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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 396 Influence

Chapter 396 Influence

“President Rose!”

“President Rose, hasn’t the NPC coalition yet arrived? It’s only 10 minutes away from the start of the siege!”

Some guild presidents of the Southern League also came to the rampart at this time. Headed by War Spirit Sky, they were all not at ease. They naturally knew what the focus of this siege battle was.

“President Rose, I think you might as well take my suggestion, otherwise the consequences of the fall of City of Gloom may not be affordable by the Midsummer Guild.” Qin Hao smiled again. He was very satisfied to see the scene that Liu Qiangwei was under pressure.

“Don’t worry. Every guild please carries out your quests normally. I have already contacted the NPC coalition. By then we will resist the BOSS of the Dark Legion.” Liu Qiangwei glanced at War Spirit Ziyi behind War Spirit Sky and said lightly, ignoring Qin Hao next to her.

“That’s good, that’s good. Then we’ll go to creep the reward of the quest.” Several guild presidents of the Southern League immediately felt relieved.

“Really? Why did I hear that the NPC coalition has still lost its way and was turning in circles in a remote place? Is the Midsummer Guild sure that they have been contacted?” Qin Hao interjected again.

“What?” Several guild presidents of the Southern League changed their expressions and looked towards Qin Hao.

“Are you Qin Hao, the president of the Iron Cross?”

“What does President Qin Hao mean? The NPC coalition has not appeared for so long, is it related to you Iron Cross?”

“When was the Western Overlord interested in setting foot in our Southern territory? Don’t you fear that you will overload and die due to your big appetite?”

“Is the trigger of the main mission this time also related to you Iron Cross? It seems that the Iron Cross’ ambition is not small.”

Those who could be the president of any large guild were never simple. They had seen many problems in just one sentence. Suddenly, a group of guild presidents of the Southern League all looked at Qin Hao with unfriendly gaze.

Because City of Gloom was also related to their benefits. Now City of Gloom had almost become the main stronghold of the Southern League. No one wanted City of Gloom to have any accident.

“I think you guild presidents should be worried about the situation right now first. Don’t frame our Iron Cross up at will. Our Iron Cross is not any kitten that could be bullied.” Qin Hao smiled charmingly.


“It seems that the Iron Cross becomes impertinent after dominating the West. You dare to extend your tentacles to our South. Do you think you are invincible?”

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League all expressed their coldness. Standing in their position, they were also not people who submitted to humiliation.

“If Master Healer is still here, maybe no one really dares to turn his eyes to South. Even the Dynasty will have to weigh it. After all, Master Healer’s deterrence is too strong. But now, huh, you should care about the current siege battle. If this City of Gloom falls, I don’t know if the South will collapse because of that.” Qin Hao sneered disdainfully.

A group of guild presidents of the Southern League, none of them could speak although they were angry, because Qin Hao was telling the truth and also stabbed their weakness.

Although their investment in City of Gloom was not as large as that of the Midsummer Guild, they definitely occupied a large proportion.

After all, City of Gloom had now become a main city with huge flow of people. The economic value brought by it was unimaginable. It would be fake saying that they were not envious. Coupled with the reason of being a member of the Southern League, it was this advantage that they naturally invested a lot in City of Gloom.

Once City of Gloom fell, their losses were really not the most important thing. The main reason was that the bones of the Midsummer Guild would definitely be hurt as an overlord. The loss and compensation would definitely be astronomical figures. Not to mention the blow to reputation, it was likely that the Midsummer Guild would fall from the status of overlord.

Then their Southern League formed because of the Midsummer Guild would be disintegrated. Once the Midsummer Guild collapsed, the South would be chaotic. Not only would there be guilds in the South competing for the position of new overlord, but other overlords would also target the South. The chaos and consequences would be unimaginable.

“Don’t worry, President Qin Hao. The South is not as fragile as you think.” Liu Qiangwei said coldly.

“Really? Then I want to see how you deal with the Dark Legion out there...” Qin Hao’s tone also became indifferent, but before he finished talking, he saw that the transmission formation on the rampart in front of him suddenly lit up. Immediately afterwards, a group of silver-clad paladins appeared under the leadership of several red cloth bishops.

“I’m back! Am I late? Huh, why are here so many people?” in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

Qian Duoduo was also in the transmission formation. She was the first one who jumped out and shouted at Liu Qiangwei. After seeing so many players near Liu Qiangwei, she quickly became careful about her image.

“The Owner of the Treasure Pavilion, Qian Duoduo?”

“This is... NPC coalition?”

Qian Duoduo rammed in City of Gloom all day and night. A group of guild presidents of the Southern League could not be unfamiliar with her. In fact, they already knew Qian Duoduo’s energetic character. Only ordinary players still didn’t know, and they thought that the owner of the Treasure Pavilion, who was also included in the top ten beautiful women on the goddess list, was so unapproachable. As a matter of fact, the guild presidents of the Southern League who had dealt with Qian Duoduo every day had long had a headache for Qian Duoduo. The reason was because this girl, who was obviously only a teenager, was too shrewd. If it weren’t for the Southern League’s sake that they got some profits, they couldn’t even receive an extra golden coin in Qian Duoduo’s hands.

But now compared with Qian Duoduo, they were obviously more concerned about the group of NPCs behind her.

Dozens of paladins! Plus 4 red cloth bishops! They were all BOSS!

“The lowest is ordinary BOSS of level 50, the commander of paladins!”

“A commander of the Paladin Squad! And there are 4 bishops! All are level 50 faerie-level BOSS! A total of 5!”

