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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 4 Can A Priest Attack Monsters?

Chapter 4 Can A Priest Attack Monsters?

“Well... Alleria?”

Xiaofeng asked tentatively.

“This ID is a special ID of Hall of Fame. Please go to the Hall of Fame official website for identity authentication and binding, or please change the role name.”

“Feng Xiao.”

“Feng Xiao has already been occupied, please change the name of the character.”

“...Hua Tuo.”

“Hua Tuo has already been occupied, please change the name of the character.”

“Bian Que.”

“Bian Que has already been occupied, please change the name of the character.”

“Damn it!”

“Damn it has already been occupied, please change the name of the character.”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you has already been occupied, please change the name of the character.”


Xiaofeng was speechless. But he suddenly thought of something and blurted out a word.


“The role name ‘Dad’ is available, are you sure to create it?”


Xiaofeng showed a weird smile.

“The character ‘Dad’ has been established successfully! Next, we will scan the basic attributes of the player. There may be some discomfort in the process. Please be patient!”

An attribute panel appeared in front of Xiaofeng, and the five basic attributes are followed by question marks. In addition, there are three hidden attributes below. Except for the Savvy which was one because of the human talent, both Charisma and Luckiness were zero.

“Successfully scanned! The initial strength is 10 points!”

The question mark followed the strength attribute suddenly became 10, followed by a parenthesis (the average is 5 and the maximum is 10!)

“Successfully scanned! The initial constitution is 10 points!”

“Successfully scanned! The initial agility is 10 points!”

“Successfully scanned! The initial intelligence is 10 points!”

“Successfully scanned! The initial spirit is 10 points!”

Xiaofeng was speechless. He was surprised to learn that he got full credit in all five basic attributes.

“Hey! Since your basic attributes exceed the average, please choose whether to unlock the free mode?”

“Free mode?” Xiaofeng was stunned. This was the first time he heard about this function. He did not see it When he browsed the official website. It seemed that this hidden function can only be triggered when certain conditions were met.

“The operation mode of Myth is divided into system mode and free mode. In the system mode, the system will automatically aim at the target when the player uses the skill, but there will be no systematic correction in the free mode!”

The sweet female voice explained patiently. Xiaofeng frowned and thought for a while. Since it was triggered by certain conditions, it was definitely a special function, so he chose the free mode.

“The basic attributes have been scanned successfully. Each player will get 5 free attribute points. Please choose whether to distribute it now or later after you enter the game?”

“Allot it later after I enter the game.”

Xiaofeng said after thinking for a while. He didn’t know much about this profession, and now he also didn’t know how attribute was being allotted.

“Next, please choose the degree of pain experience, the selection range is from 5 percent to 50 percent. Tip: Because the intense pain will stimulate the player’s mental fluctuations, it is recommended to choose the lower degree.”

“Of course, I choose 5 percent.”

Xiaofeng said without hesitation. He didn’t like being abused.

“Hey! The character has been created successfully! Do you want to enter the game?”

There was only the human priest standing in the hall, and the pleasing female voice asked again.

“Enter the game!”

“Hey! Failed to enter the game! There are still 28 minutes before Myth starts!”

Everything went black. Xiaofeng was kicked out of the game. He took off the game helmet and was speechless. However, he did not expect that it took so long for him to create a character. It was now 11:30 in the evening.

“Stupid... stupid brother!”

Xiao Ling had fallen asleep on the sofa on the other side. She curled up into a ball like a kitten. She was cutely biting his fingers and unconsciously whispering.

Xiaofeng shook his head and laughed. He held Xiao Ling and sent her back to her bedroom. Then he took the game helmet to his room. Xiaofeng also looked forward to the game that attracted his interest. After browsing the information on the official website for a while, he looked at the time and realized that it would open service immediately. He put on his helmet excitedly.

“Hey! There are still 5 seconds before the start of the game! Please be patient!”


“3...” i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com



“Hey! Welcome to the Myth world! You have been randomly assigned to No. 9191 Novice Village! Wish you a happy game!”


The huge noises almost drowned Xiaofeng. With the switching of the screen, Xiaofeng had appeared in the crowded Novice Village. There were still players wearing cloth gown appeared in the white light, and soon the street became crowded. This game was very popular.

“Please step aside and don’t be in the way!”

“Fuck! Who steps on my feet! Don’t push me!”

“Ah! Rogue!”

The big Novice Village square was very crowded at this moment. The noises were ear-splitting, mixed with buzzing, and from time to time there was thunder falling from the sky, killing a few male players who accidentally touched female players.

Xiaofeng struggled to squeeze out from the crowd. The biggest problem was that he must be careful not to touch the female players. Otherwise, the system would punish him severely. The female players in the crowd were like humanoid bombs. The several buddies being killed before were warnings.

Xiaofeng looked around the Novice Village. Even he had been psychologically prepared for the vivid game scene after browsing the official website, the clear blue sky above his head, the fresh air that can’t be covered by the crowd, and the antique architectures of the Novice Village still made him shocked.

“It’s definitely a virtual world that claimed to be 99 percent loyal to the real world. The environment alone is worthy of its name of the second world!”

He struggled through the crowded Novice Village square. Although he was dynamic, he was still panting. He originally wanted to follow the basic information given by the official website to find a few NPCs in the Novice Village to receive the novice task. But in such a short time, the village had become crowded. Looking at the crowd, Xiaofeng wanted to retreat.

“Forget it.”

