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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 397 The Firing of Cannon

Chapter 397 The Firing of Cannon

The Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion had huge military strength with about 30 million soldiers. The group was white and seemed endless, like the sea of skeletons. This was also a characteristic of the Undead Souls. Quantitative changes led to qualitative changes.

However, when the opponent’s military strength was more, this advantage of the Undead Souls did not exist. For example, the number of players had exceeded the undead corps by 3 times now! The undead corps, having a horrible scale, immediately became the vulnerable group.

“Kill them!”

“Go! Experience point! Equipment! Here I am!”

“They are all mine! I want to fight 10 of them!”

“Damn it! Don’t scramble! Leave me one!”

The endless sea of players was not really angry. It was better to say that they were so excited to kill the creeps! There was no way because the number of creeps was not enough to satisfy everyone. The creeps were not enough for them to fight. If it was not the level 50 elite creep required several people to deal with it, the pioneer camp of the Dark Legion would be wiped as soon as they met.

But even so, the white sea of skeletons was submerged in the black sea of players.

“It’s too cruel.”

On the rampart, a group of guild presidents of the Southern League looked astounded and admired the “safety in numbers” of the players in the Huaxia District. They had a defensive mission, but it looked more like a siege mission now.

Qin Hao on the side was also silent, watching the quest development quietly. There was no other way. This scene was too scary. Wasn’t it a siege? Why was the Dark Legion being annihilated in turn? Wouldn’t it be possible that the Dark Legion could not even touch the City of Gloom!

Fortunately, Qin Hao was at ease because the BOSS of the Dark Legion at the center hadn’t shot yet. Now only the peripheral creeps were being crept. This was also the focus of a group of guild presidents of the Southern League.

“The BOSS has taken actions!”

Nobody knew who shouted. Everyone’s nerves on the rampart were tense, because the threat of BOSS was the greatest. This was also the main reason whether they could successfully defend City of Gloom.

And now, the group of commanders, which were originally in the middle of the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion, were finally unable to sit still after the elite troops in the middle position were creeped by players!

Judging from the feedback from the Video Sprite, except for the mysterious Lich King who had not yet taken action, all the other BOSSes had been dispatched, including 6 faerie-level BOSS!

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

Several guild presidents of Southern League decisively ordered on their respective guild channels. Their guilds all participated in the siege battle before, and they did not want to let go of the reward opportunities for this system quest.

Immediately, dozens of small teams were separated from the black oppressive sea of players, all of which were major guilds of the Southern League who saw that the situation was disadvantageous and retreated. They were said to be small teams, but there were still tens of millions of players by adding them up, accounting for 1/10 of the sea of player. The Southern League, under the management of Liu Qiangwei, had now developed into a large league consisted of up to 78 guilds. Not to mention the Midsummer Guild, the number of guilds with a scale that had its level equivalent to that of War Spirit Hall reached 9. In addition, there were 42 medium-sized guilds, and others were small-sized guilds but were not weak. As for small groups with less than 10, 000 guild members, they were not eligible to join the Southern League.

In terms of the player base in Huaxia District, large-sized guilds were all at the level of millions to tens of millions of members. The number of members in medium-sized guilds were at or beyond one million, and small guilds had more than 100, 000 members.

Although those peripheral members who had no sense of belonging were counted in the number of members, elite members also accounted for more than 10% of the total number of members.

Talking about the scale of the membership of the guilds in the Huaxia District, whichever large-sized guild would rank No. 1 in other theaters. Therefore, it was not a joke that the major guilds promoted the threat of the Huaxia District everywhere. The player base in the Huaxia District was really scary. If they didn’t join forces to deal with Huaxia District, then there was no way for them to deal with it.

There were not many guilds of the Southern League participating in the attack on the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion, because the mission rewards were very general. Although they attracted ordinary players, they were not impressive for the large guilds. Most of the guilds were not involved in the attack. Their purpose was only to defend the city, because City of Gloom was related to their own benefits. Only a part of the guilds had crept a wave of creeps on the principle of getting some money. Now they retreated immediately after seeing the disadvantageous situation.

The retreated guild players only accounted for 1/10 of the black oppressive sea of players, which did not affect the overall scale. After leaving the sea of players who got used to killing, they spent half an hour to clean up the miscellaneous soldiers, and then besieged the elite troops in the middle. The strength of the level 50 elite creep was not easy to deal with. There was no way for the priest BUFF to even confront head-to-head with it. The sea of players had a large number of players, so they took the advantage of the number of people. Basically, more than 10 people dealt with one creep. That was the reason why they prevailed. However, sacrifices were beginning to appear.

Although the speed of the player’s death was not fast, after all, the elite military strength was only 5 million, and it was absolutely not enough when facing with more than 10 times the number of players. However, this scene had completely changed after the BOSS joined.

“Damn! There is a BOSS casting the master stroke! It was absolutely a faerie-level BOSS! A bunch of players were killed!”

