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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 398 Not Good

Chapter 398 Not Good


A purple cannonball dragged its tail flame and hit the tens of thousands of troops remaining in the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion. At this moment, the earth shook, accompanied by a deafening loud noise. A purple mushroom cloud rose above the last group of the Undead Corps in the middle! The huge shock wave directly blew this group of the Undead Corps!

“Unfortunately, the advanced BOSS was not blown up by it!”

War Spirit Sky was now on the rampart and the tone was regrettable. The fire and shock waves of the big explosion dissipated. One could see that a pit was blown out on the ground. At least tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers were killed and the Undead Corps were nearly emptied. But unfortunately, no advanced BOSS disappeared in this explosion. After all, the advanced BOSS had extremely high intelligence. They were not fools. Plus, the trajectory of the shells of the Evil Crystal Cannon could be seen, that was to say that the speed was not very fast. It was normal to avoid it.

Almost all the powers in Huaxia District were aware of the fact that there was an Evil Crystal Cannon in City of Gloom. However, few people had really seen this Evil Crystal Cannon to show its power. Qin Hao’s eyes showed the light of shock and jealousy at the moment, but he didn’t say a word. He was just secretly hiding on the side and talking to someone on the phone, looking at the city from time to time. His expression was quite dreadful.

“Tell all the members! The first, second and seventh groups of priests go to support the advanced NPC of the Light Temple!”

War Spirit Sky yelled to the guild channel. After Archbishop Renault left, there were only 4 advanced BOSS left in City of Gloom. Not only the number was far from enough, but the type was also a lot worse. After all, the Dark Legion might have a myth-level BOSS!

Just 6 faerie-level BOSSes were already very difficult to deal with, and there was one more horrible myth-level BOSS. Captain Bolton and other NPCs may not be able to resist for a few minutes and would be destroyed.

However, what the priest group could do was only to maintain Captain Bolton’s and other NPCs’ health point and ensure that they could support it. Under such a gap in strength, it was extravagant to fight back, and they could only delay the time.


The head of the War Spirit Hall’s priest group was War Spirit Ziyi. She turned away after humming but glanced at Liu Qiangwei before leaving.

“The commanders of the Archer Regiment, listen to my order! Kill the creeps one by one with the single attack! Don’t hit the BOSS with AoE skills! Avoid pulling the hatred of BOSS to City of Gloom!”

“Front row, ready to be dispatched at any time! If BOSS is out of hatred, make up the first time! Let’s taunt and pull the BOSS away from City of Gloom!”

War Spirit Sky issued orders one by one. The elite regiment of War Spirit Hall was also sent out one by one.

The Midsummer Guild was to be stationed in the city, so Liu Qiangwei entrusted the difficult task outside the city to the War Spirit Hall. Although War Spirit Sky knew that dealing with the BOSS outside the city would be sacrificed greatly, he did not complain at all, because War Spirit Hall had gained a lot of benefits in City of Gloom. He also knew that this was the time to return.

Besides, War Spirit Sky knew the importance of City of Gloom. Not only for the Midsummer Guild, but also because the owner was Master Healer. His contribution to War Spirit Hall, whether it was to repay the previous help of Master Healer or to wait for Master Healer to come back in the future, it was all good and harmless. After all, their relationship was so good.

War Spirit Sky was one of the few people who knew the whereabouts of Master Healer. He was first told by War Spirit Ziyi, and then he confirmed it with Liu Qiangwei, so he knew that Master Healer had returned to the game world and would soon return with his myth!

“Sorrowful running dog of Light! You dare to stop the pace of we Dark Legion! You will die under the cavalry of Dark Legion!”

On the frontal battlefield outside the city, Captain Bolton and others and the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion officially encountered! They seemed to be weak, but a few BOSS with high type faerie-level immediately caused violent damage to this Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion! They also instantly attracted all the hatred of the BOSS in Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion.

“Come on! The priest group adds the health point! What is the archer regiment doing! Quickly kill the creeps! What? The attack distance is not enough? Why don’t you go out of the city! Be closer more actively!”

There were only dozens of people of the Paladin Squad and 4 bishops (Archbishop Renault had a red cloth bishop worked for him, who was also a faerie-level BOSS). They were overwhelmed by the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion in almost a blink of an eye, which also made War Spirit Sky and other people on the rampart worried. They were afraid that these advanced NPCs of the Light Temple cannot stand up, so they rushed to call for support.

Immediately, a large number of players came out of the city. Plus, players on the rampart, attacking and healing skills were cast together. The sea of skills drowned the frontal battlefield.

Fortunately, these BOSSes of the Light Temple were not weak. Besides, the light attribute was naturally restrained against the dark attribute, so soon the creeps around were killed in the burst of holy light. Those creeps from the skeleton army then showed their original forms. A group of silver-hued paladins were shrouded in holy light.

“The Dark Legion’s BOSS has its hatred been pulled!”

“Except for the Lich King, all BOSSes have gone to siege NPCs!”

“Not good! The NPC’s health point is dropping quickly! They can’t hold on like this! The priest group with tens of thousands of people would not change the consequence!”

“Quick! Support! Divide one or two BOSS out of the army with huge-crowd tactics!”