Xiaofeng chose to give up. He decided to come back for the novice tasks later when there were fewer people.

Although the Novice Village was called the village, it was also very big. Xiaofeng, who had no choice but to give up, recognized the direction in the crowd and then walked outside the village. Obviously, there were a lot of people who had the same plan as him. A large number of players chose to go outside the Novice Village.

There were novice players dressed in white cloth gown, which were the same for both male and female players. Many people had already gotten wooden knives and swords in their hands. Xiaofeng also opened his own backpack, and there was a novice weapon inside and nothing else.

Novice wooden stick

Equipment type: Two-handed blunt instrument.

Equipment level: 0

Equipment grade: none

Equipment requirement: none


Physical attack: 0-1

This was the non-essential attribute, but Xiaofeng still equipped it in his hands. He thought for a while and then a wooden stick as thick as one’s arms appeared in his hand. It was like a baseball bat, with a thick upper end and a slightly thinner lower end, but it was a little longer than a baseball bat. When equipped, he held its upper end with one hand. But he felt uncomfortable when he waved it, so he changed his gestures and held the lower head as if it was a stick.

Then he felt more comfortable.

He looked at other equipment on his body. In addition to the novice wooden stick, there were only one set of clothes, including the novice cloth, trousers, and cloth shoes, which were of whiteboard attribute. The three pieces added up to a total of 3 points of defense, which was better than nothing.

There was nothing special of the novice equipment. Xiaofeng opened his attribute panel and looked at it.

Character: Dad

Level: 0

Profession: trainee priest

Health Point: 70/70

Mana Point: 70/70

ATN: 10-11

INT: 10-10

DNF: 5-8

MGD: 5-5

Basic attributes:

Strength: 10

Constitution: 10

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 10

Spirit: 10

The remaining free-allotted attribute points: 5

Professional Skills: none

Life Skills: none

In the player’s basic attributes, in addition to the initial 50 points of the health and mana, other things are made based on the player’s basic attributes. Xiaofeng was satisfied with his panel.

“Hurry up! There is another chicken over there! Come and grab it!”

At this moment, Xiaofeng had left the Novice Village and reached the entrance to the village. This was the place for spawn and most of them were poultries. It could not attack others, so it was suitable for novice players to level up. At this moment, this place had been crowded with players.

Xiaofeng felt uncomfortable when he saw the crowds of players holding the wooden sword and chasing the chicken. Usually, little monsters would be surrounded by a group of players as soon as it appeared. Xiaofeng chose to bypass the village and go outside.

There were some little monsters near the Novice Village. However, the farther he was away from the Novice Village, the higher the level of the monster was. And they were also more aggressive. There were still a lot of people around the village, but he saw fewer players as he moved forward.

Obviously, the monsters here were already very dangerous. Novice players were not able to stay here. All the players here were masters or small groups.

“What’s wrong with him? Why does he dare to go forward alone? There is a refresh point of 5th level monsters! They will actively attack the player!”

“Maybe he is a master. But why does he hold a stick? Is there any profession with a stick as a novice weapon?”

“Is it a staff? No, the staff is longer.”

“It’s the mace! He is a priest!”

“What? It’s ridiculous! Can a priest attack the monsters?”

“It seems that he was not young, I guess he has never played online games.”

Although there were fewer and fewer players, there were still many people who had noticed Xiaofeng. He became the topic of their discussion.

However, Xiaofeng did not pay attention to. Who said that the priest can’t fight? He continued to go forward until he could not see any people at all.


From here, he couldn’t see the Novice Village at all. This was the outer periphery of a forest, and the monsters have turned from herbivore such as bison and wild sheep to a wild wolf which was dangerous.

“This is a good place.”

Since he did not take the novice task and did not learn the life skills of scouting, Xiaofeng did not know the level and attributes of these wolves, and he had to try at first.

“Creep those attack players actively? It seems to have exceeded level five.”

The gray wolf took the initiative to scream at Xiaofeng and immediately rushed over as soon as he approached it.

According to the limited information and introduction in the official website, the little monsters under the 5th level in the Novice Village would not actively attack the players, which was a boon to the newbies.


The gray wolf was about half the height of a man. Moreover, it was vividly molded and true to life. As a result, it was really frightening when it opened its bloody mouth and rushed over the players.

Although he was only level 0, he was not afraid. He took a step back and avoided the gray wolf. At the same time, he picked up the wooden stick in his hand and slammed it on the wolf.


There was a muffled sound and a limited amount of damage appeared on the wolf’s head. At the same time, he also saw its Health Points, which were 70 points.

Xiaofeng was very embarrassed. Although he could hit the monster, he was only level 0. And even if his basic attributes were high, the damage was low.



The gray wolf missed but it didn’t stop. It hit Xiaofeng with the claw when he was careless and his Health Points fell a lot immediately.

Xiaofeng was shocked and immediately became concentrated. He continued to pick up the stick to knock on the gray wolf.


The damage was still limited. Xiaofeng turned aside and avoided the biting of the wolf. Suddenly, he thought of something and opened his attribute panel.

The remaining free-allotted attribute points: 5

“Allot all points to the strength!”

Xiaofeng did find the free attribute points that had not been allotted, and he immediately added 5 points to strength without hesitation. Suddenly, Xiaofeng felt the damage increased a lot.

ATN: 15-16



Xiaofeng hit the gray wolf with the stick once again. Although the damage was still limited, it was much better than the previous figure.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 4 Can A Priest Attack Monsters?