Someone exclaimed on the rampart, because a huge skeleton door had just appeared on the battlefield, sucking in all the nearby players. At least tens of thousands of players were killed in seconds. Then from that skeleton door, a group of skeleton soldiers came out of the door. The number was also as high as tens of thousands. Not only that, but they were also wearing the equipment of the players that were sucked in before. Obviously, those were transformed from the players who were killed.

“There’re more! Damn it! Advanced BOSS was terrifying!”

“WTF! What a big bone dragon! At least thousands of people were killed in a few seconds by its spit!”

Some other people shouted. The BOSS who could cast skill was not unique. Just like fireworks, a group of advanced BOSS directly started to cast the skill and killed players, and players were killed one by one.

In particular, one of the faerie-level BOSS directly transformed into a bone dragon of tens of meters in length. Hundreds of thousands of players were killed in seconds by its single claw.

Under the round of skill bombing of these advanced BOSSes, the players close to them were directly killed. The number of players being killed was as high as one million, and the black sea of players was nearly cleaned up.

At this time, the sea of players also found that the situation was disadvantageous and began to retreat hurriedly. They came to do the quest. It was okay to creep some creeps, earn experience points and pick the equipment dropped. It was too difficult for them to die.

“The unspecialized characters are really unreliable, and we should go next!”

“President Rose, we will take care of the creeps, but we can do nothing with the BOSS.”

Several guild presidents of the Southern League who had been watching the show had come up. It was time for them to take action. Since they were bound to City of Gloom, they would naturally have to pay back. Moreover, City of Gloom was also their home base of the Southern League.

“Well, thank you all. Just leave the BOSS to us.” Liu Qiangwei said.

Several guild presidents of the Southern League nodded and left to arrange their own teams.

At that time, the unspecialized characters almost completely retreated. Although the number was large, after all, they were only unspecialized characters.

The Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion, which had lost its block, also began to advance towards City of Gloom. However, after the melee, the remaining troops were not many. The number of soldiers was only about 1/10 of the original soldiers, which was less than 3 million. The scale looked much smaller.

The gates of City of Gloom had never been closed. At this moment, the sea of players began to rush out of the city. However, compared with the chaotic black sea of players, the crowd of people at this moment was obviously more orderly. The discipline could be seen between their actions. 𝒾𝓃𝓷𝘳e𝗮𝒅. 𝐜૦𝒎

These people were all elite players from the major guilds of the Southern League! Although the number was not large, which only added up to tens of millions and the number was less than 10% of the previous crowd, the combat power was absolutely higher. This was the difference between elite players and ordinary players. Not to mention the obedience to command. They were elite players with strict discipline!

Soon, these elite players showed great combat power!

Instead of directly confronting the Pioneer Camp of Dark Legion in the front, they separated left and right, bypassed a group of advanced BOSS in the front, and cut into the Pioneer Camp of Dark Legion from the side!

The hatred of team after team of elite undead soldiers was pulled. They have pulled out the offensive team of the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion, which were also mixed with many low-level BOSSes that were easy to deal with!

The elite players of the Southern Leagues were like two grinding discs, sandwiching the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion on the left and right sides. Teams of undead soldiers were cut off, separating the team of the Pioneer Camp, and then slowly being eaten and wiped out by elite players. The process was just like slowly cutting meat one after another.

In less than 10 minutes, the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion of 3 million troops had only the last 1 million troops left.

At this moment, the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion was still some distance away from City of Gloom, which meant that it could still be cut!

Finally, after the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion reached the frontal battlefield of City of Gloom, only the last 100, 000 troops were left! This was the power of elite players!

“Duoduo, has Archbishop Renault not yet returned?” Liu Qiangwei asked slightly nervously as she looked at the still unresponsive transmission formation on the rampart.

“Not yet...” Qian Duoduo also seemed very anxious, constantly walking back and forth around the transmission formation. They knew that Archbishop Renault had returned to ask for reinforcements.

“No, the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion has stepped into the main city. There’s no more time for delay!” Liu Qiangwei shook her head.

“Jingjing, you send Ling a message and let her come back with Xiaobai immediately!” Liu Qiangwei told Si Yejing in the dark before turning to Captain Bolton again.

“Captain Bolton, Bishop Kaiser, Master Ni Wu, please take action now. Just delay for some time, and we adventurers will give you maximum support in the rear.”

“Purify the darkness is what we, light believers, must do. Deputy Castellan, please be assured! We are going to meet the enemy!” Captain Bolton made a salute of paladins, and then took the knightage under his command out of the city.

“It seems that our old bones should get some practice.”

Bishop Kaiser waved a wand. Along with Ni Wu and others, they also came out of the city followed the knightage.


A purple cannonball was fired from City of Gloom in a loud noise, dragging its tail flames, and blasted towards the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion that had approached the city!

It was the Evil Crystal Cannon that was suddenly fired. This huge bombardment officially kicked off the final BOSS battle!

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 397 The Firing of Cannon