After listening to Qin Hao’s words, the group of guild presidents of the Southern League, who had been in a state of anxiety, finally felt relieved when they saw the group of senior NPCs of the Light Temple appeared suddenly.

“How come! Why the NPC coalition... Wait, this seems not to be the NPC coalition in the quest? Where did they come from? Fortunately, the number is not much, and it does not affect the final outcome. The Dark Legion has a myth-level BOSS.” Qin Hao’s expression changed slightly. However, after seeing the NPC team clearly, he was relieved.

“Kaiser, you have to obey the arrangement of me, the archbishop, in the fight with the Dark Legion later, understand?”

This NPC team was not quiet. Among them, Archbishop Renault was so arrogant that he almost turned his nostrils up to the sky. He said to Bishop Kaiser beside him, showing off his higher status.

“Yes, yes, Archbishop Renault.” Bishop Kaiser responded casually and turned to Ni Wu next to him. “Bishop Ni Wu, I didn’t expect to see you again.”

“Yeah, it’s been thousands of years. You haven’t died in the last jehad.” The short old man, Ni Wu, hummed, and seemed to be not interested in Bishop Kaiser, who smiled without arguing.

The NPC leading the Paladin Order was Captain Bolton. He appeared in the transmission formation and looked around. When he discovered Liu Qiangwei, he came over immediately.

“Hello, Master Deputy Castellan.” Captain Bolton gave a salute of paladins to Liu Qiangwei. He knew Liu Qiangwei. During that battle mission of attacking City of Gloom, Xiao Feng specially took Liu Qiangwei to him.

“Hello, Captain Bolton.” Liu Qiangwei greeted politely. She naturally was familiar to Captain Bolton.

“Do you know the whereabouts of the Archbishop? Lord Goddess of Light has been looking for him, but there has been no news of him.” Captain Bolton asked.

“You mean Xiao... I’m sorry. I don’t have any news about him for the time being. If he appears, I will come to the branch of Light Temple in Tianlong City to inform you as soon as possible.” Liu Qiangwei immediately reacted that Captain Bolton was talking about Xiao Feng, but she could only apologize slightly. After all, she didn’t know when Xiao Feng would come back.

At the same time, Liu Qiangwei couldn’t help but sigh. She still underestimated Xiao Feng’s influence. She could find this group of senior BOSS without having to meet them in person, and these senior BOSSES even actively asked Xiao Feng.

“Thank you so much Master Deputy Castellan.” Captain Bolton thanked Liu Qiangwei, and at the same time generously gave Liu Qiangwei a hidden quest.

And a senior faerie-level BOSS took the initiative to talk to Liu Qiangwei also moved the guild presidents of the Southern League nearby. They could not help eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Goddess of Light? What level of BOSS is this?”

And after they heard the name of the Goddess of Light, they were all secretly surprised, because the name was so amazing. Although they didn’t know who she was, they knew she was a big man just by listening to the name.

The same thing happened in the Midsummer Guild in the distance. After seeing Liu Qiangwei and the senior NPC talking, they were relieved, knowing that this was the force that only Liu Qiangwei could get in touch.

But Midsummer Leaf once again felt complicated, because he knew that these things were brought to the guild by Master Healer, including the equipment of the No.1 Master Night Cooer of the Midsummer Guild, which also came from Master Healer. However, now Master Healer disappeared. While Liu Qiangwei’s actions seemed to be inheriting Master Healer’s legacy.

If it was only inheritance, it would be fine. After all, in the heart of Midsummer Leaf, Liu Qiangwei paid so much sacrifice and inheriting these was worth it. But Midsummer Leaf also knew that Liu Qiangwei was a woman with great ambitions, which made him to have some other ideas. If Liu Qiangwei was not inheriting, but seeking... This was a terrible thought! Maybe the disappearance of Master Healer was also related to Liu Qiangwei!

Midsummer Leaf felt cold for no reason. He shook his head quickly and dared not think about it any longer.

“Don’t show off your level first, Renault. Look at the outside of the city. The situation is not alright.” Bishop Kaiser interrupted Archbishop Renault at this time, looking at the vast and dark pioneer camp of Dark Legion outside the city.

“What’s wrong? What! Isn’t that the Lich King? It’s actually resurrected! This is the main pioneer camp of the Dark Legion!” Archbishop Renault also looked at it, and then he was dumbfounded.

“The Undead Soul Legion led by the Lich King personally! Why didn’t the Light Coalition come to assist in the defense? I remember that Holy City sent Presiding Judge Kilo this time?” Bishop Kaiser solemnly said.

“I don’t know either. I heard that the Archbishop needed me to help, so I come to you. Why didn’t I see Presiding Judge Kilo and the Light Coalition?” Archbishop Renault also looked into City of Gloom in doubt, but there was no trace of Light Coalition.

“Renault, you go back to Holy City immediately. I don’t want to hurt my old bones here.” Bishop Kaiser said.

“I don’t want either. I’ll go back immediately.” It’s about life. Archbishop Renault didn’t want to make a joke and immediately turned around and disappeared into the transmission formation.

“Huh! Thought that finding a few advanced NPCs would be able to block the BOSS of the Dark Legion? The outcome is still the same, and it is impossible for these NPCs to block the myth-level BOSS! Huh? One of them just left, that’s more interesting. Let me watch a good show!”

Qin Hao was alone and did not hear these conversations, but silently sneered.

At this moment, the 10-minute countdown also ended, and the Dark Legion’s pioneer camp’s main attack arrived at an instant, but the players were obviously more impatient. A sea of white and a sea of black slammed together!


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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 396 Influence