formed outside the city. Once again, the Skeleton Army that had been killed showed signs of reappearance!

This was just the first sign of the skill of the Undead Soul Scourge. The level of the Lich King was 50. As long as the cursed land existed for more than 50 minutes, the level 50 undead soldiers and BOSSes would begin to be born!

At the same time, the shield warrior group that organized to kill the Lich King also failed. Because the Faerie-level bone dragon BOSS turned around and guarded the Lich King. With just a Breath of Undead, it burned thousands of players out!

“I won’t go, I believe Xiao Feng. It seems that players in the air won’t drop HP in the cursed land! Ling, find a way to inform Xiaobai to interrupt the skill of the Lich King!”

Liu Qiangwei shook her head, rejected Si Yejing’s proposal and turned to Ling.

“I’ll try it!”

Ling immediately shouted at Xiaobai above the city gate to convey Liu Qiangwei’s words.

Xiaobai glanced back here, and then gave up attacking the King Kong Skeleton King. Fluttering her six wings, she turned to fly towards the Lich King!


King Kong Skeleton King’s hatred had been attracted by Xiaobai. It immediately chased Xiaobai, which made the players on rampart relax slightly.

Xiaobai’s flying speed was extremely fast, and she arrived above the Lich King within a few blinks. The holy sword was burning with holy flame. Suddenly, Xiaobai nosedived to the Lich King!


However, the Undead Soul bone dragon had been waiting here for a long time, directly blocking Xiaobai’s attack with its huge body, and resisting Xiaobai hard with its huge bone claws!


Xiaobai’s body was too petite. Just like being hit by a heavy truck, she was shot by the bone dragon and then she flew out. When she was flying in the air, the bone dragon opened its mouth and took a breath, hitting Xiaobai directly who was in the air. Suddenly, Xiaobai fell down like a broken string kite! At the same time, her HP was only left less than half!


Ling screamed nervously, while Liu Qiangwei’s fists clenched.


At this time, a sound of air breaking also came from the sky. The air was cut at a very high speed, the wind was whistling, and then a white shadow crossed the sky, going straight to Xiaobai!

It was a white, tall and superb Holy Light Unicorn!

“It’s Xiaoxue!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 400 Undead Soul Scourge