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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 399 Emergency

Chapter 399 Emergency

Six white and large wings stretched out behind Xiaobai. The fluttering light plumage fell like snowflakes. At this moment, the armor part of the silver skirt on Xiaobai’s body quickly extended, and the coverage area was greatly increased. Except the joints, such as elbows were under white part, all other parts were covered by the glaring silver armor!

At the same time, Xiaobai’s right hand shone with a gold light, and a holy sword wider than the door appeared in her hand. It looked powerful. So did the left hand. There was a holy shield higher than Xiaobai. If Xiaobai turned it lengthways, it could block Xiaobai’s entire young body.


As if there was a sound of explosion, the players on the rampart became deaf briefly. At this time, Xiaobai disappeared from the sky, and instantly appeared in front of the Faerie-level BOSS who was running towards the city gate. The huge holy sword in her hand began burning with a ten-meter-long holy flame. Suddenly, she cut it down at the BOSS!

“That’s... Six-winged Angel?”

“It’s the mythical Pet of Master Healer! The No.1 of pet list in the server! It still stays in Midsummer Guild!”

“Is that angel Pet going to fight with the Faerie-level BOSS? How is this possible?”

“It is said that the angel’s AD is very high! The attack power is at least over a thousand! Last time when the Antiquity battled Midsummer Guild, her map-level skill seckilled countless players of Antiquity!”

“That’s a mythical Pet! Mythical! She is on the same level as the artifact! Normally, her attack power is over a thousand. What’s more, her type is also very high. So it’s not very shocking for her to have a super Skill. The players at the current stage can’t bear her attack. It is said that there is a Faerie-level dragon pet in North American District whose attack power has also been over thousand. In the team fight of players, it can seckill one player once it opens its mouth.”

“But it can’t be the opponent of the Faerie-level BOSS! Although the Myth-level is a grade higher than the Faerie-level BOSS, after all, it is limited by the pet’s property and level. It is okay to fight against with an ordinary BOSS and an elite BOSS. That is a level 50 Faerie-level BOSS, it is impossible to win! The over thousand attack power and the defensive force or Health Point are nothing for a level 50 Faerie-level BOSS. Maybe it can’t even break the BOSS’s defense. There is a big gap between them!”

“Relax. Let’s observe first. At least, this angel will not be seckilled like players. She can buy time for us.”

Xiaobai’s high-profile appearance naturally attracted the attention of all players on the rampart. They all turned to Xiaobai. For the Six-winged Angel who ranked first in pet list, especially after the famous overlord battle between Antiquity and Midsummer Guild, all players were very familiar to this pet.

And in the discussion of a group of players, Xiaobai had begun the fight with Faerie-level BOSS who was running toward the city gate!

This was a King Kong Skeleton King, who was seven or eight meters tall, just as a two or three-floor high building, holding a sword with two hands. After Xiaobai appeared, he locked his hatred on Xiaobai for the first time. After roaring, he rushed to Xiaobai who was in the air.







This was the damage that Xiaobai caused on the King Kong Skeleton King with only one cut. The holy sword in her hand burned a holy flame nearly ten meters long. Not only did the sword cause huge damage which closed to tens of thousands of points, but also because the holy flame attached on King Kong Skeleton was still burning, it caused continuous burning damage to King Kong Skeleton King!

“Wait! Check it out! The damage is so high! That angel seems to be able to deal with the BOSS!”

“Oh, shit! Damage? How amazing! She deserved to be the first mythical Pet in pet list!”

“You should say that she deserved to be the Pet of Master Healer! She is as peerless as Master Healer!”

A group of players on rampart were shocked, and even Qin Hao interrupted the call, frowning at the Six-winged Angel in the sky.


King Kong Skeleton King roared, lifted the rusty sword against Xiaobai and smashed it down!



Xiaobai raised the holy shield that was bigger than her body, and her petite body was under the protection of holy shield. She hid behind the holy shield and resisted the attack of King Kong Skeleton King without move!

“My God! What an amazing defense she has! She has no damage after resisting an attack of a level 50 Faerie-level BOSS!”

“God! She is too powerful! She is too scary! She is too peerless!”

“No! This should be a defensive skill that offsets the damage from the BOSS. Otherwise, even if it is a level 50 Myth-level BOSS, its defense will be broken under the attack of a level 50 Faerie-level BOSS. Let alone a pet!”

“Yes. Look, the Light Shield of that angel is obviously dimmed. Obviously, she is defended with skill, so the fight will not last long!”

“What’s more, the Health Point of that angel comes out. She only has 16400 points of Health Point! Compared with the dozens of millions Health Point of the BOSS, it is too little!”