“No! We can’t pull out the BOSS! The huge-crowd tactics are useless to the faerie-level BOSS! We can’t hold it! And once the hatred is lost! It will be transferred to City of Gloom! We can’t stop that!”

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League had all changed their expressions. After the Paladin Order killed a group of undead corps, they thought that these advanced NPCs could hold on. However, as a result, when the Dark Legion’s BOSS joined the battle, they immediately seemed to be losing the battle. The rate of the dropping of health bar was too fast!

Especially Captain Bolton, who rushed to the front, held three faerie-level BOSSes, including the bone dragon. His health point dropped so fast that the healing was not enough!

Ordinary priest players did not have Xiao Feng’s passive skill, divine power. The difference in their level of strength and grade were too much. Their holy light skill had no percentage healing effect on faerie-level BOSS. There were only a dozen points of regeneration effect supported by their mental strength.

If it was not the number of people was large and the regeneration effect was superposed from a dozen points to a hundred thousand points, it would probably have no effect at all. It would be like a drop in the bucket.

“Come on! A few more priest groups! The backup group also go together!”

“NPC can’t be defeated! Otherwise, we can’t hold BOSS at all! Ranged players, what are you guys doing! Quickly kill the creeps! Relieve the pressure!”

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League all changed expressions. They hurriedly sent more priest groups to join the battle. Some guilds also began to temporarily transfer their respective priest groups to support the War Spirit Hall!

Everyone was nervous including Liu Qiangwei and Qian Duoduo. Only Qin Hao, who was standing alone, smiled.

The transmission formation on the rampart lit up at this moment. In the eyes that Liu Qiangwei looked forward to, it was not Archbishop Renault who was back, but Zhang Xiaoyu appeared in the transmission formation.

“Qiangwei, how is it going?”

Zhang Xiaoyu glanced around, then came to Liu Qiangwei and asked quietly.

“The situation is not good. The NPC coalition was deliberately intercepted. They did not have time to participate in the defence. There are too many BOSS outside city and the player cannot resist.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head.

“Where’s my brother? There should be no problem with him?” Zhang Xiaoyu asked strangely.

“Don’t mention it. Xiao Feng is playing in the Hangul District, and he can’t come back now.” Liu Qiangwei was helpless.

“What? My brother went to the Hangul District?” Zhang Xiaoyu froze.

“Yes, so now we can only rely on ourselves. Fortunately, we used your brother’s influence to bring a group of advanced NPCs to help, and we can still stick to it at present.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“That’s good. Qiangwei, you have to be careful inside the city. Under such a critical situation outside the city, maybe there will be guild with ulterior motives plots City of Gloom!” Zhang Xiaoyu reminded.

“I know. It has already been armed...” Liu Qiangwei’s words were not finished yet. There was another loud noise in the battlefield. Then as the shock wave spread out, the players at the place where it swept across were killed in seconds!

“It’s not good! There’s BOSS casting master stroke! Both priest groups are killed in a second!” A guild president exclaimed.

In fact, everyone saw it without him reminding. A blast wave swept through, and the two priest groups of War Spirit Hall were directly killed. These two priest groups happened to be responsible for taking care of the health point of Captain Bolton. Captain Bolton’s health bar dropped quickly at the instant they were killed!

“It’s over!”

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League changed their expressions collectively, because priests also had hatred. It did not mean that there was no hatred without attacking the BOSS. Healing skills could also attract hatred and they were not less capable than DPS skills, not to mention the priest groups having 10, 000 players!

This was the case at this moment. Obviously, there was a BOSS in the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion who had a very high hatred judgment for healing skills. It directly transferred hatred from Captain Bolton to the rear priest groups!

The BOSS first cast a master stroke to kill both priest groups. Then its hatred was not transferred back to Captain Bolton but turned to the gate of City of Gloom after the hatred was lost!

“No! Quickly close the city gate!”

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League completely changed their expressions. The worst scene they wanted to see appeared!

“Come on! Continue to use huge-crowd tactics! Don’t let this BOSS enter the city!”

Immediately, the city gate became chaotic. There were countless players who wanted to get out of the city and held the BOSS. While on the rampart, they wanted to close the city gate, which directly caused the city gate to fall into chaos.

“What are you doing?! Sh*t! You screw it up this time!”

A group of guild presidents were greatly frightened and looked at the direction of the city gate resentfully. Someone was sweating eagerly. Only Qin Hao from the back smiled, dialed a call, and was about to say something. At this time, the transmission formation on the rampart lit up again.

“Your Highness Ling is back! Did I miss any wonderful show?”

It was Ling with Xiaobai, Ning Keke and Loli in novice cloth gown.

“Ling, you came just right. Let Xiaobai go outside the city gate. There is a BOSS out of control. Let Xiaobai hold it for a while!” Liu Qiangwei breathed a sigh of relief and said to Ling quickly.

“Huh? You abominable woman would ask Your Highness Ling for help? Since that’s the case, then Xiaobai, go!” Ling showed a very enjoyable gaze, waved at Xiaobai and said.

In fact, Xiaobai had already entered the battle mode. Since Xiao Feng gave her instructions in advance, Xiaobai flew directly after arriving at the rampart of City of Gloom!


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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 398 Not Good