“Damn! I remember one thing. The level of this angel is suppressed by the level of Master Healer. Her level can’t exceed Master Healer’s level, which means that she is only over 30-level, so her property is too low!”

“God! So she is not the mythical Pet that ranked first in pet list anymore? As long as Master Healer does not go online and does not upgrade, this angel’s level will always be so low? Although the damage is very high now, after players’ average level improved, the deterrent effect of this angel will be not so high?”

“Yes! That’s it! I don’t know why Master Healer paid so much to Midsummer Guild, leaving everything he got in the game to Midsummer. Whether his equipment or his pet, even the City of Gloom and his influence, all of those are the foundation of the legendary of Master Healer!”

A group of presidents of the Southern League sighed and looked at Xiaobai who was fighting, but their last sentence was heard by Liu Qiangwei. Although her beautiful eyes had not changed, her fists clenched quietly.

“Shit happens! After the two priest group failed, the NPC can’t bear the resist any more! If it’s not the BOSS at the city gate is attracted over, the front NPC would already suffer casualties!”

“Quickly! Where is the priest group in your guild? Hurry to transfer them there!”

“Add some shield warrior groups! Just in case! Be prepared to sacrifice! Take off the equipment! Anyway, whether there is equipment or not, we will be seckilled! In that way, we will only lose 10% of the XP! We can accept the loss!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Send a message on the guild channel! Fill out of the city with players! Delay it as long as we can!”

Tension spread again over the rampart. The group of presidents of Southern League was nervous again, only Qin Hao smiled.

After the two priest groups were seckilled, Captain Bolton’s Health Point dropped very badly, especially the few bishops in red clothes with low defense was in bad condition. One of the paladin captains whose type was in the level of an ordinary BOSS was about to die.

Those BOSS who attacked Captain Bolton were under the power of Faerie-level BOSS. The most terrifying Lich King hadn’t attacked yet!

“There is NPC is going to die! Hasn’t the support yet arrived?”

“President Rose! What shall we do now?”

Some priests came forward to increase the Health Point of NPC and at the meantime, endless guild players came out of the city to kill the tens of thousands of elite creeps. However, the situation was not optimistic at all, because it could only delay the time. Not only was there no hope to win, but also once the Lich King began to attack, the situation would be messy and out of control completely.

“Don’t worry, I have my own sense.”

Liu Qiangwei opened her mouth, and her voice was cold, which made the guild presidents feel a little relieved. However, Liu Qiangwei actually had no ideas at all. She looked at the direction of the Transmission Formation from time to time, where was quiet still.

At this time, Liu Qiangwei missed Xiao Feng badly. Because this scene which beyond her ability was solved by Xiao Feng every time.

But now Xiao Feng was not in Huaxia District, so Liu Qiangwei could only look at Xiaobai outside the city gate like Ling. Xiaobai was Xiao Feng’s pet. In this situation without Xiao Feng, Xiaobai could give Liu Qiangwei a sense of solace.


However, after hearing Ling’s tense scream, when Liu Qiangwei turned over, she happened to see the holy shield in Xiaobai’s hands disappeared. Then she was hit by the sword of King Kong Skeleton King. Xiaobai’s little body was hit off like an arrow! The HP over her head also reduced by 20%!

Liu Qiangwei’s heart yanked!

“Shit happens! Who is that person! Stop him immediately! Don’t get close to the Lich King!”

At the same time, at this time, the president of the Southern League roared on rampart. Looking through the Video Sprite, they could see that in the crowd of players who were killing elite creeps, a team of players suddenly left the crowd and running toward the Lich King who was behind! Their purpose was very clear!

“Damn! Stop them quickly! Which guild are they from! Are they stupid! Don’t approach the Lich King!”

The Lich King had been at the last party of the Dark Legion and did not participate in the battle, not knowing if it was watching the battle or it hadn’t been attracted the hatred. In short, this was a good thing. They eagerly hoped that this Lich King never joined in the battle. The pressure that a Myth-level BOSS brought was definitely unimaginable! So they had long warned members of their respective guilds to stay away from the Lich King and avoid attracting its hatred.

“God! Those are not from our guilds! They hid the name of the guild! Damn it! Someone is tricking us! They go to provoke the Lich King deliberately!”

Immediately, a president of the guild discovered that something was wrong and was shocked!

The players who hid the name of the guild were all shield warriors. They headed straight towards the Lich King. Because the Lich King was in the rear, there were no other creeps surrounding, so they easily reached the Lich King and used the taunt skill at the same time! A few taunts shot at the Lich King together!

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 399 Emergency